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  1. Chum, on 08 Oct 2015 - 06:52 AM, said: Sure our docks aren't pretty, but at least they are free. Right? Or did they offer to pay you to use them?
  2. CalamityJack

    The Zombie Fleet

    Across from my slip are several boats just like this, sadly they are boats worth saving, but with shredded canvas flapping in the wind and running rigging rotting into clumps of slime. They include 2 J 30s, an Aphrodite 101', an Olson 30, and Baba 30. Most of their scuppers are clogged so the decks look llike a swamp. I am waiting for the dock lines to rot away and have them end up drifting loose in a winter storm, bull in a china shop style. What I do not get is the morrage at the marina is not cheep, at least 2 of the boats are owned be sailors who have had major health issues but can not part with the boats. They are spending $400 a month to let their dreams decompose into scrap. I would scrub and sand for a Baba 30!