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  1. The Zombie Fleet

    I'm totally stealing that.
  2. The Zombie Fleet

    It’s Allatoona. They filmed parts of Ozark there. The Blue Cat Lounge set is about seven miles up the road from my house. The beached houseboat is located between Victoria and Harbor Town marinas on the Etowah River side of Allatoona.
  3. College Football 2017

  4. The Zombie Fleet

    Not sunk yet, but will be come April when the Corps brings the lake back to full pool.
  5. College Football 2017

    In other news the mighty Kennesaw State Owls defeated Montana State with a late field goal. For a program that's only in it's third season, they are impressive at 8-1.
  6. Bogan of the week FP - Trimaran

    I sell millions of kg annually of dangerous chemicals in the same 1000 liter IBCs they are using for fuel tanks. Those things are very tough. The issue isn't the integrity of the container, it''s more about how they are mounted.
  7. There was that time when I screwed up...

    My first EC aboard my old DS2. Besides the embarrassing YouTube taken by Uncooperative Tom video of all the trouble I had getting the boat off the beach. (It's been been posted many times before, so I won't bother.) In all my nerves and exhaustion of getting the boat off the beach, I forgot how the centerboard tackle worked and tried to sail upwind for about 15 miles with no board down. I sailed five miles offshore and all the way back to the beach wondering "why the hell won't this damned boat point?" I got in the water about 740 am and didn't figure it out until about 1230 pm. That was the start of a long day and night and the next morning.
  8. Who can answer all my questions about Atlanta

    Ditto on living near your work. My office is in my basement, so the traffic isn’t a bother. My only commute is to and from the airport any more, not every week, and I pretty much use Uber all the time now. If I had to do it again I’d live in the walking neighborhoods in town as opposed the burbs where I am now. Decatur would be my first choice. Lots of great little restaurants (I’d eat at Chai Pani 3 days a week) and music and fun to be had. As for the burbs, if you can live close enough to walk into Roswell, it’s a good scene too. It’s closer to Lanier as well. Dont bother sailing Allatoona if you have a choice. It’s a lovely lake, much less development on the shores, but it’s better suited to a pontoon boat. It’s very narrow and surrounded by big hills which make for swirly gusty conditions when there’s wind.
  9. College Football 2017

    Georgia-Florida should have gone home and home years ago. But too many UGA alum have condos (or time shares on Amelia Island) and don't want to give up their weekend on the beach. I'm looking forward the SEC championship game, where the real national championship will be decided this year.
  10. Who can answer all my questions about Atlanta

    I don't know much about LLSC, but Atlanta Yacht Club on Allatoona has a pretty active dinghy racing program, mostly Thistles, also Snipes and Y-Flyers. Sailing on Allatoona is great if you like 50 degree windshifts, big swirly gusts, big holes, and lots of powerboat wakes. (This is where I sail most of the time...) No one really sails in the summer as there is very little wind. It's not bad in the fall in spring when there are stronger and more consistent winds. But it's still a light wind venue. Atlanta is a sprawling metropolis about 100 miles in diameter. It's routinely divided by ITP-OTP. Inside the Perimeter vs. Outside the Perimeter, the perimeter being Interstate 285, our ring road around the city. Only real public transport options are ITP. Cost of living varies widely depending upon where you live. There's plenty of nice real estate for less than $300K OTP, the same property ITP might be almost a million. If you live OTP and work ITP, be aware traffic sucks. Coming and going on I75, I85, and GA400 from north of the city are parking lots every day at rush hour.
  11. Forum upgrade??

    No new content button. Boo.
  12. Wahine 26

    I hope for their sake they sell a bunch of them. But, my gut tells me the market for a $192,000 26' sailboat is pretty small. That they went forward with the project is a triumph of hope over reason, I'm afraid. Good on them for trying, especially if they used somebody else's money to fund it!
  13. More Teachers Behaving Badly

    Our county police department has a detective who has nearly a full time job investigating embezzlement and fraud from public school booster clubs. My wife used to work the VFW bingo to fund raise for my daughter's HS marching band. The band boosters were about to give up their spot at the VFW because it wasn't making any money. Then we figured out that the band parent lady who'd been running it was siphoning off the cash for her own use. In the last year before she got caught, she pocketed $40,000. We figure she got at least that much per year for the previous 2 years, but she burned all the documentation before the police finally brought her in. She plead guilty, sentenced to 24 months, got out in 12. Lost her husband, her job, her house, most of her friends, her savings, and any respect anyone had for her. Same school, the head of the cheerleading booster club got arrested for stealing $30,000.
  14. My newest project

    That puts me in the minority I suppose. I like both bands. I haven't see Wilco live, but have seen Farrar in one the later iterations of Son Volt about 8 years ago. As much as I like Jay's music, he's a terrible performer and would probably skip it next time. From what I've seen, Tweedy has a sense of humor on stage and tries to establish some kind of connection with the audience. With Jay, he just stands there sings and you might as well be watching it on TV. Jeff Tweedy and Wilco epitomize the dad-rock genre. Since I'm a dad I guess it speaks to me on some level.