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  1. Left Shift

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    I think you mean "Fucking Christ on a Crutch!" He never had it, and he's lost any hope of finding it.
  2. Left Shift

    What if there is no vaccine?

    Many states tried it. They are called Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, South Korea, Canada, etc. It worked. US of Ans are not welcome there. More parochially, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Montana did a variation on your theme. It also ultimately worked. Dope slaps can be administered appropriately to others.
  3. Left Shift

    the elk

    And Adam's Apple
  4. Left Shift

    Diesel Engine Delete

    What could go wrong with an aluminum deck, steel or iron frames and bronze plating? Some of those boats lasted 9 months.
  5. Left Shift


    Hoover wasn't a politician? Another failure from putting a business man in office, certainly. Is it a feature or a bug that tRumpaholics are ignorant of history?
  6. Left Shift

    he's losing it ...... tweet storm

    It also appears that he has 1/100th of an understanding of how fractions work. Failed elementary school too?
  7. Left Shift

    he's losing it ...... tweet storm

    We, the people, understood.
  8. Left Shift

    he's losing it ...... tweet storm

    If you saw those two walking toward you in a bar, in a meeting, or coming down your street...what would your first reaction be?
  9. Left Shift

    Tulsa Coronapalooza a Bust

    So the infection rate at Tulsa was 8%. Well, then, my wife might not have let me attend.
  10. Left Shift

    Tulsa Coronapalooza a Bust

    So, the Covid cases surge by 300 cases +/- over baseline in Tulsa. Which means there was about a 5% infection rate for the tRumpaholics at that rally. Clearly a risk worth taking to hear a master orator like that.
  11. Left Shift

    Trump’s niece Mary

    Exactly what "billions" are you talking about? Cite please, with the audited tax documents to back it up.
  12. Why would they do that. They owe their exalted station to be there for just this moment.
  13. Left Shift

    tRump the RACIST

    My Pillow ads running 24/7. Maybe alternating with the Pocket Fisherman.