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  1. Amazing response to a thread started by a known idiot. Antifa hate fascists. Anarchists hate everybody, but they hate rival anarchist groups the most. It's the Judean People's Front all over again. And "irregardless" isn't a word.
  2. Happy

    It's a New Day!

    It's a sad day for comedians the world over, they have to do some work instead of the jokes just writing themselves.
  3. Happy

    The Patriot Party

    It's far easier to hustle money from followers of a cult than from members of a party. Less reading, less paperwork, less oversight. Also, you can't run a party from jail.
  4. Happy


    Bullshit. He's been the hamburger cook at our local truck stop for the last 42 years. Fuck knows how he got here from America.
  5. Happy

    Arnold: Republicans are ‘spineless’

    Ancient as he may be, I would still love to see Arnold slapping the living shit out of Don Jr. Obviously he wouldn't hurt Eric. Real men don't bash retards.
  6. Happy

    Who paid for the Nincomcoup attempt?

    However the money was washed and funneled, you can be sure the Faithful Nincompoops paid for all of it. Trump has received more than $200mill in donations since he lost the election. The sheep have deep pockets, and shit for brains. I'd say Donnie's days of getting shored up by Russian mystery money are over.
  7. Living like royalty and shunned by their neighbours, stressing about possible lawsuits and federal charges, knowing Daddy's money is about to take a hammering, and Jared's debts might not get refinanced either, and Ivanka's worried she needs another facelift, and they haven't fucked in months, and the kids keep whining because they're deeply insecure, and they're pretty sure one of the SS guards took a dump in one of their six toilets, and nobody calls with invitations anymore, and the local florist and deli want payment in cash in advance, and and ......... There's more than one kind of jail.
  8. Happy

    Looting the White House

    I don't know why this surprises or shocks anyone, it's standard mobster style. In any case they'll probably only steal the most gaudy ugly shit. Hopefully the original copy of the Constitution is under heavy guard. Trump might want to wipe his ass on it for real. More importantly, one would hope that after the massive Hazmat Covid cleaning, they check the joint out thoroughly for bugs. The Prez's buddy Czar Vlad could supply the tech. Obviously none of the Trump family would be involved in placing the bugs. They're all much too dumb.
  9. No, just normal rich people who don't want to associate with scum.
  10. If the Trump family's nanny hadn't resisted the urge to strangle the little shit at age 4, none of this would have happened.
  11. Happy

    Rudy Gets Stiffed

    Rudy might find this painful. The stiffing he'll be getting in the place where he's going will be much more painful, and frequent.
  12. Happy

    weirdest & dumbest

    Gawddamn vote-stealing nigger-loving liberal commie Jew educated types are not AMERICANS!
  13. Happy


    She's doing OK for a low-IQ badly educated victim of prolonged paternal sexual abuse. Dunno what she's going to do when Daddy's broke and in jail with Jared.
  14. Happy

    weirdest & dumbest

    Good ol' boys know how to use that for opening cans.........Africans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans......
  15. Happy

    Trump's wild inauguration day exit

    If the Capitol terrorists are on a no-fly list, surely the guy who told them to go there should be grounded too? Inciting an attack with the intention of murdering the VP and overthrowing an election shouldn't result in a free ride on AF1. (Unless they bundle him out the door at 30,000 feet.)