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    Badger Brushes

    Thought you were supposed to dip them in badger milk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt6bStBzRjA
  2. fufkin

    Inside tour of my Sayer37

    That's a great boat you've got and I like the quarter berth mods. I watched the traveller mod video which was great. Upwind how does it do vs original traveller arrangement? One day when I get some time gonna watch some of your other vids. Great to see you're really getting some great use out of the boat.
  3. fufkin

    Best sailing lakes North America?

    X probably trillions. That said, to generalize they're more of a nuisance in N Ontario. To be specific, they are really only active for about 1 week a year as late spring gives way to the earliest signs of summer...after that they're pretty much done biting til next season. Maybe for the OP, check out the North Channel and surrounding areas. http://www.boatinggeorgianbay.com/channel.html https://www.northernontario.travel/algoma-country/cruising-the-north-channel-lake-superior-boating-list-of-algoma-marinas
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    Some Assembly Required...

    We call it MDF. Sure, the packing of unassembled furniture is much more compact than assembled. This is the obvious part. What's less obvious to the consumer is the amount of packaging/shipping waste that is necessary to make this happen. I would guess that for every three or four containers of tightly packed unassembled kit furniture, there will be a container load of shipping waste. Styrofoam, industrial de humidifier packs, loads of cardboard, loads of thick plastic coverings, heaps of metal band disposable ratchet wrap, tons of skids the majority of which just get tossed, an allowance of overage on all fasteners required for assembly which gets tossed, heaps and heaps of plastic protective netting to protect precious parts during shipping, you name it, it all goes to landfill(whatever % anyone wishes to believe gets recycled is up to them I'll refrain from comment). I'll repeat, probably about a container of waste for every 3-4 containers of product. I've seen it up close on a volume basis and its not pretty.
  5. fufkin

    Cutter Rig Going Wing N Wing

    Love the smell of a ventilated rudder with an oversized whisker pole in the morning. Smells like...victory.
  6. True dat. The other advantage was the ability to mix a gin and tonic on the boat and wander over to the courts with libation in hand. Of course, that went away with the wind when the collective legal talent at the club either failed or didn't bother to fight the licensing board and have the entire grounds licensed. As it is now, I find it a little sad that you have a bunch of visiting racers cordoned off into a small drinking pen by the launch dry dock tracks for their post race booze up(as noticed at the last Canada's Cup). Part of the fun (back in the day) during a regatta was always wandering from one boat to another to see where the party was at. It does warm my heart though, every time I see a handful of octogenarians having a picnic with a bottle of wine openly breaking both the law and club rules. Same goes for seeing what pleasure they get out of lawn bowling. In a perfect world I'd: Change the north courts back to grass. Resurface the south courts. Build a second pool for kids on Snug and return the main pool from it's descent into a mirror image of Coney Island on the weekends.. Turn back time and reclaim the old bar and fireplace which IMHO was the best room in the club. I like the new bar and have given it a pretty thorough test drive. But what kind of sailing club can't handle two bars. Come on man! Not have had to pay any extra fees for all the upgrades! Grab each slip flanking me as neither boat was used once last year, convert it to a wide enough slip to house the multi million dollar custom catamaran that I'll never be able to afford. In the real world I'd: Suggest that the management take a hard look at building up flood protection infrastructure around Snug, rain dock, west end of South Island by the courts er...rather the marine junkyard,, Gas and Pump out, and any other areas affected. It's been posted elsewhere that we might be in for another high water spring. If this is the new normal ( going on 3 out of 4 years), any cosmetic or leisure facility upgrades are going to have to wait. Oh yeah, almost forgot. Thank god the thoughtless brain dead vultures were prevented from cannibalizing the historic clubhouse to build a new one most likely to line their own pockets a few years back. The fact that so many club members where up in arms about this dubious sleight of hand trick should speak volumes about how a club(small, medium or large) can be about so much more than just the sailing part of it.
  7. Some clubs store their dinghys in a container on the beach and some clubs have lawn bowling. Fees are commensurate. The only reason I’ve lasted at said club for over four decades is to steer fucking clear of club politics and go straight to my boat. Racing? Pretty sure they’ll be doing the same rush to the dock bitch about something or someone, rush to the start line, race, get back to the dock and bitch about something else next time I barely notice. If it gets their rocks off good for them. Who pays for it? Food, beverage and weddings. Do I care about it? Couldn’t give a flying fuck about it. I’ll spare you my rant about the genius transformation of the south courts into a marine junkyard and go listen to ‘Paved Paradise Put up a Parking Lot’ Fucking bean counters wanna monetize lawn bowling? Get off my fucking lawn. Rant over.
  8. fufkin

