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  1. I was in Silva Bay, Gabriola Is. In the gulf islands that Sunday morning.Having a coffee when I heard the "whump" thinking what was that noise? I crossed the gulf back to West Van and didn't know what happened until I saw the news on the box. But I think we all knew that something was coming up. All those volcanos are in the ring of fire. Very active place and I thought Baker was emitting steam 30 years(?). I believe that any of these volcanos can stop being dormant but I'm not expert. I'd be more concerned the Pacific/North American plate slipping one day. Some in scientific field that we are due for a 9 point mega quake. Places like Ditchmond near the Vancouver airport, that is built on river silt, highly likely to be subject liquefaction all the way out to Hope. Places like Chilliwack will be the shallow end of the pool at best. Same thing with Puget Sound cities. Some say it's not whether if it's going to happen but when.
  2. Ah....the legendary "Wally's Tours"! I guess I wasn't paying attention at that time Ajax was a 33. I was too busy doing IOR in those days. When I went forward for my own boat I found the SC27 was too small. And for whatever the 33 wasn't in cards. Settled happily enough for a 30' Burns design. Still have had a long history 50's and 52's and Bill the Wizard himself. More by accident then careful planning. All SC's have traveled in time well. Good choice Scot.
  3. Love the 26. I had a 22 for awhile. It was a fixed keel of course. Good quality all round for there design/build. SJB is quite right: Do use a customs brokers. You won't regret it. The wrong border guy with the wrong paperwork they can make your life miserable quickly. They are looking for a reason to do that unless you are not commercial vendor or carrier. Most of them know squat boats either; or care. You might get the right guy as he's coming up to lunch/dinner break and just get it done. But that's the exception not the rule. Trust me on this!
  4. Fair enough SJB. The guy had a dutch flag on it at one point. And John Cleese like to talk about the Dutch. And my own: Wooden shoes, wooden head, wooden listen! But I can't understand about the dichotomy of different designs at about the same era. Gracie is a flush deck with lots of volume and with sailing with Paul Shield on her he has to be 6'2" or more. Same thing with some of the Peterson's like Glory, Sachem, La Pantera/Chimera etc with lots of volume. Some of the designs need to go up on deck to roll over. (Thank you Gary Mull for that one!)
  5. That abortion that became on of the Locura's SJB? Did you sail with Corvette Danny? I'm sorry. We were actually racing and he went by us boasting about his new boat. No paying attention and ran square into a big marker buoy. Don't get me started with the Andrews 72 fiasco that was built in that racedom of Tallinn, Estonia. And was hit by lightning. Jeebuz - it goes on. I was on the green one at Seattle YC. And not that it matters for this discussion that 5'9" was a stretch.
  6. Good job buddy. And of course I sent you of a good pic from my Wildy in the 80's. Get back up here and lets have a cocktail or six.
  7. Maxx, sailed Admiral's Cup on Pachena when Amazing Grace was on the team along with Bruce Kirby in one of his designs. AG did not hunt but may not have been that well sailed. That was the '81 version of Admiral's Cup I suppose? With Runaway? Between my Seattle programs I spent sometime Gracey in Vancouver. In the '90's maybe for a year or more? Real battlewagon upwind. The height of the IOR Mark IIIA. A real beast downwind in a hat full of wind. Doing a Hot Rum race with 25K or so with the pole in the water/boom water scenario and the skip had penchant for sailing the boat directly downwind. By the lee lots. Friggin' scary. Between holding on I said we need to really to jibe as Stanley Park as coming up right quickly. I said to the crew I hope we don't broach. A pretty nooby crew said: "What's a broach"? And then on almost cue I saw the top of the main start fold and I said: Oh shit! One of the trimmers grabbed the guy as he didn't know what was about to happen and was standing up.The crew took him by the collar and said: sit down! As they both hit the deck. a very violent roll and he was now underwater. I got fire hosed right up his cruise suit. When he came up with a stunned look on his face; water dripping off his nose and I said: Tony - that was a broach okay? Forever thus he was dubbed Tony Snorkelson!
  8. 10K??? Well...it IS rebuilt Only problem is...you can't polish a turd. Well 12 Meter they seem to have restored it to the point of the fun fur up on the coach roof! Pretty standard with those.....er......boats. Maybe they can get piece on it on American or Canadian Pickers. They like the obscure and odd. At 10K is huge stretch but stranger things I've seen over the years. As an old car/boat guy you too say: "There is an ass for every seat".
  9. It's a little silly to put a ton of money into it as a "race boat". But it happens. There was a guy in our area did the same thing in the 80's. In PHRF he won an awful lot. To the point that some of his competitors that he was cheating. Wasn't well liked either or they were jealous of his success that how a tubby Cat 30 went so well. He was actually protested at one point. He did modify the rudder (a bit) but nothing drastic. There was a huge cry about that. 3 handicappers were involved and at the end of the day they docked him 3 points for the rudder. Didn't matter at the end of the day as he kept on winning anyway. So ya, it can be done as it has a decent general PHRF number. But isn't that how PHRF is supposed to work? Having sailed both versions and the tall version does give you better power in a not full powered up situation. Like 12 knots and down. I think the TR had lee helm which I didn't like much.
  10. 10K???
  11. Ah....I think it was a an R/P maybe? It was in the Seattle for awhile. And think Conner raced it when it was new. If I recall it was twitchy to get it right.
  12. Rippin' along downwind anytime: Errr.....there is a message there I guess! lol. And this little ditty for downwind at night:
  13. Solid gold! To make you feel old! Which Lobo are you speaking of hobot?
  14. Failure? He successfully hood winked his supporters! Hood winked? That's kind......I'd call that "date raped". But that's about his speed.
  15. On Jake Tapper last night: Nuff said