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  1. Maxx Baqustae

    "National Cleavage Day"

    A bike rack on a sailing school maybe?
  2. Maxx Baqustae

    Sir Roger Moore

    That's too bad. Class act and I liked him before the bond franchise "The Saint"!
  3. Maxx Baqustae

    Olson 911 , looking for

    I'm working on it.
  4. Hey,

    Saw your post on the 911 wanted - Dan who own's Flaming Redhead here. We're also shopping so if any of the West Van ones come up for sale let me know :)

    Also we should put a face to a name next time I'm out at WVYC.


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    2. FlamingRedhead


      Sounds good Doug - feel free to msg me on FB if easier. 

    3. Maxx Baqustae

      Maxx Baqustae

      Okay Dan. I scoped out 3 at WVYC. Know two owners as I sold them to them.The other? I'm not sure. One of those members are like ghosts and being a member for 30 years you'd know them.


    4. Maxx Baqustae

      Maxx Baqustae

      One of them has all the bells & whistles but I can't say much about sails. Another member you rarely see. Retired high end cardiologist I think.

  5. Maxx Baqustae

    Olson 911 , looking for

    Maybe. There are a bunch in the south coast of BC (Vancouver, Victoria etc) not actually on the market and one that was recently sold and delivered back into the market. With the Canadain dollar in the tank (approx. .75 cents CDN again the U.S. dollar) there might be a possibility.
  6. Maxx Baqustae

    Cockpit Storm Cover

    Pretty custom build. Never a thought as a production boat. The same like J. McKee's "Dark Star" a Riptide 44. There is only "one" of those. Did build 2 of Mk 1 35's but that was it. You really want to have one and appreciate what it is. Hardly going to be a Bunter etc. If you look at the cockpit on "Blue" that's McKee at back the bus. That was last year's Straits race and they won going away. The shot attached is the finish of Straits and you will see a TP52 about to finish but you will see Blue's kite on the horizon. They were only 45 minutes behind the TP52 after approx. 130 miles. It was rippin' either. Maybe got up into the low 20's in the previous night. Again, not for the timid but if I had the jake and time to do a full program for a boat in that size I'd be all over it!
  7. Maxx Baqustae

    Cockpit Storm Cover

    I say: not a big dodger fan but my submission is here: It keeps you out of the rain but still dry below. Perfect for on the dock or at anchor so you don't feel shut in. Get a remote for your autopilot and sit in the companion playing tank commander in the dry.
  8. Maxx Baqustae

    Cockpit Storm Cover

    I'm not a big dodger fan. I hate looking out in them. I have a spray dodger at the companionway. Works quite well your getting shower etc when cruising and I don't have an actual shot that on the boat but I'll take one on the weekend. But a similar thought process went into the hard spray dodger for the Riptide 41 "Blue". PIcs attached:
  9. Maxx Baqustae

    2019 Southern Straits race

    Denny was on Ross' boat too. I did a private run up coming up to the race (Monday) for a couple of programs/boats. One of them was a SC50and right off the start and took the current advantage as it was likely 2 knots maybe? Ross definitely won the start but banged the right afterward. By Atkinson, both Ross, the SC 50, the Dufour were higher than anyone. but apparently, there were some holes that some couldn't get out of. SC50 retired and maybe Ross' X41 had some trouble too. It happens and hadn't spoken to them since.
  10. Maxx Baqustae

    2019 Southern Straits race

    Some pics but find lots on the race Southern Straits Annual Yacht Race Wastepook page:
  11. Maxx Baqustae

    2019 Southern Straits race

  12. Maxx Baqustae

    2019 Southern Straits race

    If I remember correctly the weather briefing the night before was 40ish. EC updated it in the morning for 50. That said: It's your call going out there or not. Or it used to be anyway. That said I saw 57 knots but I wasn't looking at steam gauge much. We wiped out ourselves and our main trimmer went totally underwater which was hard to do on that boat. Forever thus he was dubbed "dunk". As usual, I was at the back of the bus giving helpful instructions but I was almost floated out the back. I was caught by the stern lifelines otherwise I migh have been gone. The crew might have not noticed, as they were busy too, I might be a goner utile they figured out I'm not there anymore. Caught the runner when wiping out on the other side. Down for count on starboard. Got sorted, dropped the main and started the engine but that was an adventure too. We watched one of our competitors, A Farr 40 having a hard time too. Cletus Currie was completed rolled and being the naviguesser/Snacktician I was in the nav station listening to the VHF that were a lot of people in trouble. We ended up in Nannymo YC and it was quite difficult to get in there. I did a private seminar for a couple of boats on Monday and my models for wind/weather were still up in the air at that point as the coast is very unstable. But looking at laast night and this morning again we are getting biblical rain now through Friday morning and coming from the SE. I expect a drastic change/shift Friday morning to the NW. At race time I expect 5 to 15 but building in the 25ish up course to Sisters. That said this is frontal ridge and there is a good chance, in this case, go light Saturday evening/night going a light SW or die completely until the SE frontal wave arrives. I'm out to the club shortly myself.
  13. Maxx Baqustae


    Yup. He has a 155' Christensen called "Privacy". I think SEA magazine did a full article on the boat. He was pretty pissed that SEA ran it. It was called "Privacy" after all. I don't know the legal beagles were involved but he wasn't happy at all.
  14. Maxx Baqustae

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Somebody is on blue micro dot again.
  15. Maxx Baqustae

    Moisture Meters

    Yup. Not an Olson. I had a Wildy from new. The two tone deck non skid is wrong a bit. Chuck Jones might weigh in.He's on my Wastebook page friends.