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  1. And it's one of those friggin' Bayfield's too!
  2. I saw that too. WTF? What was I eluding too earlier: It's not not the wind that gets you it's being hit by a Volvo can ruin your day. Not how fit you are. Mulletheads.
  3. That was what I was eluding too. They're stupidity knows no bounds and it's someone else's problem and want other people to kick in?
  4. And a 31' open consul sank it? Will that's what happens when you fucktards put yourself in harm's way. Are you going to do a Gofundme for the guy that lost the 31' open consul too? I don't know if it was here or on Wastebook a comedian saying about his buddy said: "I'm fit and aware so it shouldn't be a problem" The comedian said: "How about the Volvo you get hit with? Then how fit you then?" Very apt in this situation me thinks.
  5. Bloody sad. Hadn't seen Bruce for donkey's years since I stopped racing in Seattle racing full time. We ended up on the same boats over the years and my spousal unit was the prez of PHRF NW in those days so always in touch for whatever reason. He will leave a big hole in this site and PNW sailing generally. I still don't believe it. Sail on Bruce!
  6. It might be the lil Mugwump?
  7. I'm not surprised really All Ranger/Mull designs always in the hunt in any fleet. I took a Ranger 22 in trade when I was up grading to a larger vessel. Still it was a sexy boat in those days; still his really.Didn't race it much to my regret now.
  8. Apparently Kodiak's new rig is already in the works. Trust me on that. It was a shame to have it written off as it's rare, special boat that couldn't be replaced so they made it happen. Funnily enough that Wildy 30 was bought by on of the Kodiak sailors and has a moorage in Bainbridge Is. near his home. A pic below. And I know all about Wilderness 30's - trust me on that too.
  9. Yes, that's what I meant actually. Great job on the OA my friend!
  10. I raced the boat in the late 80's if I believe. Not going to say it wasn't taken care of but needed new owners. They painted mast guard rail yellow and it had it moments but it needed new sails which wasn't in the budget.Had fun though and it had been dubbed Cedar Speeder or the Surrey Slider but just "Wisp" at that time. The boat was re&re'd by the original owner's family to a huge amount of dough. If I remember correctly they put a carbon rig on it and a bulb keel. Then the funds ran out and it was for sale recently. Might still beonthe market. Yup - it was but an old ad: http://usedvictoria.com/classified-ad/41-Peterson-IOR-Racing-Boat-1982_23042561 And in the ad says it all I guess :Extremely motivated seller; All offers Considered!
  11. That does look like Prophecy too me.and you will excuse me that I can't remember sail no. Don't know red & white one at all but that brown one could very well be Shrike.
  12. That could be 12 Meter but here are some of the names of the boats have are renamed. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly was hit by a train barge one night in English Bay drifting around with no running lights on ( a story and half there) so it was basically written off. The owner got a new one and dubbed it Level Crossing. The written one off was sort of rebuilt and became The Pretender. I'm pretty certain that Hakuna Matata was owned by Sandy Huntingford making it a MK II. What it was named before that? I just can't remember what it's name before that. I talk to Sandy all the time so I'll try to remember to ask him. There is no question that Doug's landmark design made a huge impact with sailing in this area.So many Swiftsure, Southern Strait and VARC wins is almost countless for so many years. Not the counting podium and division wins as well. I was on Baggins for Straits one year and we had settle for Div. win and second overall but missed the overall by 30 seconds by PHRF rating.
  13. I don't know myself how the Donny built boats were made. Upwards of 20 maybe? I think raced 5 of them myself starting Jarman's Prophecy in the 70's though Brigadoon, Pretender, Baggins etc, etc, etc to the point my brain hurts. If I see Donny or Dave Miller (I saw him last Wed. nite and we had a chat) or maybe else can chime in that are lurking here.
  14. That was exactly correct. I was there and after the first race ( I was actually in the starting box) I went: Wow; it's early yet but it might be over quickly. In the press conference afterwards Doug was pushed forward as sort of the man of the hour. I don't know him at all except to say hello but I got the feeling that he was almost embarrassed with accomplished. That was my impression anyway.
  15. Great Job Dan - thanks for sharing. And just so you know I am sharing all of this on Wastebook to even non sailors/racers so it's getting seen.