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  1. Maxx Baqustae

    Home Ports: Dreams and Nightmares

    Pt. Bob is basically a ghost town right now.
  2. Maxx Baqustae

    Home Ports: Dreams and Nightmares

    As a 3rd generation Vancouverite, it's a wonderful place as cities go as it's only one of the places on the planet you can play golf in the morning, play tennis, and night ski that same day. As a matter of fact, my boat, yacht club, and all of those activities are within 15 minutes of each other. At home I can look over to 3 ski mountains and Vancouver harbour is just looking at as well. That's said: I'm in the process of staging my home to sell. The traffic and the noise have got to me; particularly the traffic on the north shore. I closed my Kits office because of covid and what was the point? I basically work remotely these days anyway. I don't owe anything as the home was paid for years ago. I'm a 33 year veteran of my YC but off to the Sunshine Coast and booked into a commercial marina and not being in the heart of the lower mainland the costs of moorage are comparable to my YC now. Buying in that area I'll get lots of money back and a bigger place. Lower Mainland real estate is insane anyway. We have a club outstation about an hour away. 3 hours to another to Vancouver Is. and it's basically in the wilderness. Another a few hours away at Pender Harbour and on to Desolation Sound etc in a day or less. Less rain than Vancouver proper on the Sunshine Coast. Rupert, north island? Eh. Wet again. The Haida Gwaii? They saw 83 knots up there two days ago. Pretty remote for that. I made my decision for that reason.
  3. Maxx Baqustae

    When I Win the Lottery

    Riptide 41 "Blue"
  4. Maxx Baqustae

    When I Win the Lottery

    That's at our club. Outstanding boat!
  5. Maxx Baqustae

    Six Or More Santa Cruz 70's For Sale- Is The Class Done?

    It depends on what you are doing with the boat? Robby and Zanne cruise "Coruba" on their N/M 70 with each other and I've seen them go by up to Desolation Sound etc. You don't necessarily use the kite. I think they use a short foot cruising main and furling jib. Not everyone wants to summit Everest for cruising.
  6. Maxx Baqustae

    Six Or More Santa Cruz 70's For Sale- Is The Class Done?

    "Mirage" Price drop quite a bit compared to others. Like half price. I think I know what the prospect buyer is and the broker should watch their ass with these people.
  7. Maxx Baqustae

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Yachtworld will take anybody's money. A lot of wankers out there that only pay for service and not certified like POP, Boatshed and you really don't know who you are dealing with. Try this: The MLS for all the "real", professional brokers and companies worldwide. It might not be complete as some companies don't use it - yet. But it's getting more popular more & more. That said: the system has been around for over 20 years now.
  8. Maxx Baqustae

    Sunset pictures

  9. Maxx Baqustae

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    The mighty Dopus! The owner worked for C&C and I think he finished it off himself I believe. Nothing really wrong with that but it affect the value compared to a factory out the door one. Maybe why it's not sold yet and there's not much in the way of good used inventory in our area. When people figured out that we weren't going to die the market got real busy. Late for the season but busy. Like May/June when boat shopping starts at the boat show through the Sidney floating show in very early May.
  10. Maxx Baqustae

    IOR landfills?

    Ocean Racing on Lake Ontario? ;-)
  11. Maxx Baqustae

    IOR landfills?

    Tell it to Bill Lee. We had 14 boats in the "50 Fleet' in Seattle which I was part of on "Delicate Balance" and we usually won. Also, 2 O.A. wins in Straits in various conditions against IOR boats. That said we had Charlie & Jonathan McKee, Poncho and Norm Davant too so that didn't hurt. That said it was a long-time team going back to the late '70s. Frankly. It didn't matter much what boat. IOR, ULDB or Ripple and Dark Star.
  12. Maxx Baqustae

    IOR landfills?

    Yup. My long time friend and racing mate"Poncho" was on the boat too. Yes, they won!
  13. Maxx Baqustae

    Happy Holidays!!

    At Fisherman's Cove/ Eagle Is./WVYC West Vancouver BC.
  14. Maxx Baqustae

    Sunset pictures

    Happy New Year!
  15. Maxx Baqustae

    Mammary Foam

    "Thanks" for the mammories!