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  1. Shipping motorhome CA to Europe - advice

    that's what I was thinking. Had a friend ship his lincoln over there and he regretted it, sent it back home in a few weeks
  2. would you buy a boat in another state

    first I did not intend for my dad to run the boat weekly, more check on it weekly and run it now and then. it would probably be cheaper and easier to charter except one of the "things" we want with us is our dog. wouldn't want to worry about her chewing or harming someone elses boat. Also I don't like renting things. never have.
  3. would you buy a boat in another state

    you are correct about running under load, but I did intend to have him motor the boat around a bit to run the motor. not sure I would have him do that weekly, maybe more monthly.
  4. would you buy a boat in another state

    all good points so far. thanks. keep them coming. Mark Set, yeah forgot about that one. hmm my car premiums quadrupled when I was down there for a while, actually wound up leaving them insured up here and telling my agent where we were staying for a while. I do think it might be easier on the boat and better to have it hauled and set on cradle when we aren't there.
  5. looking for opinions. we are going to FL to look at a few boats. thinking about purchasing a boat there and leaving it in a slip so when we visit we would have a place to stay as well as a boat to sail. couple questions would you do this what should we be aware of when leaving it would it be better to leave it in a slip or haul it and put on a cradle we get down there roughly 4 times a year although that looks like it might increase as well as the thought of moving there in the next couple years. I do have my dad there so he would be able to check on the boat at least once a week and run the motor etc. up here I stick to trailer boats or crewing on other's larger boats so learning about slipping a boat will be new.
  6. stormy petrel

    LOL thought this would be about a different stormy.....
  7. I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    quite a bit of work available in Orlando FL. close enough to make it to the water every weekend. leave the boat in Cocoa, Titusville or New Smyrna
  8. Why the tie?

    oh you're that guy....LOL BTW totally agree about women in suits and heels. when I got my first job in engineering, I went out and improved my wardrobe from biker machinist to office guy. first day there one of the young engineers walked over and said "just so you know your shoes and belt should match. I honestly had no idea about that at the time. the shoes I was wearing had literally been purchased on my way to the interview for the job. LOL I turned down a job offer because the job would have required me to wear a tie to work every day. nope not happening.
  9. Fox Abatement

    I wonder if the offending piles might be from other critters. we had a fox taking some of our chickens for a bit. he was brave enough to come through the yard and grab a bird or two but he didn't stick around long enough to leave any reminders of his existence. I did all the DNR to see if I could end his happy grocery shopping. it is allowed if livestock is being damaged. fortunately I locked the birds up for a while instead and he found other hunting grounds. I did not want to end his life as I am sure the fox was probably just trying to feed its pups. I didn't want to lose an entire flock of birds either though. he came through quite a bit and never (to my knowledge) left scat. raccoons on the other hand leave crap all over
  10. For Sale: Used Empty YETI Cardboard Box

    I don't have a Yeti but would like one. I do 7 day trips to the boundary waters. my cooler is ok but not good enough LOL got a Yeti travel mug for Christmas, it is pretty nice. I have heard good things about Rtic as well and for much less dollars
  11. How long to shit?

    Time to drop the kids off is relative to where you are. or at least that seems to be what some think I personally drop the kids off at the pool before going to work, takes a few minutes. I have worked with a few folks over the years who do the deuce always at work. they have been known to take 30-45 minutes easily. personally I have no idea why you would want to be in a men's room that long but they feel it is their right to take as long as they wish while at work. if questioned they usually go right for the "well the smokers take...." response. another words they aren't shitting that long just making sure they get their equal time....whatever
  12. Cleaning up MY act

    if she has "endured" it for 35 years she may think the new you is cute at first but may very well miss the old you after a short time. I assume it was all truly in humor and not hurtful in intent
  13. I am really impressed with Shooter Jeff and Tom

    you're one of those people who goes back to read his own posts while playing with yourself aren't you? Why don't you stick to ogling other men's penises, instead of typing useless dribble that adds nothing to a conversation?
  14. I am really impressed with Shooter Jeff and Tom

    Hey! don't volunteer to be the bird dog if you don't know how to duck
  15. I am really impressed with Shooter Jeff and Tom

    I don't doubt that at all. if someone tells you what it is and you are not a hunter you will generally not like it. some people do but most who don't hunt don't like it. my girlfriend didn't care for it at first but now days she likes it quite a bit. found recipes that made it more to her liking