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  1. avenger79

    Anyone have backyard chickens?

    yep, our's would come when called. . LOL
  2. avenger79

    Anyone have backyard chickens?

    we had chickens for many years. first thing I learned was you build your coop to keep things out not to keep the chickens in. our coop (building is 5' x 8' and tall enough for us to easily walk in to collect eggs. the outdoor pen is 15' x 30' mesh on top, heavy fencing sides dug in to the ground 6 inches. lots of perches and temporary houses within it. where you put them will be stripped of grass quickly. if you let them free range you will lose some to predators. GA is pretty warm so probably no worries in winter, I ran a heat lamp in the coop for them. they are fun to keep, we have stopped now as they take time, and we want to do some traveling
  3. avenger79

    Ever paint a sail? Murder out a Laser?

    wouldn't it be easier to dye it?
  4. avenger79


  5. congrats on the boat purchase. sounds like a perfect solution, should be a great time for you and the family sailing her.
  6. avenger79

    For Any Vietnam Vets

    nice pin, it is good to be honored, but some are not, nor will they ever be ready. My dad has only spoken to me once about his time in Vietnam and that was as I was leaving for Desert Storm. I wish I could get him to wear a pin like that but it wouldn't happen.
  7. avenger79

    a hot topic fur shur, pizza making

    olive oil on crust. sauce than cheese than toppings than maybe more cheese. girlfriend loves extra cheese gotta say Brane: pineapple ham and JALAPENO sounds awesome. I know what I am trying next time.
  8. avenger79

    Quarter century

    congrats BJ
  9. avenger79

    NHRA, The cars are exploding

    LOL so true. hers is far from what a stock 46 was though. their son's first car was a 1950 pickup that dad and he built. this was in 2004
  10. avenger79

    NHRA, The cars are exploding

    I guess we are part of the problem in a way. the drag car engine is going into a truck that we run in the stock class...... I do love watching the street class at the pulls though. those are the real competitions. drive it to the pulls and hook it
  11. avenger79

    NHRA, The cars are exploding

    they're fun but the money is creeping in there too. we have a couple guys who are doing one night on their motor and than rebuilding it.
  12. avenger79

    NHRA, The cars are exploding

    I Have seen one of those little buggers run. it scared me and I was in the stands LOL to your definition of streetability - no our's doesn't fit that but, realistically most hot rods that have never seen a drag strip would fit that. I have one friend with a 46 Chevy truck she drives it to work every day in the summer months. it has been totalled out by hitting a deer and rebuilt to drive again. the reason you see cars like the Caprice on the street is because in order to run street drag classes you have to have plates and insurance. let's face it if they give you plates and insurance you know you're gonna drive it now and then. LOL she probably hits the streets 6 times a year.
  13. avenger79

    NHRA, The cars are exploding

    yep it is an awesome sight when people figure out the old box isn't there to haul tools. we drive it on the street as far as 35 miles to shows now and then. we do usually have another vehicle with us just in case something breaks. we looked pretty good for a while we had my girlfrined in her Camaro, my son in his Torino and my buddy drove the caprice and I would either drive a truck or my Jeep. I used to joke with everyone I just get to work on their cars. the Jeep was ok, doors and roof off, wheels and tires bumpers etc. looks ok one show was fun, locals always have their favorites, we pulled in and everyone flocks to look at the Caprice engine than the BS starts "oh our buddy does the best burnout ..." I knew their guy they were talking about and he has a very sweet car. he pulled in a bit later. we all looked around. as folks were leaving, they asked him to lay a burn out. he did. our car has a line lock on it. we pull onto the road, I look at my buddy and mention we should show the fine folks what a proper burnout looks like...... have to remember I live in the country, almost every house out here has at least one race car in the garage. one neightbor down the road has a full on drag car and he drives by now and then with it doing some "testing" unfortunately this year we are dismantling the drag car, putting the engine into the pulling truck. it is the buddy's car so his choice. Says he likes doing truck pulls more than drags. I have a 1979 Firebird that will get set up for the strip next but it won't be as fun as the caprice. probably take a while to get it up and running too.
  14. avenger79

    2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    I had a '68 Mustang years ago, currently we have a 2000 conv and my buddy has a '98 Cobra. they're ok but I still like the 68 better.
  15. avenger79


    looks like I have been beaten to it but enjoy the car, fun to drive but the electronics will suck