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  1. Does the dock out and start vid end up on you tube after the live show. Just realized it's fairly damn early on a Sunday EST
  2. I think after this lot I might struggle to get too excited for the VOR.
  3. Not whining, just stating my opinion, it sounds like the foiling boats are fucking brutal and maybe less experienced imoca skippers might be better off on a more proven design. Anyone on or nearly on the start line has my full respect.
  4. I rather think so, without knowing much it seems clear that an older less brutal boat might have been better for him.
  5. Will be starting my " how to turbo a v21" thread soon, promised myself that I won't think about until the keel is back in.....
  6. What will happen to the boat now, will you be parting anything out ?
  7. Should Thomson train with the rest? You would think that by testing he should be able to develop his boat speed and bench mark it, but on the other hand he doesnt give away strengths and weaknesses to the rest. If his boat is genuinely faster there is little to be gained by showing that to your competitors I am not sure he could if he wanted to....... It seems to me that in France the sport is popular enough that the sponsors can let their skippers train and focus on the races, they will get enough exposure if they do well in the race ( or break ). Thompson feels different, I almost feel that his job for Boss is to do sponsor tours, stunts and corporate events and build amazing looking boats, I don't think his sponsors want him hidden away training.
  8. I also like AT's chances, provided he can button-off and not drive HB to self-destruction. In over ten years, he has finished I would guess fewer than ten races. I love the guy, I want him to get it as much as anyone else- but I don't see him buttoning off, especially as this is seen as his best chance yet. Well, he does have a reputation as a boat breaker. So I guess we'll find out soon enough. I think one of the advantages of the foiler might be the ability to push less hard at critical times.
  9. Thanks canal bottoms, I was indecisive for a while. Bailed out with the dogs around lunchtime. Will get back asap to see how bad it was.
  10. Still undecided in SAV, wife and kid are safe inland ( Valdosta GA ). It's just me and two small dogs. Last forecast I saw had us in the 60-80kt range . Current plan is to wait for the 5 AM Friday model run if it looks any worse than that I am ready to leave immediately. This will still be 12-18 hrs prior to impact time, which I believe is sufficient to get far enough inland even in worst case traffic conditions. Vehicle is ready to roll including airbed food and water, meaning that I can go in any direction away from the storm and probably be self sufficient for 2-3 days. House is a low single story brick ranch, elevation maps have us as an unlikely candidate for flooding. There is a central floor space where I can put a mattress and be away from windows. I do have big trees which could easily fall on the roof. Current thinking is to have a beer and a nap, see what the 5AM forecast looks like, if it's about 70+ GTFO immediately, if less then stay, the concern being not be able to get back after to clear up and/or protect from looters if I can't get back in easily ( I do think this a very real threat ). So in brief, plan is to wait for 5AM if it's looking like 60-70 probably stick it out, If it looks like more get in the car asap, I think I am as prepared as I can be for either option. WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK OF THAT ?? Consider yourselves as the only internet strangers whose opinion I value. Thanks.
  11. Keep this up, I have a V21 in my back yard undergoing a glacially slow refit, contemplating a viper rig.
  12. Tybee island is under voluntary evacuation.
  13. $20................... Prius. I guess my question would have been better as follows, why do a significant amount of people choose to stay and ride it out ? You never heard the story of chicken little who said the sky is falling? Some people freak, some people stay and have parties. Keep an eye on the track and don't gamble. You are lucky you have a place to go and not a gymnasium somewhere. People are dying was my point, please don't diminish that. Best to you. Didn't to belittle your point at all just being facecious, think it will work out............wife was due to be out of town anyway, planning on leaving Thurs instead of Fri and maybe being away longer. Which means baby has to go with her. That means just me and the dogs at home, if the govt says evacuate we will get out, if they don't I guess we will stay.
  14. $20................... Prius. I guess my question would have been better as follows, why do a significant amount of people choose to stay and ride it out ?
  15. Savannah here, Schools and some govt facilities done for the week. State of emergency declared in all coastal counties. Wondering if they will advise evacuation, this is the first time I have really given it any thought, but if they say to evacuate and make all lanes of I16 one way. What is the upside of staying ? We have family about 120 miles inland, seems the worst case is that it's not that bad and we waste a tank of gas.