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  1. Gissie


    Tin foil. If you don't already have tons of it, get buying now. And watch out for the contrails while you are outside, fuckers will get you.
  2. Gissie

    Neil Young

    Surely you would make an exception for Bono. He has single handedly solved all the problems in Africa.
  3. Gissie

    The Enemy is China

    I think he has made all these assumptions from Chinese tourists he has dealt with. Feels it gives him deep insight into their minds. Living in China shows they are different from the canned bullshit stereotypes and like everywhere, some are nice and some are not.
  4. Or a bear. They are even worse.
  5. Might want to get that tee shirt off occasionally as well.
  6. Gissie

    The Enemy is China

    Much better to just grasp your ankles and get fucked senseless like was happening and still is everywhere else.
  7. Gissie

    Help Abolish nuclear weapons

    Not really a word as the concept is impossible.
  8. Gissie

    The Enemy is China

    A couple of posters, not you, commented they would likely choose China over the US and Trump. To me this makes them ignorant wankers.
  9. Gissie

    The Enemy is China

    That you are one?
  10. Gissie

    The Enemy is China

    Anyone that really thinks China is a better choice than the US, even under Trump, is just an ignorant wanker.
  11. Gissie

    The Enemy is China

    And they are quick to use the race card.
  12. Gissie

    Help Abolish nuclear weapons

    Crap list. Twitter and its various elk should be number one.
  13. Gissie

    Help Abolish nuclear weapons

    Seems to be your standard reply. As for someone who equates anyone with a different idea with being a Nazi, they can take your advice.
  14. The rest of the time you settle for the floor?