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  1. @LB 15, how would you recommend a feller such as myself get started? Is there a specific log book I should get to start logging my miles? Does boat size matter for logged miles? I'm doing a big race this weekend on a 30'r but I also race weekly on a 22'r and my personal boat is a 23'r. Can you recommend any reading material? I guess my main concern is that I'm learning too slowly. When I'm on a boat I feel like I should know more and then maybe the theoretical will help accelerate or at least improve the retention of the practical experience. I also don't want to learn any of these bad habits you speak of. I should have started sailing when I was 10. Hind sight....
  2. That is true, I do not. There don't really seem to be any well laid out plans for going from where I am now to YM. I was assuming a guy would be able to gain the required experience by taking courses, or a course, that would prepare you for the YM exam and help you meet the prereqs. That Confident Captain course sounds like it's getting closer to what I'm looking for. Still kinda shocked that a guy could be a Yachtmaster in 15ish days.
  3. Wow, lots of good info here, guys. Let me say this, I have ZERO interest in being a "Creditcard Captain". I want the practical experience and knowledge to operate safely and proficiently on oceans that are anything but. This would be primarily for me but, if it happened to allow me to work on other boats in foreign places, that is a huge upside. My interest is in sailing and not in motor yachts. What I've read so far is leading me to believe that a RYC Yachtmaster certification is the way to go but, so far, all I've been able to find are schools in England and Spain that want 10,000 Euros for a course which seems a little excessive (but maybe it's a good value, I have no idea) and then I would have lodging and airfare on top of that. It would be nice to find a school in the PNW that would teach me everything close to home but that may be a daydream. A lot of the webpages I've found are all marketing wank. Offering very little or weekend warrior courses for $500 which sound more like sightseeing tours. This site sounds the most legit so far or... if not legit at least reasonably priced but it may be lacking critical instruction. http://www.ispa.com/course-schedule.html I'm guessing 7 days is not enough time to become a proficient captain. Where am I at? Well I have my White Sail I & II that I got when I was 15ish (I'm now 35). Dinghy sailed last summer. Bought a 23' boat this summer which I've sailed the shit out of and I've been racing all summer on 23'-25' boats. I spent 2 weeks sailing desolation sound with my buddy last summer on a 37' cutter which involved route planning with tidal currents etc but we didn't sail at night at all. I've never actually sailed at night. No illusions here boys, I need to do a lot of leaning but I don't want to waste time or money learning about points of sail or naming the parts of a boat (I'm past that point). What I need is navigation and weather instruction, route planning instruction and experience sailing larger boats. As for how big I want to go.... I have no idea.... but being able to skip a 60'-100' sailboat would be incredible. I'd say I'm quite likeable and I'm cool in a crisis. Don't think the interpersonal side of things would be an issue. I don't know that I would want to skip full time but it would be nice to have it as an option and be able to pick up gigs here and there, especially if it were to further fund my sailing and traveling. Nope, not looking for an escape from a tough life, just as a means to enrich it and make myself a more knowledgeable and flexible sailor.
  4. Hey Guys, I ran a quick search and didn't find any threads on the topic. I'm seriously considering paying to get a Yachtmaster certification as I'm pretty much dead-set on spending my life on the worlds oceans. Skippering other peoples boats sounds like a great way to make money and I want to have the knowledge and experience for my own personal gratification. How much should a guy expect to pay and are there any recommended courses/schools operating in the PNW? It may actually be better to go somewhere hot to learn so I'm open to suggestions.
  5. True but they are hard to collect. Unfortunately the farts are worth way more than the shit and the lower and middle class only really have the tools and intelligence to collect the shit.
  6. You realize that isn't even close to being a valid point, right?
  7. But you're assuming the 1% or 2% growth is the cap.... there is no cap on growth... there could be 10% growth in GDP if more people started businesses and began manufacturing products (hard or soft) for export.
  8. Jesus. It's not a zero sum game so the idea of the "1%" stealing from the poor is a bunch of horse shit. If you're mad because you don't have a race boat, get a better job and save more money. Crying because you weren't born rich is a waste of energy.
  9. It's a good thing these bloody boats aren't designed to fly. Sometimes I'm shocked they even float.
  10. Ugh, that's just too much. How do you get to enjoy the fun and challenge of sailing on that monstrosity? Maybe he's just trying to save money on diesel.....
  11. Gotta be the only one. Funny, a guy I know from the club also posts here on SA and he sails on Bad Dog. He also just bought a Pocket Rocket so I'm wondering if he bought it from the owners of the Antrim. Ha, that's my brother This is me: Yeah I was thinking about posting all of the CAD info over at EYO but I'm shocked at how dead that forum is. No one responded to any of my posts so I gave up on them pretty quick. She's definitely coming along!! I'm still working on getting all of the rigging sorted and there are lots of little jobs that still need to be done. The centreboard and the trailer will be the next big jobs I need to see to as well as fixing some hull damage in the centreboard trunk. She leaks a little bit of water which irritates me. "GOB route"?? Good Old Boat?? lol Haha, no luck with Polish girl as of yet. Having trouble getting her out on the boat! Apparently the gel coat is pretty much gone, which sucks but what can ya do? Yes sir! She's been pretty smokey out here all week. Hopefully it'll clear up for the weekend. It's looking better today. Sorry I didn't make it down for the regatta! Just had too much on the go around here. I'm going to be in squampton sometime in the fall though so I will keep ya posted.
  12. If it's the same one I'm thinking it's an Antrim 27. Probably the fastest boat on the lake. It's definitely the fastest boat in our fleet.
  13. Hey, not sure if I know who you or "shit show" is but I think I might. Are you usually on Bad Dog? Send me a pm and we can exchange numbers. Getting ahold of me on short notice via SA won't work out too well.
  14. I'm trying to be economical. Bottom paint and sand paper will probably be another $500 but I can probably get the CB and glass work done for that too. Next will be sails.... and, as mentioned, I'll probably try to find so good used ones, if there is such a thing. Yep, brand new tires on the trailer. They were $433 installed but I have nice, new rubber now which is one less thing to worry about. Thanks Ugh, it's a beer, I believe. Someone must have been sponsored or a PO bought sails from someone who was sponsored. Yep, super high. July 1st (Kanada Day weekend) had pretty high water lines. It has been falling very steadily since then. It's almost back to full pool now.
  15. I've been telling the boys I'm going to make a pilgrimage to the coast and my grandfather's birthday is on the 27th so don't be surprised if I show up with a case of beer and a smile