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  1. all the girlies are here! :)

    are you?

  2. Watch Pecker first. Classic. Jeez, I feel like I just fell off the turnip truck. Never heard of John Waters, looked him up (ain't the internet great?)... and never heard of any of his movies either (except for Hairspray). "A Dirty Shame" may be the most instructive in this context. The farther back you go in the catalogue the more jaw dropping the atrocities.
  3. Had to look this one up in Urban Dictionary.... fucking hilarious! you need to watch all of John Waters' movies before you post here again.
  4. you will always have 5 stars in my book!!

  5. ok, ok I ll do a friends list. sick in bed, nothing much else to do...

  6. How come I'm not your friend on here Mr. JC?

  7. Joan Of Arc stopping by to say hello

  8. Thank you USA-7!

  9. Lady Hellion has been here. :) HI!

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    finally, the price tag.
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