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  1. Rare, short video footages of K1 with Blake on the helm in light winds here ....
  2. what a sad news ... I have followed Philippe Guillard's activities since longer. This pro was steadily an "experimental vessel" which I'd like to see as an important milestone in modern boat building of cruising proas. I liked her agility and performance as documented in some few videos. A tragedy it is lost. Phillippe had offered a co-ownership on his website for this unique boat. Did he lack of finances to keep it running in good shape and upgrade it with modern safety and navigation equipment ? - Just structural failure because of collision with unidentified floating object ? Hope this design can be rebuilt soon. Phillippe should go into it. - All what I have noticed about its worth to learn from decades of experiences for building bigger cruising proas in the future.
  3. Skip JayR

    Old F40 Trimaran on Ebay

    ... agree. That's my personal experience, too. Actually I look in the market for Tris in the range of 40 ft. Are you sailing a Kelsall ? - Have you built one by yourself ? - Some of his elder and bigger Racing Tris are still in the market. 1st is a 60 fter, built 1982, 2nd is of 42 ft built in 1967. - I like their feel & look. Like Dinos ... :-)
  4. Skip JayR


    Holy, Moly ... congrats for Frog, GM. What an impressive mashine. I appreciate it you give us fellows an insight into your laboratory. You are one of these genius "Gyro Gearloose" who gives us sailors awesome boats to sail. P.S.: If you don't mind, will send you a PM about Jim Young's 40 footer.
  5. Skip JayR

    Old F40 Trimaran on Ebay

    oh, gosh ... luckily the all mighty didn't let me grow so big (6' 11" = 210.82 cm). I meant: 6.11 ft = 1.86 meters size, calculated inclusive shows/boots on. :-) There are out some tri designs starting at 10 meters length like the Farrier Command 10 which have this headroom.
  6. Skip JayR

    Old F40 Trimaran on Ebay

    I am not confident with the details of the F40 rule set. In my understanding it might be an individual definition/sales argument by the boat owner himself, citiation (from eBay): "Bowsprit - Carbon Fibre Pole - this extends the LOA to 40 ft making FX35 a F40 class." - Is this right ? Anyhow... the prize is reduced 10 % meanwhile from 29,900.00 British Pounds toi 26,995.00. By sure an interesting "project". I'd calculate another 40 Thousand Euros to invest to make it a real cruising-racing mashine, as I'd like not just have day-sailing experience. I had been in direct contact with the owner in July. For me the "knock out criteria" was: Not enough stand height. The head room is max 6 ft. I am tall 6.11 ft. No interests to get steadily back and neck pain. Not worth for me any kind of "cool boat". to get handicapped physically. Will be interesting to see what happens with this boat. The owner explained me as reason to give this boat away (citiation): "I work abroad and have worked in California for the last five years, China, Boston and Europe. When I had time before I spent it all in the yard restoring FX35! ... I would keep FX35 if I had a club like yours and like minded sailors to sail with - but here I have no support or help. I am also a huge Tri enthusiast and I worked as a delivery skipper for 3 years. Like you Trimarans are the most interesting and FX35 is the most interesting!". The boat owner is settled around Essex and originally had the plan to have her around in the Tollesbury Salt Marshes. Actually the Tri is 300 miles away on a mooring in Chichester Harbour. - Aren't there some "crazy Sailing anarchysts" around in Southern U.K. living close to Essex who might go into as co-owners ? (Rec.: Just an idea.)
  7. Skip JayR


