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  1. Left Shift

    Peace in Korea. Nobel prize for Trump.

    How many glasses of cheap chianti went into the drafting of this bit o' grammatical and geo-political brilliance?
  2. Left Shift

    Things to do in IOWA

    Nope, not quite right...you have to smell Nebraska before you can even roll through Iowa.
  3. Left Shift

    Random PicThread

    How do they fit all the judges and lawyers 'n stuff inside?
  4. Phil Bolger...So much effort in so many places to make really weird things that actually floated. Proving conclusively that function and beauty were not directly linked concepts.
  5. Left Shift

    Random PicThread

    Very skillful integration of Islamic geometric patterning, domed structures (Hagia Sofia) and modernism. It is a world that is focused on internal space.
  6. Left Shift

    Paul Simon tour

    I hope Garfunkel is invited to the tour but doesn't seem likely. His voice held the city. Two guys announce they are going to sing for free in Central Park and the whole city stops and listens. How cool is that. From where I sat in my window, I looked down at the main stage and I heard one siren briefly far off in the distance and that was the only urban noise. All the rest was just two guys and a great band. The next day the cops said that the sum total of all reported crime in Mid-town that night was a single purse snatching.
  7. Left Shift

    Paul Simon tour

    The free Central Park concert, with an estimated 600,000 in attendance, had the most perfect sound system I've ever heard. Crystal clear, no reverberation, but strong enough to reach across city blocks.
  8. Left Shift

    Things To Do In London

    Sans doubt. By definition, it is a very pretty place.
  9. Left Shift

    Paul Simon tour

    The last one should be in Central Park with Garfunkel. Damn that was amazing. Watched it from my apartment window. The whole city was quiet while they played Bridge over Troubled Water.
  10. Left Shift

    Why did Trump pay $130,000 to silence a woman?

    Is that as kinky as I think it is? Oooooh!
  11. Left Shift

    Why did Trump pay $130,000 to silence a woman?

    When I was just learning, my evangelical Lutheran minister Grandpa told me I only got one Mulligan per hole. Is that still the rule?
  12. Left Shift

    VOR Leg 9 Newport to Cardiff

    In the first scene the driver is tethered to the lower lifeline. Next scene, somebody has tethered him to a padeye by the wheel. An improvement. The driver is barely moving the helm and the boat isn't apparently not doing any surfing. Rock solid but loaded up.
  13. Well, they are probably getting used to Association Football fans by now. I was in an Irish pub, the Emerald Inn, on the west side of Manhattan the year NY hosted the World Cup. It was Ireland vs. Italy the next day. It was the same night that OJ was doing his low-speed chase on the LA Freeways and the NY Knicks were on TV in the NBA Playoffs (for the last time ever?). Everyone was wondering what the fuck a white bronco was doing just driving along in an inset across the basketball court. There were maybe a dozen solid Irish fans visiting from Dublin having more than a few pints. It got interesting when a group of Italian fans (dressed in red, white and green) came in trying to sell forged tickets. A bit of a ruckus was in the works. It got more interesting when about 10 athletic guys in pastel nylon running shorts came in, having just run in the gay olympics in Central Park. It got a good bit louder and a "three-way" altercation began in earnest. The cops did a pretty good job of sorting it all out. While I sat high up on the back of my booth, a little old lady at the bar quietly ate her regular Irish stew dinner without a glance up.
  14. Left Shift

    Thats gotta hurt

    Controlled burns are what the EPA is all about.