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  1. Craigslist! What do you think of this boat?

    Well thanks for your perspective. Doesn't make the job of choosing or buying a boat any easier but it's some good stuff to be aware of!
  2. Craigslist! What do you think of this boat?

    Not entirely sure I get what you're saying? Do you mean the older boats are built to a higher standard and are therefore still desirable?
  3. Craigslist! What do you think of this boat?

    It's insane to think that the 90's is considered "modern". These boats are 20+ years old for christ sakes. That Bene is definitely a nice boat but, as they said in the add, they completely gutted and rebuilt it. I don't know that it's worth $140k CAD but $100k certainly. I may have to go spend a few months in the Caribbean and buy a boat down there to get a deal. It's looking like we're going to head into another recession in the next year or two though so it'll be interesting to see what kind of deals pop up. That may be my window to purchase something. I probably won't have $100k together at that point but I'll be in the $60k neighbourhood for sure. Those other vessels are beautiful looking boats but I despise the IOR design. I don't want to have to absolutely hate my life if the engine/final drive needs work and if I have to pay the price for upgrades to a 40' boat (rigging, bottom paint, sails, general maintenance) I want the extra space that you're afforded with a wide stern. Yeah, I hear ya. I just like the idea of easier access to the water for fishing and getting in and out of a dinghy (especially with supplies) as well as for swimming. Even just a place like that outside of your cockpit to dry off is nice. Ahh ok, good observation. So you're saying because the coachroof is blended into the side decks it'll be harder to walk on as opposed to the boats with a hard line between the coachroof and the side decks. I think you're onto something there.
  4. Craigslist! What do you think of this boat?

    Well the whole idea is trying to figure out at what point a boat will turtle instead of self righting, correct? I can see how that would be unrelated to how stiff the boat is.
  5. Craigslist! What do you think of this boat?

    Ahhh, right. Yeah, 110° seems a little on the low side.
  6. Craigslist! What do you think of this boat?

    Awesome, thanks guys. Norse, that was a hell of a tear down! Loved it! What do you think of the price? I would guess it's a little high, especially if it needs new sails and rigging as you suggest. 1992 definitely isn't new and a guy would expect boats of that vintage to start dropping down into the 50-60k range which seems more reasonable. Are those other boats you suggested IOR designs or more cruiser oriented? IOR is exactly what I'm trying to stay away from and this guy does have a tighter stern but at least it still has the aft cabin. Trickypig, why do you say it's not a great bluewater boat? "They were a little tippy with an LPS around 110 degrees on an ims cert" I have no idea what you just said lol. As for it being ugly... I don't think it's ugly at all. I actually find it fairly appeasing to the eye but I always have been more of a utilitarian.
  7. I've been crawling Craigslist for ages looking at all of the cruising boats. This one is getting closer to what I want in the size and price range I'm looking to pay. I love the layout, love that it has 2 cabins, love that the interior looks modern and I love that it has a swim platform on the transom! What I don't know is what the quality is like on those models & vintage of Beneteau. I guess lots of people the world over cruise in Beneteaus but I don't really know a lot about them and I've read mixed reviews. I'm otherwise just curious to hear you guys tear it apart https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/rch/boa/d/1992-beneteau-first-38s5/6293418320.html
  8. Good, Cheapish Dacron Sails?

    Thanks for all the replies, guys. Yes, I'm familiar with the whole Cheap:Good:Fast thing but I also know there is lots of over priced crap on the market sold to the uninformed. I guess I should rephrase the title and say that I'm looking for the best value for sails that are better than the rags I'm flying now. I'm not a racer so I don't need race sails. I don't know how long I will own this boat. I'll probably have it until I can afford my cruising boat so that could be 3 years or 10 years depending on how my life goes. To be honest, the boat sails not too badly right now but the sails are definitely bagged. the main doesn't seem to fit properly and I don't really get good shape out of it at all. The Genoa is alright but it's just bagged and it would be nice to be able to point higher. There aren't any sail lofts in my area (that I know of). I'd have to drive to Vancouver. There are Northsail and Evolution reps here though that could measure my boat but I know I'm going to pay out the ass for new sails. I would like to get a new main and genoa for under $2000 all said and done, preferably for closer to $1500. Is this possible? I also have a buddy here in town who was the evolution rep so I can get him to measure my boat for me and then buy sails from where ever. Yeah, a used jib sounds like a good idea. I can't use inhaulers with the genoa as it runs past the shrouds and the clew is super close to my jib car block and winch. The main is definitely the sail I hate the most. It's poorly cut, has a big beer advertisement on it and it's dirty. The main has to go at the very least.
  9. As some of you may know, I have an Ericson 23-2 and I'm thinking about buying new sails for it. Where should a guy look for decent but cheap dacron sails? The original main has a boltrope in both the luff and the foot. The main I'm running now has slugs for the luff and I run the boltrope in the foot through the boom. I'm thinking about going with a loose foot and switching up my cunningham to pull the sail instead of the boom. Should I be able to get a sail like that off the shelf or would I have to move to a custom measured main?
  10. Yachtmaster Certification

