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  1. Bowsprit and Dockage

    Marinas have two commodities: Linear length of dock space and square feet of water surface area.* If you ran a marina, how would you go about charging for a boat that takes up 51' feet of dock length to park itself? *(And the soda machines, of course)
  2. Trophy Vendors - Any Recommendations?

    You could find out who picked out Melania for the Dotard. Seems like whomever it was did a decent job. Other than that, the only trophies that don't get stashed in a box in a closet are the fleece blankets and similar useful items.
  3. Bedding primary ans secondary winches

    As a side note, 4200 cleans up quite well with alcohol instead of lacquer thinner or acetone. Your brain and the atmosphere will thank you.
  4. Westsail 32 sailboat-is it ok for Great lakes?

    The CCA rule and others like it had maximum cockpit volume limits (if IIRC) and a minimum time to drain the cockpit through what were typically 1" or so diameter cockpit drains - which always sucked down a jib sheet tail when needed and so became useless. The "old salts" in the club bar insisted that 20,000# 30'ers were constantly being "pooped" by waves offshore and thus needed a tiny cockpit to survive. They were terrified of open transoms and light-weight passage-making boats. We have come far.
  5. Tax “Reform”

    A- You didn't specify the John Calleija designed $400,000 (only $200,000 each!) champagne glasses.
  6. Spectacular Accumulation of Lies

    Whatabout, Whatabout, Whatabout...... That chicken-shit argument has done flew the coop.
  7. Tax “Reform”

    If any person wants to come on here and defend this absolute fucking scam, bring it on. Just don't use, "Job creators", Trickle-down", "Prime the pump", "Laffer curve" or any other economic stupidities of that order. Just explain why its so dreadfully important for really rich people to have more money. This really is the potential end of the American Century. American Exceptionalism = American stupidity.
  8. Westsail 32 sailboat-is it ok for Great lakes?

    If all your destinations are reaches, then you will likely be able to sail there. If upwind, you simply won't get there. My biggest objection - other than sailing performance - to Westsails and similar boats (Tayana) is that the cockpits are so small that there's no room for four people to relax without banging knees and that there is no visual or verbal connection to anyone below decks...say in the galley. Once below you're in a very cozy but deep hole. And, I would think in the Mid-west air circulation would be an issue. lots of ports with screens required. Once went tandem cruising with another couple. They were on their Tayana 37 and we were on our 39' IRC raceboat. We assumed that the socializing would be on their boat. It turned out that everybody preferred to stretch out in the cockpit in our plastic boat and that the folks below in our galley were all part of the party and could see out into the world. Plus, when we sailed to the next port, we made it in 60% of their time....every time. So, unless you love being surrounded by teak and that "nautical" feeling, there are much better options for comfortable cruising.
  9. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    Then you haven't been paying attention, at all.
  10. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    Just to be clear...the reason that Republicans are coming out against Moore is that McConnell hates Steve Bannon, and Moore is Bannon's current creation, Moore has come out with seriously anti-constitutional positions that are embarrassing even to Republicans. They just don't want him in the Senate sitting next to them. The sexual harassment charges are a very convenient excuse that can make them look moderately sane on at least one issue regarding women's rights.
  11. Pathetic

    And now it comes to pass that the"unqualified" guy just happens to be married to a White House lawyer. Which conflict of interest he conveniently forgot to disclose to the Senate. Not a problem, I suppose, in our new Greatness.
  12. Trump exploits grabddaughter

    Freudian typo???
  13. Round The County 2017

    We're not planning to turn and burn on Sunday evening anymore!
  14. Transat Jacques Vabre

    looks like the Transat, VOR and Minis are all going to be crossing each other in the next day or so. Crowded ocean. Almost more hulls than people.
  15. California Boating Card

    Born there. Lived there. Family there. Sail there for damned sure. Without going into a long discussion: Property values and core inflation are entirely different critters (you don't buy your house at the grocery store or car dealer, f'rinstance). Home sales prices have gone up about 10 times since 1978 - even with the 2008 debacle. So, logically, should property taxes. The disparity between core inflation and housing prices is one of the greatest problems we face, actually. Back on topic: I just signed up for new boat insurance and got a nice credit for my safety-at-sea classes. So there is that.