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  1. Wess

    The Swedish Experiment

    Still unemployed I see...
  2. Wess

    Rolex Middle Sea 2020

    Just the breeze AFAIK.
  3. Wess

    The Swedish Experiment

    Kate - You are arguing with a sheeple troll who would not know or understand truth if it hit his face. Don't waste your time. More and more all these flawed highly restrictive lock down strategies are proving to be not only unsucessfull but also not sustainable and sooner or later they will have to admit it.
  4. Wess

    Sailing. Corsair F-31 to China

    Hey its all well that end wells. No panic in the recovery means no damage. Good job!!
  5. Wess

    The Swedish Experiment

    Hey anybody got the latest daily death trend graph from Sweden? Are they up over daily digits yet like so many others in Europe?
  6. Wess

    Comedy Therapeutics for Covid Hysteria

    Love your work here. Funny stuff. And it ain’t the Ed. It’s his whiney little pink flag waving... chrome dome.
  7. They collect money from all of them!!! Come on, try harder; you are making this too easy.
  8. Dude - you hillbillies do a bad Wess imitation. Not surprised at all. For gosh sake I told you post #2 on this thread that PSA was your new overlord. That’s Daddy for you. For gosh sake you gave them a monopoly for over 500 days and that that’s the best they could do? You told me there were huge supply issues here. Folks dying to get boats. And with a more than 500 day monopoly granted by ILCA and WS the best PSA could do was 200 boats (BTW not nearly 200 are through the pipeline)?!? They must be as incompetent or their boats as bad and expensive as others have said! But just one opinion and worth what you paid! Cheers!!!
  9. It would be the worst thing that ever happened to the Aero!
  10. Wess

    Sailing. Corsair F-31 to China

    I am. Hope you are as well. Remember I didn't say that little trick was fast... it ain't. It just ain't as slow as dousing (or as costly as flagging it) and then relaunching on the other gybe if forced into close reaching for a gybe mark. Think I have only done this maybe twice in all our years of racing and only in lighter air and with a crew I trusted. T'was one of the really experienced Corsair guys that I learned this trick from on a distance race in his boat. Remember thinking no way this will work... but it did.
  11. Wess

    Sailing. Corsair F-31 to China

    Thanks @Gouvernail. And actually it does make sense now @Cal20sailor. When trying to sail high with an asym, a good trick is to ease (yes ease) the tack and halyard. I know that ain't conventional wisdom but try it (on a light air day) and you will be surprised at how high you can carry the sail for a brief period. Better have a good crew and hands on sheets when you do this and especially when you can't turn down somebody better be looking for and calling puffs and shifts because if you miss one your options are very limited. Oh and Gouv that sounds like a really fun plane for dinghy sailing in a Laser!
  12. And that is what Romanza is doing. Ignore the trolls. Paul is easy to reach off line if anyone has serious interest and has long been involved with and committed to this segment. With Farrier now DOA and Corsair's parent seemingly more focused on Seawind catamarans, Rapido is the ray of light in the storm.
  13. Wess


    Great summary and just FYI but Daedalus appears to be DOA. Lots of chatter on the Farrier forums about nothing and nobody at the claimed physical location, the Farrier website being gone and even email addresses no longer active. And at least in terms of the Farrier side of the Daedalus business there are people with money that want to buy things from them. Shame (in terms of the Farrier heritage) but maybe not a shock given MR's history. Seems to be a trend with ex GB folks though I know at least one very good one.
  14. Go back a page and you will find it there. I am likely buying one so hey if you can deliver it for your quoted figure go ahead. I will gladly pay you that. Dare you. Less talk; more walk! I bet you do it "soon." Sorry; could not resist on the last.
  15. Wess

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Truth. Fully powered up in less than 10 easily.