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  1. RSsailingNA

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    Well he wanted to say it was more fun than sex, but he clearly thought that his significant other might watch this and covered his ass!
  2. RSsailingNA

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    Check out the a short video clip from past weekend we did a demo with about 25 people at Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club in Toronto, Ontario with Eastern Canada Distributor Amazing interest in the RS21. My favorite part was not a single complaint about getting wet... Canadians actually enjoy the water. Who knew!?! Surely any boat would be wet in these conditions, but as you can see in the video, the boat isn't under the water my any means, and this is without the spinnaker up which would provide more lift! 6 of the first 12 of the Premiere Sailing League RS21s have landed in Annapolis TODAY! They will be on display at the Annapolis Boat Show and plan to do some exhibition racing as the conditions (weather and how many crazy boaters are out on the bay) during the show. Learn more at First 6 of 12 RS21s leave for Lakewood Yacht Club in Texas in Mid October! The RS21 will be on display at the Annapolis Boat Show this weekend on the Zim Sailing Booth. I can't keep track of everywhere the boat will be on display, but the most noteworthy are the Montreal Quebec Sailing Fair on November 9th, Toronto Boat Show, US Sailing Leadership Forum and Vancouver Boat Show.
  3. RSsailingNA

    Annapolis Boat Show Demo

    Unfortunately they don't allow us to do demos during the show. There may be an opportunity to sail the RS21 with the Premiere Sailing League. Stop by the Zim /RS Sailing booth!
  4. RSsailingNA

    Talk to me about melges 20s?

    The RS21 sounds like it fits the bill for what you're looking for. A new one probably wouldn't be much more than a used Melges 20. I personally think it'd be easier to sail short handed and better for day sailing. The boat doesn't currently have a dousing line, but we're working on introducing one as an option. Dropping the spin in the wind range you described is quite easy with one person currently. @WestCoast has some in stock and is doing demos all over the PNW.
  5. RS Aeros are taking over the Gorge this June 28th - 30th for the 5th annual RS Aero North American Championships. Back to where it all started for the 2015 RS Aero North American Championships, The RS Aero class has returned to the Columbia River Gorge in Cascade Locks, Oregon. This is a preview for those looking to attend the 2020 RS Aero North American Championships expected to draw 100 boats. Event info here: Steve Cockerill from event sponsor Rooster Sailing and a crew of a dozen RS Aero sailors are already on site for a clinic. Stay tuned to RS and on social media RS Sailing and RS Aero Class North America for reports and videos! Big thanks to CGRA, West Coast Sailing, RS Sailing for sending designer/CEO Alex Newton-Southon and Rooster Sailing for pulling this massive event off! One of America’s most inspiring Championship venues, The Gorge, Cascade Locks, Oregon, USA will be hosting the 2019 RS Aero North American Championships this weekend. With 31 sailors pre-registered with a few days to go, it’s tipped to be an awesome event. Competitors are travelling from as far away as Connecticut, Hawaii, Southern California, and the United Kingdom. The fleet is shaping up to be the showdown of all the talent in the North American RS Aero fleet, with the most competitive RS Aero fleet ever assembled in North America. The infamous Steve Cockerill of Rooster, who is the 2017 RS Aero 7 World Champion kicked off his two-day pre-event Coaching Clinic today. He will be sharing his RS Aero prowess with the sailors over the course of the clinic putting them in great stead for the racing ahead. Marc Jacobi (2x Aero 9 World Champion), Dan Falk (2016 Aero 9 NA champ), Steve Cockerill, Jay Renehan (2nd at 2018 NAs), other RS Aero regulars like Dalton Bergan, Madhavan Thirumalai, Todd Willsie, Michael Johnson, Derek Bottles, and new sailors to the fleet like Charlie Buckingham will be lining up on the startline. Former US Sailing team member Jen Morgan Glass and one of the first US families to grow up sailing an RS Tera, RS Feva and RS Aero, The Glosters from Santa Barbara, will make it a complete family affair on the water The Gorge is a unique sailing venue that creates a wind funnel between the beautiful mountains that rise to nearly one mile vertically high in places. In summer, westerlies are the prevailing wind direction that die down in the evening. The current at Cascade Locks generally runs at 1 to 2 knots. True to its style, the RS Aero will be celebrating its fifth birthday with three bustling parties across the globe. One of which will be at the North Americans this weekend, a crowd of RS Aero sailors and followers will be raising a glass (or two) in awe of everything the boat has achieved so far. With epic conditions practically guaranteed, a solid fleet of talented sailors and a party planned, this is not an event to be missed. Who will be the RS Aero 2019 North American Champion?
  6. RSsailingNA

