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  1. Scipion

    Brest Atlantiques 2019

    Return trip aboard Sodebo Ultim 3, Thomas Coville and his crew on their way to Brittany. A few days ago, Sodebo Ultim 3 set out again for Brittany. Tracker here :
  2. Scipion

    Is this the Figaro III?

    The first 45 Figaro 3 were awarded to their owners by drawing lots at the Nautic last December.
  3. Scipion

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Thomas Ruyant Shattered French yachtie's next move after violent collision off NZ coast: 'I need sleep, I need to eat' When Bluff Coastguard arrived to rescue a French sailer floundering off the New Zealand coast on his yacht after a violent collision last night, things appeared much worse than they expected. On tvnz, 1news now (video) :
  4. Scipion

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Last images from Thomas Ruyant, who thinks he hit a container, the choc was violent. He is not sure the boat will hold
  5. Scipion

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Gusts of 50 knots for Thomas Ruyant
  6. Scipion

    VOR 2017-18

    Dongfeng is back Article in French in this newsletter : Translated in English (automatic translation) on the site of "Tip 1 Shaft" : # 2 DONGFENG 2, THE RETURN It has long dreamed of Vendée Globe, but while his comrades come out in procession Channel Sables d'Olonne, Charles Caudrelier will fly to China. Next Monday at the annual meeting of the key executives of Dongfeng and Volvo, in Wuhan, the headquarters of Dongfeng Motor, the former head quarter of Franck Cammas will announce its third participation in the Volvo Ocean Race and his second under the colors of the Chinese manufacturer. A new commitment much like the previous one: same sports structure - OC Sport, whose CEO, William Semblat , negotiated for months this new contract; even team manager - Bruno Dubois , currently Director of Groupama Team France; even technical director - Neil Graham - and even athletic frame: if they have not signed a contract, Pascal Bidégorry and Thomas Rouxel are highly prospective and several Chinese crew formed during the previous edition. "For the rest of the crew, we will seek to recover from the experience, especially in foreign seamen," said Caudrelier which is currently discussing with several of them. The former winner of the Solitaire and Jacques Vabre also hopes to embark Yann Riou as "OBR" (onboard reporter), even if the rules on the matter have changed - the "mediamen" are theoretically selected by the organization and affected by it to the boat. With the rule change aimed at enhancing the diversity of crews, Caudrelier should also recruit one or two women - Marie Riou is on the shelves, as if in echoed several newspapers, but is waiting to learn more about its Olympic projects. Another innovation is important: this time it's Dongfeng Motor - Dongfeng Trucks instead - which finances the campaign, by significantly increasing the budget, estimated between 15 and 20 million euros, "the equivalent that of Abu Dhabi in the last Volvo, "says a source close to the case. This allows the team to move to second tier sponsors. "We are going to benefit from all that we missed last time, says Charles Caudrelier: a cell performance, a ground browser preparation steps, a coach full time, over shore team." Before adding, ambitious: "We have no excuse not to target the top step of the podium." The Franco-Chinese team goes much sail. A little match race and then Sydney to Hobart with a Chinese owner, return VO65 - refit in currently in Lisbon - in March in Lorient Groupama in the base, participation in the Spi Ouest-France on one or two supports ... the pre-program Volvo looks "complicated" according Caudrelier because the organization led by Mark Turner ponders engage VO65 on ... the Bridge in late June before a return deckchair, Cowes week, a race between Cowes and Lisbon, zero to Alicante leg ... "This amounts to a Volvo a year instead of 9 months!" The discussions are completed. Meanwhile, the skipper of Dongfeng does not sulk his pleasure: "It's good to start with ideal conditions!" So, it seems some top sailors are coming back...
  7. Scipion

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    " Setbacks for Sébastien Destremau and Alex Thomson " :
  8. Scipion

    Is this the Figaro III?

    [...] The budget will be between € 150,000 (the price of a new Figaro Bénéteau 2) and 200 000 € TTC ready to sail, the idea being that the choice of this new monotype lasts ten years. [...]
  9. Scipion

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Here it is : Three extra places for the 2016 Vendée Globe « At a meeting held today (Wednesday 29th June) in Les Sables d’Olonne with the organisers and skippers competing in the eighth Vendée Globe, Yves Auvinet, President of the SAEM Vendée made an unexpected announcement. Three extra places will be made available on top of the 27 initially planned in the Notice of Race. If all of the sailors complete their sailing and administrative obligations on time, no fewer than 30 skippers will be able to line up at the start of the non-stop solo round the world race on 6th November. This is good news for several reasons, including the internationalisation of the Vendée Globe, as ten nations may be represented, which would be a record in the history of the event. » Read more on Vendée site : They alsow list the 30 skippers officially registered for the moment : Jérémie Beyou (France), Tanguy de Lamotte (France), Vincent Riou (France), Morgan Lagravière (France), Armel Le Cléac’h (France), Paul Meilhat (France), Sébastien Destremau (France), Eric Bellion (France), Jean-Pierre Dick (France), Fabrice Amedeo (France), Sébastien Josse (France), Yann Eliès (France), Thomas Ruyant (France), Didac Costa (Spain), Kito de Pavant (France), Jean Le Cam (France), Bertrand de Broc (France), Louis Burton (France), Nandor Fa (Hungary), Rich Wilson (USA), Alex Thomson (GB), Arnaud Boissières (France), Alan Roura (Switzerland), Stéphane Le Diraison (France), Pieter Heerema (Netherlands), Romain Attanasio (France), Kojiro Shiraishi (Japan), Conrad Colman (New Zealand), Enda O’Coineen (Ireland) and Jean-François Pellet (France).
  10. Scipion

