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  1. They feel fast but really aren't. (I've got one). Tons of fun though. when you're really going under sail, the fast thing to do is pull the drives and drop in the filler block into the well.
  2. MisterMoon

    A big project!

    Tim and Pauline Carr have a 28' Falmouth quay punt, Curlew, over 100 years old now. They famously restored it by cold molding a wooden skin over the old girl. Eventually they took Curlew around the world and wound up as curators of the whaling museum on South Georgia Island. Much has been written by and about them over the years. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/sports/1999/04/13/around-the-world-without-leaving-home/7080c67f-8bb3-4608-bc51-f4b70be9437f/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.b8d08029d32c
  3. MisterMoon

    A big project!

    Was this Tim Carr and CURLEW? Sure sounds like it could be.
  4. MisterMoon

    Kat Ketch rigs

    I'm a big fan of cat ketches, owned a Core Sound 17 for 6 or 7 years before selling it last year. They are super easy to sail, super fun reaching and running, especially with a mizzen staysail. They don't go upwind like meter boats, but they do fine for my purposes. My boat would sail through 105-115 degrees (GPS tracks) and rough water could make that worse. My light CB boat made a lot of leeway, so I don't know how much of the wide angles was just from the rig. I reshaped the foils in a refit in the last year I owned it and found a couple of degrees of angle as a result. I did several Everglades Challenges on it and did well, including coming in 10th overall in the difficult 2016 race. I only sold it because it didn't fit my current situation very well which meant I didn't use it enough. I fully intend to buy another one when I have more space to store multiple boats. If I were commissioning a big cruising boat, it would definitely be a cat ketch.
  5. MisterMoon

    She's a clean, white girl.

    Her story reminds me of an episode of one of the real-life cop shows. A pretty Cali girl gets pulled over for speeding, tries to talk her way out getting the ticket. Says "please officer, don't write me up because police officers don't give pretty girls tickets." Officer responds "No we don't", tears the citation off his pad, hands it to her and walks away. Sick burn.
  6. MisterMoon

    Margot Kidder DTS

    And insider trading, apparently. (bad link)
  7. MisterMoon

    You know someone really screwed up when...

  8. MisterMoon

    SUV anarchy

    I didn't save a copy of the invoice unfortunately so I don't know the exact numbers but I got it for around $850 below. I was conducting simultaneous negotiations via phone/email with seven different dealers for the exact model/color/option so I feel like got a good enough deal. At the end I realize I may have left a couple hundred bucks on the table, but it wasn't worth the hassle. I am proud of the fact I got them to zero out all the no-value BS (paint/upholstery protection, nitrogen in the tires for $299, lifetime dent protection, etc.) they try to stick you with to raise the "actual market value" $900 to $1500 over MSRP depending on the dealer.
  9. MisterMoon

    SUV anarchy

    Paying this off: Got what was FMV for the wrecked van, about $5,000. We wound up buying a 2018 Ford Explorer. Was able to negotiate a discount of $7,000 below MSRP and got 0% financing. So far I'm in the hole over $30K for this wreck that wasnt' our fault.
  10. MisterMoon

    Bush plane porn

    Variable pitch props have been around for a long time. It's a pretty solid technology, IMO. If you've ever flown on a short hop prop jet airliner you've been on a plane with them. I used to fly aboard those awful Saab 340s out of MSP all the time, often as not sitting directly across from the propeller. But I have to admit it was pretty interesting watching the prop pitch change during taxi, takeoff and especially after landing where they'd reverse the pitch to slow the plane.
  11. MisterMoon

    You know someone really screwed up when...

    A couple of years ago I installed a handrail on the one step up from my garage to my house to aid my elderly father's coming and going. I used one of those ultrasonic stud finders to locate a stud and screwed the railing hardware right there. The next day my wife asked why the drywall was all wet around the screws. Turns out the "stud" I used was the PVC sewer drain from the upstairs. Easy enough to fix, though. I cut a hole in the drywall and slathered a bunch of 5200 in the holes. Still good to this day, but someday I will need to cover the hole so an inspector can't find it when I go to sell the house.
  12. MisterMoon

    Found the Worst Boat Ever?

    Everyone knows sanding and painting is the easiest and least time consuming part of boat building.
  13. MisterMoon

    SUV anarchy

    We're going to look at the Ascent when my buddy gets one in next week. It looks good on paper, I do worry about first examples of the first year of a new model, though. My '13 Outback has 75K on it. I'm hardly driving it all anymore, though. My commute is either to my basement office or the airport. And for the last 8 months I'm taking Lyft to the airport instead of driving the 80 mile round trip once or sometimes twice a week. Glad to hear yours is going strong with twice the miles. Based on that I hope I can expect mine to last a good long time. That it's been such a good car is the only reason I'm willing to give the Ascent a chance. In the meantime I've started getting my ducks in a row to negotiate with the other guy's insurance to get the maximum settlement for my poor wrecked van. KBB is something like $4000, but I'm finding ads all over the place for the same vehicle as the one that got wrecked with similarly low miles for $6,000-$9,000. We'll see what they come back with, but I'm not going to accept their lowball first offer. I'm still pissed that I've got to replace a vehicle that I planned to drive another 4-5 years and spend $35,000-40,000 right now that I wasn't planning on until the kids were all out college. The other issue is my has an injury to her hand from that isn't getting better very fast, we may need to have some discussions about that as well.
  14. MisterMoon

    Tour de France - 2018

    Ugh. Coverage tomorrow starts at 600 am here on the east coast. Thank goodness for Youtube TV. I've got it set to record and won't look at any internet until I watch it. I'm hoping we see some real attacks on the Alp d'Huez tomorrow. Also, WTF was Nibali and team thinking taking over the pacing duties from Sky today? Why would anyone give them a break?
  15. MisterMoon

    Found the Worst Boat Ever?

    Methinks the bootstripe is a little optimistic and nowhere close to reality. If you could borrow it for a day it might be fun to have a contest predict the waterline. Five dollars a guess and the winner takes the pot.