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  1. alctel

    The blight of generators

    I was amazed in Mexico how many Americans I saw wearing Trump gear, you'd think that people wouldn't want to be associated with him considering all the shit he's said about Mexico/Mexicans One guy was even wearing a t-shirt about the wall!
  2. alctel

    R2AK 2020

    It's Zesty, but it's not just in the big seas sense (though there are a few areas that would definately qualify) It also can be damn cold, there is often shit everywhere in the water (inc huge logs), big currents and the wind switches often from millpond to howling with little in between. The landscape and animals are spectacular however
  3. alctel

    Brexit, WTF

    Plus if The Daily Mail, the Sun, the Express and Trump are all for something, that's probably not what you want.
  4. alctel

    Brexit, WTF

    Also if I hear 'but the will of the people was in the referendum' one more time I'm going to roll my eyes so hard I'll pass out All polls indicate that put to a second referendum with the information they have today (the reality of a no deal exit being the main one but also the scale of the lies the leave side were saying and changing demographics) the results would be very different, so why push ahead with something that noone wants I was originally 'well we should really leave as that was what people wanted' even though I voted remain but as the scale of the damage that would happen became apparent (plus the absolute massive misinformation campaign the leave side did (including all the Cambridge Analytics stuff plus all the lying that continues right now!)) I've fully switched back to staying in
  5. alctel

    Brexit, WTF

    Feeling pretty hopeful we can maybe avoid a no deal to be honest. And this is exactly how Parliament is supposed to work, fucking no-one wants a no deal except the rich people who have money riding on it after shorting the pound (and want to avoid the new EU tax dodging stuff)
  6. alctel

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    Congrats Jeanne! Quite the welcome back
  7. alctel

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    Lots of people on the breakwater too
  8. alctel

    Brexit, WTF

    I can't believe they kicked out Ken Clarke
  9. alctel

    Brexit, WTF

    Well all recent polls show up to 70% of people opposed to a no deal exit, so closing down parliament to force through a no deal exit doesn't sound very freedomish Neither does removing the ability of millions of people the freedom to live and work in other countries
  10. alctel

    Brexit, WTF

  11. alctel

    Brexit, WTF

    It's also sadly funny to see how much several of the prominent brexiteers have shorted against the pound Britain exits, it's bad for everyone except those who pushed it through
  12. alctel

    Brexit, WTF

    I can't believe people are still defending them forcing through something 70% of people are against by suspending, just so rich people can avoid the new EU tax dodging regulations
  13. alctel

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    Honestly, Victoria is pretty hip nowadays. Booming tech industry, great restaurant scene and a lot of young people Unfortunately that's made rent prices go up, but you can't have everything I've just had a hernia operation but will try to drag my carcass out to the breakwater or wherever (maybe the fuel dock?) to welcome her back in
  14. alctel

    Brexit, WTF

    Has anyone posted this yet really breaks it down very simply why leaving is a shit idea that will just make a few very rich people even richer
  15. alctel

    boy is this girl in for a surprise..

    If you are talking about the second hand smoke thing, interestingly the tobacco companies used the same PR companies that the energy companies are now, and the same tactics. Obsucate and confuse. Emissions haven't declined significantly though? Where did you get that data? The US is actually doing 'ok' at reducing emissions, but that's mostly due to state level action. A green new deal kinda thing would reduce it so much more as well as creating a shit-ton of new jobs and cleaner water and air The reason a lot of younger people are pissed at the boomer generation is that the boomers are overwhelmingly the group that doesn't believe in the seriousness of climate change and regularly vote in shitty politicians who carry on wrecking the planet for profit. Look at CF for examples - any climate change topic there immediately gets shouted down by yells of 'al gore' and 'the planets actually getting colder!!!!!!" - because it's user base is primarily boomer age men. Oil corps are shitty because they've known about the impact of their emissions since the 60's and have done their hardest to cover it up - including buying up patents and sitting on them to reduce emissions (because it would cost them a bit of money), hiring PR firms to generate bunk science and create a 'debate' about the issue. They also have massively powerful lobby groups and at least in Canada, get billions of dollars in subsidies, while refusing to clean up their old sites. I mean everyone has lobbyists, but the oil companies have by far, and I mean by FAR, the most.