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  1. First race of the winter series North of Auckland last weekend. A couple of photo's of one of Murray Ross' best designs. The Ross 780 trailer yacht.
  2. This is a really unhelpful and insensitive comment. They made a mistake in trying to enter a harbour on a lee shore in bad conditions! Their engine stopped! Typical situation where one mistake, followed by a cockup compounded and a bad situation suddenly got much worse and turned to shit in a huge way. They paid the ultimate price!! Tell me you've never made a mistake and I'd say you've never been anywhere or done anything! Tell me you'
  3. Carbon I14 was pretty tricky. Narrow hull and used to get over powered really easily on the jib, dig a wing in, stall on the wing and capsize. The low riding moths look like a bit of a nightmare though!!!
  4. I have been associated with Bevan in New Zealand with open bics for several years. I've also run several open bic regattas alongside Bevan in New Zealand. He is a top bloke with the best intentions for our sport. When I ran the regattas he came and supplied the charter boats with great enthusiasm. He left the running of the regattas to us and the results were left to us. I've only had the best experience with Bevan. Russell Coutts ( yes the america's cup Russell) thinks so much of the Bics and their regattas he has recently brought a container load of Bics to travel around NZ. Russell has also sponsered this program. Great endorsement from one of the worlds best sailors!! The problem that the poster may have is that the Bics do not run "a National contest" as such their regattas are not run by national race officers, there is no ability to protest as infringements are dealt with on the water and the on water judges are not national judges. The Open Bic contest have a 2 up teams race, a freestyle event and fancy dress as well as other fun events. This is in the "fun" philsophy of Open Bic sailing which is completely different to the deadly seriousness of of opti racing.
  5. Please Phil One more coastal on Sundreamer before you let her go
  6. Check out the footage of ETNZ buzzing the coastal classic start in October 2016
  7. I see. You have reached that conclusion. You've seen them sailing then? Yup agreed, having seen ETNZ out training several times in the hauraki gulf the AC50's are just as impressive as the 72's and alot cheaper meaning we might see more than 4 of these beasts racing!! Which will be awesome if Coutts and Ellison ever get their shit together so we can watch this somewhere.
  8. Rafferty Rules a Ross 780 trailer yacht. Raced and cruised in Auckland New Zealand There is a wee video of us hitting around 16 knots under code zero on a 2 handed race https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRA23n0M53g
  9. Who can tell as your tracker wasn't working. We must have been close as we slowed right down when we took the kite down and were a long way off course. Its all academic anyway as we fucked up our mid game and you guys sailed a superb race and deserved the win. Was nice to be that close to you at White island though. Bring on RNI !!
  10. The first time we lost the compass it was daylight and we compared the digital compass to the Analogue compass and noticed deviation. We thought we'd fixed the issue. We didn't notice the second reboot for several hours, suddenly we noticed that we were 30 degree's off course at 4am and had to drop the a2 and harden up to White island. Marshall Law is a Ross 40 designed in the late 80's. There are around dozen of this design around. There are 4 in New Zealand which race regularly Marshall Law, Provincial Cowboy, Urban Cowboy and Satellite Spy. I think there are 2 in USA, Paddy wagon and Sparta Marshall Law, Provincial Cowboy and Satelite Spy are competing in the Round North Island 2 handed race in February which should be an awesome tussle and give some very close racing. I was on Provincial Cowboy on the 216 Coastal Classic ad Urban Cowboy, Provincial Cowboy and Satellite Spy all finished within 5 minutes of each other after 12 hours of racing.
