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  1. Does staying in a broken system help or just give it some legitimacy. As for the UN censuring a country, who gives a fuck what they think. NZ has had it share of wet bus tickets to the wrist from the UN wankers and it just reinforces the fact it is broken. Maybe if more countries had the balls to just walk after trying to change and be permanently rebuffed they might consider changing. As it is they are just a pathetic bunch of wannabes pretending they make a difference. Fuck em, good on the US.
  2. Gissie

    This define's a good day

    Would have been even better if you missed out the last two words.
  3. Gissie

    Todays Useless Fact

    Never did much programming but used to replace heads on the CDC washing machine drives.
  4. Gissie

    World Cup early results

    Damn, thought early results would be a list of all the games where the fix is in so I could place some bets.
  5. Gissie

    Todays Useless Fact

    Only kids would understand that.
  6. Gissie

    Talk About Getting Shite On!!!

    The planes hold on until they are over Canada because America isn’t worth shitting on.
  7. Gissie

    Japs kill pregnant whales

    Oxygen has feelings to so may be time for all concerned citizens of the world to hold their breath for a while. Us non-concerned ones can sit back and watch, with the occasional shout of encouragement.
  8. Gissie

    Since almost anything, how about Anime?

    Don’t tell Obama whatever you do. Sorry, escaped from PA for a moment.
  9. Gissie

    Off on a four month trip...coming back empty.

    He needs the coffee so leave him alone. That in itself is a big enough cross to bare.
  10. Gissie

    Aus lifts minimum wage to $18 an hour

    Have had it returned to me out on the street. Turns out in most places any tips go direct to the owner so the staff see no reason to take it.
  11. But she doesn’t refuse to do scrotums, she refuses to touch males. Therefore she has made the decision that because the tranny still has bits she must treat her as a male. So she is within her rights to refuse a male. The tricky part is who gets to chose if the tranny is male or female. To me the tranny is certainly being a dick but as far as she is concerned she is a female and feels the law will back her up.
  12. But she waxes ladies with no problem. Because there are extras under the dress the waxee is claiming the tranny is a male and she will not touch a male. So either we can decide what gender we want to treat trannies or we must take them at their word and treat them as such. The waxee has decided on the first choice, you have extras so you must be a male. This could be a mistake on her part. If she had said she doesn’t wax extras ever your arguement would work, but that is not what was said.
  13. Didn’t the water tell the waxee that she could not do the waxing because she could not touch a male outside her family. But the waxee is not, in her eyes, a male. She identifies as a female and to be accused of being a male sounds like it could be wrong. If she turns up to a ladies only night can she be refused entry because males are not allowed. Like the bakers she may find, in this crazy world of ours, that she could have phrased it better. But refusing to work on a tranny because you don’t deal with males could certainly be construed as discriminating.
  14. Gissie


    Explains why they are not happy.
  15. Gissie

    Leave the dock

    Can't wait for the usual crew to fire up about needing to start small, learn lots, practice lots get lots of certificates blah blah blah you will just need rescuing blah blah blah. Not often I agree with Brian but he was right on with this one. So good luck and go for it.