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  1. Tsunami warning

    It will happen again, which it will at least they were warned. Vancouver isn't a real tsunami area. Vancouver Is. Central coast, WA and ORE is. I'd be more concerned with liquefaction in Richmond as it goes it will be a canyon all the way back to Hope!
  2. Ridiculously Overpriced Boats

    https://www.boatdealers.ca/boats-for-sale/342319/davidson-1-tonner-vancouver-british-columbia Redone huh?
  3. Sport boat trailers

    Cheers - thanks. Triad did e-mailed me quickly so good on them!
  4. Sport boat trailers

    Thanks PF.I tend to go to the higher numbers for that sort of thing. If it ends up less than under budget (like that happens)! it is just a plus.
  5. Sport boat trailers

    Thanks TBone - e-mailed them but that was my thoughts too but this place is good for that sort of thing. Yes - it's a guesstimate only.
  6. Sport boat trailers

    Thanks TBone. Any Idea of cost - roughly? I'm helping a program together and budget etc.
  7. Sport boat trailers

    Anybody have handle of the price of a "new" trailer for like a C&C 30 OD, Farr 30, ID 35 etc, etc. I can't find a maker easily on the net. Cheers
  8. Trump's Physical

    He had a brain ct scan and they found absolutely nothing!
  9. PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    Exactly. In a meeting PHRF administrator he said: "What do expect for (at that time) for $35 a year rating/certificate? I laughed, a bit, as I thought he was being an a-hole but I thought about it later he was correct. PHRF was designed for Ma & PA casual racing for their Vistacruiser wagon not for real racing with high end boats. It's done by a volunteer handicapper with you "declare" many of your measurements to the handicapper. That allows for fudging the numbers; if not out and out cheating. As witnessed by one old coot that added 18 inches to their boom, used oversize sails, modifications to the hull all never declaring any of it saying it doesn't really matter for speed but got called on it eventually. Some old IOR boats that had a lot of lead ballast in the bilges taken out; like hundreds of pounds not declaring any of it but still the same rating forever. But I digress here but it bugs me to this day. And single point number doesn't pencil very well with the advent of "sport boats" that are different animals completely. It is almost impossible to rate them fairly or properly. Soon are they are on the plane the handicap numbers go right out of the window for mixed fleets like that. When I started to race in big boats in the early 70's I only knew IOR in those days and had no idea that PHRF even existed until 1980 or so. An IOR rating was an actual measurement system that was certified and surveyed that it is correct from a certified measurerer. Costing hundreds of dollars (even in the 70's & 80's) but hard to cheat that way. So can you bitch about the price of ORC club? Well, I was one of the advocates for ORC from the get go for a real measurement rule. It was implemented but even then the bitching with that it was an awful rule and wanted to go back to PHRF. Funny, with our (very successful program over 10 years) we could cross-pollinate in events between ORC to PHRF and had the pickle dishes to prove it. We found that ORC was a lot tougher on us than PHRF ever did but we believed in it so never complained ever; just suck it up and went racing. I think we won a Balleenas race or maybe Straits by 1 second when PHRF 30 seconds or minute difference maybe? It still proved the point IMHO. There are many real stories like that but my sock drawer beckons!
  10. PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    Not exactly. I knew all about this up close & personally. Politics, BS and someone wanted a job. And got it. I'm too busy get into this and I'd rather sort my sock drawer than that.It was back in the 80's too.
  11. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    SJB - Must have a Xmas hangover or trying to forget the whole program. And it was never a PHRF boat. First of all I found out that he made an offer/buy on one of these odd looking designs. Didn't look right for me from the get go. I believe of a certain amount TLAR that goes into any design. But the design was born from a C&C computer. That was 85 or 86? Not a thread of our advice whatsoever. The sails were had been built and waiting for delivery from the mysterious east. In process to be shipped by truck C&C had the gates locked in for one of there often receivership. The owner had to fight to get his boat that had all but paid for. It took 3 weeks of finagling to get it on the truck. But Sobstad was pretty worried as it was a full suit of the new Air Frame sails. I don't know if it works this way now but then you put in a 50% deposit and got paid at fit & finish time. The boat arrived and it was one of the last IOR fleets in the area so it had final measurement and certification. We put the rig in it tweaked it up and went sailing. In the following week we got the actual IOR cert. It was a foot and half above the rating that it should have. WTF? That's a lot. It would have been a number for a 41 or ? We (the owner) questioned this of course but originally C&C was pretty mum about the whole thing. I sent the rating cert to Sobstad Toronto to get a better handle on why? Turns out the VHA (vertical height aft) was way out of whack. C&C then came clean that this was HIN 40 and they had fared the VHA station in so teh hollow/bump wasn't there as measurement station causing the anomaly on the rating. By this point I had asked what they were going to alleviate the problem? The owner told me they are going to "fix it".I asked him three time what are they going to do? All I got again they are going to "fix it". I gave up but I heard that it been put up at Granville Is. yard and the geniuses from C&C from Toronto were hard at it. I wandered into the yard and I looked up and I thought WTF? They had cut two triangular wholes where the VHA station should be. But those triangular indentations were below the waterline - by quite a bit I have to add. WTF 2? I said that's not going to work at all! The owner said we'll give it a go knowing full well this will be a cluster fuck as epic proportions. We tried it of course but in anything under 10 knots the transom was just stuck to the ocean. It had an ugly trait then as it was like a dog chasing it's tail. It would go forward from the bow but in any wind at all or the kite up it sort of slip side back and forth. It was the odd motion I have felt. After trying in vain we could get even get a third of it if I life depended on it. I talked to the boys n TO Sobstad that we couldn't get anything more than a 3rd. They said: A 3rd? What are doing right? All could I say was FACK!!! We are doomed - sell the pooch. The owner did to some nice cruising people but the owner really took a hit for that. A race boat - not so much. We still call it Mr. Bill's Dog to this day.
  12. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Not going to argue with that but did it win at that rating 10 or 12 faster? Me thinks not. I know; I was there. It couldn't get anything better than third or fourth against similar designs. Only Jesus came fourth! The owner sold it after 2 years of trying to make it work. I first saw the design at the boat show and immediatey looked at and thought: WTF? Bought a X-yacht afterward but a tough division with the full on older 1 ton and 2 toners full on race boats. Perhaps a lot of driver error too.
  13. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Very contorted design done in a computer. It was hard to see how contorted it was just by the pictures. Huge mistake from C&C touted as race boat to replace the classic earlier 38. We raced on one and tough to do well in any condition.It was called "Mr. Bill's Dog". Okay for a cruiser but that was that about it.
  14. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    All I can say is: "tub"!
  15. X - 95 by X Yachts

    I thought that "some" x-yacht models had a cast top keels with a lead bottom? Smart way to do that but x-yacht are good builders/designers.