    Mountain bike anarchy...

    That's a sweet looking bike especially at that weight and the single speed helps with that. 29r or 27.5? Here's a single speed fly wheel 29r with semi slick tires, while its not technically a mountain bike, I did manage to city ride the sh*t out of for 5 or six years. One of the best rides I've had. Stomps major urban potholes, great climber, rips off the line for acceleration and over all sweet ride. Only draw back is one break and big slick wheels no good for downhill trails or any snow or mud. Weighs in with a big honking frame at 29 pounds. Note the fatter BMX style pedals. I don't ride with anything else. To make up for the lack of downhill ability in mud or snow, this is my B-team all season glorified commuter. Like my above ride, from SE Racing, this bike also has BMX roots and is made by Haro. Its a great sub 1K get around bike that can handle city streets and happy trails, but might not be a billy goat or hard core downhiller(though actually pretty good for mellow steep grade downhill, the 27.5 wheels are great). These days, the rear cassette technology allows for a decent 8 speed with single medium/small front chain ring with no derailleur...this is becoming popular on a lot of casual commuters and, unless your super hardcore competing, these set ups are becoming the less complicated way to go. Generally, I'd say unless you're going strictly downhill/chairlift kind of stuff, go hardtail. Brooks seats on both of these bikes. I really don't see any other option as I ride casually to get around and comfort supersedes any weight penalty.
  9. fufkin

    The Rant

    I've got a cousin who grew up in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. He was and is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He was also a pretty tough guy. I'm talking the bar fight continues after both have barrelled through the front window and onto the street kind of tough. He used to come visit us in Toronto and we'd take him sailing...because that's just what you do, no? Anyway I hadn't seen him in years and, while I knew he moved to B.C., I had no idea that he'd bought a 20 foot boat and taken it up and down the West Coast. He told me that it was the daysailing with us that got him so inspired that when he got to the coast, he absolutely had to get a boat. It made me happy that in some small way we got him interested in sailing. I've got a ton of respect for him for getting to where he got, considering where he was coming from. Ajax, its great of you to lead a horse to water, but as for drinking it, that'll be on him. Good luck!
  10. Forgive me if this approach has already been mentioned upthread. At my club any guest, whether social, cruising, racing etc. needs a guest pass. I think its around ten bucks...and is invariably covered by the member. The bar and restaurant also takes cash, so any guest wanting to cover whatever they feel like is welcome to do so. In the case of a regular crew of maybe 4, coming once a week, and say you have 30 boats out on a mid-week race, those revenues, from guest passes alone will add up over the course of a season. If an owner suggests that at the very least his crew covers the guest pass portion of things, that doesn't seem too unreasonable. As far as food and beverage expenses, that's obviously up to the owner. One good way to do it is the owner covers dinner for each crew and each crew is on their own for the booze tariff. That way, the gracious crew will invariably, one by one, buy the owner a drink and it all evens out, at least somewhat, in the end...in theory(!). Lastly, any crew is a guest of the owner/member so they are entitled to use whatever facilities they want to, on the day. New day, new pass. So the guest pass approach does not blur any lines that a discounted 'crew membership' approach might do.
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    Boat Maintenance & Management Solution?

    I was gonna give a more lengthy response but I just got an update on my phone that my smart fridge wants me to go buy more milk.
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    North-up or Course-up, which is better?

