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  1. Team NZ

    Lets not get too carried away, remember 1. This is Oracle and they've come back from here before 2. They've got 5 days to modify the boat 3. They've got unlimited dosh 4. They are proven cheaters with questionable sportsmanship. The fat lady isn't warming up yet - the next race is critical
  2. Pft, that's what we thought after 8 days racing last-time, and look how that fookin ended.
  3. Team NZ

    Yup, same happened with me - pricks! I just hope this thing is wrapped up within 31 days so I can cancel the Fanpass without it rolling for another $99. Jeez I hate Sky
  4. Best Helmsman in AC35 so far

    Im not saying hes not a good sailor, just not in the same league as the other three.
  5. Best Helmsman in AC35 so far

    Spitall at #2 ?!?!? Puleeease. I think you're letting Larrys chequebook influence your ranking. Spitall and Barker are the weakest in this bunch by a long shot. Neither would have accomplished much if it wasn't for someone else's expertise and money. Ainlsie, Burling and Outteridge are all internationally accomplished one design sailors which places them head and shoulders above those two
  6. One Ton Cup Revival 2014

    And just like today
  7. Some of my old sailing photos 2

    They are just drop dead gorgeous Bob. I had pictures of them on my wall when I was a kid in the '80's and fantasized about sailing on them when in my opti (painted my first opti red and white like Hitch-hiker) Now own a converted ’83 Dubois 42ft 2 tonner and wouldn’t have anything else this side of $¼ mil Wire halyards, hydraulics = big kahunas
  8. Restoration Ron Holland IOR racer Flirt of Paget (2)

    +1. Just beautiful FOP, absolutely beautiful
  9. as this shows the 'frames' appear to be 48" on center and the 'stringer' appear to be 6" on center. no indication of how the floors are to be installed. I don't see any floors. In boatbuilding parlance floors are the pieces of wood (usually, but they can be fabricated or cast from steel or bronze) that tie together the heels of the frames and the keel. In this case it wouldn't take much bad luck like bouncing off a rock to split the boat open at the garboards. Also, is there anything backing up the plywood butt joints on the inside of the hull? If not, is a grave omission. There should be hefty butt blocks of either plywood or multiple layers of biaxial tape all set in epoxy backing up those seams. If there is any inward flex, like say from another boat bumping into the hull, those seams will open up like a zipper. Big waves could be worse. The reality looks like that boat isn't much more heavily built than an 18' plywood power sharpie I built about ten years ago. It had a 1/2" MDO bottom and 3/8" MDO sides. And it was a pretty lightly built boat for it's length. Dockrat if you're still listening, you should seriously think about adding a several bulkheads inside those hulls. They will stiffen up your very light framing. Also, adding another layer or two of 5/8" ply to the outside being careful to overlap the seams will really help strengthen up what I imagine you've found is more delicate hull than you bargained for. Informed and helpful advice has no place in this thread. If it did, and it was listened to by Rot Rod, this 56 page train wreck wouldnt exist. Dont try and spoil the fun, alot of morbid facination has been invested here over the years
  10. Falcon, Tripp/Goetz 50 on Craigslist

    Theres allot of presumptions, assumptions and gragarious numbers being thrown around on this thread, hence here is my experience of refurbishing old race boats, Several years back i bought an old alloy IOR 2 tonner for the same price as a reasonable 30 footer. I put her on the hard and modified the cabin head to allow more standing head-room downstairs smashed the old racing interior out sandblasted the interior back to bare metal, made repairs wear necessary, and recoated then hull interior. new three cabin (2 double) cruising interior New electrics New plumbing Repainted deck and hull Refurbished all hardware Refloated her and are progressively replacing standing and running rigging Upgrading sails as good, used sails pop up on the second hand market. At the end off all this, ive got a fast cruiser racer that can be sailed single handed, raced fully crewed by a bunch of average weekend worriers, cruised by myself and partner and/or with 6 friends comfortably, and regularly puts Bene Firsts upto 47ft behind her transom, much to my immence amusement. Admittedly i did all the work myself, or with tradies working for cash. But the end result is a fun 42fter that provides huge fun and at a price 2/3rds the brokers valuation (and comparible boats) are selling for. So all yee who say fixing up old race boats is a waste of time and money, i say, eat my shorts
  11. Falcon, Tripp/Goetz 50 on Craigslist

    +1, well said I'll add a +2
  12. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Ive always had a morbid facination with Chieftans. No idea who the designer is
  13. Restoration Ron Holland IOR racer Flirt of Paget (2)

    Come-on FOB, more pics!!! Ya drivin me crazy. I want to see your baby in its full gloss glory
  14. Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Im not sure, I was pretty young back them, but ill ask the folks. They probably have some polaroids of my potty trainin if your are interested.
  15. Some of my old sailing photos 2

    is that the old Fisher and Paykel?