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  1. Gissie

    Prada Cup

    If they don't whine it will be a break with history.
  2. Gissie

    Prada Cup

    And a dedicated tactician.
  3. Gissie

    Prada Cup

    Pretty hard to gripe about your own shit breaking. Unless you are a pom of course...
  4. Gissie

    Hank Aaron

    Velcro gave him independence...
  5. Gissie

    Prada Cup

    This. How can you grind and call tactics.
  6. Gissie

    Who goes home first

    Not really, if both boats hit displacement and stay there it becomes purely a sit back and let the clock run out. There is no prospect of displacement racing. The entire focus of the Hull is to help get the boat up. Zero effort would have been put into racing in displacement mode.
  7. Gissie

    Prada Cup

    Fuck me, do the NZ TV guys want to suck Ben's dick.
  8. Gissie

    Prada Cup

    Except the Cup survived for over a hundred years not giving a fuck about spectators. The recent holders of 'precious' have driven it in this direction and now cry it will stop forever without spectators.
  9. Gissie

    INEOS Team GB

    This is SAAC, we don't do facts.
  10. Gissie

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Working out seating positions for card games while waiting for the clock to run out during low wind races.
  11. Gissie

    Best tool to shorten stainless bolts?

    When I was working in China the salesman would turn up with samples. Asked what the material was, he would ask what I wanted it to be. Happy to supply mil specs to any standard needed.
  12. Surely the idea is to design a boat that can race in the designated wind range, not design a boat then work out what range to set afterwards. In reality there is no problem with them racing in the existing low range, the races will be called due to the time limit expiring. However it will make for really crap TV as they wallow around trying to get over the start line. Talk about putting off the punters sold a lemon of exciting racing.
  13. Gissie

    INEOS Team GB

    There has been a dearth of billionaires. The Poms only got one after they had got things moving with sponsorship. How interested Mr Fracker is if they lose will be the interesting. The Yanks are the only new billionaire prepared to start from scratch. I get the impression that most that can afford it, plus like sailing, have moved to other sailing events. Look at the TP52 circuit. They like to be able to at least go for a ride, if not take the helm at times. They also are not interested in a game that is doing its best to become commercialised. They may like business for making money, but not in their personal sport.
  14. Love it, someone was certainly thinking about the return of Herbie.
  15. If computer systems could never do any of this work why bother with the rules that stop them. Just open it all up to whatever sensors and control systems you want. I think you would find all trimming and foil control would be automated if the rules were opened up. Tactical decisions would be the same. So maybe we get to keep the helm.