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  1. Left Shift

    Greta Rides Again?

  2. Left Shift

    Greta Rides Again?

    Only one way to better the USA standing in the world. And you know what that is. It's probably more likely that Apple has more fear of re-electing this *resident than even the populace.
  3. So, witnesses are allowed? Another Moscow Mitch bait and switch.
  4. Left Shift

    GAO - Trump Broke The Law

    Not just metaphorically. The Mango is simply not physically to carry them, couldn't even walk the course.
  5. Left Shift

    Greta Rides Again?

    One of those may have already occurred in Bangladesh in 1970 (at least 500,000 dead) and another in 1991 (10,000,000 homeless). Probably neither caused by climate change, but that's where the next one may happen as well.
  6. Left Shift

    Greta Rides Again?

    You are referring, of course, to Stewart Brand and Greta Thunberg? Regarding rooftop solar, I'm all for it.
  7. Left Shift

    Greta Rides Again?

    From LinkedIn: Formerly a speech writer specializing in word salad on any subject, Greg's best gig was with Sarah Palin.
  8. Left Shift

    Meanwhile in the world outside impeachment...

    Wait...There's sailing online?
  9. Left Shift

    Is The Thrill Gone?

    A. You must be a fun guy to go on a ride with. B. How would you know if you haven't sailed since 2016?
  10. Left Shift

    Greta Rides Again?

    Do you use Skyye Vodka when making a Gretini? More to the point...The world needs Gretas. A whole lot more than it needs tRumps. The original Earth Day was started by a bunch of other proto-Gretas. Brand was a proto-Greta when he was young. And Brand had a lot of other proto-Gretas buy his book. A pretty useful pre-internet resource book, by the way. It showed ways of making the planet better by incremental, individual behaviour. Kind of like Greta is promoting. Do it yourself.
  11. Left Shift

