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  1. As you know, capsizing to windward in the RS700 is really easy to do. Previously, i would have a double-capsize recovery each time (the first capsize recovery would immediately be blown over to a leeward capsize). This capsize from the video was actually the first time I got smart and did what you described - hover the mast just above the waterline so that the boat pushes around w/ the mast on the preferable leeward side. I felt like such a genius!! Next step is to play that same little game (hovering mast above watter) w/ hopping in over the side. Yes - I've got it on the narrowest setting.
  2. I know you're joking, but that's seriously what I need!!!
  3. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to go over the rails. As soon as the mast starts rising up, then the daggerboard is slanted down, and it feels impossible to hop over. I know it can be done, because I see videos of people doing it, but it's a lot harder than it looks. Kudos to you for pulling it off! I'd be REALLY scared about trying to weasel in-between the rails and the gunwale. That just has "drowning death" written all over it. I'm sure others more acrobatic and thinner than myself can pull it off. But I'm 230 lbs., so that just seems like russian roulette for me. By the way, I do want to tidy up per your suggestion. Where do folks get those tidy "go over everything" lycra vests that I see the real sailors wear? I've got rash vests, but they would rip apart if I tried to pull them over a life jacket + harness.
  4. OK. Ignore my comments. Video shows I've experienced something completely different. Like I said, it's happed to me w/ no heel. Boat is flat and rudder is 100% in the water.
  5. Yes, that's what makes the phenomenon so weird. This "heavy rudder" and then "light, non-existent rudder" thing is happening while the boat is relatively flat. I mean, when it's happened to me, the boat is relatively flat, and i KNOW the rudder is in the water, and yet the boat is behaving like there is no rudder in the water, which seems physically impossible, and which makes it so memorable and weird. When I play-imagine an explanation in my mind, I think this: Perhaps the boat starts sliding sideways a bit. I.e. the daggerboard stops doing its job (i've noticed that it's happened to me when I have the daggerboard up a bit). So, the boat starts sliding sideways a bit, and so the daggerboard is "pushing" some water, rather than slicing through the water, and the rudder gets caught in this wake (from the daggerboard) of water being pushed forward, and thus the rudder goes "light" because the water around it is all f'd up b/c it's in the wake of the daggerboard water being pushed forward. I have no idea if that makes sense. But that's what it's always "felt" like to me.
  6. I know exactly what you're talking about. I've experienced it multiple times in heavy winds and high speeds in my RS Aero. So, I don't think it's a "Laser thing" or a function of bad foils. It's some weird phenomena w/ high speed dinghies.
  7. What was cool was seeing all the floundering at the beginning of your video, but then a nice stand-out ride at the end. I'm still waiting for my nice, calm, hanging-out-on-the-trap ride!
  8. Awesome!!!!
  9. This last weekend was my last time back in Corpus Christ since I saw this facebook post. I took a VERY close look at my gudgeon. I'm now convinced that the cracks I see in my gudgeon area are just gelcoat level cracks and are not structural (i.e. do not penetrate beyond the gelcoat). So, I don't think that the cracks I referenced in a comment to this facebook post are the emblematic of the same issue. Actually, I believe I once tipped the boat up on the beach to drain some water out of the hull, and I pushed the nose up too far, resulting in some leverage on the lower gudgeon. Also, I rig the boat on its side and the rudder sometimes catches downward when I tip the boat back upright, thereby leveraging against the gudgeon. My guess is that these actions have caused some surface level cracks in the gelcoat, but not in the underlying fiberglass or other structural material. I took a video of my gudgeon area. It's not very good because you can't see the surface level cracks in the gelcoat (which is sort of an indication that it's not severe enough to be seen well on a GoPro). I'll send it off to RS soon for a second opinion. But I did want to follow through with my initial conclusion that my situation is nowhere near as severe as this issue.
  10. Looks like you could stuff a little camping gear up front in the mast area. I'd probably buy one as a slower, but more durable "camping" boat if it had an option for more sail area.
  11. Good luck man. Let us know how it goes.
  12. Marc is the man. Anyone have a clue as to his camera mounting? That's a great angle.
  13. Tomorrow will be another 5 mph barn burner. I'll try standing per your suggestion. Thanks.