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  1. Mugabe! wft happened?

    Seems more likely move to ensure the next leader is someone who will work well with China, hence their support. Grace would have been a nightmare for them.
  2. mass beatings, rape and murder

    Sounds like another white asshole that thinks their lifestyle and morals are the only ones that are important. The old agree with me or be punished. Just the sort of entitled assholes the world needs less of.
  3. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Another big plus for Firefox.
  4. The War On Cops

    So Tom has old cunt disease. Explains a lot.
  5. AC36 Auckland NZ

    What do you think you are doing, bringing facts to an Anarchy fight. You will be banned for such stupidity if not careful.
  6. Team NZ

    Would have been much better with our previous bunch. They would have got a much better deal for selling the AC than Oracle did for sure. And the Jafa's could stop whining as it would have been auctioned off to someone with cash.
  7. Oracle Team USA

    Actually, for me at least, it is just that I don't appreciate the fact he took a big steaming dump in the cup and then sold it to the world as caviar. As for challenging, with his track record when just one of many, why would he waste his money.
  8. Team NYYC

    At least the uninitiated knew what everyone was doing with the cats, going for a bike ride....

    I think they already know as it has been happening to them for a long long time. Could have something to do with living on a river delta.
  10. caption contest

    The latest must have for hipsters.
  11. SCIENCE!

    I realise that you are just trying to max out the sarcasm feature, and doing it badly, but I can only assume you have never dealt with Alzheimer's on a personal scale. I also hope you never have to. Comments like this should be reserved for the cesspit of PA.
  12. Me too

    ME TOO. Some asshole harassed me for not giving way. All because he had a bigger boat. Rich entitled prick. He was on starboard as well. Do I get to see the tits now?
  13. SCIENCE!

    I agree that changing to make a better theory is a good idea. I just find that settled science and changing theories to fit what is happening is not the same thing. Modification of data like what was done to sea water temps to me seems dodgy. However the time line appears to be denial there was a problem, followed several years later by deciding that the temps were all wrong and needed to be adjusted to fit. Just seems to be the sort of thing you would not expect when the science has been settled for so long. Your final sentence could also read: The operative question for those pushing a certain agenda is "can we make the problem go away if we ridicule, abuse and threaten with the law those that have the temerity to question". This approach is guaranteed successful because most people are easily silenced by wholesale threats.
  14. SCIENCE!

    But the theory and models are not always true. They are continually being changed to fit what is happening or the data sets are changed to make them fit. I have no problem with this as the climate is not something we can re-run to check the effect of different variables as with most other experiments. There is also no end point to the climate, unlike most experiments. What other feedback loops the earth has up her sleeve is just wild conjecture at this point. So yes we understand some of what is happening but I find it hard to believe that it could be called settled as our understanding of how it all works is still limited. It is this absolute refusal to countenance the possibility that there could be any problem with the science that leads many to question the validity. There would possibly be a wider acceptance to the idea that pollution in general is a bad thing that will bite us in the arse one day. This used to be the thrust of many programs but has been sidelined in the rush to prove climate change is the new devil to be dealt with.