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  1. Hey Mizz... you and @Cisco might enjoy reading "A Most Hostile Mountain" by Waterman. Story of sailing and mountaineering. Great book for a summer cruise! It seems our sailing in snow group is a fairly exclusive set, LOL.
  2. Caribbean 600

    Correct what? I am a multi owner and fan. Not into slinging sh*t but not into rose colored glasses either. Clearly tough conditions and lots of folks and boats I respect out there. But it is a fact that we had only 4 out of 11 finish in the multi fleet (greater % retirement than monohulls) and much as I like em all, only one of those multis that finished could fairly be described as a performance cruiser (vs all out racer). This does not seem like a good look for the multi sector but that is just my view and worth what you paid. Of course you are welcome to disagree. Hats off to the SeaCart (boat and crew).
  3. Caribbean 600

    Seriously tough dude. They seem determined to finish.
  4. Caribbean 600

    Many reports of 30 sustained and gusts to 40 but I get your point. It is maybe a learning that less than half the multihull fleet is able to finish (6 of 11 retired already) and really only 2 (at best) of what you might call true performance cruisers (rather than outright racers) will make it to the end (and interesting to see where they place relative to the monohull sisters). Perhaps a bit eye opening for those following the multihull fleet and sector. That said there are a fair number of retirements in the monohull fleet though not nearly as many (as a % of the fleet) as for the multis.
  5. I hate you all, LOL, but especially @Mizzmo #if it ain't snowing you can't be showing here on this thread! PS - Good luck Mizzmo PPS - Hike that boat flat (your frostbite pic) @B.J. Porter. But I gotta admit there is nothing as much fun as frostbiting a Laser. I don't race it anymore but still do daysail mine in the winter as often as I can sometimes breaking ice off the beach to get out. PPS - hate you too @Mark Set
  6. Laser mast step repair

    Good grief @Spoonie. Do what Fred said. Anyone who has ever fixed a Laser mast step has done it this way because it works. And that deck opening and resulting port/plate is a good thing, not a bad thing.
  7. I keep seeing all these pics of boats sailing in balmy breezes in all these threads. Like life is really all Pusser's pain killers, palm trees and bikinis. Does anyone sail their boats in winter? I mean I guess maybe not. It would be kinda stupid. Like sloppy rigging of the outhaul... or too much outhaul for the conditions. Or not rigging the vang which isn't even needed on the boat to begin with. Or not rigging the cunningham. I mean who does that kinda sh*t. Likely the same dumb fu*** that would put 12 yo Balvenie single barrel scotch in Pusser's cups. Or use snow for ice in said scotch. Or even start a snowball fight on said sail. No, that would be stupid. What idiots would do that? Maybe the same kind of fools that would have a BBQ on a racing boat. And a fishing pole still in the rod holders. The same kinda fool that would fly the screacher on the way back in. For sure Darwin will catch these fools up... Eventually. Maybe. And find them with smiles on their faces.
  8. Laser Performance?

    Wait. What? Where am I and what is with all this logic, truth, and reality in a Laser thread!!?? Long live the Laser (or a generic equivalent)!!
  9. Laser Performance?

    Oh stop. Assuming you are over the age of 12 you can or should be able figure this out for yourself. The thread is a troll. As many have said here it’s easy to find and race a Laser. Or keep a beater going for play time. It ain’t perfect but it really ain’t hard. What is hard is finding something better. Que more trolls and planer boards. Lots of lines in the water and lots of stinky socks to dodge and fish out. Just go sailing!
  10. Laser Performance?

    You should get planer boards. Its works even better!
  11. My newest project

    Seriously? Plastic? For hockey skate blades??
  12. Laser full rig or laser radial

    So as you can see folks have lots of opinions about what they want to do, transposed to you. You say you own a Laser so I will stick with that. You ask about full rig vs radial noting the radial fleet is much larger. Going off just that it sounds like you answered your own question. Further, the area you mention tends to have decent breeze as I recall. So if you have reliable breeze, and if you want to race OD, and if the radial fleet is not made up entirely of 100 lbs kids I would sail the Radial. I switched out from full rig and sailed radial one frostbite season at 180 lbs after rotator cuff surgery on one shoulder, and while my other (shoulder) screwed up too and was being rehabbed. I could make the radial work and had a good time (even against the twerps). Even won a few races. The one downside is not knowing your ability. If you can handle the full rig well at your weight in 15 to 20 and be competitive you may well be bored in the radial in the lighter stuff. I just used those kinda days as a challenge to try to out smart folks and at least beat the twerps to the ww mark. I was a bit of a sitting duck on the lw legs on the lighter days (less so in the really light stuff when experience comes back into play). Have fun and good luck whatever you decide.
  13. C-Class Little Cup news

    Not what I was expecting at all @Steve Clark. Interesting. [Edit to add respect greatly what you and @blunted did] But color me confused. Could you or the others who made the little ac what is was prior to Groupama, have done it if it was was bigger and more expensive? Just a wanker but my uneducated guess was that the excessive costs and now marginal gains was what was killing it? I mean even if you knew every detail re Groupama could you - and how many of the other prior competitors - afford to compete and build a Groupama beater? Or take on a Groupama v2? My thought experiment was that if - as you said - you simply took the maximum dimensions of the box (25,14,300) and kept a ww/lw course, that the little ac would get interesting and viable again perhaps. For folks like you and those individuals (not multinational corporation funded teams) you might see as able to pick up that torch. Maybe. Or maybe not.