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  1. Dex, Thanks for a simple, but very sensible suggestion. I will try it out next year. My Europa is a Twin Cam, currently out of the car due to a bad water pump.
  2. I just ordered a Raider II and will pick it up at the Annapolis Show in October. Obviously, since I live in Vermont, it will not be used until next year. After reading this thread, I wonder whether the PDF I have for kayaking will be appropriate for dinghy sailing. I have a Lotus Design, from before Patagonia owned then, and it looks long and bulky compared to many I see in pix of dinghy sailing. I do think I do not want a PFD that inflates, either automatically or by wearer. The discussion of the possible risks in the thread convinced me. I am trying to include a picture of my PFD in case that helps you comment. Thanks, John By the way, the choice of a Lotus Design product has nothing to do with my screen name, which is for the 1974 car in my barn.
  3. Cavi, Thanks for clearing up the question about the boom in the video, and for your other info. John
  4. Josh, Thanks for your response. Good to have first hand feedback, and great to hear you would do it again. Jonh
  5. Is anyone able to comment on a few other questions of comparison between the Evo and Raider II: Time it takes to go from trailer to sailing. Speed and pointing ability. Thanks
  6. Sailwriter, thanks for the additional info. And, you are right, the price point makes it very appealing. By the way, which do you prefer, the screecher or the asymetric?
  7. sailwriter The video I was referring to is titled SF Bay sailing GoPro Video, Raider 2 Turbo, and that sailor looks too young to be you . I will check for other videos that actually show tacking, the Raider II promo video I saw never actually showed someone ducking under the boom. Thanks
  8. xonk1 Would you elaborate on your "odd duck" comment. It certainly looks odd, but the sailing videos appear to show a comfortable boat, sailing nicely, and it has the advantage of a roller furling jib. The Evo looks great, so no argument with your assessment of that. Have you sailed either one? Thanks
  9. I just watched some videos of both the VX Evo and the Raider II. The boom on the Raider looked lower and therefor much closer to the hull. As a result, it looked like the skipper had a harder time ducking under the boom when tacking. Anyone who has sailed both care to comment? Thanks
  10. Anyone with a 2017 purchase able to give an updated review of the assembly quality problems Tom experienced? Also comments on the traile/dolly fiasco. Or did this thread scare everyone off?
  11. Thanks for the comments so far. How much maintenance does the carbon require? I saw a comment somewhere that their clear coat (UV protection I assume) did not hold up well.
  12. I was wondering if any of you have enough experience sailing i550's with both carbon and aluminum masts to be able to comment on the handling effects of the different rigs. I would think that with a displacement of 800 and ballast of only 165, the weight of the rig might have a significant effect, or am I just displaying my lack of knowledge? Thanks for any info or opinions, John
  13. Thanks, I had no idea there were two such configurations for the ONE. I did not think the EVO could have a trapeze, I was confused about which model you were discussing because of my ignorance about the "no bulb" version of the ONE.
  14. StumbleNola, I assume your comments are about the EVO, since I believe the ONE has a bulb. I am waiting to learn more about the bulb version of the EVO coming this summer. I was not aware that the EVO could have a trapeze, but I am probably not interested in that at this stage of life. I guess my problem is I want speed without too much additional physical exertion. Hence the interest in the bulb on the EVO. My recent reply to sailhmb was about his suggestion of reefing the main to solo the ONE. I wonder if the same idea, reefing main, could be applied to the Viper? Thank to all, John
  15. To Team Gladiator: Thanks for input on relative "dryness" of i550 vs EVO To sailhmb: Thanks for your suggestion about reef points on the main, sounds sensible to add flexibility. That gives a wide range of potential uses and configurations, as you said. But that does complicate the decision making, since I had eliminated the VX ONE from consideration due to solo unsuitability. More choices will only slow my decision process down.