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  1. yeah, but there are plenty of reasons why the kite foiler is so fast, hardly any drag and an efficient sail that reaches more wind there are nearly no advantages from the animation that can be seen over the ac50 apart from the beam
  2. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    has this second Italian team actually challenged yet? or is it still just talk and likely? same with the american challenger? has anyone challenged for it yet?
  3. is this the real stingray?? if so, why do you have a new account? also, congrats on the 25k
  4. ok, fair point that the netting would be shitty for aero we aren't talking about the 72 though, we're talking about the 50 considering the netting now, then yeah, the 75 may have a little bit less aero drag than the 50, but a lot less drag if they find out a way to streamline the bodies, like Oracle did in the 72/ ETNZ in the 50 this being said, i still don't think that the 75 will be faster than the 50 the 75 has less beam across the foils (i think??!), ie less RM from the foils alone the 50 could provide RM from its rudder foils, it doesent look as though the 75 can the 50 weighs much less, also meaning less foil in the water, giving less drag (unless windward rudder is providing shit tones of RM) the 50 has just as much weight to windward as it has providing balance in the foils, albeit further inboard, but not much the wingsail is more efficient than a soft sail and if we're talking about all around speed, not top speed, the 75's will be a dog to foil in light winds and the manoeuvres will be much harder (i don't think we'll see 100% dry time this cycle)
  5. i'm not saying fat as in heavy or anything, just a fair head on profile it would be close, but i'd say it would be thicker than the two hulls of an AC50 it wont need to be beamy for righting moment, although i don't think the rules will permit a narrow enough beam to get better aero than the ac50
  6. i'm no expert on aero drag but surely 2 skinny hulls, faired beams and crew in a cockpit would produce less aero drag than a fat monohull with an open deck and crew that are facing full winds on their whole body, unless they can put everyone in pits, which would take away from GD's return to more relatable mono hulls
  7. Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

    yeah mate, dean barker's sooooooo bad hey not like he's been in 3 AC matches or anything
  8. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    ok guys, lets be real here luna rossa's gonna get fucked by any team already established the only way they'll get into the cup match is if 1. no ac35 teams except BAR enter and then BAR goes full retard again or 2. if ETNZ carry them there on their back like AC34
  9. Volvo 65's

    do you guys think that the 65's will have much of a life after thhis race finishes up like the 70's?
  10. Volvo 65's

    ahhh, yeah this just shows that i'm outdated hahaha
  11. Volvo 65's

    hey I've heard a bit about the VO65's being outdated and taking the cutting edge spirit away from the VOR i was just wondering how you guys think they would run against the comp in the Sydney to Hobart, or even against the 70's and just some general opinions about the one design and whether you guys actually like it personally, i appreciate the closer racing but would like some design aspect in the race ind i think that it kind of takes away from the spirit of the race
  12. AC 36 Protocol

    I've had a good look hey, haven't found any explanations, if you could link one that would be cool if not, i'm sure you've memorised the speech by now
  13. Team NZ

    i dont know why team NZ shit gets into every other fucking thread get over it
  14. AC 36 Protocol

    i'm just looking for someone to try to explain HerBiE, i guess it would take a fair bit of explaining to do though so fair enough if you don't want to write an essay now
  15. AC 36 Protocol

    thought not mate hahaha