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  1. Given that it is his workplace, I'm surprised it wasn't a worker's comp issue.
  2. What's red and sits in the corner? Baby playing with a razor blade. Still funny 40 years later.
  3. I disagree. Dead baby jokes are hilarious. What's blue and sits in the corner? Baby wrapped in saran wrap. See, that was funny.
  4. Well, since you can't deduce that which is pretty clearly implied, yes, I do see it as humorous. As do many others. You also apparently don't understand irony...vis a vis your rabid defense of one constitutional right while nearly simultaneously attacking someone for exercising a different constitutional right. But, hey, you go girl. It's your right. I rarely argue with douche twits on the internet...this is why. Yes, I am that devoid of humor...........if you think that's humor.
  5. Perhaps you would be better off just saying "thank you" for paying to protect your southern border and then STFU. In a small population like Canada has it might be easy to police the population. We have an open 1900 mile southern border that guns for criminals can pour across. Our douche bag government will not control the flow of gangs, poverty, drugs and anything illegal. What do you think would happen if guns were made illegal for honest citizens to own? The issue is that flags were raised for this person and he was still able to purchase guns. I blame the Press for suppressing the full video. If the American public were actually able to see the impact of shooting someone and WAR, maybe we would think twice before doing the unspeakable. It's ashamed we hide the truth from the American Public. The problem with the world is the controls placed on the press. The Truth is never known. Canada has an open 4,000 mile southern border that guns for criminals can pour across. Buying a shotgun or rifle in Canada requires more paperwork than buying a handgun in the US. Buying a handgun in Canada is almost impossible. Where do you think our criminals get their guns?
  6. Are you seriously that devoid of humor? Those were funny. All 3 of my daughters thought so too. Even the 14 year-old. A couple threads over you are arguing aggressively in defense of the 2nd amendment yet here you want to ban fraternities because they exercised their 1st amendment rights in a humorous way. You are aware that (some) boys like girls and pursue them, right?
  7. So, I happen to be on Cleveland.com this afternoon (i know, my bad) and in the middle of the page is an ad for Lakeside Yacht Club. The first burgee point is that LYC is a Private Social Club on the shores of Lake Erie. Keeping those pesky watercraft on the DL i guess. The second burgee point is a swim-up bar - e.g. in pool toilet. Finally they get to Boating and Social Membership availability, although clicking on the video link leads to nothing with boats. How sad.
  8. Haunting them how? They still fill the stadium, they sell the hell out of merch, and they win. That's some real haunting there.
  9. "Failed to cooperate?" From what I understand he gave a pretty lengthy deposition. Pretty tough for the league office to claim any moral high ground after the elevator incident. Perhaps they're tough on crime now because they have face to save / repair.
  10. The only difference is the Pats got "caught." The whole NFL is a joke; it's closer to big time wrestling than it is a real sport.
  11. Matno- Sorry for the delay. Here is the original scoring for the pursuit race with start/finish times for PHRF and JAM fleets. Let me know if you need anything else. -Rob That will do it...thanks!
  12. All in it was a nice weekend. Would have been nicer to have longer races on Saturday as the breeze freshened, but hey, who knew... I'm curious, given the pursuit race, is there a corrected time standing for the entire fleet somewhere? Huge "Thanks" to all that participated last weekend at CYC Fall Regatta. We saw an increase of five boats over last year's event with a total of 29 registered for the weekend. It turned out to be a really great weekend of racing and parties even with some delays for breeze both days. Saturday saw three starts for spinnaker classes and two for JAM with some very close racing all around. Sunday was a miracle getting a shortened pursuit race in after delaying the start. The breeze built in beautifully and it was outstanding seeing a STAR, R, J70 finish 1-2-3. Overall the event put a very positive end on what was a pretty tough year of sailing at CYC. -Rob RESULTS
  13. This isn't a finance question. This is a hearts and minds question. He knows the productivity question and already calculated a payback period. It's a question of going all in when you have an ace and a 2 and you don't know what the rest of the table (the economy, lack of new business to fill the machine, etc) has in store for you.
  14. I have seen a report that now says there were two passengers on board with stolen passports...
  15. Truly a sad day. I enjoyed many a rummer with Dickie and the rest of the Mentor T10 fleet. Condolences to Kirk and the rest of the family.