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  1. gewoon ik

    Farr 1/2 Tonner

  2. gewoon ik

    Brexit, WTF

    Name the british company in the ones they gave money. * Brittany Ferries (France) *DFDS (Denmark) * P&O (on surface UK, but in hands of DP World, so Dubai) * Seaborn (surface UK, Arklow Shipping would be responsible for the shipping, and from Irland). Money well spend, Oostende was a dead child from the beginning. Used to work close for a couple of years, it was a pile of junk in 2014. 5 years of negliance and the pile of junk is a pile of dangerous junk.
  3. gewoon ik

    Copper based antifoul on aluminium

    one scratch in the bottompaint and the barrier is gone.
  4. gewoon ik

    Brexit, WTF

    Regions are not represented in general. Ramsgate-Ostend used to be a big ferryline and some oldtimers try to get the line back, I think that is the only reason why
  5. gewoon ik

    affordable mast display

    We get mast setup
  6. gewoon ik

    safety first

    the guy probably is moving his boat to take it out of the water. Twice a year he is moving his boat
  7. gewoon ik

    Mo Bettah Too

    Runners and checks are a hugh difference. You can feel the boat reacting to them. Really nice when going upwind. I miss them now. Because they make trimming so mutch more fun. But downwind I don’t miss them.
  8. gewoon ik

    Mo Bettah Too

    Ok, I see you there
  9. gewoon ik

    Mo Bettah Too

    nice Put it on and do I need to welcome the boat in Cowes in 2020 for the HTCC?
  10. gewoon ik

    FFS power tools

    The kind of motor is an universal brushed motor. They work on AC and DC.
  11. gewoon ik

    Brexit, WTF

    It is bad that the EU is not giving the UK what the UK wants? It is bad that the EU and it's members are thinking about themself in the first place? You think the EU and it's members are prepered, and looking forwards to the brexit in whatever form or shape it will come? You think it will not hurt the EU and it's members?
  12. gewoon ik

    leaky cracked water tanks

    what kind of platic is it? Makes it easier to suggest a product
  13. gewoon ik

    FFS power tools

    does the new motor have brushes? If so, it will work on AC or DC.
  14. all toys and other usefull equipment is already cleaned up.
  15. gewoon ik

    Brexit, WTF

    Hard or soft is not only the UK their choise.