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  1. True North

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Martin, I purchased longer straps as I had to use my hands to get my feet under the existing straps. I wear an 11 shoe, but I just could not get the feet under the straps. My boat is coming out of dry dock in the next two weeks (please, let us have some wind here!), so I will give them a whirl. Due to my height, I have to use the straps on other side. I just couldn't get my foot under there while negotiating the center rib. We shall see....
  2. True North

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Champlain, having something to keep the mast in is a good idea. The cunningham is really short to keep spaghetti off the deck. If you're concerned about it, do a Laser type tie off to keep the mast in the tube. That would be belt and suspenders if you keep the wrinkles just out of the luff with cunningham. Think I am going to do this myself when I get back on the water. Will report back.
  3. True North

    The VX Evo

    New name for the class?
  4. True North

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Charlie, if I can get back sailing and Wurstfest is possible, I will be in Laser, not UFO. Claire and Theo, great news on the baby!
  5. True North

    North Texas Dinghy

    If you're in Lewisville, DCYC is your best bet so far as a club close to you. Not sure of the toll road situation to get you to Ray Hubbard. I live near White Rock, and it's every bit of 45 minutes to get to Lewisville from my house. Contender is a good boat where you can squeeze a second on. It's a fun boat, and it can go well when the breeze is up. It should also challenge you as you progress. Sushi is right about the canoe. Reach out to Big D at RCYC as he has an extra canoe. If you can make it to White Rock for a Wednesday night, we have a decent fleet there, along with loaners. Reserve a boat on our site OD sailing in North Texas is primarily the Flying Scot and Laser at White Rock and the MC Scow at RCYC with a bit of Sunfish and FS thrown in there. Not sure about any other lakes. Aero, which I sailed once in Arlington, is a fun boat and is quick to plane, but in my one time sailing it, I couldn't tell a huge difference to the Laser. I would need to sail it more, I suppose....
  6. True North

    North Texas Dinghy

    What lake? I live in Dallas and sail at White Rock and Ray Hubbard.
  7. True North

    ASA Courses (101,103, etc)

    So glad to see this topic as I was declined to charter a boat due to no certificate. Forty years of doing pretty well racing doesn't cut it. I admit I haven't gone completely through this thread, so forgive me if already addressed, but which course(s) is (are) most beneficial? Just looked up cost to learn on a J24 in Dallas over two weekends, and it's $700. Wow! Is that price pretty standard?
  8. True North

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    In my opinion, if your desire is to have a Portsmouth slaying beast, move on from the UFO. It's a dog when I sail it in non-foiling conditions (likely operator error), but when it foils, it's magic, especially for those who are beginners like myself. I'd love to hear the techniques to improve upwind performance, too.
  9. True North

    Gouv in a Laser again

    Alan Crawford, I think you're onto something. The used Lasers and Sunfish are Gouv's entry level boat, and no, they don't need to have official stuff to be raced locally. We all use knock off sails and blades on our boats for Wednesday night sailing at White Rock Lake in Dallas, and it's a blast. We had 28 boats on the line for our big show, and the number of compliant boats was pretty small, I think. The people in our fleet are racing for fun, and no one has any huge national aspirations. If one does aspire to make some noise on a national level, they can find parts in the Laser. Another person who found sailing via the Sea Snark was on Paul Foerster, Olympic gold and double Olympic silver medalist. That was his "gateway" boat. Your pic is of an IC, so you obviously moved on from the Sea Snark! Speaking of Foerster, lack of the best equipment did not impeded his progress in the racing ranks. He used complete crap boats, including a J24 with a 2x4 holding up the deck, as he learned the ropes. And he sailed. A LOT. So when the time came to have really good equipment, he knew that if he could make a crap boat go, he sure as heck make a really good boat go. I think his results speak for themselves. The world has moved on since Foerster came up. Sailing at the top level is a lot more specialized and expensive with coaching and all of that. Life goes on....
  10. True North

    Gouv in a Laser again

    Gouv is THE most ardent supporter of single handed sailing in Texas. I was at Easter Regatta No. 1, and Gouv has been the standard bearer in this neck of the woods by keeping that regatta going and vibrant all these years -- with no hint that he is slowing down! Because Gouv bought an Aero, and because it was close(!), I tried an Aero this weekend at Viridan. It was a fun experience. KO sailing brought its group up, and we Laser folks were able to charter boats from the club, which was great. There are A LOT of people who are really enthused about the Aero. I am not ready to sell the Laser since we have close to 50 at our little mud hole in Dallas, and we have an active racing program on Wednesday nights during daylight savings time, but I will try an Aero again. It's an interesting boat. It is amazing that local Laser dealers have such an issue getting boats and parts. That is ridiculous.
  11. I’m at Houston YC this weekend.

    1. True North

      True North

      Are you there for Laser Nats?  Due to family issues, I can only travel to one regatta a year, and it's Wurstfest in November.

      Let me know what you're doing there.  I sailed Lasers a lot in the 70s at HYC....

    2. Bill's Sock Puppet

      Bill's Sock Puppet

      Yes, on a whim I entered the the Laser Nationals.  So far is a great vacation.

    3. True North

      True North

      Excellent.  Have fun!

  12. True North

    AERO’s D Day Liberation Invasion

    Lindy, out of curiosity, why are you so intent on Laser bashing? Is that food for your soul? Putting the Laser down helps your Aero case, I guess. Why even mention Lasers in your regatta post other than to put them down? I'm sorry you had such a bad Laser experience. They have their quirks -- like every other boat on the planet. I'm 60, too, and the Laser remains a fun platform for me. We don't travel much in our fleet, but we will have 21 or 22 boats out this weekend for a regatta on our lake. And I even plan on sampling an Aero over the 4th. If I turn out loving it and buying one, it won't be because of your continual trashing of the Laser. Good luck in you NAs.
  13. True North

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Randy, I wrap duct tape around the top of the wand to prevent having the wand fall out unintentionally. Two wraps max, and easy off at end of day if you leave a tag on it.
  14. True North

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Wow! That is panhandle country, and about as far from Cali as I can imagine. And have you splashed the Mach 2 in our fair state? If so, where?