    GAO - Trump Broke The Law

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_lawsuits_involving_Donald_Trump It's a loooooong list.
  12. Maybe one of these will hit home. Lawsuits around United States Constitution[edit] Lawsuit alleging violations of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Knight First Amendment Institute v. Trump[1] PEN America v. Trump CNN v. Trump Lawsuit alleging violations of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution New York v. Trump (the DACA lawsuit) Lawsuit alleging violations of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Stone v. Trump Lawsuits alleging violations of the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the United States Constitution CREW v. Trump D.C. and Maryland v. Trump[2][3][4] Blumenthal v. Trump U.S. Constitutional case law lawsuit filed by the United States House Committee on the Judiciaryto compel the testimony of former White House Counsel Donald F. McGahn, Jr. under subpoena. In re: Don McGahn Lawsuits around Executive Orders[edit] Legal challenges to Executive Order 13768, regarding sanctuary cities City and County of San Francisco v. Trump City of Chelsea v. Trump[5] Legal challenges to Executive Order 13769, regarding temporary immigration restrictions Aziz v. Trump Darweesh v. Trump Doe v. Trump Louhghalam v. Trump Mohammed v. United States Sarsour v. Trump Washington v. Trump Legal challenges to Executive Order 13780, a revised order on temporary immigration restrictions Hawaii v. Trump International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump Washington v. Trump Lawsuit around Presidential Proclamations[edit] Legal challenge to Presidential Proclamation "Addressing Mass Migration Through the Southern Border of the United States" ("Proclamation") 83 Fed. Reg. 57,661, which expressly invokes 8 U.S.C. § 1182 East Bay Sanctuary Covenant v. Trump[6] Lawsuits around Presidential Memorandums[edit] Lawsuits regarding Presidential Memorandum on Military Service by Transgender Individuals by Donald Trump (August 25, 2017) Jane Doe v. Trump[7] Stone v. Trump Karnoski v. Trump Stockman v. Trump[8] Lawsuits around potential legal violations[edit] Lawsuit alleging violations of compliance with a grand jury empaneled by Robert Mueller in the Special Counsel investigation In re Grand Jury Subpoena Lawsuit alleging violations of the Presidential Records Act of 1978, 44 U.S.C. §§ 2201–2207 CREW and National Security Archive v. Trump and EOP Lawsuits challenging Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity alleging violations of the Federal Advisory Committee Act ACLU v. Trump and Pence Joyner v. Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity NAACP v. Trump Lawsuit alleging violation of 12 U.S.C. § 5491(b)(5)(B), a component of the Dodd–Frank Act of 2010 English v. Trump Lawsuit requesting grand jury materials from the Special Counsel investigation by Robert Mueller In re Application of the Committee on the Judiciary Lawsuits around the United States Census[edit] Regarding the 2020 United States Census[9][10] Department of Commerce v. New York New York Immigration Coalition v. United States Department of Commerce Lawsuits around Trump political campaigns[edit] Lawsuit alleging that the Trump Campaign used mass, unsolicited communication of promotional messages that the plaintiffs did not consent to receive[11] Thorne v. Donald J Trump for President Inc. Lawsuit alleging Russian interference in the 2016 Federal Elections, the Trump campaign was accused of engaging in a racketeering enterprise in conjunction with Russia and WikiLeaks Democratic National Committee v. Russian Federation (dismissed) Lawsuit regarding a pattern of persistent illegal conduct, occurring over more than a decade, that includes extensive unlawful political coordination with the Trump presidential campaign, repeated and willful self-dealing transactions to benefit Mr. Trump’s personal and business interests, and violations of basic legal obligations for non-profit foundations State of NY v. The Trump Foundation[12] Lawsuit in which plaintiffs alleged Trump's security team assaulted them during a 2015 peaceful protest based around Trump's campaign comments about Black Lives Matter and Mexican immigrants Galicia v. Trump[13] Lawsuit alleging Trump encouraged an atmosphere of violence and anti-Trump protesters were subjected to attacks and racial slurs being led out of a campaign rally in 2016 Nwanguma v. Trump[14] Lawsuit alleging that Trump and the Republican National Committee colluded to prevent any competition to Trump’s re-election campaign. Roque De La Fuente v. Trump & Republican National Committee [15] [16] [17] Lawsuits around potential sexual misconduct and assault[edit] Further information: Donald Trump sexual misconduct allegations Lawsuit by Katie Johnson which alleges that Trump and Jeffrey Epstein sexually and physically abused her under threats to physically harm her and her family while a 13-year-old minor from June–September 1994 Katie Johnson v. Donald J Trump and Jeffrey E Epstein[18] (dismissed) Lawsuit by Jane Doe which alleges Trump and Epstein engaged in forcible rape, imprisonment and assault while she was 13-year-old minor and another 12-year-old girl in 1994 Jane Doe v. Donald Trump & Jeffrey E Epstein[19] (dismissed by Doe)[20][21] Lawsuit by former campaign staffer, Alva Johnson, who claims that Trump forcibly kissed her at a rally in Florida in August 2016, the lawsuit also alleges unequal pay standards for her an African-American woman compared to others on the team Johnson v. Trump[22] Defamation lawsuit raised by Summer Zervos which arose from Trump's statement that she lied about sexual assault allegations against him Zervos v. Trump[23] Defamation lawsuit raised by E. Jean Carroll which arose from Trump's denials of her accusation that he sexually assaulted her more than 20 years ago damaged her reputation Carroll v. Trump[24] Lawsuits around financial manipulation and employee payment[edit] Lawsuit alleging violations of employee payment regarding not paying him for "thousands of hours of overtime" to which he was legally entitled during his more than two decades of service Cintron v. Trump Organization[25][26] Lawsuit alleging that Trump and his adult children had made a large amount of money by encouraging unsophisticated investors to join fraudulent schemes Doe et al. v. Trump Corp. et al.[27] Lawsuits around Trumps financial and tax information[edit] Further information: List of pending United States Supreme Court cases Appeal lawsuit against the Mazars accounting firm, in an effort to have Trump's financial information kept private Trump et al v. Mazars et al[28] Appeal lawsuit against the Deutsche Bank and Capital One Bank from fulfilling the subpoenas issued to the company by the House Financial Services and Intelligence committees for Trumps, his adult children, and his businesses financial records Trump et al v. Deutsche Bank et al[29] Case before the Supreme Court of the United States: Does a grand-jury subpoena by a state District Attorney for the President's financial records violate Article II and the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution? Trump v. Vance[30] Case in D.C. court challenging the New York TRUST Act, which gives Congress the right to obtain tax information on New York residents. Case dismissed November 11, 2019. Donald J. Trump v. Committee on Ways and Means, et al.[31] Lawsuits around environmental concerns[edit] Lawsuit brought by Our Children's Trust using the public trust doctrine to address the effects of global warming.[32][33] Juliana v. United States All current pending prosecution[edit] Pending prosecution of Roger Stone (Roger J. Stone Jr.) by the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, expected November 2019[34] Pending prosecution of former Paul Manafort associate Gregory B. Craig for lying to the Justice Department about work he did for the government of Ukraine by the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia[34] Pending criminal prosecution of Paul Manafort on state mortgage fraud charges by the New York County District Attorney[34] Orestes Fintiklis, majority owner of former-Trump International Hotel & Tower Panama regarding tax evasion.[35][36][37][38][39] ACN Inc. (American Communications Network)[40] See also[edit] Business projects of Donald Trump in Russia Legal affairs of Donald Trump Links between Trump associates and Russian officials Timeline of investigations into Trump and Russia (2019–2020)
  13. Misdemeanor does not mean what Dog and other apologists thinks it means in this context. It is not the meaning in current court usage. It means essentially bringing disgrace upon the Office of the Presidency and the country. Something that the Mad Mango does every minute of every day. But constitutional lawyers can provide a better definition and understanding than mine.
  14. Left Shift

    Greta Rides Again?

    That's what I was trying to say in my last sentence. Let me say it this way: Almost every story they run finds some way to stick in some bullshit