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  1. gewoon ik

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    You can eat nothing with wine. After lunch/diner and the bottle is not empty.
  2. gewoon ik

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Not true. Wine is also used at diner.
  3. gewoon ik

    Thanks for nothing come the hitchhikers!

    I haven't seen a lot of barefoot girls lately. But it is winter.
  4. gewoon ik

    Thanks for nothing come the hitchhikers!

    the country is easy to find, as long as the scale is OK. The city, nope, but it is close to france, so a lot of the nasty habbits cross the border
  5. gewoon ik

    Thanks for nothing come the hitchhikers!

    Can you point me to that city? I can only find the country.
  6. gewoon ik

    Do you need a license to cruise in Europe

    Nope. It's not because you are allowed to drive at age 16, you can drive everywhere at age 16. Unfortunately there is at the moment no real harmonisation of rules for this in europe. Some require an icc for almost everything. Other almost nothing. In france with some type of boat, you can go licence-free. Same for Belgium, except for the vhf (when a boat is equiped with a vhf, you are required to use it and to use it, you need to have a vhf-licence). Where do you want to go? Sweden is europe and greece is also europe
  7. gewoon ik


    the horizontal flats are for the propulsion. So the wave keeps lower. Can be found on older inland vessels as well.
  8. gewoon ik


    Enjoy the sailing with your boat.
  9. gewoon ik

    Flying with Inflatables

    Can you buy the co2 cilinder after the flight? Buy one there. Less hassle
  10. gewoon ik

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    just a PFD for the keel
  11. gewoon ik

    Liferaft life cycle cost

    SOLAS requirement. A lot of the commercial fleet is renting the liferafts. Change every year, every year one in working condition.
  12. gewoon ik


    antifouling and splashready
  13. gewoon ik

    Engine and prop too small?

    I had one died in a boat. I think half or more of the cooling channels where blocked. Replaced by a 2GM20. Not a lot of extra weight, but a lot more power.
  14. gewoon ik

    Is this site slow to load for anyone else?

    Option 1. Read the complete forum before somebody reacts. Have fun