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  1. The only one who confidently chose north is Dee with TTOP. I’m applauding her for this decision. It shows leadership, intelligence (both intellectual and emotional), maturity and care. Well done Dee!
  2. New Tracker update, Dong most south, rest steering north.
  3. Yes, it it is a good (and safer) position. If I look at the tracker, the only thing you can really hope for is that all stay on board and boat remain in one piece (preferably with a mast attached to it).
  4. Only for safety reasons it seems, they can go south and north if they need some relief of this beast.
  5. Any thoughts on TTOP’s position? They are quite on their own out there. Be safe Dee!
  6. Tracker update, Vestas gybed north as well.
  7. It really is something isn't. There should be a new word for this, remote doesn't quite does it justice. Thank you SC for posting this and all the other interesting bits in this thread, very much appreciated!
  8. In that case maybe you should have gone with your pins Jack, instead of your hands
  9. I only just now rewatched the Daily Life show. It was very nice to see Mr Walker again talking about the race. I was unpleasantly surprised though by how he looked. By the looks of it he did just three weeks in the Souther Ocean..., I hope he is all right health wise. He definitely needs to go out more, feel the breeze and get some sunshine.... I know, he didn't win the race with his looks, but by being the smartest, most consistent and perseverent skipper
  10. Thank you Phil, yes we are enjoying the race a lot.
  11. https://brunelsailing.net/news/a-sad-day A tough day for Bouwe, this race takes it all, both physically and mentally....
  12. Brunel doesn’t seems interested in drag racing either. They are close enough for some much needed comfort and company in these conditions but are also sailing their own route. As for Mapfre, I think they’ll be fine with Donger in the lead. All pressure on Charles to play cards first and decision when to take foot of the pedal.
  13. not anymore, DFRT just overtook, tracker is updated.
  14. Very pleased to see that the boys and girls at Brunel are well awake and are battling it out with Mapfre and DFRT, right where they belong.