    Forward facing nav station and/or steering and north up works for me. Other than that I'm not looking at a screen while navigating close quarters and hopefully will have studied unknown waters ahead of time.
  13. fufkin

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    This is the one day sailor that I’ve lusted after to the point of wanting to throw away all things rational. There was one on the market about a year ago but seems to have been sold(I think for around 130k). https://www.maxidolphin.it/en/ https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/maxi-dolphin-33-md33
  14. fufkin

    Worlds most expensive Home Stereo ?

    When I think of Chuck Berry the first thing I think of is the 'two string' sound that if he didn't invent he certainly popularized the world over. Legions of guitarists owe him for a certain sound that finds its way into a whole lotta rock n roll all over the place. Here's a jam with E.C. and Keith Richards from Hail Hail Rock and Roll. That 'two string' twang that you hear throughout his catalogue is on ample display here.
  15. fufkin

    Worlds most expensive Home Stereo ?

    In the early days and throughout their career they were known as a great live band who had difficulty getting their sound right in the studio. They are not alone in that regard, but eventually with the help of some great producers and engineers produced maybe a dozen and a half decent to very good and a couple of great studio albums. But it was always the live albums that fans dug the most...some 200 albums cut, 35 million sold, and over 2300 live performances the vast majority sold out says that someone somewhere must've been digging the band. These numbers probably pale in comparison to both bootlegs and licensed merchandising, and most certainly overall live gross revenues. There were so many bootlegs because from the early days the band not only allowed it but actively encouraged 'tapers' to tape concerts. At hundreds of concerts a year with hundreds of tapers, a brisk trade developed in first and second generation tapes and/or the coveted soundboard tapes. The band for decades has employed a full time archivist to go through the thousands and thousands of live tape hours which has resulted in an incredible collection of very high sound quality live shows. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grateful_Dead Here's a rather comical article of the early days of a rather famous Warner A&R guys struggle to get the band into the studio and get some kind of sound resembling their live shows. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/joe-smith-grateful-dead-921230/ Here is the famous Grateful Dead 'Wall of Sound', mentioned upthread. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wall_of_Sound_(Grateful_Dead) Alas, it was Irving Berlin whose theory 'All that any composer has in him...is one song. Every song he writes after that is a variation on the original'1 who inspired the great Charlie Chaplin with his musical compositions...so I guess this band of merry misfits whose 'music sucked' must've been in good company...' 1source: Jim Lochner, 'The Music of Charlie Chaplin' Here's an interview with some of those involved with 'The Wall of Sound', some of them are still here, some of them are sober, and some of them even remember.
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    There are certain things I don't mind about the boat, but because I've no direct experience, I'll keep them to myself. (BTW how many hulls and how big is the pool of unbiased direct experience??)
  17. fufkin

    Worlds most expensive Home Stereo ?

    Apparently its doable but I've not got around to playing off the hard drive and I've kind of migrated to streaming... I'll note that the Bose gives you Tune In Radio lite...unimited for free which is a great bonus. I'd also put the proviso that Bose streamiing wise goes with Sotify on wireless (best sound) but only on bluetooth with Apple. Apparently they couldn't come to an agreement on digital streaming fidelity/protocol. Nevertheless, Id still recommend the BoseSoundtouch. A bit of a no brainer.
  18. fufkin

    Greta Rides Again?