    Tips for Sailing a RS Feva

    Hi Ropes, I've never seen any Feva sailors sit backwards, the little thwart or "bench" in front of the mainsheet is ideal to sit on in light air facing forwards. Once it's windy enough you should be on the side of the boat. Good tips for tacking in this video... and a lot more on youtube!
  7. RSsailingNA

    Tips for Sailing a RS Feva

    What kind of tips are you looking for? You could order the Feva Pitch DVD, it will mostly be about youth racing, but you'll pick up plenty of info. Can I ask what "slightly on the bigger side" means? The boat was designed primarily for 9-16 year old kids in mind and while many adults do sail it, especially single handed, it does have a weight limit where it won't sail very well. Also, if your very tall I could see how the boat could feel a bit on the small side, though I've seen someone 6'3" sailing the boat no problem.
  8. RSsailingNA

    RS 21 or Not?

    Lot of work to get here, but the boats are ready for Charleston Race Week! Big thanks to Selden USA for their part. Thanks to the Sail22 and RS Sailing Teams! Ed and Sean from Sail22 are absolute legends! Alex Newton-Southon CEO of design and co-designer of the RS21 is in Charleston rigging boats. We've also had help from our many others including our dealers Zim Sailing, Boat Locker, KO Sailing, and West Coast Sailing. It takes an army, thank you everyone!
  9. RSsailingNA

    RS 21 or Not?

    Thanks for the support @Mambo Kings and @JimBowie. There are certainly a lot of ways to look at it, if we parked the six RS21s in one location and chartered from there or if we only did one boat, we could do it cheaper. It's also not as easy not being a domestic company to pull this off, if we manufactured them here and drove them down the road to go sailing it would all be a lot simpler. We also feel a strong need to support the boat from corporate, I think this sets us apart from other manufacturers and if we want to do that, we can't go broke on the first demo tour. Not that I feel the need to explain ourselves, but I also give huge credit to my colleagues for having this vision to take a loss to get the boat out there. Real cost just from the water in San Diego to water in Charleston was well over 15K which is exactly what we're getting for the 6 charter boats. Those fees include entry fee and insurance for the teams. And of course we have labor (huge thanks Ed and Sean for their work!), housing, food, insurance, other forms of support, funding the boats, and way more that I'm not even thinking of. There is a reason that it costs $1,000+ to charter a Laser or 420 at a Miami event. Either way, most of the people sailing Charleston wouldn't have been sailing on other boats, we're excited to share an amazing boat and get more people sailing. It's good to see a healthy Charleston Race Week! @EYESAILOR I'd sent you a message on March 1 to re-extend the offer I'd made previously to come sail the RS21 with us. You are more than welcome when ready. @Mambo Kings definitely reach out to Ed, he won't be phased. Or otherwise come join in one of the demos in the CT/NY later this year. -Todd
  10. RSsailingNA

    RS 21 or Not?

    The RS21 is at the Pacific Boat Show April 4-7... come by to come sailing! Shoot me a note if you want to schedule a demo with the @WestCoast Team during the show.
  11. RSsailingNA

    RS21 Nood and CRW charter tour

    The 6 RS21s have landed in San Diego and are getting prepped for this weekend's racing by RS21 North American Rep Ed Furry and his team, joining them today is CEO of RS Sailing Jon Partridge and Jake Sorosky from West Coast Sailing. Stop by, say hi, ask questions, and sign up for the next event! Only $2,500 (includes everything!) for any of the NOOD events or Charleston Race Week! Contact for more information
  12. RSsailingNA