    Shit son, the rest of the universe revolves around my house!
  11. Yachtmaster Certification

    This is the first I've heard of Francis Chitchester but that makes a guy feel better for sure. OK, so I'm guessing my log book for sailing experience would be exactly the same as the log any skipper keeps of his voyages, is that correct? So basically it sounds like it's all self reported. Yes, I'd say I'm already competent crew or at least very close to that. Well my goal is to own a 40-50 boat and be cruising before I'm 40 so the RYA cruising course matter is definitely what I'm after. Racing is fun but it's more so a means to acquire a lot of boat handling experience as quickly as possible. I'm on a lake though so I'm not getting any tidal or open water experience. Having an instructor on my boat for a day is a good idea. I have a friend here in town who is a very good sailor and I've been trying to get him out for a day but he's always either working or racing. Next spring I'll probably be able to get him out so that will be a good start. It doesn't look like there are any RYA instructors around here. I'm in British Columbia, Canada so I may be SOL unless I'm willing to travel.
  12. Yachtmaster Certification

    @LB 15, how would you recommend a feller such as myself get started? Is there a specific log book I should get to start logging my miles? Does boat size matter for logged miles? I'm doing a big race this weekend on a 30'r but I also race weekly on a 22'r and my personal boat is a 23'r. Can you recommend any reading material? I guess my main concern is that I'm learning too slowly. When I'm on a boat I feel like I should know more and then maybe the theoretical will help accelerate or at least improve the retention of the practical experience. I also don't want to learn any of these bad habits you speak of. I should have started sailing when I was 10. Hind sight....
  13. Yachtmaster Certification

    That is true, I do not. There don't really seem to be any well laid out plans for going from where I am now to YM. I was assuming a guy would be able to gain the required experience by taking courses, or a course, that would prepare you for the YM exam and help you meet the prereqs. That Confident Captain course sounds like it's getting closer to what I'm looking for. Still kinda shocked that a guy could be a Yachtmaster in 15ish days.
  14. Yachtmaster Certification

    Wow, lots of good info here, guys. Let me say this, I have ZERO interest in being a "Creditcard Captain". I want the practical experience and knowledge to operate safely and proficiently on oceans that are anything but. This would be primarily for me but, if it happened to allow me to work on other boats in foreign places, that is a huge upside. My interest is in sailing and not in motor yachts. What I've read so far is leading me to believe that a RYC Yachtmaster certification is the way to go but, so far, all I've been able to find are schools in England and Spain that want 10,000 Euros for a course which seems a little excessive (but maybe it's a good value, I have no idea) and then I would have lodging and airfare on top of that. It would be nice to find a school in the PNW that would teach me everything close to home but that may be a daydream. A lot of the webpages I've found are all marketing wank. Offering very little or weekend warrior courses for $500 which sound more like sightseeing tours. This site sounds the most legit so far or... if not legit at least reasonably priced but it may be lacking critical instruction. http://www.ispa.com/course-schedule.html I'm guessing 7 days is not enough time to become a proficient captain. Where am I at? Well I have my White Sail I & II that I got when I was 15ish (I'm now 35). Dinghy sailed last summer. Bought a 23' boat this summer which I've sailed the shit out of and I've been racing all summer on 23'-25' boats. I spent 2 weeks sailing desolation sound with my buddy last summer on a 37' cutter which involved route planning with tidal currents etc but we didn't sail at night at all. I've never actually sailed at night. No illusions here boys, I need to do a lot of leaning but I don't want to waste time or money learning about points of sail or naming the parts of a boat (I'm past that point). What I need is navigation and weather instruction, route planning instruction and experience sailing larger boats. As for how big I want to go.... I have no idea.... but being able to skip a 60'-100' sailboat would be incredible. I'd say I'm quite likeable and I'm cool in a crisis. Don't think the interpersonal side of things would be an issue. I don't know that I would want to skip full time but it would be nice to have it as an option and be able to pick up gigs here and there, especially if it were to further fund my sailing and traveling. Nope, not looking for an escape from a tough life, just as a means to enrich it and make myself a more knowledgeable and flexible sailor.