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  1. Our county police department has a detective who has nearly a full time job investigating embezzlement and fraud from public school booster clubs. My wife used to work the VFW bingo to fund raise for my daughter's HS marching band. The band boosters were about to give up their spot at the VFW because it wasn't making any money. Then we figured out that the band parent lady who'd been running it was siphoning off the cash for her own use. In the last year before she got caught, she pocketed $40,000. We figure she got at least that much per year for the previous 2 years, but she burned all the documentation before the police finally brought her in. She plead guilty, sentenced to 24 months, got out in 12. Lost her husband, her job, her house, most of her friends, her savings, and any respect anyone had for her. Same school, the head of the cheerleading booster club got arrested for stealing $30,000.
  2. That puts me in the minority I suppose. I like both bands. I haven't see Wilco live, but have seen Farrar in one the later iterations of Son Volt about 8 years ago. As much as I like Jay's music, he's a terrible performer and would probably skip it next time. From what I've seen, Tweedy has a sense of humor on stage and tries to establish some kind of connection with the audience. With Jay, he just stands there sings and you might as well be watching it on TV. Jeff Tweedy and Wilco epitomize the dad-rock genre. Since I'm a dad I guess it speaks to me on some level.
  3. Moi? I think not.
  4. May we all survive our youth. No one likes going to a teenager's funeral.
  5. The neighbor boy was extremely lucky. Low head dams like that create terminal hydraulics. It's extraordinarily easy to drown in those things. Please tell him to never do that again, and have him watch this.
  6. Who exactly is the market for this boat? I'm not feeling this one.
  7. What a terrible website design. All style and you never get a good idea of what the boat actually looks like.
  8. Ditto.
  9. Jim Brown put up a nice tribute to Meade this morning on his podcast. It's worth your time to listen to learn a bit more about a remarkable man. Im in Michigan on business today and drove by the Gougeon Bros, it put a catch in the old throat.
  10. No the Pathfinder was another guy's boat. It belongs to a fellow WT sailor "Deke". I saw it about two years ago in Tavernier while it was still under construction.
  11. The didgeridoo might have an unfortunate accident if if found its way onto my boat. It would go in the same 'locker' with the bagpipes.
  12. Meade and Jan were two men I admired very much. I'm glad I got to spend some time with Meade and get to know him a little bit. I'm on my way to Bay City tomorrow (for an unrelated business trip.) I plan to hoist a glass in his honor while I'm there.
  13. I'm so sad to hear this. I've met him a few times and shared a memorable meal with him a few years ago. Meade and Jan are were two my heroes for all they accomplished. I heard last week that he was in hospice with a recurrence of melanoma he'd been dealing with for a long time. The last time I saw him, he reminded me that on my next trip to Michigan that I should give him a call and he would show me around Gougeon Bros in Bay City. Ironically, I'll be in the area on Thursday. I intend to find a bar in Bay City and lift a glass in his honor. I'll miss seeing him sailing along faster than anyone at 78 had the right to be during my next EC. Vale Meade.
  14. The stick is probably carries the transponder for a depth finder. Not the black cable leading into the cockpit. It's pretty much impossible to get one to shoot through a plank on frame hull.
  15. I was going to chime in here and say this. ^ It's gotta be a Blue Moon.