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  1. Don't know much about this but thought it was interesting: (copy/paste)
  2. boatcat65

    Pros And Cons- Wire Lifelines Vrs. Welded Tube?

    I like the idea of a lengthened bow pulpit- might be the perfect compromise. Thanks. Gives you a bit more support where you're most likely to need it without the weight/cost consideration and could look fine esthetically. Just extend it aft 4-6' and call it good.
  3. I've noticed some cruisers- say Amel- have stainless steel tube railings all around verses the standard stanchions and strung wire. Aside from a small weight difference and the esthetic question is there anything else to be aware of? Seems to me the solid railing would be so much stronger and more predictable when leaning against it. Why don't we see more of them- what am I missing?
  4. boatcat65

    Rhodes 19 CB

    I've had both versions. For those that don't know they use the exact same rig as the 19' Lightning. Yes, the CB version will plane, but it takes some wind. Not a sport boat by todays standards but a great all around boat. They also came with just a cuddy or a small cabin depending on the year and manufacturer. Seems lots of folks have had access to molds over the years. Current builder is for parts.
  5. boatcat65

    Sailors Powerboat

    Tollycraft 48. NW classic, top of the original line, happiest in displacement mode but with enough power could get up and go, cruise on plane. Good boats- hard to go anywhere in the Salish Sea and not see a Tollycraft, even after all these years. Last built in the early '80's?
  6. boatcat65

    stormy petrel

    We should all just kill ourselves, and our children, and any others that are close by. Each and every one of us exhales CO2, uses carbon based products, and essentially drive the problem. Only then can mother Gaea heal herself. Hey- if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem!
  7. boatcat65

    Jeanneau Fun 24 - Anyone with experience?

    When looking at and comparing smaller boats like this I've found it helpful to include anticipated crew weights along with the published displacement when calculating SA/D. It can make a significant difference, often taking more than a bit of what is essentially hype off the base number. Put three average adults on similar sized boats and the SA/D drops from say 30:1 to 22:1- making the boat in question a very different creature from what you may have initially thought.
  8. Sweet bunch here....... But- Rustoleum is great paint. You can add a urethane converter to it that makes it into a semi-urethane, extremely hard and durable, so much so that it can be wet sanded and buffed to a mirror shine. Downside is it's slow to cure- need a nice warm day, and you need to start as soon as the dew is off. Stinks. Pretty toxic with the hardener in it- wear a good vapor respirator. I would seriously consider using it on any boat as unlike the fancy stuff it can be repaired and gets you 80% of the shine/durability at 10% of the cost- or less. $30/gallon for the paint, a bit less for the hardener and some acetone to thin it.
  9. boatcat65

    Ridiculously Overpriced Boats
  10. So..... anticipated speed?
  11. Curious- been for sale for a long time, seems a reasonable deal for a project. Damage history, or just wrung out?
  12. boatcat65

    Keel Blocks Winter Storage

    I wonder how much of current blocking theory is a carry-over from wooden boat days. Seems for a wooden boat with frames and planking it would make more sense to put the weight of the keel on blocks and have the pads only for stability. That way the keel would be pushing the framing structure and planking up much the way the water would be when immersed. Since most all boats are a monoque structure now such blocking wouldn't be as much of an issue? Just a wild thought...
  13. boatcat65

    Rushour on its roof.

    Glad everyone is safe and you were able to recover the boat. Bottom line is this is why I'll never own a big cat for serious voyaging. I'd rather get rolled, maybe lose the mast, then limp home than float around with no hope of recovery in some remote place. Sure, the cat won't sink but just how inhabitable is an upside down boat? And you have to wait for rescue since you're never going to sail it anywhere. Seems to me every reasonable consideration was taken and still....
  14. boatcat65

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Oh My Gawd! So......he's a stud!? What the hell- GO RIMAS!
  15. Well I'm from Seattle, not SF, so it's certain I don't know the big picture. Given the moorage shortage around here I'm always going to side with the more moorage is better group. It's like an automatic response/defense.... But, given that (more moorage is always better) what wins me over to the other side is that there are alternatives. Indeed, perhaps better for all, win-win type alternatives. Best of all- maybe a smaller more inclusive plan can be made for the cove and the mega luxury marina can be built further down. Here's to people, especially those in charge, really thinking this through before acting.