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  1. and some funky foiling monohull will?
  2. +1
  3. i was listening to one of Dennis Conners podcasts (ep 5?) and he was talking about how they made the comeback he recons it was because on the first day, oracle realized their foils were shit then they got to work getting new ones designed and built and they came in time for them to be 7-1 down idk, i feel like people would notice new foils? interesting though, Dennis aint dumb
  4. "but the better team is always new zealand" "whine whine whine whine" *major sarcasm
  5. there is no shame in loosing only shame in loosing poorly oracle have not whined about ETNZ and accused them wrongly of cheating maybe they have learned from another teams fanbase's mistakes...
  6. surely you do not believe in herbie still if it had existed, they would have been disqualified under the protest fair cop
  7. so what your trying to say is that ETNZ did shit all but win the cup
  8. where the fuck did you hear that from? i'm calling bull
  9. if TNZ did decide to go to monohulls would high speed sailors like burling, outteridge and slingsby leave in search for something actually fast
  10. shit changes stop whinging that it isn't the same as it was when you were a kid can you not see that the general public are actually interested in these cats you would be in the minority of people watching 2 hour long races with shit slow boats plowing through the water you really think that people the likes of outteridge, slingsby or burling would stay for long if Americas cup went back to displacement hulls dragging lead around the course your delusional and have an issue with moving on from the past
  11. definitely not a poodle? they may not be one for the teams that you dislike...
  12. does anyone know where the other ac72's are now? i know that one of the ETNZ boats is wrapped and is at a storage facility in NZ, i've seen it on google earth i also believe that the luna rossa is in some Italian museum makes you think though, where is NZ's second boat, oracles two and big blue/ what remains of red
  13. will/have we seen an appearance of a rigid wing moth? i've seen a guy with one around on facebook and it doesn't look slow
  14. ok, i see both of your points its probably time to move the boats themselves along, but i think that it would be a really good idea to keep the ACWS going, tio draw interest it is fairly likley that the next AC boat will not be similar to the last 2 so i think if ETNZ brought out something like the ac45 was to the ac72 and raced it in a fleet tour that would be sick and a really good idea for the next AC in general and it will be the only way IMO that they will make this upcoming AC as good or better than 35
  15. i rekon next ac should use the 50's again and just chuck a lawnmower motor in each hull, get a few guys lying inside the pod and thats it just shit tones of monitors and buttons and it would be just like flying an aeroplane and with no one in the open air, low aero drag true formula 1 racing