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  1. AC36 Auckland NZ

    But they do represent which is the point that up until your very clear explanation was once an issue of contention . " It doesn't matter where you come from " Thanks again .
  2. AC36 Auckland NZ

    They do represent the flag , they just happen to do it for a better pay check . You said it best " It doesn't matter where you come from ". Whats good for one is good for the other.
  3. AC36 Auckland NZ

    I think you make a very good point here and really clears up a lot of the nationality conversation . If we take this statement and change a few words why would one be true and not the other . It doesn't matter where you come from , because when you where the US flag you represent USA , its people and its culture .
  4. Favorite Era

    IACC I enjoyed the entire era from the very beginning to the bitter end and even after when i was fortunate enough to compete for two seasons in the IACC Sausalito Cup Series in San Francisco. The years of development full of secrets , rumors and mind games was very entertaining in addition to the actual sailing itself. Charges of industrial spying, sinking boats, falling masts , hidden sail lofts and even the crushing win by Black Magic kept things quite interesting for many years. If anyone is interested in that era there are several good behind the scene type books out there. " To the third power " by Paul Larson being one of the best.
  5. I think I saw something in the LA times about that sighting. Apparently the silver figures ran off very quickly and they were only able to recover this item which was left behind in their hasty exit.
  6. Teams?

    On the plus side with space being at a premium it will be easier to provide the necessary infrastructure for fewer teams in Auckland if it does end up there.
  7. AC36 - The Venue

    Wouldn’t Italy be more time zone friendly as far as live viewing goes ? Sponsors must be taking thatbjnto account .
  8. Oracle Team USA

    Uncle Larry and the pit bull back in the AC with a huge chip on both shoulders would be interesting. Throw in Uncles check book and you have a contender . Time will tell .
  9. For anyone that rates speed as a thrill sailing is way down the list as far as competitive sporting events go anyway. There are guys pedaling bikes faster than any AC boat has ever gone
  10. Oracle Team USA

    So its a few years later , all contracts have expired , non disclosures have run their course and yet you are the only one who knows what really went on ? How special that must be for you.
  11. AC 36 Protocol

    I know the info is all new but two hints that seemed o stick out were 10 to 12 crew and " maybe " foiling .
  12. AC 36 Protocol

    Yes he does and an American wife and kids .
  13. John MacLaurin. RIP.

    Sad to hear of this but he had a good run and gave many people some wonderful memories over the years . It's not often that a regular would get to have two legitimate " rock stars " as room mates for the SF Big Boat , Mark Christenson and Kevin Shoebridge of NZ fame not to mention first class accommodations no matter where we went. He was very much into pushing the envelope with his boats design wise and most were hits such as the current largest one design " big boat " fleet the TP-52's , owe it all to John and his Davidson designed Pendragon . He will be missed .
  14. Its too soon to tell but it does look as if they are bringing the AC format back to what was once the core audience that of actual sailors. Going after the X-Games crowd didn't pan out so after a few editions in boats that sailors can relate to in a more direct way they may get back a good bit of what they lost over the past few AC's. It would be nice to be able actually find someone to talk about the Cup at a actual yacht club for a change
  15. AC36 Auckland NZ

    They are making the location search doubly hard on themselves. They are planning for 8 compounds when they could very well have four empty ones.