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    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    What the entire world is now learning is that the USofA is an unreliable and fading star and no longer can be relied on to provide a beacon of hope. It took just three years, the collaboration of cabal of greedy self-righteous fools and one single, inanimate challenge to show their flaws and failures.
  2. Left Shift

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    This is true, a I understand it. From my dealing with decommissioned US pulp and paper mills, USAan trees - at least on the west coast -do not generate the same quality pulp. It may be the cold winters, and slow growth. USA trees are plenty good for toilet paper, newsprint and paper bags. And the mills tend to be a little antiquated...as in OSHA nightmares
  3. Left Shift

    Old Sailing gear photo's

    And when they leaked the cockpit floor became a world-class skating rink. Then there was the Chance 3/4 tonner that had 6 automotive jacks lined up below the traveler bar. Constant rusty ooze as the salt-water got to all the fittings and the gauges stopped working. Yeah, you could swing the masthead fore and aft like a starboat, but trying to find what length the forestay was set to and where the backstay was at and pumping on the vang, the babystay and the outhaul as you kneeled in the cockpit facing backwards as the mark came up was a trimmers nightmare. It may be time to dive into my bins and drawers. Anybody have need of some random lengths of 1x19 SS wire? Coiled up and a little dusty.
  4. Britain died as an empire after WWI because the average bloke on the street or in the trenches lost confidence in (and allegiance to) the upper class mercantile and aristocratic classes. The social contract was broken. With tRump and his cronies flailing and failing dealing with this crisis and having spent three years diminishing the effectiveness of government, this crisis could have essentially the same result. A passing of the baton to China on the international stage and ending the American Century. 1919 to 2019. RIP.
  5. Left Shift

    Random PicThread

    My uncle was a WWII fighter pilot off the Wasp in the Pacific Theater. He was the calmest man I have ever met, firm and expected things to be done just so, but never expressive. He was very successful in the corporate world. I've known one other fighter pilot and one Vietnam front-line helicopter pilot and they both share the same characteristics. The helicopter pilot is the best heavy air driver I've ever sailed with. Nice story side note: My uncle and his oldest son never got along. The son was an English professor and had a solid family but he and his dad were always uncomfortable around each other. But when he was 50ish, my cousin came out as trans-sexual, and transitioned to female. When he/she met up with her dad after the transition, my uncle's response was "So that's what was wrong!", and they became friends. The fighter pilot in him just wanted things to be "correct", I guess.
  6. Left Shift

    Random PicThread

    Might be a more reliable test if they calibrated their inclinometers. Do they use real people for the tests? Have them all run to the low side like on ferry boats.
  7. Left Shift

    Trump was right

    That's quite a collection of side eyes little Miss Muffet and the fat Humbert Humbert are earning there.
  8. Left Shift

    Some people aren’t getting it

    So "God" didn't create the virus? Or She did and that's the "test of faith"? The "holier" you are the more likely to get it? Or not get it? Or it's the start of the Rapture? Or who the fuck knows. It's necessary to go deeply into the heart of fundamentalist religion to understand this denialist mentality. Christian Scientists, Snake handlers, Taliban, Inquisition, all of them and more. But it comes down to this: Math is hard. Blind faith is easy.
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    Boats full of votes.
  10. Left Shift

    Florida Goes On Lockdown

    tRump. But the other two are definitely fighting for the podium. "Health care is hard! Who knew?"
  11. Left Shift

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Except for churches. The governor has decided that the pastors should get as many tithes as possible out of their congregations prior to them mutually infecting each other. I believe this is called the Jim Jones school of governance.
  12. Left Shift

    "National Cleavage Day"

    And that's why the gods invented scissors.
  13. Left Shift

    The Wages of Impeachment are More Dead Americans

    McConnell tries out an excuse: "Impeachment distracted our great leader. Shame on the Democrats!" tRump says to McConnell: "I wouldn't have done anything different. We did everything just fine!" Both, of course, are wrong. Right wing heads explode.
  14. Left Shift

    Trump Won't Reopen Obamacare Exchanges

    Who would have thought that the Federal budget had line items in it that actually helped people in times of trouble? No one could have expected that. Who knew!
  15. Left Shift

    Trump Won't Reopen Obamacare Exchanges

    Choosing to be a dick is an asshole move. Choosing to be an asshole is a dick move. I went for asshole, because we have eyewitness reports (poor girl!) that he does not have a big dick.
  16. Left Shift

    Florida Goes On Lockdown

    10 horses with a 2x to 3x per horse infection spread rate. Do the math on that.
  17. Left Shift

    Trump Won't Reopen Obamacare Exchanges

    Well, what a surprise. Here's a question. Given the chance to be an asshole (Choice A) or not an asshole (Choice B), what percentage of time will the *Resident Mango take Choice A. I'll start with 95%. Which will likely cover the low pool.
  18. "But it's no worse than the seasonal flu" is going to go down in the books along with all the other "not my job" catchphrases fat boy has spouted lately.
  19. Left Shift

    MD recreational boating stopped!

    The rules aren't being written for your special circumstance you know, right?
  20. Left Shift

    MD recreational boating stopped!

    Good plan for your wife and you. Enjoy. But sailing is probably one of the least social distancing sports. For example, 5 people on a J- or a Melges 24 going all assholes and elbows banging around the cans? Maybe not so much.
  21. They are standing there day after day listening to bullshit flow from his pie hole. I think Fauci is an honorable man, and does his best to correct the most egregious lies. I also think he has decided that he can do much more good by staying on the job than making a but more money. Brix I am less sure about, but that's just my impression or my biases getting the best of me..
  22. Trying to set a limit that they believe is above the likely count, so victory can be declared. They just plugged in a 20% cushion for their future PR campaign.
  23. Left Shift

    Frers 41, Carroll Marine

    Well, yeah. The piece the owner handed my was about 12" by 18" off the bow. It was his souvenir piece to remind him later why he had to empty his wallet.
  24. Left Shift

    Trump: It Ain't All THAT Bad!

    What a Gomer.