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  1. Happy

    Guns and Polling stations, really?

    You haven't been paying attention..... Meal Team Six is a Proud Boy/Leatherman of outstanding proportions and a popular internet image. Imagine a 5'6" 450 lb blob of very white lard jammed into a full Special Forces costume, with an AR15, a Glock, and a vest full of pouches for stuff. He hates Lefties publicly. Secretly he also hates females for scorning and avoiding him since he was five years old. He loves Trump, his guns, and maybe Baby Jesus. I don't see the connection with Whitman, though. MealTeam6 couldn't walk up a single.flight of stairs without having a heart attack, never mind getting to the top of a tower.
  2. Badly executed photoshop. The hands are much too big. But in that situation, I would do the decent human thing: piss in his face before stomping on his hands. The street cleaners who have to scoop up and hose away the mess will have to wear full Hazmat gear. He's basically a large sack full of corruption, bad chemicals, Covid, and shit.
  3. Happy

    Just Jared

    It makes much more sense to categorize everybody into cunts who need a punch in the face, and the rest. In a world that's crowded with cunts who need punching, Jared is near the top. In the interests of gender equality, I'd be more than happy to punch his cunt of a wife in the face too. These people belong in jail. They wouldn't get rehabilitated, but at least they'd get punched in the face daily.
  4. Nothing remotely funny about desiring the murder of a human being, asshole. Even a lowlife scum like Trump deserves his day in court instead of a bullet in the head.
  5. So if a legally elected woman of color becomes president according to the rules, your response is to call for someone to shoot her? Why not have a go yourself?
  6. Happy

    Trump's greatest achievement

    In his post-presidential life, staying out of jail would be an achievement.
  7. Happy

    Trump's greatest achievement

    The grown-ups would have installed a Really Big Red Button in his desk, connected to nothing.
  8. Happy

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Somewhere in a steamy backwater in deepest Louisiana, an old medicine woman (and Democrat) performed a ceremony involving chicken blood at a crossroads under a full moon, and put a deep curse on Moscow Mitch. He's slowly turning into a Black person.
  9. Happy

    Debate #3

    I listened to a few minutes and was impressed by Trump. He managed to sound almost like a reasonable human being for some answers. I'm talking purely about the tone and delivery, the content was the usual stew of lies and bullshit. They must have tweaked the drug cocktail, less speed and a touch of Xanax or Valium. Apparently the WaPo lie tally is running over two months behind due to the sheer volume of lies, they need an extra 100+ staff to keep up with Donnie's daily output of bullshit.
  10. Happy

    60 Minutes interview

    Donnie Shroom is better.
  11. We must acknowledge the fact that no other president has made the office as personally profitable as Trump, or been responsible for as many deaths. Hopefully he will go down in history as the worst president ever, it's hard to imagine anybody worse.
  12. Happy

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    The Trump shrine house above got me thinking and calculating. It would take at least 150-200 toilet rolls with at least 6 leafblowers OR an entire pallet-load of rotten eggs OR 50 gallons of gas and a bag of firelighters. A less vicious option would be for lots of black families to park and picnic across the road so they can laugh at the crazy white motherfuckers.
  13. Happy

    Donnie Has Another Stroke

    Had to google that. Wonderful. Now that's what I call entertainment.......
  14. I'll point out the obvious. Every nation that has soldiers in active war zones will have a few bad/mad/unprofessional ones. Even highly civilized nations like Canada and the Netherlands have had this problem. Reading about Aussies doing this shit is depressing. Hopefully the problem will be seriously addressed, and the guilty made an example of. Their culpability should be determined by their peers, people who have been there and done that, not civilians. If they say it's wrong, there's no arguing with it.