    Have followed last night the former thread about the sales procedure in 2014, when you popped up in SA as the new owner. Now its 1/2 decade gone, and time has changed a lot. The boat market hasn't healed since then, its "still" (and will keep going) a buyer's market, and not a seller's market, whatever kind of boat has a unique history to tell, or even be seen in the past as the most famous Trimaran Australia has experienced. I have watched Jason's video (still owner of F40 Trimaran Spirit, which is since summer 2018 in the market, laying in Thailand), when he visited your boat. Was it in 11/2018 ? From distance, the shape of your Tri looks fabulous. It's an eye catcher by sure. But when coming on board (in this vid), I was shocked, I must say. If the boat should be still in this condition, its not worth at all 200K$ (either AUS dollars or US dollars). The prizes for elder Tris have fallen drastically, and actually one can get a 50 footer fully equipped, built in the 80s for around 80,000 US dollars. Ready for circumnavigation. - A cruising-racer Tri in the size of 40 ft you can get of that time for around 45,000 US dollars. That's the sad reality for every boat owner who intends to bring his "beloved baby" into the market nowadays. So it is. It doesn't matter if you like to get 200 Thousand, or another owner for his beloved one expects to get 80 Thousand. Its just not realistic, under the aspect the new owner has to invest. Regularly its much, much more than just sanding and painting, right ? - I am not aware what happened between 2014 and 2019 with BullFrog, as upper named thread is closed and you had disappeared that time suddenly. Be aware that an owner sits emotionally in his own bubble and "trap", see the thread in cruisersforum I have started abt "negotiations for elder Trimarans" to learn about, as I am searching since years to buy my own Tri. I have to deal since long with this habit to see owners for years not being able to come down to a realistic prize - as a good compromise for both seller + buyer. (Rec.: As a professional sailor on big traditional sailing ships, and living on a monohull for now, I don't have hurry to do an emotional buy, being blind for the real conditions the boat of my desire is in. I sit down and do a critical calculation rationally of coming investments for all repairs, renovations, modernisation, and match it with the market situation. E.g. Buyer expects 120 Thousand, I have to invest 80 Thousand (over a period of 2-3 years), the market is realistically at around 140 Thousand, so I would offer maximum 60 Thousand not to push through the roof with the total budget.) We live in crazy political very unstable times, either in USA (Trump-Nepotism) or in Europe (see France riots, UK Brexit, Hungary turning into a dictatorship ...) or other parts of the world; wealthy guys mostly had to work hard to bring up some hundred thousands of Euros/Dollars for their private pleasure, so far not being one of these crazy guys who became "rich" over night by high risk speculations with eCurrencies (Bitcoins), RealEstate, RiskCapital investment, being a share holder of boosting eCommerce giants or whatever. Wealthy people are very sensitive about risks, as we like to say: "Money is shy like a deer". There are serious warnings out there that we might be close to another financial (banking) crisis, similar to what the world has experienced in 2008, which took most countries around 10 years to come out of. Get me right, I am not one of these pessimistic guys who likes to see that everything in this world is bad. Just try to see the potentials and risks. (Rec.: For a buyer the market is excellent, lots of boats at cheap prize out there.) Times are not safe at all for money. Wealthy people keep steadily an eye onto such circumstances and like to keep their bank accounts together. Some might have "black money" deposited to push it into such a boat, but its not very realistic to expect that such one comes along your path. Otherwise the rich ones wouldn't be rich. Such kind of people are not of that nature to throw around with their hard earned dollars. The super rich who do not need to think about money in that budget category will look to some other objects to spend some millions. For them 200 grants is still little money/nothing. So your boat addresses a target group of potential buyers, which might be owner of a middle size company, or working in middle ranged management positions or an engineer who earns his 250-300 Thousand per year, working for one of the big global concerns. - But such guys won't have the time mostly. And such guys also have their limits for an annually budget, as family, wife etc. ... demand on their own. I skippered last year a 17 meter single bult 2-master (wood in wood). The owner is elder than 70. He can afford per year around 20-30,000 Euros easily to keep the boat in shape, but thats the limit as he also has a comfortable life with travelling around the globe with his wife (without the boat). He is very aware now, that he is too old for this big yacht; he expects to get 450-500 Thousand Euros. But realistically the market is around 180 Thousand. So he keeps it, he keeps it, and keeps it, and the boat gets worser and worser, as he looses the energy to keep steadily a caring eye on her. - A fast Tri in the range of plus 20 knots needs an owner who is physically fit to challenge the power and risks safely. The potential buyers this boat addresses is very limited. I had seen death 5 times, cancer (at the age of 25), car accidents, electric stroke (as child) ... I am not proud of that, but happy to be still alive, now counting already more than 5 1/2 decades on my bones. You are one of the lucky guys, who already experienced at young age this iconic boat so far I remember correctly, and you had the honour to own her. Maybe that what should count most for you, and not what you can pull out now. The chances are big that it won't happen at all. I still keep searching for my own boat (most beloved type is a Crowther Kraken 40 ft / alternative might be a Crowther Buccaneer with aft cabin). - Who knows what brings the future. Anyhow ... I wish you good luck. Maybe your strategy works out. - It will be interesting to see if someone get's on the hook.
  8. Skip JayR

