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  1. Trump's Physical

    A rigorous examination revealed that POTUS is all mouth, no heart, rat brain, not much spine, with somewhat underdeveloped fingers and other appendages. Privately the doctors agreed that euthanasia would be the socially correct action, but the law doesn't allow it.
  2. Shithole Countries

    I detest Trump and I'm happy this is biting him in the bum. However, I spent 34 years in Africa, have kept well-informed about everything since I left, and I can truthfully state that nearly the whole continent is a shithole. Beautiful country. Shame about the people. And the diseases, predators, snakes, etc etc.
  3. Why the tie?

    Even though the wind has got his taped-together power tie flying, the Idiot-in-chief's hair is firmly glued down. I think he uses WEST System epoxy on his head.
  4. Why the tie?

    Ties are the most stupid item of clothing ever invented. To most guys they are the noose of servitude and conformity. Then there are the idiots who believe that a "power tie" makes them bigger. Of course, in a fight they are great for steering your head into a punch or a wall or just choking the living shit out of you. One of the proudest achievements in my 65 years of life is that I spent a total of 2 years 4 months in employment that required wearing a tie, and haven't worn one since 1976.
  5. Joke

    Sixteen-year-old daughter from a very proper family is allowed out unsupervised at night with her friends for the first time. Mom tells her she must be home by 11:00pm and no drinking. Girl comes home at 10:50, sober. Mom says she's proud of her. Mom notices daughter's hair is full of rice. "Gosh, you didn't say you were going to a wedding, sweetie?" "It wasn't a wedding Mom. I was giving head to a Chinaman and he vomited on my head."
  6. God Bless Australia

    Aussie diplomats model themselves on the legendary Sir Les Patterson, one of Australia's most distinguished sons. Many of his greatest moments are on YouTube, check him out.
  7. Top Marine General: 'There's A War Coming'

    I have to agree with Mark. It is better for stability that Syria remain under Assad instead of a bunch of extremist religious killer maniacs. And let's face it, Assad and his crew are nowhere near as vile as America's great friends and biggest weapons clients, the Saudis.
  8. Top Marine General: 'There's A War Coming'

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ I like your analysis. The leader of the free world is a vindictive and demented old fool, so everybody better pull their heads in and play nice. However I'm having trouble unseeing the mental image of Putin shoulder-deep in Donnie's ass trying to change his mind manually.
  9. How long to shit?

    Usually about 20 minutes before I wake up...........
  10. Cape Town over Christmas

    Why not do something to share with your less-fortunate fellow man? Take a Christmas walk a few streets away from the main tourist areas, and donate your wallet, watch, rings and shoes to some poor soul with a knife. Wish 'em a good Christmas and you might not get stabbed. I grew up in Cape Town. A very beautiful place, with a lot of very poor people angry at whiteys.
  11. Trump better for Blacks than Obama

    Everybody knows President Trump loves the blacks. He is their friend and really cares about their welfare. As long as they don't try to rent space in his buildings, stand or sit near him in group photos, touch his food, or try to shake hands...........
  12. The near-weekly massacre of innocents at schools, concerts, churches etc. has become the new normal in the USA. No longer shocking or thought-provoking. "How many? OK, only 10, we'll give it 20 seconds on the news." The reason sane, responsible Australian gun owners willingly gave up their weapons was to make it much harder for insane killers to get hold of a weapon. Also most of them probably realised that they didn't really need one, being sane responsible persons living in a safe comfortable suburb, not a war zone. Cops, cash guards, farmers, licensed vermin shooters, competitive shooting club members have guns under strict controls. Nobody outside the military and SWAT has a magazine bigger than 5 rounds. The criminals have plenty of guns, but they pretty much stick to shooting each other, which is sort of OK. None of this would have been possible if we'd had an archaic Constitutional amendment and the same massive arms industry/NRA lobbying power as America. Disarming civilian America is impossible and will never happen. And somewhere in the USA, sometime in the next week or two, another crazed loser with a couple of high-capacity rapid-fire weapons will mow down a bunch of ordinary people and their kids, because he can.........
  13. Reading that, I experienced a strange emotion I have never ever felt before: I actually feel sad and sorry for the USA and it's people. Let's hope that this fuckwit doesn't do too much damage before his own party figures out how to dump him. Hope they get rid of Pence too. Religious nuts scare me.
  14. Gods Plan for Mike Pence

    Heaven is wall-to-wall gorgeous happy young nymphos with the skills of a $5,000-a-night hooker, no STDs, no pregnancy, no periods, and endless free beer and weed. Hell is nearly identical, except the gorgeous young nymphos all have dicks, the beer's warm Bud Light and the weed is mouldy.