  11. White Island Race report. Marshall Law. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!! After a hectic few months fitting in major mods to the Marshall and putting her all back together, we rocked up to the White Island start line, the first time the boat had been sailing in about 4 months! The forecast sounded ideal. Reach to Channel, downhill slide to White Island, Westerly change for a light reach back up the coast. Forecasts huh? Phil was keen to do the start, so he tried for a Starboard tack, boat end start. Nice idea but probably 15 seconds late to make the Port starting fleet tack over. We got away OK, but as we beat out towards Channel the first problem showed itself. Somehow, A short bolt through the traveler had been overlooked in my "to do" list and immediately pulled through the deck, with the traveler following. A quick lashing to a pad eye prevented any real damage, but it meant that we couldn't twist off as much as we usually do. We did OK upwind to Channel (Reach, what reach?) pacing Notorious, with Pacific Sundance, Sunfast 3600, and Nirvana romping away upwind. As the breeze increased, we changed to the #3, but did it really badly, stalling the boat, going sideways and letting Notorious get away somewhat. Around Channel and we found some nice steep waves. We shook out the reef and shot off downwind while deciding inside or outside the Mercs. In the meantime, Phil had fun and set the speed record for the race of 18.7 knots under #3.. Inside looked good for the masthead kite, so up it went. While we could still see, the kite ride was great, but as the night closed in, we only had the digital compass to steer by, with no lights or any stars or moon to transit on. Steering all night was hard work, but we made awesome gains as we ticked off the fleet one by one averaging 10-11 knots but bursting to 15 knots in the waves. Navigating through all the Hole in the wall bricks was fun, as well as trying to keep the boat upright and on one gybe.. The new keel was making itself felt though with better acceleration and faster average speeds. Thank you Mr. Dibley! While we were on the kite run, the digital compass strangely came up with a 25 degree offset. These Raymarine instruments are all new, so I had no idea what that was all about, but I went into the menu and reset it.. Little did I know that it happened again at some stage and we both missed it.. This would have ramifications approaching White island in the dark! (It turns out that once you have calibrated the compass, you have to "Lock" it.. Lesson learned, read the manual!!!) Last to fall to the Marshall's new found speed was Josh and Damon on the Sun Fast. We got quite a few miles past them before dropping the kite as the westerly change started making itself felt. As 30 knots had been forecast for the front, we swapped to poled out #3 and full main, which allowed Booboo and Damon to catch up. Not long before dawn, Phil spotted the result of a zoomed out plotter and out dodgy compass. We had overshot White Island by 5 miles!!! Bugger! A quick set of the jib top and a big harden up meant we could lay the island, but we lost significantly to Josh who crossed ahead just as we approached the island, with them already rounded. We were still ahead of the rest of the 40 footers, but we would soon sort that advantage out!! We got around the island just after dawn and immediately tacked off to starboard, with the idea of the westerly change still coming in further, and getting on the inside of a lifting breeze. Unfortunately, we had our heads well and truly down, thinking about our last error, and fixating on the westerly change which was never coming any more than it already had. The rest of the fleet were laying Channel island, while we headed for Wellington. That was the race right there! Adding to our woes was a set of house batteries that were well past their use by date and only lasting around 5 hours between charges.. Another job to do!! So beat, bea,t beat, up to Channel, with an interesting night tack-fest up the inside of the Mercs (Made a few gains there) with a steady 20-25 knots on the nose approaching Channel. From Channel it was a cracked sheets reach to the finish. We did a last minute dive to take the Motuihe channel instead of outside Rangi, and almost caught Pacific Sundance in doing so, but not quite. (Thanks for this photo Suellen) So, the Marshall's report card so far: Signs of some fast sailing, but must concentrate more. Can do better!
  12. Part 2 of Provincial cowboy;'s coastal video
  13. Part 2 of our coastal on Provincial cowboy.
  14. Hey Victim x I've been selling kiwis and auzzies ski holidays iin USA and Canada for around 10 years. Your trip looks really good. I've skiied most of those resorts and to be honest I'd go to them all again except Sun Valley. Sun Valley is pretty low (gets shitty snow) and expensive. Its also along way out of the way. It is a really nice drive from Sun Valley to Big Sky which goes through a lava field ( yes volcanic stuff) and through Butte county where you can check out a bunch of Nuclear reactors and stuff at Arco and INL which is pretty cool. Also Lake Tahoe and Mammoth are really fun but also low and can suffer bad (no snow) years. On the plus side Tahoe has lots of variety and accommodation at South lake Tahoe is cheap as chips. Out of all the resorts you've mentioned I'd say these would be my pick. Spend more time at the good resorts and do less. If you doo too many you;'ll just end up leaving every powder day. The mountain collective pass lets you book extra day tickets at $ 50 per day which is generally still 1/2 price so a good deal. Whistler, Banff, Revelstoke, Taos, Purgatory, Telluride and Aspen. Snowbird, Jackson Hole and Big Sky. All these resorts are epic and worth around a week at each IMHO