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  1. MisterMoon

    onboard coffee??

    My daughter bought one of those hand grinder pictured above. What a pain in the ass that thing is. It might be ok if you're only making a cup or two at a time, but it takes forever to get enough grounds to make a decent sized pot. She insists it's worth the trouble; I just don't see it.
  2. MisterMoon

    onboard coffee??

    Ditto this. We used to keep a drip coffee maker in our camper, but replaced it with a French press. Makes much better coffee than just about any other way.
  3. MisterMoon

    what is it?

    The drawings make it look like the first(?) boat to have the hybrid wing Randy Smyth has been working on for a couple of years. Did it make to the final form?
  4. MisterMoon

    College Football 2018

    Nooo! We want to keep Bohannon at KSU. But if he wins the FCS this year, that might be hard to do.
  5. MisterMoon

    This should end well

    I've been to Israel a lot. Dock space is pretty sparse in Tel Aviv/Jaffa, and Haifa ain't all that big either. Might want to ask if they want it first and how much it's going to cost to keep tied up somewhere. I think the answers will be "no, hell no" and "a lot more than you have."
  6. MisterMoon

    College Football 2018

  7. MisterMoon

    Coolboats to admire

    Hey, I"ve got a Sonderklasse right here in my kitchen. Hijack!
  8. MisterMoon

    Before You Throw Away that Turkey Carcass - Round 2

    What a coincidence. I've got a spatchcocked turkey in the smoker right now. (And some chicken leg quarters in case I need a snack later this afternoon.) Watching.
  9. MisterMoon

    Coolboats to admire

    So that's what squaw candy is! How did I miss that when I was out there last year? Would eat that all day long.
  10. MisterMoon

    Coolboats to admire

    Has Sponberg ever drawn an attractive boat?
  11. MisterMoon

    College Football 2018

    That was a pretty fun game to watch. Son turned it on and cursed OSU all the way through it, was pissed with MD choked on the final play. He so doesn't like Urban.... Funnest game today was Jacksonville State at Kennesaw State, played at Suntrust Park (Atlanta Braves stadium). Five(!!!) OTs, Kennesaw wins. Go Owls. I expect them to do well in the FCS playoffs.
  12. MisterMoon

    College Football 2018

    My point exactly. The west is is so weak even FL can win...
  13. MisterMoon

    College Football 2018

    I' d rather see stronger non-conference schedules. Those games against teams like LA-Lafayette, Arkansas State, and The Citadel are real snoozers. They are money makers for weak teams, so it's kind of a charity I suppose. But it's not Bama's fault their conference schedule isn't so tough this year. The SEC West is pretty weak compared to the Tide. And except for UGA, so is the east.
  14. MisterMoon

    How many lines are on your boat?

    Two on my Hobie tandem island: sheet and furler. Not smart enough for more. Just ask .22Tom, he’s not smart enough for any more either!
  15. MisterMoon

    College Football 2018

    After a 4 quarter back and forth shootout, WVU goes for two and the win with 0:16 in the game and pulls it off over Texas. Most exciting game I've seen this year. In other news, UF get kicked in the nads at home by Mizzou 38-17. Someone's nutty 'neighbor' will have to retreat even deeper into his delusion to find the bright side in this one...