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  1. Team NYYC

    Renn catch some of the congressional cup replays from this weekend on youtube . All the close racing you would ever want to see
  2. Larry's AC50 Circus

    He couldn’t hold Dame Ellen MacArthur’s sports bra Of course neither could any of us
  3. Oracle Team USA

    This irrevelant thread was dead for 4 whole days and then it’s back but has sunken to name calling and suggestions of a self imposed sexual nature between three or four forum members with obviously a LOT of free time on their hands . Nothing new to report , nothing’s changed , time marches on for most everyone else .
  4. AC36 - The Venue

    Slingers has better contacts
  5. Oracle Team USA

    And when the media is held to only a discussion between three people on one obscure blog what has resulted in FIVE years ? larry still has his trophy . The legitimate media you refer too has never bothered themselves with this trivial and irrevelant pursuit. The literally 100’s of individuals that were actually involved with the sport haven’t brought forth one iota of actual information . The originator of the entire Herbie concept quickly admitted that things were taken out of context and would never have worked was ignored by those searching for something , ANYTHING , to explain or at least make less painful being on the losing end of what has been come to be knows as “ The greatest comeback in the history of sport “. Make all the claims you want to the contrary but the mass social media will remember that above all else . A couple of guys masturbating to shaky 15 second go pro clips does not a conspiracy make . In the meantime have fun playing with yourselves .becuas hardly anyone else is listening .
  6. Oracle Team USA

    If it was that “clear” more than two or three guys on a blog would have noticed it and after five years said at least something of substance . People that are actually paid to do this for a living with actual skin in the game haven’t and no one els of consequence have either . Beat the poor dead horse all you want , it’s getting no further than this thread to nowhere and that drives you guys crazy .
  7. Oracle Team USA

    Don’t let 5lbs of lead stuffed in a king post by some rogue Kiwi keep this conversation going. The more you respond the longer the last reamaining public discussion of a five year old rumor in a obscure , soon to be forgotten , thread will continue. Let it die and the last three true believers will only have themselves to talk to . This is the last stand for Herbie and the real Herbie , you know the guy that came up with the original idea , left the building years ago
  8. AC36 - The Venue

    That would be good news all the way around . Didn’t seem fair to such a well established firm .
  9. AC36 - The Venue

    Well as far as the majority of AC sailing enthusiasts go , few though they may be , time zone wise Italy will be more convenient . As a side note Southern Spars would be overjoyed in not having to up root their headquarters facility which I believe one of the plans called for . Hell of a way to treat one of your high profile marine industries by screwing them over with a sailboat race of all things.
  10. AC36 - The Venue

    So it’s going on six days and not a word on any progress . Wasn’t there some sort of a time crunch with regards to at least getting a plan decided not to mention the actual construction ?
  11. Oracle Team USA

    I was saying that the person you were trying to explain sheet and winch operation to has never spun a handle in his life and perhaps never even been on a boat. Everything can't be learned from Youtube
  12. Oracle Team USA

    Hes not a sailor he wont understand what you are talking about .
  13. AC36 - The Venue

    There have been a few posts recently with regards to Aus deciding not to play . If they need four by the time the cup actually starts that will be a huge accomplishment. This one was from Skuttlebutt. http://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2018/03/14/australia-unlikely-36th-americas-cup/
  14. AC36 - The Venue

    This is starting to look like what happens when you walk into a club with so many hot chicks and you can’t make up your mind ?Pretty soon it’s last call , the lights are on and it’s just you and your buddies . In this case it’s going to be last call and you are a packing your bags for Italy
  15. Oracle Team USA

    That is your reply, that is the best you have ? Not one reason as to why no one else is even remotely interested in the fantasy other than two or three tin hats on a obscure thread on a free forum ? Professional journalists who are paid to do this for a living couldn't lay their hands on one hard fact and bring it to the light of day and most likely make them heroes to a large number of people but you and the other 2 succeeded ? You need to get the other two " WE " together and figure out how in the world you three are the only ones that : A/ Could get to the bottom of this when no one else could . B/ And more importantly you few need to find someone , anyone who gives a shit because after FIVE years no one else has .