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  1. boatcat65

    Only the best people -- look who's ambassador to the UN

    She's perfect for the job. The U.N. is a joke. All Trump requires is someone who can put on a good act and deliver his message. Looks like U.N. Ambassador won't remain a cabinet level position, another reflection of the failing influence of the world body. When you have terrorist countries/dictators heading up the human rights group what more is there to satirize? She has experience as a spokesperson and does the job well- a perfect fit for the new requirements of the position.
  2. boatcat65

    In-mast Furling

    There's a Hunter of about 45' with in mast furling moored next to my boat. You can hear the mast howling from 200' away if there's any wind at all. Would drive me nuts. I'll have to look next time I'm down there- can't remember if the main is in place or off. The noise factor can be significant in certain situations.
  3. I've used this- fine for small home projects- copy and paste:
  4. boatcat65

    How to stop block from scrathing deck

    SeaDek has a complete line- here's a sample- copy and paste: or Ebay:
  5. boatcat65

    Stripping Paint from Hull interior

    Depends on what paint is on it but we've had good results on occasion with a very stiff wire cup brush on either a 4" or full size grinder/polisher. Can be very quick, controllable, and less Dusty. Personally love the 4" for tight spaces and control.
  6. boatcat65

    How to stop block from scrathing deck

    They sell patterned foam sheet, 3-6mm thick, for decking on jet skis, deck boats, ski boats, etc. Lots of patterns and colors, self adhesive, pretty durable- at least several seasons then cheap and very easy to replace or update. Everything from Trex and teak look-alike to wild colors and patterns.
  7. I totally get it...sounds like fun. Easy enough to use massonite for the vacuum base, wax paper or Mylar for release. The edges are the tricky part. For simple, make a frame out of teak or mahogany, fill the center with foam, balsa, or honeycomb and laminate a single layer of carbon on each side. More than strong enough and light. Substitute G10 for the wood if you want. I see the frame as 8mm square stock....just enough to give a good edge for wear and rounding on the corners. Or, you can just lay up sheets, cut the correct size out and fill the edges with resin after cutting out a shallow relief.....maybe 3mm? A basic Harbor Freight vacuum pump will do. Enjoy!
  8. boatcat65

    Lewmar Or Harken Winches?

    So....gonna buy the repair parts from WinchSpares for 2 of the #52s so they can eventually be sold to help pay for an Andersen upgrade all around. Guess it makes sense to spend a little- to be able to make a little more- in the long run. With luck I'll have a couple pairs of those beautiful pieces of stainless art by summer. Thanks for all the advice and the link to WinchSpares. I never looked at Andersens because I wrongly assumed they would be way too expensive. I'm happily surprised to find they are not only among the best for simplicity, reliability, and efficiency, but also one of the cheaper options- and still beautiful. Bling for my baby!
  9. boatcat65

    Lewmar Or Harken Winches?

    Thanks- sent them an email and got a very prompt reply. Seems Lewmar 52s are the odd size out and haven't had spare/replacement crowns available for almost a decade. Winch Spares does, however, have replacement parts that they manufacture in-house. They appear identical to the originals except they are smooth on top without the Lewmar logo or winch size cast into the material. Cost per winch is about $250 shipped to the U.S. and they have 4 sets in stock. I'd need at least 2. But then they won't match the other 2- a small issue perhaps, but if you're finally putting your dream boat together and want it to be right..... I'm conflicted- a relatively cheap solution is at hand......or I could sell what I have and step up. Since I'm going from 8 winches (4@#52, 4@ #40) to 5 with one being powered I'll have extras to sell to help out on the net cost of the new. Plus, all of my current winches are anodized sun-baked aluminum....and those polished Andersens looks soooo nice! Argh- gonna sleep on it.
  10. New president of Brazil says "screw them", meaning indigenous tribes- they adapt to modern pressures or fade away:
  11. boatcat65

    Lewmar Or Harken Winches?

    Thanks, all- looks like Andersen wins. Plus based on the Practical Sailor reviews they seem to be a bit more efficient. I was surprised at how competitively they're priced! And they can be electrified later if I want. The jaws on my Lewmars are the problem- sun baked, chipped/worn, and one has a chunk broken out- they get brittle with age and no parts available. Surprisingly, given the value of the old winches on Ebay the upgrade won't be all that expensive if I shop around a bit.
  12. boatcat65

    Lewmar Or Harken Winches?

    Hi- looking to replace the older Lewmar Wavegrip winches on my mid '80s boat, sized 40-52. They're tired and parts are getting hard to find. I was interested in the Pontos/Karver 4 speeds but it seems they're going through a redesign and may not be available for some time- release date already delayed once. So....any real differences between the current Lewmar and Harken lines? Cruising boat, more concerned about longevity and parts down the line than weight, footprint, etc. Any others that folks just absolutely love? Thoughts? TIA.
  13. Lots more action in South America:
  14. Lighten up- it's Sailing Anarchy, not Dear Abby. I know reading can be hard. So let me apologize directly if you still don't get it. Sorry, …..Dude. Jeeze……. Next time I won't pick you as a proxy for western civilization. By the way, Dash 34 is a great boat, still on my list of boats to own some day. There's a nice one at Sail NW right now, but I've already got more boats than I know what to do with.
  15. I dunno, I'm pretty happy with the whole mess that constitutes my life right now. See my post #59 above for more. Cheers.