    RS21 Nood and CRW charter tour

    One week to go until 6 RS21s are on the line in San Diego with serious talent from top West Coast clubs! Can't wait to see the action! The Helly Hansen National Offshore One Design Regatta returns to the West Coast, San Diego, March 15 – 17th 2019 where six RS21s will race in South Bay. The RS21 charters have been booked through the RS Sailing website and RS are excited to introduce the sailors racing in the next NOOD regatta. Alan Field is the current Martin 242 North American Champion as well as the silver medallist at the most recent Melges 24 World Championships in BC. There is no doubt that Alan will be putting the RS21 through her paces around the course. The program director of San Diego Yacht Club, John Fretwell, and coach, Molly Pleskus, have a wide range of experience hosting one design events. These include the Lipton Cup and the California Dreaming Match Racing Series and will be looking forward to three days of exciting racing. Other sailors include Scott Tempesta, the editor of Sailing Anarchy, Mike Mahoney who based from St Francis and Mark Werder. “The racing area for the RS21 is on South Bay which is just South of the Coronado bridge” explained Ed Furry, US RS21 representative. “The location provides flat water and good breeze which will be a lot of fun!” Charter boats are now available to book for all NOOD events and Charleston Race Week, April 11-14 via the RS Sailing Store website for $2,500.00 per boat. Media contacts: Vikki Payne Events Coordinator – RS Sailing +44 7933 335 028 Ed Furry US RS21 Rep – RS Sailing 616-304-8312
  13. As the front page reported, 6 RS21s (yes 6 fit in a 40' container! #EcoFriendly) are on their way to San Diego where they are all chartered for the Helly Hansen Nood Regatta. All 6 boats are chartered by teams from top West Coast clubs including St. Francis YC, Cal YC, San Diego YC, and the revered Scot Tempesta from Sailing Anarchy YC! If you've missed this opportunity then you can join us at the other Nood events in Annapolis, Chicago, Marblehead, or a to be announced championship event in New York for the winners of each event where there will be a serious prize! We'll also be at Charleston Race Week with at least 8 boats! You can have a boat ready to go including registration, insurance, and support for just $2,500! If you just want to try the boat reach out to our RS21 North American Rep Ed Furry at Ed@RSSAILING.COM or our West Coast distributor West Coast Sailing @WestCoast Of course the RS21 is amazing, but it's not just about the boat, come see what the RS Sailing family is all about.
  14. RSsailingNA

    RS 21 in PHRF

    The RS21 is made out of Gel-coat, Fiberglass, and a core material made 100% from recyclable. While we're well known for plastic boats, the majority of our boats are not plastic. As far as the PHRF rating... It's pretty awesome that this is a boat you can go race in PHRF, one design, or club racing. I hope to have one to PHRF race myself next summer locally, but I definitely don't think that I'll care about the rating, I'm a one design sailor and I've sailed with ratings and to me it is what it is, that stuff hopefully gets worked out. All that matters is you're out there sailing something you enjoy. We've now been rated in 3 places, and the rating has gotten faster. Let's see how 111 goes! Bring it on! It's a quick boat, but we're not looking to shatter any records, that's not what this boat is about. As far as the class rules, we have taken a lot of lessons learned. One pro sailor is allowed one the boat, because it is important to grow sailing, but in order to drive they must be the owner. There is also some very cool stuff we've done with open sailmaking but with strict design and sailcloth restrictions:
  15. RSsailingNA

    Melges 24 vs Seascape 18

    True... it's not cheap but it's really hard to compare MSRPs on different boats versus the various aspects of the value you get in purchase and ownership. Not to mention that used market is a whole different conversation. I don't want to appear to be hijacking this thread... I'd just ask that you try sailing an RS21 (and all the boats you're looking at for that matter) rather than make your judgment off of price, we're doing demos all over. The RS21 retail price is that landed at 5 different distributors (and many other dealers) throughout North America, making it less the cost of getting a boat driven cross country than any only landed or built on the East Coast (most I can think of). Additionally those 5 distributors have the margin to support the boat in all sorts of ways and bring in replacement parts more locally than an East Coast only company. We thought it was really important that we gave our partners more margin than other small keelboats so that they actually support the owners. This adds to a bit more of the cost of the boat as well but will pay for itself in the long run for most owners. RS1 is about the same price as a Viper 640 . VX One is probably about 7-8K cheaper than the RS21. J70 and Melges 24 are 10-25K more than an RS21. I don't know much about the Seascape 18 but I don't think it compares directly to an RS21 either. All apples and oranges really, all good boats but all different, you should just sail them all!