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  1. Wess

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    Ian had established a commercial relationship with these folks before he died. Everyone I knew in the business could not understand why given the dude’s history. Ian’s death just expanded that existing relationship or at least that is what I was told and I think the press release said. And that is the part that nobody can understand... Why did Ian ever get in bed with them given the history. Now the flip side of that is there is nobody most would trust more than RD once Ian passed and he stayed and has defending them which says something positive. No matter what it’s hard to argue anything positive has come out of this relationship unless the only alternative was a faster death of what was a great and highly respected company.
  2. @Gouvernail - Yea but my experience has been that even brand new foils will will hum on the boat and reshaping is (rightly) not allowed by the class. I believe you can tweak the trailing edge without issue. Still wouldn't waste my time. Don't think its gonna slow you down and beside its a nice audible indicator that its "fun time." But maybe ILCA can offer reshaped non humming foils along with the new rigs and charge double for them!! And I think they get fees on these as well so it would be a double win for them LOL.
  3. Easy to get rid of the hum. Just sand the trailing edge with an asymmetrical finish side to side. It will not have any measurable impact on speed though. You can definitely get a stock Laser over 14 knots SOG. Not sure about an ILCA though. Rumor has it the ILCAs top out at 9 knots and self destruct if pushed over 10.
  4. Wess

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Thankfully it appears there were none of those ILCA imposture boats.
  5. Rum = Yum Laser = Fun ILCA = Done
  6. Four hundred and sixty days! How long can they go LOL. Geeze; even I would have taken the under on 460 days.... and lost. How does 460 work as an over/under on fees? I am taking over! 460 Wow
  7. The good ole days = Hobie + Laser Globe trotting pick pockets = ILCA
  8. Wess

    AC45F Lux for sale

  9. Hey! Get off my grass Tiller!!! And yea you and I agree Robbie. If they ever did put it to a fair vote I don’t see what the path is if the vote came back as no to the constitutional changes that Gouv is calling for. Don’t misunderstand; I absolutely agree with him. Said so many many pages ago. Anyone who could fog a mirror knew that LPE would never be able to come back and so the ILCA boat name and death of the Laser name and brand was not a threat. It was reality from day 1; 450 plus days ago.
  10. Be interesting to see if they actually do this and if it gets voted on by the class. And what would the class do if the vote failed... there really is no way to go back?
  11. Wess

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Bill - I have great love and affection for anyone who loves LASER. Do you get bored repeating ILCA party propaganda for almost 500 days now? No; of course you don't. So those of us who love Canada more than we love China and Asia, and love keeping our money for sailing rather than giving it globe trotting bureaucrats have to stick up for ourselves.
  12. Wess

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Come on folks. Read the title. This is about... By sailors and for sailors they say. You can join them by clicking here.... https://www.thelaserclass.com/account/register There is already an ILCA thread for those wanting to support those imposture boats and a class aimed at supporting China and Asia instead of NA and EU, monopolies, higher prices, hidden fees, new rigs and sails, and Olympic and WS bureaucracy. You know... basically dedicated to separating sailors from their money... for almost 500 days now. There is a thread for the Sunfish too - great boat and class that it is. But this thread was started by the OP specifically because of his love for LASER. And I Canntt imagine a better thing LOL.
  13. Wess

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Even Gary Jobson sails and races Sunfish. And Lasers. But never an ILCA I am told. Canntt say I blame him.
  14. To have a cow to cash you first need a cow. This thing was/is a mosquito.