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  1. BBender

    Best way to cool the boat when it's locked up?

    A lot of window space there. Presumably you have roll down fabric sun screens when boat not in use. I put a couple of damp rid canisters in cabin to try and keep humidity down.
  2. BBender

    Antifouling for a daysailer.

    Anyone tried this product. "Hulls and Anti-FoulingSpray INOX-MX3 on oxidized fibreglass hulls and buff polish off with a rotary polisher. Cleans off the oxidization and protects against further oxidization, leaves the hull looking like new.Melt LANOX-MX4 grease and paint on all metal fittings below the water line for anti-fouling and corrosion protection, on metal hulls, propellors, rudders, water in/outlets, bow thrusters, etc. Stops marine growth for to 2 years.Stops electrolysis between dissimilar metals.The Great Lakes, USA, LANOX-MX4 grease painted on hulls below the waterline will stop the growth of Zebra clams on the hull."
  3. BBender

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    That’s brings back memories but look on the bright side they can race the entire M/H fleet up the Derwent if not be in a day ahead.
  4. BBender

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    She was entered in the race then advertised for charter for anyone who wanted race her in the S/H
  5. BBender

    Barcelona Tips

    Not into pocket watches but looks very interesting from poor pic. If you want an indication take lots of pics incl. movement and post on Watchuseek forum vintage and pocket watches
  6. BBender

    Barcelona Tips

    Rolex are a top quality watch and as others have said it would be wise not to wear it as a tourist in Spain or Italy or anywhere in Europe for that matter as they scream out. ‘Hey I’m a dumb rich tourist rob me.’ its a bit unfair to show that automatic top Rolex movement which by the way was derived from. Zenith Watch coy.( el Primero 400 movement . ). Thoroughly stripped and rebuilt by Rolex primarily for the Daytona against a one jewel $5 manual wind movement made for kids Mickey Mouse watches. That’s more like comparing a 911 to a 1950s Lada. I restore vintage mechanical watches for a hobby.
  7. BBender

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Now they gave sound
  8. BBender

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Have you got any sound on infotrack on 7plus?
  9. BBender

    Two Weeks as a Tourist in your quaint homeland

    For only two weeks realistically KISS, Big City with sights (Sydney and surrounds ) Aust. famous Beaches/Coast (Whitsundays ,GBR) Outback (Alice /Uluru ) HOWEVER For best time put misses on tour above and arrange to do the Syd/ Hobart on < 50 footer as crew and get a real taste of Aussie , especially in Hobart
  10. BBender

    Two Weeks as a Tourist in your quaint homeland

    Exactly, People don’t know or forget that Australia is not only huge its also the driest inhabited continent on earth .(70% arid/semi arid) . Pretty much nothing in the centre except desert and gibber
  11. BBender

    Two Weeks as a Tourist in your quaint homeland

    You don’t mention what time of year. For our autumn /winter, Sydney /Blue Mountains , Gold Coast, FNQ/ Great Barrier Reef, Darwin/Kakadu, Alice Springs or Broome. For our Summer/Spring , Sydney/,Melbourne/Great Ocean Road ,Tasmania .
  12. BBender

    Boomers Owned Much More of the Wealth

    The company you have invested in pays tax of 30% of declared profits for distribution back to the shareholder ( you) on your behalf . Note: not all companies do this and some may pay less than 30%. So as per Se7 you receive a divided cheque of say $70 from the company .They have already paid 30% to the taxation department ,say $30 on that dividend of $70 you received . So in your tax return you declare an income of $100 and claim a credit ( franked) of $30 as it is already paid by the company on your behalf. (In ones tax return the franking credit amount is deducted from the tax payable calculated at your rate of tax . ) What if even after declaring the $100 income in you tax return you do not have to pay tax or the tax you have to pay is less than the franked credit already paid on your behalf ? The Gov’t ,at the time, decided that the tax paid on your behalf or part thereof should be refunded to you as you have declared the whole $100 as income . So investors such as me who have set up their finances to minimise tax ,eg Superannuation ( allocated pension) and shares directly owned invest in blue chip companies that pay franked dividends as part of the income stream . The govt. opposition claimed that as you do not pay any tax you should not be entitled to get back what the company has paid on your behalf. (In ones tax return the franking credit amount is deducted from the tax payable calculated at your rate of tax . )
  13. BBender

    Boomers Owned Much More of the Wealth

    You’ve got no fucking idea . Been getting a bit sick reading the gimme gimme gimme generations. During depression mum as a kid lived for a while in tin shed on track between Bne. and Indooroopilly with grandma and two sisters ,Grandpa , pissed off never to be seen . Said he going Cain cutting.. Her only clothes were what she wore .Until grandma found work as housekeeper they had a large tin of honey and relied of the baker going past every second day to give them bread aside from what they could scrounge. Her total schooling was two days. I am a WW11 war baby ,now known as a Baby Boomer ,fucked if I know why anyway. Dad was great but useless after the war , booze, and on more than one occasion I would have to cash in milk bottles to buy food and used cardboard to line inside school shoes when holes in soles until we could afford to buy some leather . Ps. The greasy cardboard used by fruitiers was best , split. University was only for those who got scholarship or who parents could afford until Gough came along.I wasn’t smart enough . Got married at 22 .To save for deposit on house and pay home loan aside from normal 9to 5 job drove taxis three nights a week ,4hours, plus saturdays ,12 hrs, and cleaned printing presses in basement at old herald building flinders Street every second Sunday after sporting globe printed and night school . Wife did night shift nursing Sat/Sun night. Honeymoon was one week at Phillip Island .Rode a 150cc Suzuki Stinger 24 miles from home to work each day .Fucking had it easy hey. There was no compulsory Superannuation until 1990/91. So for my twenty years of super I contributed an extra 25% so that I did not sponge off govt in retirement . No big overseas holidays mate. Oh ,there was super before then ,if you were lucky, but unless it was with govt usually it was employer 2% , me 1% . If I left job employer took their contribution back and I got mine plus savings bank interest. Not all Baby Boomers live in Syd/Melb . If your parents do what’s your fucking problem ,one hell of an inheritance on the way , mine was <$30,000 being one of six. Now I actually agree that anyone living in a $mil plus house and on pension should be for example taxed a death tax of say 30% but I’ll bloody fight anyone who tries to take my franking credits or other benefits I have earned to give to my kids when I cark it. Its my fucking money and I’m enjoying retirement with a boat and a Merc . so suck it up get down to Centrelink for your handout and go smoke a bomb .
  14. BBender

    I still call Australia home

    Early last year I joined up with a chap from Malaysia of Indian decent ,Frank,for a game of golf at a semi private golf course in Brisbane. We were on the twelfth tee when we heard a loud scream and 50 metres down the fairway a large goanna walked out of the scrub with a half grown chick in its mouth and 10 metres behind was mum ,an Australian pheasant coucal, making the noises only a. Coucal can. ,Frank looked at me and asked if this was for real. Don’t know what he thought but I assured him it was for real and he should drive down and get some photos. The goanna was swaggering across fairway making itself as big as possible. Frank said no,no,no I will take photos from here. Couldn’t shut him up at the bar afterwards.