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  1. DTA

    RS Cat 14 Question

    You know, what's interesting is that I got the same impression from watching Hobie 14 videos on YouTube (me being 230 lbs). But then if you look at the specs for the Hobie 14 it says it has a capacity of 353 pounds!!!! I've always wondered how accurate that is. In contrast, RS seems to always understate carrying capacity. The RS Aero is ridiculously low - below my body weight of 230 lbs - but it's always floated me just fine. And the RS CAT 14 says it will carry 265 lbs. Plus, the pics have two adults on the boat (300 lbs?) and it appears to be floating them just fine. https://www.hobie.com/xe/en/sail/hobie-14/specs/
  2. DTA

    RS Cat 14 Question

    I don't know anything about cats, so I probably made my decision all wrong, but here's what I was thinking: 1. I sail alone. So I wanted to start w/ a 14' cat, to ensure that I can right it after capsize myself, and generally handle it in big winds. 2. I also wanted the boat to come w/ three sails: main, jib, and kite. 3. The 14' version of the Hobie only seems to come w/ a mainsail. I've seen videos of people customizing a jib and kite, but those seem to be home-made endeavors. Not factory installed. And I didn't want to mess around with customizing 3 sails; I wanted it to come that way from the manufacturer. So, the RS CAT 14 was already ahead of the Hobie 14, by my scorecard. 4. The Hobie banana hulls freak me out b/c they always appear to be almost fully underwater. I just do not dig how far underwater those hulls are. And then the trampoline has to be built high above the hulls to account for the fact that the hulls ride virtually underwater. Contrast w/ the RS CATs (both 14 and 16) and the hulls ride high out of the water, so that the tramp is strapped just straight across the hulls. No need to extend the tramp above the hulls. Maybe I'm missing something, but that just seems to make more intuitive sense to me. 5. My understanding is that the elevated tramp requires that the tramp scaffolding penetrates the hull. Plus, I believe that the crossbeams also penetrate the hull. So, these are all potential water entry points for the Hobie hulls. Sure, if you monitor the condition of your hulls and maintain as necessary, then everything should be fine. But I just prefer the concept of the RS hulls which are completely sealed. Nothing penetrates the hulls. No holes/intrusions that need to be monitored or maintained. 6. For my first CAT, I wanted a rotomoulded hull that could take a lot of damage w/o any maintenance. If I get washed up on a jetty, I don't want it to be a catastrophic situation the way it would be w/ a fiberglass hull. I hear cats get stuck in irons quite easily, so - I just want to be able to make mistakes and get washed up on jetties, against concrete piers, etc., without complete devastation to the boat.
  3. DTA

    Where's "DTA" at?

    $0. I gave it away to a fellow who ordinarily couldn't afford a sailboat. His kids wanted to learn to sail.
  4. DTA

    Where's "DTA" at?

    Waiting and waiting and waiting for my RS Cat 14. It was due to arrive in May, so I got rid of my Aero in Corpus Christi in anticipation of the new boat. But the boat kept getting delayed. Now due for pickup Saturday of next week (July 7). Crossing my fingers that it comes in on time. This will be a fun new type of sailing for me. Longer distance sailing, and camping overnight in remote, uninhabited locations. I'm ridiculously excited about getting started. I've been beach camping several times now, with no boat, just to get into the swing of things and work out the kinks on the camping side of things. I've got three different GPS devices for navigation (Fenix watch and Garmin handheld device) and safety (SPOT). My Google maps page is just littered with all the locations around Corpus Christi I want to visit and camp. Needless to say, I'M SUPER FREAKING EXCITED!!!!! I just need the RS CAT 14!! I've still got the RS700. But I have to admit, I've been so excited about beach-camping-sailing that I've been spending my weekends getting ready for that (beach camping by hiking into a semi-remote location, etc.) more than sailing the RS700. I'm sure I'll get into a routine of one weekend sail-camping on the RS CAT 14, next weekend taking out the RS700. But right now I'm so focused on getting the RS CAT 14 and beginning sail camping that it's hard to think about anything else.
  5. DTA

