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  1. Left Shift

    "We're rounding the corner. It will just go away."

    Well, Ivanka sez so. Who do you want to get your information from? Eric?
  2. Left Shift

    European Travel Guesses?

    The CommonsPass is NOT a piece of paper. Completely digital. It is a data secure link to lab results for authorized recipients to allow travelers to disclose their verifiable health status. The Beta tests were recently on ABC and CNN nightly news in the US and The Commons Project is headquartered in Geneva, with offices in NYC, Tokyo and Hong Kong.
  3. Left Shift

    European Travel Guesses?

    That's exactly what the CommonPass is beta testing right now. The data security link for the Pass is that the pass connects the airline and immigration authorities directly to the labs providing the all test data.
  4. Left Shift

    Our President the Rapist

    Where's sweet little Ivanka on that list?
  5. Piss poor *Resident.
  6. Left Shift

    Obama in Orlando

  7. Left Shift

    "We're rounding the corner. It will just go away."

    There was. In October 2019
  8. Left Shift

    Melarkia Trump

    Sanpaku Eyes: On the other hand, yang sanpaku, which can give an individual a slightly crazed appearance, Liang believes it could indicate that they are literally looking down on those around them. “Again, in face reading, it actually indicates the person possesses a superiority complex and a strong sense of pride, with a certain disdain towards a person, situation or an environment. Basically, it means that they have a strong tendency to look down on people, situations or even places,” he further explains. Liang believes that those with yin sanpaku are at the stage of their lives where they are still striving and have not yet achieved stability, while those with yang sanpaku, are often wealthy individuals who hold a negative outlook on life. https://www.tsingapore.com/article/sanpaku-eyes-marilyn-monroe-billie-eilish
  9. "The first time I went there...." Now that says volumes. Sad, tawdry, volumes.
  10. Left Shift

    "We're rounding the corner. It will just go away."

    The people promoting "herd immunity" always imagine themselves as part of the unaffected herd. In the same way a teenager always imagines that crashes always happen to the cars he just passed.
  11. Left Shift

    European Travel Guesses?

    My nephew started this project up. It's in beta testing with United Airlines and Cathay Pacific. Seems to work. https://thecommonsproject.org/commonpass They did have to set up HQ in Geneva because none of their partners trusted health information being managed out of the USoftRump.
  12. Left Shift

    "We're rounding the corner. It will just go away."

    For accuracy's (and recognition of MASSIVE STUPIDITY'S) sake.
  13. Left Shift

    "We're rounding the corner. It will just go away."

    Will someone please tell the Mad Mango that you can't "round a corner" if you work in an oval office.
  14. Left Shift

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    With the exception of highways (Gotta get that freight rolling on the cheap), true right-wingers hate all those things. Just check with the history of the Koch family.