    Proa Nixe for sale

    Hello, dear Alexander ! you made it to create a beauty. Congrats. - After visiting your website I have some more questions ... sent you a direct mail. Greetings/JR
  9. Skip JayR


    okeys, Claudia & Jason ! ... was not my intention to write the "history book" of Spirit newly ;-) Maybe I got something wrong as I have lurked around over last months (too) many trimarans I checked out for own living + working on board. :-) I thought to remember that you deposited Spirit on land in late summer / autumn last year, isnt ? Anyhow... good point you made... I think, this shows how it can go (and maybe should go) with low budget... Overtaking a boat, maybe not in best shape... but still good by its substance to sail it away to new home port as new owner... and over first years learn and understand this boat with little bit refitting here and there, with small investments... before the "big plan" is realized for a completly refit. It was my experience as skipper, that very often the "boat owners" do not know their own boats well enough.... as lack of time and lack of competences they cant take steadily a detailled look and inspections. Every time when I ended a skipper job for an owner I had to overhand him a long, long list for repairings... mostly a moment of shock as such a list means mostly some ten thousand dollars. What I am fascinated in Trimarans is these type of boats can go fast with a "minimum of boat". No heavy keel bolted and to keep it as "light displacement" the living on board is reduced to an essentially and minimum of comfort. Nowadays its more easily to handle a spartanic living on board with solar energy and all the modern tools, e.g. hot water deck shower, solar stoven. water maker, electronic communiation + entertainment devices. One can have tons of books on board with an eBook reader, same music and movies... all stored in tiny bits & bites. Its a dramatically change of living compared to the sailing in the 80th till midth of 90th, not to forget LTE and easily Internet access which let one have a kind of social life with the beloved ones who are still living on land. So I see it that nowadays such kind of Trimarans like Verbatim-Bullfrog can attract themselfs to a new and younger generation of boat owners, too. Its no more requipred the radically and puristically form seen from the multihull pioneers in the 60th and 70ths.
  10. Skip JayR


    Bottman, I think you get something wrong here.... no boat is it worth to invest tons of cash for a boat show. Thats sh**** pimping up an old boat for "show making" ? - Do you want attract "old sailors" with "old boats" ??? - Young people are interested in foiling multihulls, and not in an old "Verbatim-Bullfrog" The boat shall sail as a cruising-trimaran, thats her destination now.... and not hanging around on the peer with tons of visitors to evoke "good old memories". Thats lots of noise and bla, bla, bla... For what is that good ? Boat design and construction methods have developed over last 20 years.... young people cannot be attraced with such a "historical monumentum". Take a good example with Trimaran Spirit, an ex Formula 40 Racer from U.K. ! - Claudia (from Italy) and Jason Gard (the owner) took more than one year of hard work from 2014-2015 to refit this ex-formula 40 racer... and now its going smoothly as cruising-racing boat.... The refit and its ugly, durty and expensive work over nearby 1 1/2 year is documented here: I suppose one must take 120-150 Thousand dollars in hand for a complete refit of a 40 foot Trimaran to bring up the ressources for a very modern update (inclusive electronics and safety equipment + modern electric system). If you dont have the money, forget it.... then better you overhand the boat to a NGO/Foundation, do crowdfunding (by a professionally fund rising marketing) and have the hope herewith, that one day there is enough money together to let her sail again as we know. I seriously have my doubts, that this concept can work (saying this as ex consultant for strategic marketing). No sponsor will invest anymore in his campaigns into such an old boat, better do it with a Diam24, Pulse 600 or an Airplay Raw 30 and others... whatever new racing Tris are out there nowadays in that size to sail easily > 20 knots. Why a sponsor should as there are enough excellent refitted Orma 60s and Mod 70th out there one can get at low prize of max. 150-300 Thousand Euros with the guarantee, to have good media coverage (thats all what counts at the day for a sponsor: media coverage, reaching the target group + image for the brand). In my understanding it needs a private owner with passion for smaller Trimarans who earns his 300-500 Thousand per year as income, so he can pay easily the refit. Everything else is a real illusions. I say this very critically... I had been professionally skipper in the 90th... and all boats I had to take care for "private owners" who didnt have the will to invest what the boat needs ruined it. I have seen too many beauties rottening nowadays as there is not enough financially liquidity. That's urgent... ...and not begging Prime ministers for money (such countries and others need money more urgently for helping the poor and kids for good education and health care). Best you overhand the boat to somebody who has the skills, or at least the money to pay the skills of a professionally refit. The boat deserves it to come under sails again, and not pretending to be a beauty on the pier of inwater boat shows !
  11. Skip JayR


    good point. Havent noticed about yet !