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  1. matt finish

    ok, another quick question, why did oracle use a matte finish on their ac50? i think it was matt anyway? but it seems odd that they were the only team that did it pure aesthetics or "performance" cheers
  2. shroud fairings??

  3. shroud fairings??

    aight, i know it s a bit ate now and youve probably allready discussed this deep into some other thread, but what is with these additions on the stays of the ac50 they look like fairings and i am wondering if they were there for aerodynamic gains and why they werent used throughout the entire length of the shrouds? cheers
  4. What was your favorite race/moment?

    p.s. i dont really hate team new zealand, i just hate their supporters on this platform
  5. What was your favorite race/moment?

    awwwww, i don"t like that new zealand won HEY HERE'S AN IDEA START A BULL CONSPIRACY ABOUT A MAGIC CHEATING INSTRUMENT CALLED HERBIE oh wait, everyone on sailing anarchy supports the kiwis so it wont take of, unlike the last bullshit roumer that did
  6. What was your favorite race/moment?

    or maybe, just maybe, he knows shit that you don't. i'm getting a bit sick of the whole "i post on, and read from sailing anarchy, therefore i am a highly qualified sailor that would be an asset to any americas cup team" i think that the reality of it is that none of us really know shit compared to the people out there actually doing it themselves. oh, and have i mentioned that herbie is a bunch of shit indio? p.s. my favorite part of the regatta was watching the kiwi's continue to claim that the penalty during the round robin against artemis was theirs. fucking hilarious oh, and when they gave their cat a spin, that was funny too
  7. AC 36 Protocol

    lets not talk shit about conspiracy theory shall we Indio. we all know that your one of about 3 on this earth that still believes in Herbie.
  8. Artemis?

    and some funky foiling monohull will?
  9. ac36 mono hull knock-on effect

  10. Oracle Team USA

    i was listening to one of Dennis Conners podcasts (ep 5?) and he was talking about how they made the comeback he recons it was because on the first day, oracle realized their foils were shit then they got to work getting new ones designed and built and they came in time for them to be 7-1 down idk, i feel like people would notice new foils? interesting though, Dennis aint dumb
  11. Oracle Team USA

    "but the better team is always new zealand" "whine whine whine whine" *major sarcasm
  12. Oracle Team USA

    there is no shame in loosing only shame in loosing poorly oracle have not whined about ETNZ and accused them wrongly of cheating maybe they have learned from another teams fanbase's mistakes...
  13. Oracle Team USA

    surely you do not believe in herbie still if it had existed, they would have been disqualified under the protest fair cop
  14. Oracle Team USA

    so what your trying to say is that ETNZ did shit all but win the cup
  15. AC36 Auckland NZ

    where the fuck did you hear that from? i'm calling bull