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  1. elscotto

    TrailerTri 720 and R2AK

    Someone did it last year or the year before in an eagle. They didn't win but I don't think everyone enters that race to win it. Did you guys get the racing (supertramp) version over there? Bigger mast/sails. That extra weight in the thick, solid fibreglass might make for a good defence against all the debris in the water up there (logs). My father built a 720 and I have a Tramp and honestly there is not much difference speed wise. You can cook and sleep better in the 720 though.
  2. elscotto

    Hobie 16 mast huge failure

    That is a link on how to rig your hobie 16, it is very informative.
  3. elscotto

    TrailerTri 720 and R2AK

    if you go to the farrier website you will be able to look at all Ian s notes on what to look for when buying a farrier designed t rimaran,includingthe 720. https://www.f-boat.com/pages/contact/index.html look for the used boat guide link Another option for you might be an Ostac Tramp, basically a better version of Ian s first production boat. They are hard to find There i s also the supertramp version of the Tramp(Pyramid Eagle in the US) good and cheap.
  4. elscotto

    Remote Cruising on Trailable Yachts

    Here you go Grith, probably taken to the extreme, no motor either. Bet he had fun though.
  5. elscotto

    Cruising on a Trailer Sailer

    Grith, Yours is definitely more suited for longer trips, you at least have somewhere dry if it starts raining. My wet weather contingency is the same as my dry one only wetter. A lot of people poo poo boats like yours and the macgregors etc but I think they would be a pretty comfortable cruising platform. There is a mac owners group that do a sail up the coast in company to the whitsundays each year, I think they start at Gladstone or yepoon and I am sure they have a lot of fun which is what it's all about. I love the Tramp as i grew up with trimarans my father had made (2 pivers, a crowther and a farrier tt720), it only weighs 600kg too which makes it easy to tow. I have thought about a larger farrier or corsair but the setup times would have to increase and you don't get a lot more boat for the extra 30 grand (at least) I would have to pay.
  6. elscotto

    Cruising on a Trailer Sailer

    I remove the absolute minimum when off the water. All the stays stay hooked on (except forestay) cushions stay in boat, outboard stays on, everything except the 35l Waco fridge. When I decide to go for a sail all I need to do is throw some food and drink in the little fridge and remove the tarp that covers it at home. This video is a double speed of getting the boat into the water, since then I have simplified getting the boom and mainsail on so I should be a bit quicker now. That is literally it for day sails. If going for overnights then extra camping gear is packed. I am happy to sleep on the boat but if the family is coming then we camp on a beach.
  7. elscotto

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Yeah I enjoy all his vids, not as polished as... well anyones really but i find them interesting none the less. He sails past my place twice a year (Mackay) and i am hoping to get my boat out to some of the islands he has visited, I have only done the whitsundays and would like to get out a bit further.
  8. elscotto

    Cruising on a Trailer Sailer

    This was my week of cruising the Whitsundays on my Tramp. The fridge stayed on the boat and we had a tent just behind those trees in the shade. You do need to make sure that you are not going to be stuck above the next high though. Would then be there for a month, oh the humanity. This was me, my wife and two kids (7 &10). This type of thing can be done very easily around the whitsundays on any boat that can get to the beach. There is a video of some guys from down south doing a week trip on hobie 16's so you don't need a 28 footer, they are more comfortable though. The problem I have with going bigger is the setup. My tramp is about 40 minutes trailer to sail away, any longer and I would get the shits.
  9. elscotto

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    This is Simon, every year his wife let's him sail his trailer sailor from Brisbane to the Whitsundays and back. His video work is a bit raw, no tits or bikinis, I don't think I have heard any music either but it is a good, honest, video blog of sailing a small boat up and down the coast of Queensland. I recommend watching a few before making up your mind if you want to follow.
  10. elscotto

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Give the go pro app another go. What you did was use one of the pre made templates. You don't have to use them. Just start a new project without a template and it is a blank canvas. If you have a really old computer it may still have windows movie maker on it which was good and free way back when, it may seem dated today though. Kinemaster Pro is an app that I use on my Samsung android tablet to make vids as well. It is cheap and comparable to the gopro app.
  11. elscotto

    GPS Watch

    I used to have one of those android wear smartwatches, Heuwai if i recall. It could, with alot of fart arseing around, do everything. I made my own watchface that would show me SOG, TWS and direction (data from wearher), a not very accurate calculation of apparent wind speed and direction. It was all good fun but in the end not very useful. I also made some race timer watchfaces copying rolex, omega etc which looked great but the biggest drawbacks were screen brightness and battery life. The watch would usually be flat before the race was over (passage races). This was a few years ago so battery and screen visibility in the sun may be better.
  12. elscotto

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Red Cordial's PhotoRed Cordial 31 Aug 2016 I'll pay for a carton of beer to the first person who posts a video shot in real time, of them driving up with a boat secured for a decent drive, raise the mast, stow the mast raising gear, attach the halyards to all three sails, put the outboard on, launch the boat, park the car, get back on the boat, unfold it and pull away from the dock in under half an hour. I will give it a go this weekend. XXXX gold will be fine😊 I should add that most of that shit i leave on the boat set up to save time. The only things i really pack away are the sails and spars.
  13. elscotto

    Corsair Pulse 600

    This is me launching my Haines Hunter Tramp trimaran. About 30 minutes with some errors and not rushing. Jetboy, the floats get folded out as i am motoring away and take mabey a minute each to bolt down.