    RS Cat 14 Question

    Delivery pushed back again to July 14. But the delivery ship is working its way into the Gulf Coast now. So I think this delivery estimate will actually hold up!
  6. DTA

    RS700 Newbie Video

    Kurio99 - you're looking good!!!! I've been getting out every couple weeks, but I just haven't been taking my Garmin/camera with me. It's such a hassle setting it up that I just end up leaving it in the care lately.
  7. DTA

    RS Cat 14 Question

    Delivery date has been pushed back to early June. But as soon as I get it, I'll start posting videos.
  8. DTA

    RS Cat 14 Question

    Interesting. As having only sailed boats with a single rudder, I had no idea what "toe in" meant. A little googling and now I see what you mean. I'm glad it's something with which I can tinker. Thanks.
  9. I don't know about the Vortex, but I'm learning to trapeze on a boat that is way over my head: the RS700. I keep my RS700 at a local inland lake near San Antonio, Texas, and I'm slowly but surely developing my skills on the RS700 (just now starting back after a long winter break). Make no mistake: I suck at sailing the RS700, but I'm able to have lots of fun, get on trapeze, pop the kite, and get back to my starting point. So, don't let the nay-sayers dissuade you from jumping into trapezing and sailing this new boat, even if it might be above the skill level that you have right now. Just pick a safe place to sail (i.e. onshore winds, sandy shore, etc) where you can't get into too much trouble if you capsize and can't recover, and then go have fun knowing that you've picked a location that's safe to learn and fail. You don't need "cover" boats and all sorts of support from 3rd parties to learn safely. You just need to pick the right environment to sail (and fail) in safely. By the way, I'm getting an RS CAT 14 soon (in addition to, not replacing, the RS700). So, I'm looking forward to trapping on a catamaran as well. I'm hoping it's easier than the RS700!!!!
  10. DTA

    Are You Tougher Than Me?

    I'm impressed by your sailing video, and see why you would want to soldier through the pain. That looks fantastic. Good luck!
  11. DTA

    RS Cat 14 Question

    In the above video, i noticed that the rudders are up and not in the water. I imagine that is part of the cause for the boat failing to turn to wind and stall.
  12. DTA

    RS Cat 14 Question

    Hmmmm ... I'm not so sure that the leash idea is so terrible. I believe that the following *would* be a drowning danger: two people are on a small cat, one falls overboard leashed to the cat, and the other continues to deliberately drive the cat at full power. I can see the possibility of the person being dragged getting drowned in this situation. But for a single sailor situation on a small cat, I would imagine that having a 230 lb. sailor attached to the 14' cat would stop the boat in short order. With nobody on board to hold the tiller or mainsheet, I would think that the drag of an attached man-overboard (230 lbs. in my case) would quickly stop the minimally powered up cat (or cause a capsize in high wind conditions). No? (I have zero experience w/ cats, so I'm genuinely asking).
  13. DTA

    RS Cat 14 Question

    Specifically, this video spooked me:
  14. DTA

    RS Cat 14 Question

    I ordered and paid for an RS Cat 14 a couple months ago. It's due to be delivered in April. I'm just DYING to get it, so I can start sail camping. But my question is this: Every dinghy I've sailed capsizes the instant there's nobody on board to counteract the wind (Laser, Vago, Aero, RS700). So, if I fall off - no big deal. I'm happy knowing that the boat will capsize a second or two after I fall out. But what about with small catamarans like the RS Cat 14? Do they also capsize instantly? Or do they stay upright? If they stay upright, do they turn into the wind and "stop" (i.e. not "sailing", but merely drifting backwards)? Or do they keep on sailing with no captain aboard? If they keep sailing w/ no captain aboard .... um ... wtf are you supposed to do about that?
  15. DTA

    RS800 Video

    Man, you Brits are hardcore. It's like 50 deg F in the morning, and even though I know it will warm up to 65 later in the day, that's just too cold for me and I just go back inside for "second breakfast" instead.