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  1. Happy

    What a Great speech

    After the election, private citizen ex-prez Trump will have a new theme tune: Beethoven's 5th. "I refuse to answer on the grounds that I may incriminate myself." Da-da-da-daa, da-da-da-daaaaa.....
  2. Happy

    Kane West

    I think it's a good thing for the USA. Diversity, equality, etc. Voters now have a choice between a white (OK, orange....) or black clueless dumb narcissist with a slut wife. American presidential elections are becoming a clown show.
  3. Happy

    happy 4th ...

    Y'all wouldn't like it here. The food portions are small, there's not much cornstarch in everything, we don't have Cheez-Whizz. We eat a lot of weird Asian stuff. We pay extortionate prices for fuel and smokes. Our health system is wonderful, but does not cover therapy for anxiety caused by separation from your guns. On the plus side, medics here are very used to dealing with the morbidly obese. You'd have to learn to talk at a normal volume, never again brag about how much better everything is in the States, and get used to being referred to as "that Seppo cunt." I'd suggest trying Brazil......
  4. Happy

    What a Great speech

    It's a nebulous legal area. If the writer/performer don't own the publishing rights and the mechanical rights to the original recording, they don't always have veto over how the tune is used. If any music act could fuck with Trump, it would be the Stones. Their legal crew and manager Prince Rupert Lowenstein have defeated much smarter people than the Trump campaign.
  5. I'm not aware of any documented cases of ass-to-mouth Covid transmission. But it's just a matter of time.....
  6. Happy

    What a Great speech

    The Trump Show has been using Rocket Man, Can't Always Get What You Want, and I forget which Neil Young song. I suspect the idiots in charge are picking the tunes by title, without checking into the artist or getting copyright clearance. So, tunes by a flamboyant married gay Englishman, an English band with a legendary history of debauchery and rebellion, and a Canadian hippy who hated NIxon. All artists who despise Trump. All without permission, and being a Trump gig, sure as hell no royalties or licensing fees paid. All good reasons for every working musician/writer to regard Trump and all his dead-eyed brainless crew as utter cunts.
  7. Happy

    happy 4th ...

    Happy 4th guys. Thanks for the good stuff like blues, rock, and jazz, hamburgers, the cheap V-8, GPS, the internet (bit of a mixed blessing, but fucking handy), and all the science. Shame about the Hollywood/reality TV pollution, the Military-Industrial Complex and their minions, the Pharma-Insurance complex, the gun craziness, the racism, and the current state of utterly crapulous government. Wishing you all the best and good luck.
  8. Happy


    The Seven Dwarfs go on a tour to the Vatican, and are granted an audience with the Pope. They are too shy to say anything at first, but after a bit of whispering and shuffling one Dwarf asks: "Your Holiness, are there any dwarf nuns in the Vatican?" "No my son, there are no dwarf nuns in the Vatican." "Your Holiness, are there any dwarf nuns in Rome?" "No my son, there are no dwarf nuns in Rome." "Your Holiness, would there be any dwarf nuns in all of Italy?" "No my son, there are no dwarf nuns in all of Italy." There's a bit of whispering and sniggering and then the dwarfs start softly chanting: "Dopey fucked a penguin, Dopey fucked a penguin, Dopey fucked a penguin......."
  9. Some black people really don't want to be black. They've seen where the money is...
  10. Happy

    Tulsa Coronapalooza a Bust

    Great idea. Trump Voodoo dolls, complete with a large pack of needles and a book of curses. If you can keep the price under $10.00 you will sell a few million. You could also offer the luxury option: a talking Trump doll that screams every time you stick a needle in it. I'd gladly pay $20.00 for one of them.
  11. Happy

    I still call Australia home

    Pauline Hanson's reason for being here yesterday was to film a TV interview using our lovely village as a backdrop. She described Australia's Covid response as "scaremongering on the people", "out of all proportion", and called for everyone to go back to normal immediately. Asked about the spike in cases in Victoria, she said it was because they had more people, and more overseas people. She'd make a good member of Team Trump: a total moron, and addicted to that fine Senator's pay and pension package. In the real world she'd be stuck as a fast food cashier.
  12. Happy

    I still call Australia home

    Half the crowd will be musos and yachties, the other half will be tradies. Enough said.
  13. Happy

    I still call Australia home

    On a brighter note, an old mate is having an End-of-Lockdown party on Saturday. It'll be full moon, the forecast is clear skies and light winds, there'll be live music and a pig in a Hangi, cooked by a master Hangi guru who's also a good drummer and singer. The pig has been on a special diet for the last month, heaps of beer, apples, garlic and rosemary. I intend to turn up just as the food's ready to go, grab a big plate, hide in the far corner of the yard with my own 6-pack eskie, taking off my mask to eat, then masking up again and thanking the host and buggering off. There might be Victorians in the crowd......
  14. Happy

    I still call Australia home

    Very professional. "Guard these isolated possibly infected with a deadly virus quarantined people. Ensure that proper isolation and safety is maintained at all times." "No worries bro, I'll just slip in there and spend the night rooting one of 'em. Safe as."
  15. Happy

    I still call Australia home

    Mate, you didn't see the two heavies. A pair of hard-looking AFP bastards. I think they get trained by the SAS for protection duty. Not people you want to fuck with. I wonder if she's put the hard word on one of 'em during those long nights away?