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  1. Gissie

    WTF with Radical Religion, another beheading

    Certainly an interesting list. Surprising to see Zimbabwe and DRC in the never happened list. But I think there would be a few extras in the 'did' column if you included state sanctioned killings without the expected legal proceedings. Easy to face the world and claim there is no formal death penalty when the reality is it just needs a nod from the boss.
  2. Gissie

    WTF with Radical Religion, another beheading

    You mentioned Europe, an area that encompasses a few more countries, many with a death penalty. Now always lawful but state sanctioned at least. As for the EU, none as far as I know.
  3. Gissie

    WTF with Radical Religion, another beheading

    Perhaps you are limiting yourself to Western Europe...
  4. Gissie

    who cares?

    Big Black Cocks care?
  5. Gissie

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    Pity the cops didn't 'accidentally' hit the owners with their first shots.
  6. Gissie

    I am not a Crook

    Hey this is PA on SA, it's one of the few things we do well...
  7. Gissie

    I am not a Crook

    Wow, Clean at his erudite best. Such stunning wit and repartee. Still, at least I enjoyed my childhood, fucking unlikely your kids will.
  8. Gissie

    I am not a Crook

    Fair enough, although it may have been an idea to point this out rather than just post the article. Otherwise, you certainly give the impression that you stand by his comments as gospel. As for the decline in Putins relationship, I still believe this was over rated.
  9. Gissie

    I am not a Crook

    Says the guy who can only see bad in everything Trump or Repub related. Yeah right.
  10. Gissie

    I am not a Crook

    Bad, and many others, seem to be happy to take this as the truth and nothing but the truth. Yet it comes from Putin. Last weeks asshole, this weeks purveyor of goodness. In reality I would treat everything Putin says as being biased to create disharmony. Yet here we have the old double standard shit fight...
  11. Gissie

    I am not a Crook

    First Putin is the devil puppet master who got Trump elected and should be strung up. Then he supports Biden and is now a golden angel that should be revered and thought of as the bringer of truth. Fuck I love this place.
  12. Gissie

    My tomb

    This. Have had the talk with family. My wish is they do whatever makes it best for them. I won't be there so not my call. Of course I may be wrong and will be floating around watching. Then, if they disrespect me, I will haunt them.
  13. Gissie

    Rethinking the drug war

    This is the only way forward that has any sort of possible successful outcome. But it is a long term thing and there will always be failures. An example for me is drink driving. As a teenager it was standard that the driver was pissed as a parrot. It was fortunate that cars were fairly slow, although the old crossply tyres meant they fell over occasionally. Still, enough in the car and it could be pushed back up again. My kids have grown up to now think it is totally wrong to drink/drug and drive. There are other options and they take them. Drugs need to go the same way. Make consumption legal, but with ramifications if you do stupid shit. Help for those with a problem. Of course there will always be the dickheads, much like there still is with alcohol. Maybe it is these wankers that need Nacra to unleash his shit on. But then again that was me long ago and I grew out of it. In the long term, help and education will be more effective and cheaper than a war.
  14. Gissie

    Rethinking the drug war

    Would the legal ones really be cheaper? The are priced at the highest the market will bare. Add some cheaper, legal ones and the meth will just drop prices and those at the top will only make lots instead of shit loads. So I believe they should just legalise the lot. Testing is the big problem. Cannibis stays in your body long after the hit has gone. Plus they would need to develop tests for all the other drugs. But none is impossible, chuck some of the wasted war money at it. The real hurdle will be resistance from the, now, rich and powerful making good money from the bortomless war chest. Hard to pass up a good living, in a job that is never ending, even if it would be for the better.
  15. Gissie

    Rethinking the drug war

    Can we really just legalise some? Seems that isn’t stopping the drug war, just modifying the targets. Seems it is an all or nothing answer. Legalise it all or go full on brutal with the war, no other options that make sense. All we are doing is making lots of people rich, apart from those paying for the war.