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  1. Wess

    R2AK 2018

    Yea. Been interesting to compare forecasts to reality up there. The fast reaching conditions have not exactly materialized, LOL. Whichever team actually wins this thing will sure deserve it.
  2. Wess

    R2AK 2018

    I don't know what y'all thinking but given the remainder of the course, the forecast, and respective crews, I'll take the F28 (trimaran).
  3. Talk is cheap and the Elvis team has been proven to be pretty had to beat. Not sure what happened to the 2 other GBs. Quite a few boats I would not expect to beat them over the line did but perhaps the difficult weather and transitions did them in. Didn't follow closely. And they are in Bermuda sailing while I am sitting at a desk... Ugh! Nice to hear the B53 is making progress; great boat. And great that Fire finally sold; hopefully to a good home.
  4. Wess

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Well I think @tillerman's first point is, as he wrote, regattas like the one you linked are one of the best things about the Laser class. His second point seems to be that the Aero class is growing and also hosting regatta at some pretty cool places. Pretty reasonable and not exactly radical stuff there and it seems odd to go on tilt over it. I am more a Laser than Aero fan but if you are going to travel, both fleets have some interesting regatta options. I happen to be more swayed by what's happening at a grass roots level and the local scene where Laser still wins big (at least for me locally and I would guess for most).
  5. Wess

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    True that. I would not have raced the boat in 3 years and my rotator cuff surgery PT literally ends that date... but I am giving that some serious thought. Anybody want to gramps sit so I can go, LOL.
  6. Well for example there is this legendary tri in the islands that had been for sale forever and is just there length wise or would be with minor extension. Maybe generate some interest. Few others I can think of but not my place. At least some could have killed it but other maybe too old/tired and not. No biggie, just thought we would see some. At least more than three.
  7. Peed my pants laughing at that. Noice!
  8. Hey don't jinx things, LOL. Old friend just bought a CW 47 mast foil and Merlin is duking is out w Tribe (is that the original Tribe... or turboed...or?). I am just surprised there are no tris. This is their course (more than the cats), no? What up with that?
  9. Well to be fair I am guessing the B53 couldn't enter at any length after their little swimming excursion. Its been quiet on that front so I am not sure that boat is (ever??) coming back. Heard of progress but its been a long while. Cool boat; hope they make it back. On the other hand a bunch of the HHs and the various others such as REW w/ Arete do meet the rule I think. Even some of the other tris but yet nobody came to play. Bit surprised.
  10. Wess

    R2AK 2018

    You still got the itch I see, LOL. You gonna have to scratch.
  11. Wess

    Top-down furler issue

    Hey @notasockpuppet,really.I have played with a variety of top down furlers - and different chutes - on our Corsair F27F. The problem you describe is almost certainly related to both the cut of the sail and the technique in furling. We have 3 chutes and the fullest has this problem the most and the flattest, the least. I think that is essentially what @Harry Pattison was saying above. This can be minimized (but not eliminated) by having very light tension on sheets as you furl. In our case a wrap around a winch is too much but a very light hand hold (just letting the sheet slide through your hand does best. But there will still be some "baggyness" below the clew. The way we deal with that is as soon as the clew has one or two wraps. we take the spin sheet and flip them forward so they are hanging off the bow and almost in the water and remove all tension from the sheet. Now continue the furl and the sheet will work down from the clew towards the tack because of the angle it is at, wrapping the baggy part of the sail up as it goes. Not sure if this makes sense as its written - and if not carefully and somewhat uniformly done (side to side with each sheet) it will cause you some grief when you go the unfurl - but it works very well. Not ideal for racing but for a our doublehanded (and even singleanded) cruising or daysailing it works wonderfully. We routinely sail and use our boat with all 3 of foresails; the working jib (bottom up), screacher (bottom up) and runner chute (top down) all hoisted and on furlers. After using it I have often furled the chute as described and head up wind in 20 knots of breeze doing 9 and 10 knots of SOG doing many tacks. The chute stays furled and no flapping (just be sure to secure the furling line so it can't unfurl). It took us a bit of time to develop this technique but absolutely love the ability to furl the chute and leave it hoisted (while sailing... it gets stored below once back at the dock). Hope this helps.
  12. Well this thread and idea went quietly into the night.... GB Elvis didn't though! So N2B threw a party and invited multis for the first time ever and only 3 GBs showed up. Nobody had to pray for anyone, nobody died, Rambler (not a multi duh!?) took line honors but Elvis sailed really well. Wondering why only GBs given others here like @REWindicated they wanted to come play. But no HHs. Heck nobody else showed or was invited... bummer. Of some interest is that Merlin has a slight lead at the moment on the other 2 GBs in the race. Have to admit the old school guy that is me is pulling for ole Merlin... though I refuse to hand in my multihull card.
  13. Wess

    rs aero

    Hey Gouv. Nice to hear you found a boat and fleet that brings you joy. Best of luck with it and hope you keep sharing your thoughts about its sailing characteristics versus the Laser.
  14. Yea but rowing made it much easier to pass/max the PRT, LOL.
  15. LOL it really does hurt to write or type anything. But seriously if I had to buy now it would be another Laser simply because there are no Aeros or UFOs living and racing in Naps. With the Laser I can race ~52 weeks a year in my own back yard and multiple days a week all summer. I do love the UFO and still might jump just to have it as a toy but for local racing the Laser is king. Waiting to see if anything changes by Fall when my PT is done. Good luck to you Dave. You sure designed and build a cool boat there with the UFO.