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  1. lumpywater

    Heller v. DC being heard today

    But using the Kennesaw as rock solid proof that more guns equal less crime is stupid. Does the more guns theory work? No doubt it looks like it did in Kennesaw. But there are so many other variables at stake. For instance, my hometown of Baltimore, lots of people have guns. And they are shooting and killing each other at an alarming rate. It's the people who don't have guns that generally not targeted and are generally only subject to property crime and crimes of oppurtunity. Of course, there are the highly publicised instances when yuppies get mugged, but all in all, the safest areas are where there are fewer guns. The reason is because the people that own guns are for the most part criminals. The non-criminals don't have all that much violent crime and they don't have guns either.
  2. lumpywater

    Heller v. DC being heard today

    --> QUOTE(Jeff B @ Mar 18 2008, 06:36 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Moe, I think you just hit the nail on the head inadvertantly about why guns are not the worst thing. An armed society may be a more polite society. Meanwhile, perhaps we should just be nicer to each other in every jurisdiction? Using manners and being polite shouldn't be a matter of fear.
  3. lumpywater

    Heller v. DC being heard today

    Big problem in comparing Kennesaw to anywhere else. Kennesaw's (pop: 30000) demographics are not representative of the average American city, not are the statistics without fault. Notice that the statistics cited do not provide whether the crime is higher or lower than the surrounding areas or even whether it has changed compared to the surrounding areas. I am not saying that Kennesaw is not a safe place, but taking a town of 30k people and callign it a victory for gun rights completely negates that Washington DC is a very very different place with it's own set of problems.
  4. lumpywater

    Heller v. DC being heard today

    Wow, I just read that and was shocked. Superficially, the 1st and 4th (along with the 5th, 7th and 14th) amendments are probably the most important ones dealing with personal freedoms. For me, the second amendment is symbolic. Guns are cool, I love to shoot, but they are far from necessary and no statistic can show that they make anything safer. Tell me with a straight face that you can live without the protection from illegal search and seizure, free speech or self incrimination, but you can't live without your guns. On the other hand, you are correct in saying that taking away rights starts with things that we live without, and before you know it, you have nothing. The question still remains: What does the 2nd amendment give you? We know that the 1st amendment doesn't give you the right to yell "fire" in a crowded movie theater, but does the 2nd allow assault weapons? Handguns? Does it allow for regulation as to type of weapons allowed? EDIT: On a side note, I am all for gun regulation, registration and fingerprinting, so long as there are protections for the gun-owner, but I think outright bans are stupid. If you are a drug dealer or violent criminal, the fact that the gun you have tucked into your waist band is illegal really does nothing to discourage crime.
  5. lumpywater


    How many Republicans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None, let the poor fuckers do it. How many democrats does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 30. 1 to actually screw in the lightbulb while the 29 others are representing every minority group that may be affected by the lightbulb's change. Two Aliens land on a desert highway in the middle of nowhere. They approach an old abandoned gas station in order to make contact with the humans. Confusing an old gas pump with a human being, Alien number one approaches it and says "Take me to your leader." Alien two says to Alien one, "Dude, I don't know about this" Angry that the gas pump is not responding to his questioning, Alien one says again, "take me to your leader, or im going zap you with my ray gun!" Alien two, becoming more and more scared says: "I don't think it is a good idea to question this human, and I really think we should leave!" At this point, Alien one is so anrgy that the gas pump is not responding, he pulls out his ray gun, asks once again "last chance, take me to your leader!" The pump does not respond, so he shoots it, despite two's warning against further questioning of the human. The force of the explosion causes the two Aliens to be blown half way across the desert. When they regain consciousness, Alien one goes "man, all I did was question him and when the insolent human did not respond, I shot him and he exploded...that has never happened before!" Alien two says "listen, I told you it was a bad idea to fuck with a guy who can wrap his dick around his arm 5 times and stick it in his ear" And one last one for Jeff B What do Fighter Pilots use for Birth Control? Their Personalities.