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  1. patzefran

    Weta anarchy

    Looks like some weta sailors use twin tillers on their boat. Twin tillers are used on Trimarans with high volume outriggers able to lift the mainhull, are they really useful on wetas ?
  2. patzefran

    TS5 capsize

    Rogue wave ?
  3. Looks like Nacra 5.80 daggerboard''s trunks when they were built by Prindle 30 year ago , low level technology ! I am glad to be a Homebuilder !
  4. patzefran

    Multihull speed vs length

    Sorry , max speed reading on my Garmin Foretrex 601, beam reaching....
  5. patzefran

    Multihull speed vs length

    Agree for the owners claims ! They trust instantaneous GPS readings which are very delusive ! Three days ago I recorded 14.7 kt max speed reabeam reaching on my 14' Paper Tiger, strong wind on a lake, flat water. I was glad to be near my record. Careful analysis of GPS record showed it was more 13.7 kt. However it looks like you can exceed your hull length max speed by surfing on a wave, which is not really representative of boat performance
  6. patzefran

    70' Cruising Proa....Big Red Yacht

    Convert to a sliding seat and you got a low performance International canoe !
  7. patzefran


    From my experience, I have owned carbon mast since 2000, 11 m one on a Ventilo 20 cat and several on A cats. Well designed CF masts are lighter ( about 40% less than aluminium) stiffer and easily repairable. The only time my A cat mast fall , I repaired it easily with CF cloth an epoxy. The only drawback is price, otherwise there is no comparison. I put my former Ventilo mast on a Tremolino MK 4 with 20 ft outriggers in 2006 and the boat is still afloat with this mast now. Moreover, CF mast lower the center of gravity of the boat, increase the security is easier to hoist and makes it faster.
  8. patzefran


    Don't know any Telestar trimaran ? Only Telstar 28 to my knowledge !
  9. patzefran

    Weta anarchy

    Twin rudders is useless on a trimaran which don't lift the mainhull !
  10. patzefran

    Self steering trimaran

    Obviously, You can use a windvane on any sailboat, but as you say, on a fast one the apparent wind direction has higher amplitude variation and unless strong lowpass filtering the autopilot will order higher amplitude course variations. As for the velocity treshold, it is a matter of experiment. Anyway, I should not use a windvane on a multihull, except perhaps an heavy cruisingt one
  11. patzefran

    Self steering trimaran

    Wind vane cant be used on fast boats, they can't follow apparent wind variation. Raymarine single cockpit autopilot with a light battery and a solar cell is all you need ! I used this on my 23 ft Tremolino and it worked great, you can even tack with the autopilot.
  12. patzefran

    Whisper Foiling Catamaran Sailors

    18 mph topspeed is 15.6 kt, not that fast for a foiler !
  13. patzefran

    To Foil or not to Foil, that is the question

    Class rules limits the span of foils, so the take off velocity is high, which limits the foiling range upwind !
  14. patzefran

    Corsair Pulse 600

    You are welcome ! GPS (Garmin, Velocitek.....) are accurate Speed Over Ground (SOG) system
  15. patzefran

    Corsair Pulse 600

    I am not Chris , but Patrick, and to my knowledge, my Garmin VIRB X doesn't record 360° ! Why don't you rely on Navionics GPS, you can use GPS action replay (free) software and run velocity stat which are reliable, e.g. 10 second mean, or 100 m runs !