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  1. BBender

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    As published in the Age Says it all. “A senior Department of Jobs official has been shifted from their role as evidence mounts that the decision to use private security guards at Melbourne’s quarantine hotels was partly driven by a well-meaning attempt to provide jobs under "social inclusion" policies. A leaked email from another public servant, the department's deputy secretary for inclusion, also paints a picture of how rushed the implementation was, describing "heroic efforts" over a weekend in late March as bureaucrats became "expert in the delivery of hotel concierge services". Departmental sources insisted on Saturday that the official’s secondment to another senior job creation role was not a reflection on their performance in contracting private security firms The revelations will increase pressure on the Andrews government over whether it put too much emphasis on finding jobs for marginalised Victorians without ensuring that those guarding hotel guests were trained in infection control and supervised by A spokesman for the Victorian Department of Jobs denied that job creation was the main driver: "Supporting an effective quarantine program was the department’s motivation, not job creation.” Infection outbreaks among security guards at two quarantine hotels in Melbourne are widely believed to be responsible for the state's second devastating wave of coronavirus, which has killed dozens of people and put hundreds of thousands out of work. The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald can now reveal that officials in the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions employment division and its international trade agency, Global Victoria, were responsible for engaging private security firms for hotel quarantine on the weekend of March 28 and 29. They also had an ongoing role overseeing the quarantine operation. The task of contracting the security firms was given to the department’s executive director of employment, whom The Age and Herald have chosen not to name. The official has since been replaced by two acting directors on the latest version of the department's organisation chart. The officer has retained their senior role at the department Media reports from 2013 reveal the official had professional dealings with the Sydney-based security company given much of the hotel quarantine work, Unified Security, in their previous role as general manager of work and learning at the Brotherhood of St Laurence. The charity and Unified established a partnership in 2012 to provide security training and jobs for marginalised people. The official also did some work with Unified in 2019 in finding a small number of positions under a Jobs Victoria project. As an Indigenous-owned company, Unified satisfies the government’s criteria for contracts under its social inclusion procurement policy. It won the security contract for Metro Trains last year and specifically referred to its Brotherhood of St Laurence partnership in briefing documents supplied to government. RELATED A Monday March 30 email written by the department's deputy secretary for inclusion, David Clements, refers to the rush to get arrangements in place to handle returning travellers over the weekend. Mandatory 14-day quarantines had been authorised the previous Friday by national cabinet. "I have had a crazy weekend, getting roped in to helping with arrangements for 'standing up' the hotels accommodating passengers returning from overseas for their 14 days of quarantine," Mr Clements wrote in the email. "Suffice to say there have been some heroic efforts from numerous of your colleagues across DJPR to make this happen – including from [the executive director of employment] who is now an expert on contracting hotel security; the Global Victoria team who are now expert in the delivery of hotel concierge services." Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews provides a coronavirus The revelation of Global Victoria’s role in hotel quarantine raises further questions for the government because the agency has no experience in security or public health measures. Global Victoria manages Victoria’s trade relationships and international marketing. The hotel quarantine inquiry will examine the decision-making process that led to the hiring of security firms - and questions will be asked about who decided the Department of Jobs be given responsibility for contracting security providers and overseeing the rollout. Premier Daniel Andrews on Thursday said he was unable to explain how the decision to rely on private security guards was made and Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said on Friday he had found out about "rumours and reporting around deficiencies with the workforce ... when I read it in the newspapers". The rushed procurement process to find guards for hotel quarantine resulting in contracts being awarded to three security companies: Wilson, MSS and Unified. The appointment of Unified proved controversial because, unlike Wilson and MSS, it was not on the government’s preferred panel of security suppliers. Despite this, Unified ended up doing the bulk of the hotel quarantine work. All three companies had to rely on sub-contractors to supply their guards – some of whom were recruited via WhatsApp messages – at short In early April, well before COVID-19 began crippling Victoria, Mr Andrews and Jobs Coordination Minister Martin Pakula released a media statement highlighting the government’s role in creating jobs for 1300 Victorians whose employment prospects had worsened due to the global pandemic. The press release specifically referred to 450 jobs being created in the hotel quarantine program “including transport operations, security and cleaning”. International students and temporary migrants were key targets under the jobs program. RELATED ARTICLE Private security companies, including Unified, were also used in NSW hotel quarantine, but private security guards in Sydney were overseen by police or Border Force officials in each hotel. In Victoria, the government decided against using police or defence force personnel, and there remains considerable confusion in public service ranks and security companies about which department had ultimate responsibility. The Age and Herald have previously revealed leaked emails in which officials from the Department of Jobs requested Emergency Management Victoria and the Department of Health and Human Services get police involved in hotel quarantine in late March amid doubts about the preparedness of private security. Some senior police at that time were privately frustrated Victoria has not been declared a state of disaster by Mr Andrews. Such a declaration would have empowered police as the state’s authorised officers to lead crucial aspects of the pandemic response instead of those powers remaining with health department officials under the less serious state of emergency provisions. Mr Andrews declared a state of disaster recently when Melbourne was moved onto stage four restrictions. The inquiry into hotel quarantine led by former state coroner Jennifer Coate will begin public hearings later this month. Ms Coate will deliver her report in November.“
  2. BBender

