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  1. Happy

    WTF Australia

    So you agree that the recent shark attacks were caused by global warming? Possibly global warming causes you to immediately call someone who disagrees with you various types of cunt? I could call you a brain-dead Green fuckwit lacking the intellectual capacity to do your own research and make up your own mind instead of sucking up the propaganda and loudly parroting the lines. But I won't do that, too rude.
  2. Happy

    WTF Australia

    It's not only high school kids that have become unthinking followers of the climate religion (or mass psychosis). After the recent Cid Harbour shark attacks, a local lady in her 50's told me it was obviously because of global warming. After I realised she was actually serious, I asked her "So sharks have been biting things that thrash on the surface for millions of years, but last month they started doing exactly the same thing because of global warming?" The answer: "Of course, everybody knows that!" So I guess if the Adani mine gets going, sharks are going to start hanging around outside beachside bars looking for fights...……...
  3. Happy

    Oh, Mitchka, Say It Ain't So

    America, ruled by the best politicians money can buy.
  4. Happy

    WTF Australia

    On his way to join the rest of the snakes in Parliament...
  5. Amazing. Is the UN allowed to reject her, send her back with a note saying "Bad taste joke, now please send us a real one."
  6. Happy

    Nice Summary

    Very nicely written OP, but it has one serious flaw: it is far too mild in its description of Trump. He's worse than that.
  7. Happy

    Tide Rising 7 m at your place

    I wish the rate of melt would fucking speed up X10. It would be great to have a beachfront property in my lifetime, without having to move.
  8. A typical Trump deal: He's not personally getting anything from Big Pharma, so threatens to drop prices. After the deal is struck, prices stay astronomically, immorally high and somewhere down the line, Donnie gets his cut.
  9. Happy

    I still call Australia home

    I'm going to watch the sunset and indulge in delightful dreams of the Hansons (-Young and the ugly ranga) being accidentally caught in a massive sewage plant disaster; or hit by a brick of frozen shit falling out of a 747; or appearing on camera one hour after someone has slipped them a huge dose of LSD; or having a massive loud attack of the runs in mid-speech. This is not a demonstration of misogynism, there are so many fuckwit males in politics, but no male (with the possible exception of Christopher Pyne, and frankly his male status is debatable) achieves the levels of irritation and loathing that Sarah and Pauline do.
  10. Alpaca cum-swapping. (It's OK, I'll show myself out....)
  11. Happy

    what is it?

    I spent an afternoon daysail on a Wharram Hinemoa, many years ago. The "sleeping" spaces were suitable for two chickens or one smallish dog, the deck was wet and had nothing resembling a seat. Anybody that spends three years living aboard and cruising one is either very Spartan or very mad. Or, in the case of Levi, just a genuine Hawaiian waterman. Hope he gets his boat back.
  12. They are quite happy to pull this kind of shit and release the video because Putin Made Russia Great Again.
  13. Happy


    She just did what she had to. Being a gold-digger (with nice tits) in New York is far more comfortable than being a potato digger (with a few hogs to look after) in some East European shithole country. Out of all the rich horny old men in NY, the best she could do was Trump. Still, he's probably too tired to inflict the mushroom on her nowadays. Her only worry is how badly Ivanka and the Dodgy Brothers are going to shaft her after Donnie is dead. Mama and Papa must be very proud.
  14. Good on them. I'm sure a fair chunk of that money will be used to do good. Don't think they'll be buying gold-plated furniture. After the GWB/Cheney years, an honest man with great intelligence, dignity and compassion was a massive relief. Obama's biggest blunder was taking the piss out of Trump in front of a crowd, and getting them all to laugh at Donnie. If he'd just ignored the orange idiot, we wouldn't be in this mess.