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  1. Maxx Baqustae

    J/35 - Best offshore racer of it's time?

  2. Maxx Baqustae

    Schock 35 vs J/35 - Redux

    I know. But the old Harwar was resurrected as looked a mess before. I think it is part of a sailing school or something. And Not for Nothing: We had a J-37 too and was fairly successful for PHRF racing as well but not in the budget 12 Meter is looking at.
  3. Maxx Baqustae

    Schock 35 vs J/35 - Redux

    The Schock 35 is much better for racing in the Salish Sea. More powered up for the light. Particularly, downwind. The J35's never got lit up here for that reason. A big one design fleet in Seattle area but it's one design. I think the J36 is a better choice but find one.
  4. Maxx Baqustae

    Ferrocement Anarchy!

    Speaking of aluminum build. We built one. A Mull 3/4 tonner for the worlds in '78.
  5. Maxx Baqustae

    Ferrocement Anarchy!

    That's the way False Creek used to be. Zombie moorage. SJB - I'd forgotten some of the crazy things that Sampson put in writing in his Arctic Tropic ad nonsense. He had created something "electro-creation". Whereby a Ferro boat would fix itself from some kind of osmosis between the steel and the cement. Little nick? It would heal itself all by itself. The scary part some believed him!
  6. Maxx Baqustae

    V-berth anarchy

    I have large v berth and works just fine. I do use dry bunk or Hypervent material you can buy the roll at some marine dealers. The SO works as a retirement hobby job in linen store. The owner is a sailor too. The stuff works very well for unwanted moisture. Got the stuff years ago and never worried about it since. We have a latex topper at home but going to redo the upholstery/bedding on the boat next winter. A fitted latex topper and dry bunk is on top of the list. I don't think we need to replace the dry bunk piece and it's cheap anyway.
  7. Maxx Baqustae

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    That boat has been around here for many years. It has crew cockpit wells. So if you have to cruise you'd have to go up on deck to roll over for sleeping. Another VRC zombie fleet there I guess. It was like the Peterson 1/2 tonner that was there. Real weird cat that owned it. I raced the other Peterson 1/2 tonner and we won VARC boat of the year - twice; with two different owners. When the other one was always tied to the dock. Never raced or even go out.
  8. Maxx Baqustae

    Ferrocement Anarchy!

    He was bat shit crazy. His ads on the Boatjournal were out there and pontificating about this and that. Not ads all really. As an advertiser on the mag to, we asked the publisher/editor to stop. It was ruining the industry with his nonsense. The real magazine glossy, Pacific Yachting, wouldn't take his ads for their weirdness and out & out BS.
  9. Maxx,

    I wonder if you may have sail plans for any of the Mull 30’s that Hank Easom built?

    1. Maxx Baqustae

      Maxx Baqustae

      Sorry, I don't. Gary passed away 10 or 15 years ago. Chuck Burns worked with him with Wilderness Yachts. Chuck is a regular on Facebook and a good guy.


  10. Maxx Baqustae

    Summer reading ideas

    For Light reading go no further: He has a Hornblower type series but a lot of "racing" novels: Dead Reckoning, 1987 Blood Orange, 1988 Death Roll, 1989 Dead Eye, 1990 Bloodknot, 1991 Riptide, 1992 Clawhammer, 1993 Maelstrom, 1994 Black Fish, 2010
  11. Maxx Baqustae

    Garmin GPSMAP 420

    I have a Garmin GPSMAP 420 that has gone intermittent for my routes in the display. No speed, direction etc. It started to do it last season and now and again. Now it's barely working at all. There is a many pronged that attaches to the unit and I think that's the problem. I talked to a tech and you probably have to screw with it but I have and it's still not working really. The tech said it's not repairable and I still need to try to screw with it. It's not an expensive unit but I hate to can it if I can get it going. I thought there was some sort of spray (or something) that can help with it. Might be corrosion in the prongs that might help with that but any electronic geniuses out there?
  12. Maxx Baqustae

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Found this from my files now. This was when it was in Surrey by the Sea (Nanaimo) being used as a liveaboard I think. A whole a lot crap on it but has been a little"unphuqued" now. I didn't believe it when I saw it. Nice treatment for the dodger!
  13. Maxx Baqustae

    J-120 Or X-119?

    That's what you expect when you do a "red" boat. If I remember correctly X-Yachts wasn't keen doing that anyway. X-119 were done as a one-design class like the highly successful X-99 etc. Never really got a lot of traction as an ID in NA. But that's not unusual for bigger one-designs. Like we say it's one design area: Ther is one design over there. There is one design over there and another one over there. But you can take advantage of that for a pretty good boat. Cassie had a masthead kite and oversized pole, so it would do a horizon job downwind in the light. A little power on it and you were gone. Trucking seemed to be no issue. We did a stretch packing up the SC50 "DB" from Seattle to Texas. Then picked up an X-119 to Dago. Picked up the new "DB", an Andrews 56, straight up I-5 back up to Seattle. All on the same truck.
  14. Maxx Baqustae


    Just going to try "Rascal" on the boat tomorrow. Nothing exciting just a motor up to our outstation for 1:30 or so. I have been on the boat to do a sniff test and find a liar. But I think he's scoped out a place.
  15. Maxx Baqustae

    The Zombie Fleet

    SJB - It's in the regulations of the club to use the boat a certain amount of time ( I don't have my yearbook right in front of me), like 4 times of year or more. At least two events like sailpast etc you have to be there. In the case of Kanata one of the sons that lives in California does come up once and a while as I've seen him on the boat/docks a few times where I almost live there. Some give lips service to the regulations and do the minimum that is allowed but the board has changed the rules three times I think to try to avoid people doing exactly that. But it's a club but a commercial venture. I have found people are getting better and better at doing that. Also, the cost of dues, moorage etc has gone up quite a bit over the past 10 years so there's that too. Frankly, there will be more moorage opening as the boomers are aging and can't do it anymore and not being stupid about it. You know that Sceptre 41 the end of C Dock? It's for sale and the guy has had it from build but he realized his back & knees are gone and a hard time getting on & off the boat so he's a smart guy and sell while he can still maintain it. A wonderful boat and it's actually a little sad to see it go I'm sure.