    Team France

    Franck is back (video)
  11. Scipion

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Another project for the Vendée : « Anna Corbella cannot imagine a Vendée Globe with no women » « After twice completing the Barcelona World Race, the double-handed round the world race on 60-foot IMOCAs, Anna Corbella believes she is ready to take another giant leap to sail solo. In spite of the tight timing, the Spanish sailor is doing her utmost to find a partner and to become the only woman lining up at the start of the next Vendée Globe. »
  12. Scipion

    New imoca boats

    Voici d'ailleurs ce qu'on peut lire à propos de cet endroit : « En cet endroit de l'océan règne une activité atmosphérique de surface exceptionnelle. Deux phénomènes en sont principalement à l'origine. La grande chaleur due à la proximité de l'équateur provoque une évaporation hors du commun. Les alizés nord et sud se rejoignent à cet endroit. La concentration de cumulo-nimbus y est donc plus forte qu'à n'importe quel autre endroit du globe. Si les vents dominants sont logiquement d'est, l'accumulation des gros nuages noirs souvent orageux annule et anarchise la circulation générale de l'air. Il en résulte, quand la zone est très active, une vaste zone de vents erratiques et évanescents qui font douter les marins sur leur capacité à pouvoir sortir de cet endroit. » Il ne semble pas y avoir d'explication certaine sur l'origine de la dénomination de cette zone. Une chose est sûre, cela n'a rien à voir avec un poteau noir qui aurait découvert le poteau rose près du Potomac. Ce qu'on sait, c'est qu'à la fin du XVIIe siècle, dans un jeu apparenté au colin-maillard, lorsque celui qui avait les yeux bandés risquait de se cogner dans quelque chose on lui lançait un "gare au pot au noir" d'avertissement, peut-être parce que, se cognant, il risquait de se faire un 'noir', autre nom de la bosse à l'époque. Par extension, le pot au noir a désigné, à la fin du XIXe siècle, une situation embrouillée, dangereuse, caractéristique de ce qu'on peut trouver dans notre zone, qui aurait donc été nommée ainsi pour cette raison. Cette appellation a été également utilisée par les aviateurs vers 1930 pour désigner une zone d'orages sans visibilité. Exemple« (…) lorsque Mermoz, pour la première fois, franchit l'Atlantique Sud en hydravion, il aborda, vers la tombée du jour, la région du Pot-au-Noir. Il vit, en face de lui, se resserrer, de minute en minute, les queues de tornades (…) puis la nuit s'établir (…) Et quand, une heure plus tard, il se faufila sous les nuages, il déboucha dans un royaume fantastique. » Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - Terre des hommes Ailleurs Si vous souhaitez savoir comment on dit « Le pot au noir » en anglais, en espagnol, en portugais, en italien ou en allemand, cliquez ici Ci-dessous vous trouverez des propositions de traduction soumises par notre communauté d’utilisateurs et non vérifiées par notre équipe. En étant enregistré, vous pourrez également en ajouter vous-même. En cas d’erreur, signalez-les nous dans le formulaire de contact Too long to translate. Principal elements : Colin-Maillard (Blind man's buff in English ?) : An ancient children’s game, played outdoors, in which a player who is blindfolded has to track down and recognize other (non blindfolded) players. If the blindfolded player risks running into an obstacle (an object, a tree…), the other players yell to him « Gare au pot au noir » : « Beware of the black pot ». Or maybe black pole ?, it depends how you write it in French. What was really a black pot or a black pole, I have no idea. But anyhow, the expression would refer to the notion of an unpleasant trap and colin-maillard, because the Doldrums is a place you enter blindfolded, not knowing which route to follow to get out of it. The expression « Pot au noir » was really popularised by the French aviators pioneers of transatlantic and airmail flights between Africa and South America in the 1920’s (Mermoz, Saint-Exupéy, etc.). Another long article in French in the V&V blog Route fond about the expression : But on the Web, you can find other explications : - It came from an ancient Portuguese expression from the first Portuguese sailors who crossed the Equator, meaning an inextricable situation. - At the time of the slave trade, the Doldrums was an area where they threw overboard dead, sick or contagious slaves. Pick yours, it seems nobody really knows the origin of Pot au noir.
  13. Scipion

    Team France

    Paris sera toujours Paris ! La plus belle ville du monde Malgré l'obscurité profonde Son éclat ne peut être assombri Paris sera toujours Paris !