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  1. Why does Trump hate women?

    He hates the ones who say "I found it, I found it.......oh no, that's my thumb. Hang on, it's gotta be here somewhere."
  2. Yanmar diesel outboard motor

    I spent some time on a 40' cat with the old Yanmar D36 diesel O/B. It was reliable, powerful enough, and reasonably economical. It was also bloody heavy, noisy, smelly, and vibrated like a bastard. Diesel stinks, the exhaust will give you cancer, moving the motor will destroy your spine or cost you crane hire, dodgy fuel can wreck your motor, etc etc. Diesel outboards are possibly good for 3rd-world fishing or workboats, but you wouldn't want one on the back of your own boat. Bloody expensive too.
  3. The smiling bearded guy in that pic looks just like my boss. Disturbing..........
  4. Why does Trump hate women?

    Far as I can tell, the Donald doesn't hate women at all. He's married three of 'em, groped who-knows how many, and some of his comments about Ivanka have been a tad off. (Of course you can't have them mouthing off in important stuff, and you don't want any old ugly ones around. You can't just grab 'em on the pussy if they're old and ugly and mouthy.)
  5. Tin pot little African country of Nambia

    It's Namibia, not Nambia. It's not little. It's a massive god-forsaken expanse of desert. I've driven across half of it. Cunt of a place.
  6. The Underlying Problem in America

    Canada sounds like a really cool place. The government isn't run by a group of greedy amoral corporate power brokers. You're not likely to get shot at random by crazies or cops, they grow good weed, they have vast tracts of untouched wilderness, they have a culture of politeness, their Prime Minister is smart, ethical, and very much in touch with reality. His hair doesn't look like fibreglassed roadkill. If it wasn't so cold, and I didn't already live in the best place on earth, I think I'd like it there. As for the OP, Pres. Eisenhower's farewell speech warned that America's biggest threat was the "military-industrial complex". He was right, and they've won.
  7. Silly arguments about statistics and specifics avoid the obvious point: America's gun laws are insane. Allowing just about anybody to own firearms, and having a gun industry lobby group ruling one of the major political parties while it provides a comfortable "we're all right and we're powerful" group mind for its members, is just another symptom of how fucked the USA has become.
  8. Americans need their guns. The British King could decide to invade and occupy at any time. That was the purpose of the 2nd Amendment, for citizens to form a "well-regulated militia" in case the Poms came back for another go. These strange ritual slaughters are becoming so commonplace that people are no longer shocked. The new awful normal.
  9. WTF Australia

    Never mind the wildlife. Australians are generally big, loud, ugly, foul-mouthed and drunk, covered in tattoos and always ready for violence. The males are not so bad, though.
  10. BMW 750 Vs Mercedes CLS?

    The big BMW has never been a really good car. The CLS is fine if you're 5'9'' or smaller. At this price point, grow up and get an S-class. There is nothing better. Even AMG couldn't really improve on it.
  11. The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump

    For it is written: "The Prince of Lies will come, and on his head will be a helmet of fibreglassed roadkill, and his head will be orange, and his fingers will be short, and his mouth will be full of televangelist teeth and lies."
  12. The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump

    One of the weirdest things is how the loony religious right seems to think that Baby Jesus personally sent this amoral shallow-as-a-summer-puddle fuckwit to be the Prez. Still, if you believe a man can walk on water and feed a few thousand people with a couple of sardines and a bread roll, I guess you can believe any far-out shit..
  13. Crosswind A380

    The Scarebus......bad enough without an over-correcting pilot.
  14. The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump

    I'm not a trained mental health professional, but nearly 40 years in the rock 'n roll business has given me endless exposure and deep insight into vicious-minded control-hungry stupid narcissists and what makes them so. Donnie (the strict rich guy's younger son) gets sent to military school for being bad. Presumably short-fingered Donnie endures a certain amount of ridicule in the showers. This twists him into a guy who's determined to win, to grind their faces into the tiles, to overcome his limited intellect and use Dad's money (and ripping off many on the way) to get rich and famous, to become The Donald, and then The Prez. Now he's talking about the Pentagon by-passing "bureaucracy" to wipe out North Korea. Without him, you've got President Pence...........
  15. The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump

    'Mericans don't seem to realize how weird they look to the rest of the world. OK, you gave us blues, jazz and rock. You gave us the electric guitar...... You also gave us rap and Miley Virus-style slut divas with no discernible talent or grace. You gave us autotune,which is a musical crime against nature. Thanks for the hamburger, GPS and NASA, but let's face it, your cars are really crap. You spend more on war machinery than the next 23 nations on the planet combined, you have the world's highest per capita prison population, and your fixation with guns is highly disturbing to normal people. Your President is quite obviously and clearly (even to a non-professional) somewhat deranged, a bit out of touch with reality. His Twitter habit, his visible lack of empathy or engagement, his unfounded grandiosity, are all indications of an individual who is a few snags short of a barbie. But serious analysis is not needed here. One look at his hair, his orangeness, is enough. I won't discuss his family other than to say that more strangeness lies there. Slightly more than half of you voted for him. His Secretary of State reckons he's a moron. I wouldn't call him a moron, more like a semi-literate sociopath with rat cunning and TV preacher instincts and hair. Good luck, y'all.........