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  1. GnarlyItWas

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    I have the same dumb question. Can they catch waves? Foiling surfboards (e.g. Laird Hamilton) seem to work, so I guess the answer is yes. But it's counter-intuitive b/c you think of something needing to sit "on top" of the wave in order for it to be pushed forward by the wave. If there's so little mass actually touching the water, it seems incomprehensible how "surfing" could occur. If enough people ask is it still a dumb question ? I have seen the foiling surfboards, I don't understand how they work. I have also seen vids of moths, it seems that they go away quicker than any waves I would hazard a guess that any decent foiler is "post surfing" fast.
  2. GnarlyItWas


    This will be a hijack, apologies but you guys might be qualified to help. I have a 24ft, DM-4 section from my stillborn i550. I am now working on a "turbo" Venture 21. I am contemplating lengthening the section I have to about 27 or 28 ft which would allow me to use used viper sails. Spar length and sail area would be smaller than that of an i550 so I guess nothing to worry about but obviously displacement is more at around 1200lbs. Not sure how to tell if this is a good or terrible idea ? Again sorry for the hijack.
  3. GnarlyItWas


    Question, does anyone know who, what or why that some i550's extended / joined Dwyer DM-4 sections together and ended up with broken masts ?
  4. GnarlyItWas

    Quitting smoking (almost) 1 year in.

    Did the vape switch about a year and half ago, it was quite easy. I have been lowering the nicotine level down, been on 0 for the last couple of months just realized recently that I still carry my "peace pipe" around but have kind of lost interest, some days don't even touch it, other day hit it once of twice. Will probably keep it around and some nicotine juice if I ever go drinking. But really, quitting was utterly painless.
  5. GnarlyItWas

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I think ill finance is quite a good name for it.
  6. GnarlyItWas

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    You are better at finding specs than me, there are comparable size trailer sailors that weigh 1/2 of that.
  7. GnarlyItWas

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist Or are these ok boats that just need a polish ?
  8. GnarlyItWas

    Seascape 24 in the works

    I think it's somewhat multipurpose. Racers who might want to do a weekend cruise or daysail, take the kids to the beach.
  9. GnarlyItWas

    New imoca boats

    That Safran vid is amazing, it looks like the boats will slam less, it jumps off waves and comes back down so slowly.
  10. GnarlyItWas

    New imoca boats

    good point. lots of crashing otherwise, or no foiling off watch. Why are AP's under any more pressure to perform with these foiled boats than any others? BS through the water is the only sensor that is going to struggle with hull getting some air etc, but BS is not used by the AP. In fact shouldn't it be improved for this time around, no different than prior years? The current generation of AP course computers are better, so they should react and signal rams more effectively and if the foils induce a more foregiving ride then the AWA sensor (a real angle not a calculated angle) is arguably going to produce a more uniform signal for the AP course computer? PS RM loved your recent race writings. I think they started using TWA for the pilots quite a long time ago, the switch was made for the open 60's first as they were surfing fast enough to pull the awe fwd on a surf causing too much of a big bearaway using AWA. I think they used to use boat speed, but that was when SOG used to be very slow to update, it's probably used now that gps is faster. The other problem could be the algorthym's in the software , they are designed to self learn, but also around the steering characteristics of a non foiled boat, the foiling versions may have enough different habits that the software isn't ready to handle that. It is possible that software will need to be tweaked for these boats.
  11. GnarlyItWas


    Sad to say that 336 was not salvageable. By the time everything unusable was removed, there really wasn't much left. It is landfill.
  12. GnarlyItWas

    New imoca boats

    Unless they can do something real smart, like make the nav seat bed thing out of a spare foil.
  13. GnarlyItWas stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    I think that's called inflation
  14. GnarlyItWas


    That is a crazy low price. I would think you would have 4 times that into building one. There is more than 3k in plywood isn't there? Today's price, 19 sheets of Meranti BS1088 is $1060 and Okoume BS1088 is $1630.... Plus shipping from Florida. Kit is $2500 It is the labor - Sweat equity that is more than $3K. Who is the supplier ?
  15. GnarlyItWas


    Good, make it go away. Having started the resurrection of the free hull as the cheapest way into a boat, this deal was causing me a dilemma. Was contemplating cutting my losses and going to get it