    Old Sailing gear photo's

    Those bloody hazemasters were great except I had to be reminded at dusk to turn on nav. lights constantly. on overnighters. Yep Lucky Strikes or Philip Morris The RDF seems to work but I cant find the earpieces. Still wear the Paul Elvstrom regate watch on a kevlar band. Keeps great time.
  3. BBender

    Old Sailing gear photo's

    My seventies racing wet weather gear , line 7 with harness attached , hazemaster specs, fag and beanie of course. oh and hand bearing compass hanging around neck
  4. Yes. I also recently picked up an RF 35109HL to replace the Spinnaker halyard block . I intend lashing it to the saddle .
  5. Had similar issue with fouling of continuous line. Spoke with ronstan who advised to keep tension on continuous line by using a shock cord. It works a treat .
  6. BBender

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    Shit, might get one to bend me bananas.
  7. BBender

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    When not sailing my job is to put the bend in bananas. ( bananabender) but someone else has that . Actually I think it’s me but can’t remember email address.
  8. Drunk as, thick fog ,following the tail lights of car in front being driven by equally drunk mate. He failed to turn right at corner and literally flew through a fence into the municipal garbage tip. I followed . Police came . His mums new two door Futura a mess. Copper came over to me asked if was was ok ,which I was , told me to see if the car would start ,it did, so he said I’d better drive my mate home. They opened the gate and out I drove . I think he thought that fright would sober me up. I had a 53 Single spinner ( dome ) Ford Customline . Built to last .
  9. BBender

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    That reminds me back in eighties I went to Mazda dealer to pick up wife’s RX7 which had new car service .They also serviced and sold Ferrari and while in waiting room a young bloke came in to pick up his Ferrari which had been serviced . When presented with invoice he looked like he was going to collapse. It was something like $2500 for basic oil change ,plugs ,filters etc. The mechanic explained they had to drop the engine to service . He left without the car.
  10. BBender

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    Australian Built Bolwell Nagari built 70/74 using Ford 302 or 351 v8. 4 speed. earlier Bolwell were kit cars later models full factory made Bolwell are still in production abt. 40 per year
  11. BBender

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    Had 4 Porsche,5 Jags, 4 Mercs, etc. but what I’d like is a Healey 3000 or one of these. Dream on .
  12. BBender

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    Mate never thought about it . Lived it with my first car as 18yr. old.Ahh those were the days. Made a good surfin wagon as well. My one had same duco reversed.
  13. BBender

    Qld Night Race double MOB, one dead

    Just read updated report in Courier M. sorry can’t download One person hit ,other jumped in to save but could not keep hold in heavy seas . one dead other with hypothermia.
  14. BBender

    Australian Sailing

    Sad to read . Understand it was during a yacht race . 44-year-old man dies after he is knocked overboard from a yacht in Moreton Bay A 44-year-old man has died after being knocked overboard from a yacht on Queensland's Moreton Bay, north of Brisbane. Brisbane Water Police coordinated a rescue involving volunteer marine units and the Rescue 500 helicopter at around 5pm on Saturday. Police say initial investigations suggest the yacht was hit by a large wave, causing a boom to swing which hit two men, knocking them both overboard. Police say the man suffered head injuries and was unconscious when pulled to shore. He could not be resuscitated. Two other men were transported to hospital with minor injuries. Three other men who were also onboard the yacht were not injured. Brisbane Water Police and the Forensic Crash Unit are investigating the incident.
  15. BBender

    Australian Sailing

    Took a while.