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  1. MisterMoon

    Aerodynamics of sail platform on boom

    How would you know for sure this would be any better with regard to windage than before? I wouldn't want the sharp edged sheet metal up there at any rate. Seems like a serious crew safety issue waiting to happen.
  2. MisterMoon

    God I Am Beginning to Hate LA News

    All local news is terrible. In Atlanta, the local news starts at 4 pm. Most of the content is designed to keep you there so you can watch all the local car and furniture ads. They either tease the story you're actually interested in as "coming up later" (meaning in the middle of the 6 pm newscast) or worse, they dribble out the story bit by bit over 2 and a half hours of commercials. Another trend I find execrable is that every story is reported "live on the scene". A bad accident at 10 am tied up traffic for four hours? The reporter giving the summary will be standing at the spot where it happened at 11 pm telling us about something that happend at that exact spot 12 hours ago. It's unnecessary and not at all interesting. I stopped watching a long time ago. But at the same time I do grieve at the loss of good local news. We are woefully uninformed about what's actually going on around here.
  3. MisterMoon

    Help me cure my polynavicular morbus

    I figured out the other day that since 1982, I've had at 27 different boats, most purchased, but I built 3 of them. Right now we've still got 8, but most of them are kayaks of one sort or another. I don't have a problem, I can quit any time. Sorry I don't need an Ericson 35-2......yet.
  4. MisterMoon

    Bob Dylan - The SECOND best lyricist?

    Isbell (see the OP) is a truly great lyricist, and pretty much at the top or my list. His former Drive-by-Truckers bandmates Mike Cooley and Patterson Hood are really good too.
  5. MisterMoon

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    I bet the pulpit was donated by the Tuna.
  6. MisterMoon

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Nope. Not 'shopped.
  7. MisterMoon

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Picture this: a proa, made from a derelict Stiletto 27 hull, with longitudinally sawed in half Santana 20 grafted onto one side and a beach cat hull for an ama. It exists. He calls it "Hot Mess". And I admire it (and the builder) greatly for the no-fucks-given ethos. First test launch and runs under power gave 7+knots on 4 hp.
  8. MisterMoon

    best 2018 Handheld?

    I had an ICOM M36 that was very good until I finally killed it after about 8 years of out and out abuse. I sail really wet small boats and kayaks, so my radios get tested pretty hard. It had the issue with the battery contacts corroding as others described. I wound up replacing it last year with a Standard Horizon HX300. I like that the SH charges faster via USB than the ICOM. It also fits better in the pocket in my PFD. It seems to work as well as the ICOM and was cheaper to purchase. I hope I didn't make a mistake.
  9. MisterMoon

    Leeboards on a CLC Northeaster Dory

    The way my EC boat's CB worked, it might as well have been a daggerboard. My board wasn't weighted which required a downhaul to keep in deployed. On four ECs with it, I hit bottom a few times each challenge. But it was never a big deal. Kick the downhaul out of its cam cleat and we were sailing again. It's not that much different to raise a daggerboard a few inches. The only EC boat I remember tearing out a daggerboard trunk was a Laser. FG boats are bit more brittle than wood epoxy builds like your CLC dory. You're more likely to damage the trailing edge of the board than you are to damage the trunk.
  10. MisterMoon

    The Four Carbon Cutters project

    Yes please. Only $3.5MM? But first I'll need find a few more mysterious items to put in the mystery space.
  11. MisterMoon

    The Four Carbon Cutters project

    Been following this one on FB. Was hoping to see it here. I like when you post links to PDFs so I can perv out on um, admire your drawings in exquisite detail. This one is a lot closer to what I would have done with these boats. I like the rumpus room aft cabin a lot.
  12. MisterMoon

    Leeboards on a CLC Northeaster Dory

    Too many times I've seen where inexperienced people building boats from plans start to "solve" perceived problems with the design before ever getting the boat on the water. I've seen people double planking thickness on plywood boats out of the perception that 6mm is too thin to survive impact. The result was a heavy boat and complaints that it didn't sail well and the designer was blamed. I've seen people drastically change sailplans and complain the boat won't sail. I've seen them eliminate centerboards in favor of chine runners and complain the boat won't go to windward. The OP appears to have taken the best advice and will build the boat to plan. Good move. Personally, I don't think daggerboards are as big a problem as some folks make them out to be. As long as you build them correctly and sail smart, hitting the bottom isn't a huge deal. What generally happens is the boat stops, you pull up the board a bit, and then sail off. I don't have anything against leeboards per se, but the boat and rig have to be designed out the outset to use them. One concern with leeboards is that they do make it difficult to right a capsized boat since they don't really give you anything to hold onto and multiply your leverage like a dagger- or centerboard.
  13. MisterMoon

    What a money pit!

    Good grades and an ACT score of 32 or greater will get you a lot. Was worth ~$150,000 in our case. Wish I could have gotten my done to have taken this to heart in his first year and a half of high school. He missed one scholarship level by 0.06 points on his GPA that will cost ~$35000 over 4 years.
  14. MisterMoon

    EC2018 Thread

    Just buy her. You know you will. Worth it too.