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  1. Gunboat 68

    ZiPtIp NoOdLe boards by Doug Lord for Gunboat. LOL
  2. Banque Pop capsize

    Guys, there are photos of it being righted the correct way per the team, on the front page.
  3. Banque Pop capsize

    Naw, its easy from a couch, LOL! Crazy french. They should have given it to a Brit. AT would have brought it back intact.
  4. F*ucker! Nice!! Made me laugh with that you Snaggie wannbe. Too much truth. Anyway, Isso slow but yes this would make my Laser heavy. The @kbcH20 approach of all carbon and blue flames is a true diet job but beyond my limited skills and would violate the spirit of the race. Sinko d Isso day fast approaches. And I have a half way idea for the murdered out aesthetics.
  5. Thanks very much for all the ideas and input folks. And yes I will post pic if the project is undertaken and completed @Bump-n-Grind. I would not mind trashing an old sail but am wondering if I am going to wreck a good beater off the beach Laser. Definitely no tie dye, Jackson Pollack, political statement or skulls. Sorry @bplipschitz, @Ajax, @Caferacer59 and @Sail4beer. Just murdered out black if it gets done. I am even opposed to the orange foils. Matte black. Problem is the boat lives on a dinghy rack at the house and has to go (single-handed) from the rack to the ground, get flipped, dragged onto the dolly, back off the dolly and run up on the beach for rigging... and of course all reversed coming back out. The hull paint job is going to get pretty beat up by the beach and dolly and ground, and the deck by the rack... pretty fast. It does have appeal for the grudge match race though. The problem is I have to live with it afterwards.
  6. Don't overthink this. Simple question: * Did you ever paint a sail, what did you use and did it work? I got a beater Laser that died and I just brought back to life. Being used in a grudge match. A friend suggested a "3 six pack project" that would be fun for giggles and shit... "lets murder out the Laser and go for style points." Its a shit Laser that belongs in a dumpster and I have tons of old sails so why not. I like beer. Plan formed is roll some black rhino liner (the stuff used in pick-up beds) on the deck, spars and boom. Got it. Some spare black Pettit Trinidad bottom paint brushed and lightly burnished on the hull. Got that. And of course some florescent orange gloss rattle can paint for the foils. Got that too. Quick trip to APS gets me black lines. But that leaves a white sail. Can't have that and so the only real question left is what beer to drink while we do it... ... and what to use on the sail to make it blacked out too. I am thinking fabric paint?? Its got so be somewhat flexible cause the sail flogs itself while rigging and launching the boat. Bueller? Anyone?
  7. R2AK 2018

    Wait, is that a thing in this race? Can a specific brew be requested? Do you take the empties? Could scotch be arranged LOL? Bummed to hear that its sounding like Team Ziska is not making it. Yea, I am a multihull kinda guy but I still love old school and Ziska is that.
  8. Yea, snowmen can't call puffs well, never mind headers and lifts or laylines, LOL. All you warm weather folks don't get it. One of the joys of winter sailing is the focus on self reliance. I love single-handing a dinghy in the winter... getting my Laser out on a freezing cold day when its blowing snot and you know nobody else is around or coming to get you if you screw up.... makes you focus on what's important. I don't mean be stupid or unsafe. But in all candor and honesty one of the joys of single-handed winter sailing for me is that not everyone can or will do it and you and the boat better be damn well prepared if you do. Now of course I just jinxed myself!
  9. Yea I am thinking this is a bit like your PNW. What kind of monohuill would you want for extended cruising there? You keeping the MC?
  10. Kleen Breeze

    Good luck. I too would be curious to hear/see some factual reports and videos of its sailing performance. Admire your adventurous spirit re boat designs. Hope it works out for you.
  11. Went out the Magothy River and across the Chesapeake Bay to Love Point in SE 20-25 on Saturday. River was flat and Bay had 3-4 foot chop running. Chop is way worse for the boat than ocean swell but even in the chop she was/is dry on the high side and in cockpit. Wet and wild on low side of course. Folks were chilling on the high side float and cabin house drinking beers. It was rough duty, LOL. Full main and jib in the Bay and played with the screacher and asym in the river. Don't think we were ever below 10 knots SOG. Dark and Stormies back at the dock. An F31 is going be much more stable than my F27. Again, I got no vested interest (other coast and not for sale) but I don't know how I would do this on a 405 (no slam intended). I keep waiting for somebody to say it...
  12. Coolboats to admire

    Come to Naps where Bull and Bear reside!
  13. Hey for sure you should get and do whatever you like but totally don't understand that comment re the F31. I just had 9 out on my F27 this weekend flying around at 17 knots. Some never-evers, few with some sailing experience but just along for the ride, but really just 2 of us experienced folks running the boat. Easy-peasy.
  14. BVI Spring Regatta

    Thank you folks. Lots of great info on the boats. Much appreciated. And yea, getting the impression OMA has a way to go.