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  1. Myanmar

    So she should die. To make you feel she has done something. If it means so much to you would you be prepared to visit and do the same.
  2. Myanmar

    But worthy, according to you, to lay down her life. Still an asshole. And a judgemental fucker as well.
  3. Texas serial bomber

    Get Lord Dubin to take him for a midnight stroll could be easier.
  4. Myanmar

    So you are actually asking her to have herself killed because she doesn’t live up to your standard. What an asshole.
  5. Larry's AC50 Circus

    Shouldn't the AC threads be there as well...

    Hahahahaha, you do know what forum you are on don't you.
  7. AC36 - The Venue

    Come now Stinger, they will have to cull the teams as there will only be 7 bases available. Plus the teams will all be there as soon as possible, well by mid 2019 at least, even though it will mean they are limited on who they can use on the team due to nationality clauses.
  8. AC36 - The Venue

    Nothing you have said changes the fact it is not just a simple regatta as RG claimed. If it was there would be no need for the millions to be spent. As for TNZ knowing exactly who will be coming I will have to accept your greater knowledge, but 6 challengers with the crazy thing they are choosing I will look forward to seeing. I guess as they/you know this number is certain I presume TNZ/you would be happy to guarantee a refund to Auckland/NZ government if it turns out to be 3?
  9. AC36 - The Venue

    That is a complete pile of shit. If it is just another regatta why the need for sweet as bases for all in the heart of Auckland. Why do TNZ need to get a permanent base gifted to them in the heart of Auckland. Why are millions of dollars needed if it is just another regatta. Like Oracle and the Swiss before them, TNZ is turning this into a money making venture first and foremost. The regatta is secondary. They expect teams to turn up 2 years before hand after creating nationality rules that almost force some teams to stay at home until the last minute. They want 7 bases built when they have no idea who will actually come after the expensive piece of wank they have decided needs to be built. TNZ is demanding the infrastructure is built and now people blame the host. What a pile of crap and blather from RG.
  10. duck and cover / Front Page

    Actually it's a great idea. After pulling the pepper spray out you spray yourself in the face. The guy with the gun will immediately put his gun down and get out his phone to video your antics and try and make some money off youtube, or at least get some likes off his mates. He will not shoot you as his mates will give him crap for killing a potential star idiot.
  11. Some Humans Aint Human

    But still far quicker than you, surprise surprise.
  12. Climate news

    Maybe Mr Mann should go hit this warm air with his hockey stick.
  13. Anarchist Hacks

    Or use it instead of toilet paper.
  14. AC36 - The Venue

    Unless teams will get to have double wides that is still to many.
  15. Emotional support peacock denied flight by United Airlines

    Sounds like a well trained dog. Keep the kids away so I can enjoy the trip.