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  1. Scotch Caps

    BLock Island Race- How to kill it..

    Here are just two reasons why it makes sense for at least 30% of the crew to have a recent SaS certificate: They will be familiar with MOB techniques and practices relevant to racing. 100,000 ocean miles on cruise or delivery may not include returning to pick up a crew member who falls overboard while the boat is doing 12 knots with a kite up. Old dogs can still learn new tricks. They will have hands-on experience with fire and stuff that can otherwise hurt you . We have professional firefighters setting fires that students put out with fire extinguishers and/or blankets. No one should try that at home. Same goes for SOLAS flares and rockets. Program participants set off a flare and/or rocket, which one ordinarily would not do in the absence of an emergency. These are pragmatic benefits to the program. My own view, not authorized or endorsed by anyone else: We should improve access to courses. If an OA decides to make SaS attendance mandatory, which is the general trend, then I think it becomes incumbent on the various OAs and the organizations sponsoring SaS courses to figure out a way to provide reduced-cost or tuition-free access to those who can't otherwise afford to participate.
  2. Scotch Caps

    Guns on Boats

  3. Scotch Caps

    Marina Advice on LIS

    Sorry to pile on...but Huguenot is a really interesting option (and I am not a member). Deep water. Completely sheltered in any weather (it is behind a barrier island). Low key and inexpensive to join. Big winter storage operation. Nice people. On the Connecticut side of Long Island Sound, the next viable option as far as commercial marinas would be Nichols Yacht Yard in Mamaroneck. Nichols is also completely sheltered in any weather. Has a decent layout. The manager, Dennis, is a great guy. They have a good mechanic. Only issue for sailors is that they don't really have a professional rigger on staff. Rate sheet is here: Next up would be Yacht Haven in Stamford, CT. Also safe: behind a hurricane gate. Nice facility. Hope this is useful.
  4. Scotch Caps

    Newport - Bermuda 2018 151 Applicants as of last Friday.
  5. Scotch Caps

    Sailors Powerboat

    Looks of a Dyer but the heart of a lion. The boat was designed by Doug Zurn (who does all of the MjM boats). Semi-custom series of about 57 boats built by Peter Needham on Shelter Island, NY. Design brief was a down east style boat with hot rod performance. We have twin Mercruiser 502s into Bravo 3 outdrives. Light-weight composite hull. 800 hp of snarling marine bliss. It's time efficient -- we cruise at 35 kts. On a flat day, it is literally faster to Newport, RI on a Friday afternoon than taking my car on I95.
  6. Scotch Caps

    Sailors Powerboat

    Would you rather drive a '65 Stingray or a Prius?
  7. Scotch Caps

    Sailors Powerboat

    There was just a big gap in performance between the 315 hp diesels and the prior gas boats. It lost the "hot rod" factor with the diesels. CH Marine says that the Yanmar 370 hp will get the same top end as the old Merc 502s -- 45+ kts in flat water.
  8. Scotch Caps

    Sailors Powerboat

    No brainer. Shelter Island Runabout. Wolf in sheep's clothing.
  9. Scotch Caps

    why am i here?

    2017 Ida Lewis Distance Race. We sail through two major fronts of T-storms with local gusts into the 40 kt range. Escape with no damage, but crew is combination of hypothermic and sea sick. Around midnight, we're broad reaching at 17 kts towards Cuttyhunk with our A5 and a full main when we snag a lobster pot. Steering jams. We round up and flog the kite to death before we can letterbox it. Have to cut the halyard and we lose the sheets overboard with the remnants of the kite. Even dragging the pot behind us, we're still doing 9 kts through the water, but we can't steer. Then the boat catches fire. Why am I here?
  10. Scotch Caps

    Slightly Obscure But Very Helpful

    If you have a life raft, hang the life raft from the end of the boom while the crew is out there. Adds about 100 lbs of leverage right where you need it the most.
  11. Scotch Caps

    Advice for first time Grenada bareboat?

    Tobago Cays is a "must see." May be the single nicest anchorage I have ever seen. The distance between Grenada and Tobago Cays is substantial.....close to 35 you will want to work your way up there early in your trip.
  12. Scotch Caps

    R.I.P. Dr. Walter

    Thanks, Bob. Here is my favorite sailing story involving Dr. Walter: Back in 2007 I was out for an afternoon sail with my wife and 8 year old daughter, another couple and their 8 year old son, and my father, Walter. We were sailing south, across Long Island Sound headed towards the Long Island shore when I looked over my shoulder and saw a gigantic thunderhead forming over Mamaroneck and headed our way, fast. After furling the genoa and taking a deep reef in the main, I sent the wives and children below. I was surprised, however, when the husband of the other couple followed the women and children below and slammed the hatch shut behind him, leaving me and my then-77 year old father on deck, alone. I handed my father my foul weather jacked and a life jacket. He put them on, stuffed his hearing aids into his pockets, and we waited. We did not wait long. I had the wheel and my dad had the main sheet. The squall hit us hard - easily 40-45 kts -- driving the boat surging forward on a broad reach. Eventually, we just go overpowered and rounded up. The rain was being blown horizontally in sheets, and after the round-up, it was hitting us right in our faces, and so cold that my face went numb. It was hairy for about 10 minutes. But throughout the squall, my dad had a big grin on his face. He really could not have been happier, and could not have cared less about the raging wind or the roundup. I don't think he even gave a second thought to the possibility of lightning hitting us. He just focused on the mainsheet and trying to keep the boat on its feet. It was fantastic to see. As I mentioned to you earlier, we had 42 consecutive seasons sailing together. I am a very lucky guy.
  13. Scotch Caps

    Marblehead to Halifax 2017

    I'm in. Racing IRC.
  14. Scotch Caps

    EDLU 2017

    The streaming kite was on the big Swan 66, Gale. It was a great day of sailing for the big boats. Not so much fun on a 33 footer.
  15. Scotch Caps

    Funniest Lines Heard While Racing

    A bunch of college kids are sailing my boat in the Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta in Larchmont. They get a great start and are first around the weather mark. They start congratulating themselves. Channeling his inner Winston Wolf, and with no warning whatsoever, one of the adults on boards says, "Well, let's not start sucking each other's dicks quite yet, guys." You should have seen the look on their faces.