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  1. Rules are for civilized people. When you're dealing with suicidal maniacs intent on destroying anyone who doesn't share their beliefs, rules go out the window. Sometimes the "civilized" become monsters themselves in the process. This is the reality of the world, far from your comfortable peaceful affluent suburb. Someone you really wouldn't like is keeping you safe.
  2. Hmmm........Rich White Cunts......great name for a punk band.
  3. Well, after diving with sharks, fighting off savage killer drop bears, playing a game of footy and wrestling a crocodile, it's time for lunch. After a whole barbied lamb, two buckets of prawns and forty beers, it seems like a good idea to go and fuck around on the computer, maybe make a few bucks off some drongo in the States............ Just another day in the Lucky Country.
  4. I'm a bit mystified by the attention given to this fuckwit. Is he that big in the USA? His music was lowest-common-denominator moronic, he got rich and (sorta) famous mainly by wearing a loincloth and being painfully fucking loud. Ted does love wildlife though..........with just a bit of salt and pepper on a really hot grill. For a guy who's been a lifelong teetotaller and drug-free, he does seem to be losing his mind anyway.
  5. The Bear - Robert Ernest Hite

    "Sun is shinin' down, the Bear is rollin' in the shade." ---- John Mayall, Blues from Laurel Canyon.
  6. Trump's Balls

    It is becoming very obvious that Putin has The Donald's nuts in a monkey grip. The entire civilized world has reacted strongly to Putin's attempt to murder two people in the UK with nerve gas. Many Russian diplomats expelled, much strong condemnation. Yet POTUS hasn't said a word against him, as usual. Is it just the fact that Russian money is all that keeps Trump's business empire afloat, or did Donald do something awful that ex-spy Putin knows about? Has he got pictures of ol' orange head frolicking with KGB hookers, or is it something much, much worse? The Russians basically got the idiot elected, and now it's growing clear that they own him. This could be the most successful Russian intelligence operation of all time.
  7. I Swear this is NOT the Onion

    So this today's reality if you're a school kid in the USA: Regular gun attack drills. A bucket of rocks to defend yourself with. The real possibility that some nutter tooled up with rapid-fire big-magazine gear is going to come in and try to kill you all. The real possibility that the weirdest and creepiest teacher is going to start wearing a pearl-handled .45 to school. Poor kids.

    Genius?! You've obviously never owned a 70's Alfa. More a matter of style, and good taste.

    Never owned a British car, I was much too smart for that. Instead my first three cars were 70's Alfa Romeos......... (I nearly bought a very affordable Porsche 911 once, until I found out it was welded together from two write-offs. The front end was from a 912.)
  10. Bareboat Charter Whitsundays

    Thanks. Best laugh I've had all day. There are a couple of boats that don't do the loud doof-doof and massive drunkenness, but they're a minority. Oh, and I wouldn't recommend British Defender........apparently there is still a lingering whiff from last year's Great Holding Tank Disaster.........
  11. I Swear this is NOT the Onion

    Why not do the obvious American thing? Arm all the kids, have a shooting range at every school with compulsory practice from 8-years-old up. High school kids do moving target tactical drills. A few good sniper facilities for the gifted kids. Teachers would have full automatic rifles, to maintain classroom authority. Little kids start with .22 revolvers, big kids get Glocks. This would end school shootings, and create wealth and jobs in the firearms industry. Schools would need literally millions of guns. (I should be President of the NRA.)
  12. Breaking news in Australai.....

    New business idea: "Constipated? No expensive harsh drugs needed, just call Rent-A-Dunny-Snake. Reasonable rates, we'll make you shit for sure!"
  13. The most powerful country in the "free" world is being run by a bunch of ignorant buffoons and weirdos. Comedy with a bitter taste. The most outstanding thing so far is how Putin appears to have a firm grip on Donnie's balls. The Russians could probably nuke Ukraine without much response from the orange baboon.
  14. Breaking news in Australai.....

    Not even a teeny tiny minor massacre all week. Also nobody got eaten by a shark/croc/dingo/fucking huge python. I think we need to keep very quiet about all this. Don't want the place overrun by Yanks seeking a safe place to live.
  15. My new Thai girlfriend tells me that having a small penis shouldn't interfere with having a satisfying love life. I still wish she didn't have one..........