    I vote train.
  19. I have both side and front soft(eisenglass or similar...prob a bit thicker and clearer) windows on my soft dodger. The sides are sewn in while the front is on zippers so you can remove if you want while underway. Funny thing is I've never been one to 'fold' the dodger. Its either on the boat, or off. No in between. I suppose, removing the front panel and some of the deck clips you could 'fold while underway', but I don't really see the point in that. If racing, get rid of the thing altogether. If cruising do what you want. I personally think my dodger and bimini are indispensable for everyday enjoyment while on the water, whether underway, in the slip, or at anchor, whether it be sun, rain or wind that is the issue...especially in brisk fall sailing mode. When removing, folding and storing the soft dodger with windows, care must be taken to yield to the window pattern so that no particular window gets bent...and not folded up against each other to scratch. Sounds more complicated than it is.
  20. I snagged this off the web as an example of a well executed hard dodger. The wrap around windows give good visibility forward and sideways and allow a good view of your forward sails. There is a sliding roof both for ventilation and looking up. The four roof hatches provide ventilation and allow you to look up at the main. There may be a forward facing hatch on this as well (not sure). All primary winches are reasonably within reach of the operator if he/she is using the hard dodger as shelter. Robust handholds on the roof for moving forward. Autopilot and chartplotter are on the dashboard. What's not to like?
  21. fufkin

    Worlds most expensive Home Stereo ?

    I might have mentioned this on another thread, but for anyone with some great old school gear that might be interested in going digital with something like Sonos/Bose wireless...Hold on a moment and take a look at the Bose Soundtouch router. It hooks up to the back of your analog receiver and gives your existing system digital capabilities all for under 200 bucks...and the sound...while maybe a step down from vinyl...is surprisingly good. Whatever they've done to lacquer the analog to digital conversion they've done a pretty good job. My set-up has upstairs/downstairs speakers wired to a single amp and the analog/digital Soundtouch, as an option apart from my Bang and Olufsen turntable, allows phone or I-pad playing from anywhere in the house on either bluetooth or wireless(the wireless bandwidth being noticeably better for sound.) I know, sonically gauche to speak of a 200 buck digital gizmo on a million dollar stereo thread, but try it, you might get new life out of your old stereo, esp with a streaming account.
  22. fufkin

    What are you using for music onboard?

    I still have the four Motorola marine speakers that were originally speced for the boat in 1981. The original amp/receiver was quadrophonic but bit the dust about 7 or 8 years ago. Replaced the amp/receiver with a Fusion unit which, though it can't control the four cabin speakers in quite the same way as the original receiver, works well enough on its zone system. I have the additional Fusion bluetooth add-on to the receiver which enables people to play tunes off their phone. Ditto to b393capt on the bonus of letting people choose there tunes. I would rate the sound of the Fusion/Motorola system as very good to excellent while on radio and decent to very good while on bluetooth. Re bluetooth fidelity, I've found that above a certain speaker size and quality (my home speakers B&W and/or Celestion), the lack of bandwidth really starts to reveal itself, whereas with somewhat smaller bluetooth designed speakers it can be less apparent.
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    Greta Rides Again?

    This company, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Better_Place_(company) though it went bankrupt in 2013, attempted to establish an infrastructure of battery switching stations throughout Israel. The robotic swap shops could switch the batteries on the Renault vehicles in 3 minutes with the driver not even having to leave the car...sort of like a car wash. The sales model was to have the drivers pay for ‘miles/kms’ in a similar manner to minutes on a cellphone when they short term leased each battery. ’Leasing’ of batteries is not new and goes back a long way. It’s common w things like forklifts.
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    Rescue 240nm of Nova Scotia

    Smack I couldn't resist so I've set up a good ol' fashioned North Atlantic division boat show walk through smackdown. In the left corner from France, is...the Garcia 45 Exploration weighing in at...you'll notice some cool features like the dual rudder redundant steering so that if one rudder, wheel or cable is disabled the other can continue working unabated...also helps with specing for dual auto pilots... And in the right corner, from Germany, not sure of the weigh in but reputedly has some high latitude credentials as it was found floating on her lines after being abandoned with a broken rudder...the Hanse 495, (stock model). Gentleman, watch your rabbit punches, watch your kidney punches. Most of all, we want a fair fight. Good luck.
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    Rescue 240nm of Nova Scotia

    Here's Skip Novak on heavy weather preparation. Here's a tour of Pelagiac 1 and 2. Serious heavy weather boats. My buddy ran into Pelagiac 2 in P Williams and got a tour. He said it was really, really well thought out. And finally, here's a tour of Jimmy Cornell's Garcia Exploration 45