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  1. I think what they took was about three quarter of a million bucks LOL. PS - I got 2 Torch T-shirts! And the belts!!
  2. and Terry is a grinder, WTF?? OK I gotta admit I have not followed the America's Cup at all but it was on the tele at the bar last night much to my surprise. Even more of a surprise was learning that Dean Barker helms the USA entry and Jimmy Spithill the Italian boat. And that apparently they can't foil for shit in the light end of the wind range they all agreed to race in?!? LOL the bar was filled with sailors and nobody cared to watch and the channel was switched to hockey. In a sailing town go figure. Is anyone tracking the AC and is it worth following or was last night's cluster-F typical? Would go to AC Anarchy but they are nutters over there...
  3. And it ain't a white sail so Andy and Tracy should be happy. Lord knows the price....
  4. Hey Bill. Rumor has it you are headed down to US. You bringing the rum you owe me?
  5. Wess

    I need a tiller

    Dude - Need a bit more information. A pic? Dimensions? After owning almost 20 sailboats big and small and always having a spare tiller we got lots of them in a box in the garage collecting dust. Happy to overnight you one if it fits but no clue what you need from the post. Happy New Year.
  6. Holy crap; I am sorry for dredging up what have to be shitty memories of shitty times and shitty people. I am so sorry man. Best of luck digging out. Don't know what else to say. Damn.
  7. On book of faces from The Laser Class... a tweaked logo. I would have added "and no Chinese crap." "Yet" LOL! The Laser Class turS7hponsSored · 50 Years of the original One-Design Laser - its been quite a story. To celebrate we have tweaked our Logo somewhat....join us for the festivities and some great sailing in the summer!
  8. Hmmm. I asked somebody what size for the plate in hull/water for a boat in fresh or blackish water. I was given an ABS standard (I think). It was LOL big and impossible on a multihull. Even the high end monohull system didn’t meet that standard. For salt water yes but not for upper Chesapeake blackish/fresh. I want to be clear. I don’t have the answer. I am simply highly suspicious of those that claim they so with re lighting protection that works.
  9. Wess

    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    Thanks. And wow a rough few hours for them.
  10. Wess

    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    Anyone know with what frequency is their site and data updated? Or is the speed real time?
  11. There is an algorithm here? I thought we were all just puppets on Scott's string LOL??
  12. I hear you. But guess I will never understand folks that go around down voting or hating things. If you like it go ahead and click. If not go ahead and ignore or move on or make an intelligent comment. I kinda figure its a bit of a sicko that down votes regularly. Only being able to hate is a sad way to go through life LOL. Anyway, glad you are well and the boat is still going good.
  13. I guess overall we were about equal. His is a higher end monohull (being a bit vague as don't want to out the boat since a few here know me and where my boat is and thus could ID his) so everything costs more on his. Ignoring $s and just looking at damage, if you recall I had a lot of little structural damage (many small pin holes across all 3 hulls) and some electrical issues. He had more concentrated (but less overall) structural damage and more widespread electrical - very high end systems - drama. I always laugh at those who claim to understand and know how to deal with lighting strikes. My only answer is to have good insurance. And if there was a better answer than that insurance would require it. But I am just a hick from the sticks trying to find my way LOL.
  14. Glad you did. Great thread. One of the best I have read on SA in a long time. And timely for a project se are looking at. So @jmurph - if you are still here, what did you decide and have you had a chance to play with it yet to have an opinion?
  15. Zero faith. Remember my strike 1.5 years ago. Zero protection on me. Full bonding on boat next to me. Top of the line. We were both hit. Guess who had more damage...