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  1. FlyTheCode

    well this is bullshit

    We don't throw tea overboard any more. We've found a better way. Lawsuits set boundaries for government. The government is moving well past its bounds and using this as an excuse to take rights away (freedom of assembly, religion, travel, etc). While some of this may be understandable, and even for good, we need the government limits that will come from litigation arising out of these circumstances.
  2. FlyTheCode

    Port Huron to Mac Race

    I've heard good things, don't know him personally. I don't envy him with this challenging year to be race chair.
  3. FlyTheCode

    cruising anarchy

    Right! Looks pretty nice where you are!
  4. FlyTheCode

    cruising anarchy

    Sorry guys. Didn't realize he was a perpetual problem.
  5. FlyTheCode

    cruising anarchy

    You can't separate monetary "wealth" from an actual standard of living. Apparently you would feel better if everyone starved, but the rich people had a more even distribution of the whatever pointless unit we use as a medium of exchange. You probably throw the baby out with the bathwater too. I haven't proposed trickle down anything. Another straw man. I've simply pointed out that in terms of food, shelter, access to information, access to entertainment, access to communications, et cetera the poor of today live much better than they ever have. This is a good thing. But, apparently not in your world because it comes with a side of some people having more units of exchange than others.
  6. FlyTheCode

    cruising anarchy

    Didn't say that. But, on that particular issue, yes. If you think the equality issue is worse now than it has been in the past, you have lost your way. Poor people are better off now than they ever have been at any point in history and in any society. Not by a little, by a lot. The poor still generally get more than enough though. Cheaper than the plethora of cheap healthy food that poor people refuse to eat in lieu of pizza, french fries, and sugary soda. Hate to break it to you, but it anyone wants to get better at anything or healthier, It takes time, effort, and energy. If people refuse to put that in to their diet, they won't eat well. This is an individual choice problem, not a societal one. You despicable rich person. You're so ignorant of your privilege. How dare you! Just kidding, glad your lobster was good and you fed a handful of other people by buying it.
  7. FlyTheCode

    cruising anarchy

    No, there's tons of cheap healthy options. Canned vegetables can be found for pennies. The fact that they choose a diet of french fries and ho hos is yet another indication of over abundance. The critical thinking on this site has really gone downhill.
  8. FlyTheCode

    cruising anarchy

    Wasn't this about cruising. Looks like they made it to the USVIs even with everything on lockdown and even dove a couple more wrecks.
  9. FlyTheCode

    cruising anarchy

    You've created a non sequitur. Your statistic doesn't relate to the point made. They can have trouble coming up with an extra $400 and on a daily basis still have all the modern amenities like indoor plumbing, refrigeration, access to food, clean water, a cell phone, the internet, ample entertainment, etc. The quality of life for the ultra-rich hasn't changed much in the last three of four hundred years. The quality of life for poor people has improved dramatically. In fact, the poor the US now have so much food that obesity is a problem. Hundreds of years ago, the only fat fuck was the king. Now, our standard of living is so high that even the poor can afford to pack on the pounds by eating until their hearts are content. Anyone who thinks there is an equality problem now that is somehow worse than before hasn't thought critically about what they are saying.
  10. FlyTheCode

    Port Huron to Mac Race I appreciate the optimism and hope everything is done by then. But, I have a feeling it isn't going to play out like that.
  11. FlyTheCode

    well this is bullshit

    Everyone loves the government. Especially in California. Surely they wouldn't wrongfully take your freedom away! I'm sure you just don't appreciate how good your overlords are being to you! Just kidding. That sucks.
  12. FlyTheCode

    cruising anarchy

    You do realize that all the money in the world couldn't fix the problem the world is facing right now, right? The wealth inequality argument is a red herring, but somehow people still seem to think its valid. That ostentatious-fuck-you-guy has what that you don't have? Last time I checked, even the poor in most developed countries have all the modern amenities like indoor plumbing, refrigeration, access to food, clean water, a cell phone, the internet, ample entertainment, etc. If you want to talk about inequality in terms of actual shit that matters, we are more equal now than ever. But no, people bitch because the rich have bigger yachts and drive nicer cars. I can't get behind blocking an island's only commercial dock though, that seems like a dick move. The poor that show up to ERs in the US will get in line and receive treatment just like everyone else. And, if their bills put them underwater, they can just bankruptcy their way out of them. Might not be perfect, but not as bad as people think. No one is putting them in a debtor's prison, chopping off a hand, or preventing them from getting treatment in the first place. Being mad at superyacht owners at a time like this is nonsensical. It doesn't help anyone. But, it might just result in the people who are employed helping those ostentatious-fuck-you-guys use their superyachts losing their jobs. Is that what you want? The superyacht owners can walk away and be fine. The people working for them likely can't.
  13. FlyTheCode

    Newbie sailor. What's my next move?

    Like pretty much everyone, I also recommend that you start by racing. In addition, here is my input to hopefully help you along your way: Bring a case of beer or handle of rum for the boat. This is your way of saying thank you to the BO for letting you use (hopefully not break) all his expensive shit. Bring your own pfd, knife, gloves, and weather appropriate gear. Show up early and help run all the sheets and get out the sails. Everyone will like this and it gives you an opportunity to develop an understanding of how everything works. Use this time to figure out how everything works and why everything works. Learn and know every control and what it does. That way, when someone asks you to add some cunningham while you are on the rail, you know what to do. Stay after and help put shit away. Then stay after and have a drink. This is a good time to ask questions. Start as rail meat, but ask what position to watch on the crew so you can learn for future races. Your goal is eventually to get off the rail and into some functional aspect of the boat. While you are learning the jobs from the rail, try to get a conceptual understanding of the race, the start, tacking/jybing angles, and tactics. This is secondary to learning the various positions, but necessary for your continued growth and understanding in sailing. While you are not sailing, try to learn more about sail trim, tactics, etc. Last, but not least, stay on the boat! Doing those things for weekly races should help you get a good understanding of how to sail and how to do everything on your own. With someone who is willing to teach you, you can learn all the positions on the boat and how to run your own.
  14. FlyTheCode

    cruising anarchy

    Yep, bad things will come out of this too. Looks like they already are. That's awesome, I love it. Sincerely, thank you for fighting that BS. I am happy for him. If I had a super yacht or private island, you better believe I'd be posted up there. So would anyone else. Oh, by the way, I'm also happy for the workers he is directly supporting (captian and crew) and all the ones he indirectly supports (shore personnel, fuel delivery people, service workers, etc) who are probably thrilled to get paid by him right now. I'm also happy he isn't spreading the disease around somewhere. What's not to like about this? I'd be even happier if he made cool shit to watch like this:
  15. FlyTheCode

    cruising anarchy

    More clearly, the following words are not contained in any article you have linked: "So no, nobody is allowed to go in or on the water." The article does say: "the curfew extends to the beaches and any other activities in or on the water . . ." which does not equal "nobody is allowed to go in or on the water." Those are different assertions. I don't doubt what you say is correct, but it appears that the BVI government is overstepping their authority here. The Governor can keep people off streets per the act he is invoking, but that power does not extend to locking people in homes. The difficult part is that medically, locking people in their homes probably is the correct answer. However, we just can't give the government unbridled authority to obtain this. Once we give it away, we never give it back. The mindset of unchecked government intervention for the sake of safety is spreading rapidly around the world with the coronavirus. Left unchecked, it's a bigger threat to our lives than a disease. Enough of fixing world problems. I'm happy to have some new sailing content to absorb while stuck in the house for the foreseeable future. At least someone gets to be isolated in a beautiful place instead of it being 40 degrees Fahrenheit and rainy where I am.