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  1. Happy

    Trump does Standup

    I'm surprised nobody yelled out "Show us the Mushroom!"
  2. Happy

    Help identifying Crowther design

    Spindrifts were round-bilge hulls. The chines on the cat in the pictures don't look like Crowther design.
  3. Happy

    another one..where does he find these pricks?

    Why is anyone surprised? The president himself has publicly said that his daughter makes him horny. Politics attracts a high proportion of sexual creeps, but the Trump team has the most, with President Mushroom Helmet himself setting the standard.
  4. Memo to UN banquet caterers: Mushrooms with everything!
  5. Happy

    Question's surround Kavanaugh's accuser

    If he moved on her like a bitch and just grabbed her by the pussy, he's the right man for Trump.
  6. Happy

    I was right again.

    Recent research has shown that the number of crooked incompetents in the White House is far higher than previously thought, close to 99%. At this point, it is not known how many have comedy genitalia. Only one confirmed case so far.
  7. Happy

    President Donald Toadstool

    This actually explains a lot about Trump's character. Military school, boys in the shower, massive laughter and endless teasing about the mushroom. The owner of the fungoid dick becomes viciously defensive and isolated, obsessed with being the biggest, develops a pathological inability to speak the truth, and later in life boosts his ego by mauling beauty contestants and porking porn bimbos. I think his pathetic performance at the Helsinki summit was brought about by Putin slapping his slug on the desk and saying "THAT's a dick! Now do as you're told or we release the video of fine Moscow hookers laughing at little mushroom!"
  8. Happy

    Very Stable Genius

    He's not a genius, he's a mushroom-dicked brainless lying fuckwit with a vicious streak a mile wide. The closest he gets to stable is being a horse's ass.
  9. Happy

    I Took a Shit Again

    At my age, I'm happy to report a fine solid crap every morning at 6:30 am. Pity I only wake up at 6:45am. Also, I sleep like a baby. Wake up screaming every two hours, covered in piss.
  10. Happy

    Question's surround Kavanaugh's accuser

    The whole thing stinks. Her story sounds like Kavanaugh would have raped her if his buddy hadn't stepped in. That's quite a big step beyond "drunk teenagers fooling around." Then again, there hasn't been a rush of MeToo claims, so maybe he didn't pursue sexual molestation as an ongoing hobby? Raising the issue 35 years later just as he's appointed to the Supremes is pretty dodgy too. A cynic might think that she hasn't spoken out before because of the "what the fuck was a 15-year-old chick doing drinking alone with four older teenage boys" angle. Who leaned on her to go public now? Fighting Trumpism requires high ethical standards, not this kind of crap. His lying on finances is a separate matter. I'd assume if it's proven, he's gone.
  11. Change your laws so these fucks can't buy a gun. Fucking obvious and simple.
  12. If the gun show private sellers have had to tighten up their act, that's good. Fact remains, majority of the public massacres are committed with guns that the shooter purchased and registered legally.
  13. Happy

    President Donald Toadstool

    Much as you would do with Donald's Death Cap.
  14. It's not really about the guns. A single-shot dogballs short derringer can kill you just as dead as an AK47 on full auto. The problem is any American with a clean history can buy a gun. If they don't want to go through the legal hoops, they can buy one (or many) at legal gun shows. A tiny percentage of those Americans will experience some kind of mental episode that makes them snap and go out and shoot lots of people and themselves. If they didn't have guns, they'd likely kick a few windows in, punch a cop or two, no dead bodies left for families to identify. The cops have to assume that every asshole has a gun and is willing to shoot them. As a result, many unarmed innocents get killed by twitchy cops. It's not going to change. America's love of gun ownership for all is stronger than America's pain over gun massacres at schools, concerts, churches, workplaces.
  15. Lost the front door key probably ten years ago. We always leave it open at night anyway, so the dog can crap outside and patrol. We live on 6 acres adjoining a national wilderness park. If snakes come in, she kills them. If mice come in, they're dead. She's also tackled wild pigs. She's a Ridgeback/Belgian Shepherd/Rottweiler cross. I sleep well. I don't want or need a gun.