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  1. That's not actually how it works. Styrofoam doesn't add buoyancy, it just holds a shit ton of tiny air pockets. If the container is air tight, having anything inside it, including styrofoam, will make it ride lower in the water. Your force of buoyancy is the weight of the water displaced by the total volume of the container minus the weight of the container. If the weight of the container is more than the weight of the water displaced, it sinks. If it's less than the weight of the water displaced, it floats.
  2. Sail it! I hear the big lake is tame in November, especially at about 15 miles from Whitefish Bay.
  3. That looked like a whole lot of sheer stupidity.
  4. Tempest

    Age of Exploration - not so much from the FP

    ....... I just hope you have better skin...
  5. I wonder if feminism has made it there yet?
  6. Tempest

    FTFP - blue water bullies

    Ahh, thanks. Organizing people in general is a complete and total pain in the ass. I just wouldn't want to own something where I was dependent on others to sail it.
  7. At this point I'm planning to spend 4 months in La Paz in the Baja leaving some time in December. If there are any SA members down there boating around I'm going to be looking for a boat (or boats) to sail on. If you're not sailing I'd even just be down for a casual cerveza.
  8. Tempest

    Upgrade from Merit 22 to S2 7.9, worth it?

    Well that's interesting. I will admit my ignorance on end grain balsa. Had no idea that the grain ran vertically through the wood. That said, I can't imagine it has any strength (not that balsa is all that strong to begin with) so I'm wondering if it's basically just a light filler material...? Anyone know how that stuff is made? Do they just laminate a whole bunch of balsa beams together and cut slices off the end? Googleing now and not much is coming up. Well I'll be damned.
  9. There's something to be said for dying with your boots on. Something more to be said for the lack of things to do directly contributing to your death, anyway. Might as well kick it doing what you love. My grandfather is 91, only now starting to show signs of getting close to the grave and he's had Alzheimer's bad for the last 6-8 years. I think I'd rather go out blasting over waves on the high seas, even if it's just to save the family the anguish of watching me slowly waste away. It's put a lot of stress on my grandmother to the point where she had some sort of minor stroke that the doctors think is probably from stress and exhaustion. Guessing she will probably go shortly after he does.... which brings us back to lack of things to do contributing to your demise. Life is funny.
  10. Tempest

    Upgrade from Merit 22 to S2 7.9, worth it?

    Other guys here will probably know better but my understanding is that the standard 7.9s had solid hulls and plywood decks but the "grand slam" version had a balsa cored hull. Again, could be totally wrong (or wrong-ish). There was a grand slam near me when I was looking for a boat but the guy wanted $10k Kanuckistani Kopecs and another $2k for the trailer (which was supremely irritating). The guys are probably right.... balsa coring might not be a deal breaker but I get a little nervous thinking about a rotten shit sandwich hiding somewhere in the hull of the boat I just bought. Wood in the decks is bad enough.
  11. Tempest

    Strange Beasts From the Bottom of the Sea

    Now that is a "sea puppy" if ever there was one.
  12. Tempest

    Strange Beasts From the Bottom of the Sea

    I have buddies who have seen those things while diving in less than 100' which is apparently fairly rare. Definitely a deep water species.
  13. Tempest

    FTFP - blue water bullies

    Please excuse the ignorance but for the benefit of the uninitiated a FTFP is....
  14. Tempest

    Another interesting boat

    Ya, I was looking at that the other day. Looks like the guy is after a partner though and not a sale. I have less than zero interest in a share of a boat. Also doesn't look like that boat has an aft cabin, which makes it a pass for me. Porthole leak on which boat? I see what you're saying about the traveler but I would hope it's not that poorly designed. That said, I like a lot of things about the boat and the price is definitely right! Oh, interesting. Just thought I'd ask since the O'day 22 seemed to be of decent quality. Yeah, the looks are definitely appealing, it looks a lot like my ericson. I like the big aft cabin and the sugar scoop stern. If the build quality is there it could make for a great boat. I'm sure you're right. I saw Swan and the rigging and went blind haha
  15. Tempest

    Another interesting boat

    any thoughts on the o'day 40? https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1987/o-day-40-3240943/