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  1. gewoon ik

    Aluminum Anarchy

    We do it at the yard all the time (steel ships) grinding on spots for thickness mesurement. What they did, is the minimum, no removal and only on accessible places. If I was selling, I would make sure all the bad spots are made unaccessible I think on some places a cracktest on weldings (bow, around the keel), ... is also a smart thing to do. My next comment, make sure the cleaner you use, is good for aluminium. But most product commercial ships use, is good. Because the floorboards in enginerooms are made of aluminium. And in most cases, it is a good degreaser without damage to the paint (where paint is good) Good luck with the project.
  2. gewoon ik

    Teaching beginners to trapeze

    Bah, sad. Sorry.
  3. gewoon ik

    Teaching beginners to trapeze

    She couldn't get loose from the hook? Or the boat was on top of her and she was under the sails?
  4. gewoon ik

    Teaching beginners to trapeze

    A little extra heel helps indeed. Not to mutch so they are not scared. Not to little, so the dont have the feeling they will fall/touch in the water.
  5. gewoon ik

    Looking for 25-27 ft phrf rocket...

    Surprise. No idea if you can find those in the usa.
  6. gewoon ik

    What Is It?

    Crew will love to hike on it.
  7. gewoon ik

    IOR Lives!

    Can you at least warn us. Not everybody is from the 70s
  8. gewoon ik


    At least you can sail.
  9. gewoon ik

    Switch to Aluminum Anode?

    Alu is a lot nicer for the repairyards. The people complaining less. Block zinc of 10kg is becomming very heavy when installing 50 of them Why don't you go for a iccp system? @Zonker Works really nice and the flow is better than with all those anodes on thrusters, rudders, ... Added benefit (in my experience) is all the ships that pass with that system working good, there is a lot less growth on the ship. Mainly because, the anodes are mostly where the most growth is concentrated.
  10. gewoon ik

    The coolest performance cruiser on the planet

    Do you have to assemble it yourself?
  11. gewoon ik

    IOR is dead for a reason

    This is madness!
  12. gewoon ik

    The coolest performance cruiser on the planet

    At least you get them. On some modern new boats you don't get them. And the salesman is looking funny when you ask about them.
  13. gewoon ik

    The coolest performance cruiser on the planet

    Is citroen en peugot (and very funny als french and also in one group psa). There is a differance between the brands, but also there isn't.
  14. Bronze an alu. And the seem at the waterline. What could possibly go wrong? Something in the bilges is always nice. Once found a crater with the outlines of a spanner. Was a steelboat.