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  1. Some people simply prefer the romance of monos. Heeled over in a stiff breeze with full sail and a "bone in her teeth" as they say. That whole experience of spray and green water coming over the leeward rail and into the cockpit, the nautical-looking bruises you get from being flung around, the need to tie down every little thing below before you go to sea, the sickening pig roll in your deep-water anchorage. Some people prefer a multihull,which will either be comfortable but a bit slower to windward, or faster but cramped, or very very expensive. All boats are compromises.
  2. Three young blokes having a beer at the pub. An old bloke walks up, points at one of them, says "Your Mom likes it long and deep and rough" and wanders off. Young bloke's mates are upset, he calms them down. Old bloke comes back, points at same kid, says "Your Mom squeals like a pig when I give it to her" and wanders off. His mates get angry, he calms them down. Old bloke comes over again, says "Your Mom likes it up the ass when she's drunk". Young bloke says "That's not funny Dad, just fuck off home."
  3. The mast and sails on that thing are probably "all carbon fibre, of course." I'm sure none of the 8 people who've paid huge bucks for one will ever find out that it's a pig at sea. They should sell a version without motors, would leave room for a fucking big wine cellar in one hull and a bondage dungeon in the other. Just get it towed to the expensive marina of your choice. I've just realized that in a marina, blending with a lot of other stuff, it wouldn't be quite so noticeably hideous. Definitely been whacked with the ugly stick. Nothing admirable about it, even if some cynical marketing bastard is making big coin from it.
  4. It's called a Schumacher start. Once he got away with it, every front-row car tries it.
  5. Makes a change for Max to get taken out instead of being at fault. I predict many more incidents with Vettel. They plainly can't stand each other. Same goes for Hamilton, but he's quick enough to be a safe distance from Seb most of the time. Meanwhile Danny Ricciardo keeps piling up good points. Max is fast, but Dan is just as fast and a lot smarter.
  6. The US Navy didn't do it. The US Air Force and Army have a well-earned reputation for hitting civilians and friendlies. (Just ask any UK or Australian soldiers.) Back on topic: There could be commercial applications too. Something like toilet paper with the Donald's smiling mug printed on each sheet? Perhaps the Short Fingers Vibrator for the more uptight ladies? Make Your Ass Great Again with Donald J. Trump Anal Bleaching Cream? I think the toilet paper is a guaranteed winner, President Trump is gonna make me rich! (I'll get it made in China, of course.)
  7. You're a bit confused there mate. The Old Man does all the omnipresent and all-powerful stuff. Mrs. God is far too busy for all that. Did you think those fluffy white clouds and angel's robes wash themselves? Who do you reckon dusts and polishes all those harps? Who re-strings and tunes them? Who answers the fan mail and deals with all the requests? Some people call it heaven, but for at least one it's just a cunt of a job.
  8. Yep, the US Navy, famous for acts of gratuitous genocide against primitive tribes waving sticks. They do that shit all the time. Lately they have also taken to ramming innocent merchant vessels. I would like to see memorials like The Donald J. Trump Garbage Dump, or a sewage plant outside some obscure Mid-Western town.
  9. FFS doesn't anybody want to discuss fast cars and pussy anymore?!
  10. I forgot to mention: on the mountainside above Cairns there's a spot called Crystal Cascades, a series of small waterfalls, rock pools and swimming holes. Ask a local how to get there, from memory about 10-15 minutes drive. Lovely place to spend an afternoon. Lots of fun for kids, lots of calming beauty for adults.
  11. Oh, I just love fucking with the self-righteous and opinionated. Out of respect for the OP, I'll end there.
  12. Three idiots find an old lamp on the beach. Out pops a genie, "Three wishes, that's one each schmucks." First idiot: "I wish I had an island in the Pacific, endless money, and lots of whiskey and girls." POOOOF!! And it was so. Second idiot: "I wish I was there on that island." POOOF!! And it was so. Third idiot: "It's gone awful quiet, I wish those two were back here............................
  13. Re your first two paragraphs: you're just repeating stuff you read somewhere, without checking the source...........because it supports the world view you subscribe to. Re your Mackay farmer mate: he sounds like a total asshole. Back on topic, enjoy Cairns. Just don't walk in the park one street back from the esplanade after dark.
  14. I'm in Airlie Beach, my information comes from being out there occasionally and talking to a number of mates who are out there every day as their job. (These aren't tourism board spokesmen, they are skippers/deckies/divers with a serious love and knowledge of the local marine ecology. Some are old salts, some have dreadlocks.) Our patch is in good nick overall for now. I can believe that it would be worse off places like Hay Point and Gladstone. Oceans everywhere are being used as dumping grounds, the health of our reef is only a part of the problem.
  15. Just for the alarmists: The coral around the Whitsundays didn't suffer too badly from the bleaching episode. Then Cyclone Debbie came along. Just another hot season, just another big storm. Some of the popular snorkel spots off the islands are damaged, out at the reef itself not so much. Already there is visible re-growth. The reef is the biggest living organism on this planet, and fuck knows how many million years old. It's not going to wither and die anytime soon.