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  1. Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    Thanks, I'm gonna send him a message
  2. Another interesting boat

    This one looks a LITTLE crusty but cheap! http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1988/C%26C-44-Custom-2953354/Toronto/Canada#.WmgBrXmIZiQ
  3. Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    So it's lookin' a whole lot like I'm gonna buy some new sails for the Ericson this spring. Surprised no one mentioned Precision Sails out of Victoria. His prices look REALLY good so I'm thinking I'm gonna go with a new main and Genoa. Perhaps just go with a used working jib and get my old blade repaired. Anyone ever dealt with Precision before?
  4. Another interesting boat

    Swan was there own company, right? Guessing this swan is different than the previously mentioned swans. Looks like a lot of boat for the money! http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1981/Nautor-Swan-47-3112366/San-Diego/CA/United-States#.Wmf9E3mIZiQ
  5. Proper technique for single handed jibes?

    Thanks guys. You've confirmed a lot of my suspicions. And no, I'm not talking about single handing with a kite as my boat doesn't have one but that is still good info I will tuck away for later. Just finishing up a CNC mill conversion project so I'm thinking a boom brake will be a good first job for it.
  6. Another interesting boat

    another company I've never heard of but love the interior layout. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1983/Dynamique-Express-44-3151248/Grenada#.Wk9arnmIZiQ
  7. Another interesting boat

    Never heard of a Coronado, not sure if that's the model or the company. Looks very well rigged and laid out. This one is a little crusty. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1974/Coronado-45-3118327/San-Rafael/CA/United-States#.Wk9Y8XmIZiQ
  8. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

  9. Another interesting boat

    Feel like this thing is either a piece of garbage or there's something wrong with it.... don't usually see boats this new going for that cheap. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2004/Harmony-47-2723480/Croatia#.Wk9SsHmIZiQ Does a guy have to pay VAT when buying a european boat or do you just pay the asking price?
  10. R2AK 2018

    I really want to do it. My buddy and I have been talking about it but I think the logistics and price associated with getting things ready for this year makes it a no-go. I'd love to crew though!
  11. I have no problem tacking single handed since the main sheet doesn't need to be touched or, if on a boat with a traveler, it can be moved after tending to the head sail but what about jibes? Is there a proper technique for performing a single handed jibe? I can do it in light air but when things start picking up I get a little concerned. What is the proper order of operations for single handed jibing with a simple sloop rig? At this point I have a tiller and no auto helm so I need to be holding onto her at all times. I can't help thinking that one would sheet in the boom, perform the jibe and ease the main sheet before tending to the head sail but that is just a guess. Is it common to just round up, tack and then fall off? I imagine this would probably be safer.
  12. Another interesting boat

    Makes sense. I'm guessing most single handers are going to use some sort of auto tiller if they can't easily reach everything. Interesting. Never heard of Hinckley before. A quick search makes it appear as though very few of those boats are in my price range and most of the ones that I would be able to afford are '60s 38 footers with only one cabin. I'll keep my eye out for bigger and newer ones though.
  13. Another interesting boat

    Nope, you have not posted that before, at least not that I've seen anyway. I am going to look it up now. Yes, definitely interested, please send info Here's what I have so far for boats. I haven't fully gone through every boat design yet so there are probably a few missing and a few that can be axed.
  14. Another interesting boat

    I do but I've come to realize that there's a balancing point. I'm considering everything but a guy has to be smart and figure out where his time is best invested. Many jobs I can do, some jobs it's better to have already done and a few jobs should probably be left to the professionals. I can tell you that an entire internal, fine woodworking job with new cupboards, shelves, counters, drawers etc is not my forte, will probably end up taking me years to do and may end up looking like shit. This, of course depends on the boat so I'm trying to consider everything. Maybe an interior job wouldn't be as bad as I'm imagining? Any of the technical/engine/rigging/hardware jobs I have no problem tackling myself. I've built a spreadsheet with all of the cruising boats that have been mentioned as good ones to look for and I'm adding to it all the time. I'm not entirely sure what features I need/want which is why I'm constantly reading and posting. Getting feedback from you guys, etc. I had the Cal 40 on there until recently and I decided it's not the boat for me partially because of the hull shape/interior design and mostly because of the fiberglass work required to shore up the keel and main bulkhead. I have the Passport 40 on my list and, just last night, learned that it's almost the same boat as the Westsail/Fairweather Mariner 39 all of which are Bob Perry designs. You're right.... I am kind of scrolling blindly.... but I'm also learning My requirements at this point are something between 37ish feet and 45ish feet, sloop or cutter rig (something that's sailable single handed or with a two man crew) and something with at least 2 cabins which is spacious and well lit (just comfortable to live on), so preferably not an IOR boat. Oh, and well built. I don't want to risk my life sailing on a shit box. Yeah, I thought it would be pretty good. No idea where the mast would have to be taken down but it would be worth looking into. Thanks! Same to you. I may be down your way some time this month so I'll give you a dingle if I end up in the neighbourhood. I've been looking in that area. That's a pretty short cruise to get back to the PNW. Yeah, that's what I was thinking and it makes sense. Yeah, that's pretty much what I thought you were saying which all sounds spot on. I grew up on the great lakes so I'm somewhat familiar with boat conditions having been a bit of a dock rat when I was a kid. The gasket tip is noted, thanks! That's a good call. It's much like buying a house and not letting the real estate agent recommend a home inspector.
  15. Passport 40, Westsail 39

    Wow, that thing is gorgeous.