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  1. True North

    AERO’s D Day Liberation Invasion

    Lindy, out of curiosity, why are you so intent on Laser bashing? Is that food for your soul? Putting the Laser down helps your Aero case, I guess. Why even mention Lasers in your regatta post other than to put them down? I'm sorry you had such a bad Laser experience. They have their quirks -- like every other boat on the planet. I'm 60, too, and the Laser remains a fun platform for me. We don't travel much in our fleet, but we will have 21 or 22 boats out this weekend for a regatta on our lake. And I even plan on sampling an Aero over the 4th. If I turn out loving it and buying one, it won't be because of your continual trashing of the Laser. Good luck in you NAs.
  2. True North

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Randy, I wrap duct tape around the top of the wand to prevent having the wand fall out unintentionally. Two wraps max, and easy off at end of day if you leave a tag on it.
  3. True North

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Wow! That is panhandle country, and about as far from Cali as I can imagine. And have you splashed the Mach 2 in our fair state? If so, where?
  4. True North

    AERO’s D Day Liberation Invasion

    I had to miss due to work, but my understanding is that it went well. Blowing pretty hard, and everyone was using borrowed boats from the club hosting the event. One boat got damaged when an extension got separated from the tiller, and the boat wound up on shore in the confined spaces, so racing got cancelled thereafter. By all accounts, it was really fun. People were blown away about the weight, or lack thereof, of the boat compared to Laser. Not sure we are all going to ditch the Laser, though.... That said, we hope we will get to go back in the future, perhaps under more sedate conditions when we won't be stressing over boats.
  5. True North

    AERO’s D Day Liberation Invasion

    The Laser fleet at White Rock in Dallas is the most consistently active in Texas. We average about 15 boats on any given Wednesday, but 20 boats are not uncommon. The record for our Wednesday night fleet size is 33, so we are attempting to top that this season. We have benefited from having younger, former college sailors join our ranks who come to us primarily through our loaner program. Our fleet has two boats that may be borrowed to entice new members. This has been very beneficial to the club as those younger folks who come to the club through the Laser are now getting involved in the Flying Scot fleet as well. The Flying Scot fleet at Corinthian Sailing Club is one of the strongest in the country, so it's a good situation. Club's happy, Lasers are happy, and Flying Scots are happy.
  6. True North

    AERO’s D Day Liberation Invasion

    Gouv, I don't think it's quite that dramatic. The person who is hosting the event at the new sailing venue, Viridian, is a member of the Laser fleet at White Rock. This is a chance to get the White Rock guys over to see the facilities and have a fun time. That is not to say that the Aero isn't the end all, be all; for all I know, it is. What I do know is that the Laser fits what we have going on at White Rock. And it's a pretty good thing....
  7. True North

    Easter Laser Regatta

    FANTASTIC pics! Chapin, Young and Kern. That's a trifecta.
  8. True North

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Lifesave's setup is wonderful. Two minutes from Rush Creek.
  9. True North

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    I am up for anywhere, but I prefer a lake where the mast doesn’t get stuck in the mud. Ray Hubbard is a really good venue as it’s built north/South and the prevailing wind is southerly; however, when fronts come through, it generally goes northerly. Less chop when it’s from the south, and a lot when from north. Again, up for anywhere that weekend.
  10. True North

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Stand alone event IMO. I want the improvement coaching brings. A regatta would cut down too much on coaching. And we SHOULD have some WIND!
  11. True North

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    How do we pay dues? Couldn't find it on site, but I am a known computer idiot....
  12. True North

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    My thoughts watching the vid (bear in mind I have sailed mine a total of FIVE times!). I think you're too close to the wind trying to get foiling. I have my best results when starting on a super broad reach. You're on a close reach, and that doesn't give you enough wiggle room. You did a GREAT job of bailing when the weather hull was the first out of the water. The boat won't foil when the weather hull is out first, or rather, I can't get the boat to foil when the weather hull is the first out of the water. If you can try starting out on a broader reach, I predict you will be flying all the time! Once the boat is foiling and stable, you can then start experimenting with trying to get to weather. Love the video!
  13. True North

    How Does My New Boat Not Have a Boom?

    A Class — you’re absolutely correct that I erred in making a definitive statement in an area about which I know nothing, which (among many things) is in this case developments in multihulls. I am a Laser guy, so my comment was from that perspective. I do appreciate your setting me straight. You’ve pointed me in a new direction of learning, and learning is essential. I will also work on being more precise with my language.
  14. True North

    How Does My New Boat Not Have a Boom?

    Martin, the Weta class is in the midst of a discussion within the US as to whether and when to allow a traveler to allow for better sail performance while racing one design. The bottom line is that ditching a boom negatively impacts performance, but for some classes, like the Weta, safety and ease of handling were thought to outweigh performance compromises.