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  1. overdraft

    Old Cup Posters and Artwork

    Team NZ poster from 2000... OK, maybe not that special all by itself, but MY copy is personally signed by Sir Peter Blake!
  2. jeez... i clicked the wrong damn reaction button thingee... Yes Sail4beer, we WERE having 2 tons of fun!
  3. overdraft

    Ever hitch a ride at Antigua Classics?

  4. 15.4 with a reefed main on the lil' sister last weekend... that was GPS speed against a bit of current so probably just over 16? 16 is the max polar for 25 knots of breeze so seems right on the money for the 23 too.
  5. overdraft

    What Paint to Use?

    +1 for perfection if you don't have access to a spray rig (or the skillz). I've had great results with rolling it on and it's pretty durable.
  6. Was thinking of being in Antigua during Classics next year... i know from time to time you can get a pickup crew spot during Sailing Week, but wondered if it ever happens that the classic guys are looking for crew... anyone know? Thanks!
  7. overdraft

    Martin 243 Delrins: Need some?

    probably just the term the guy uses to describe his craft, but just in case... acrylic ≠ delrin
  8. overdraft

    What's the best small sport boat to buy?

    1.hate drysailing 2. like to fiddle with boats so not that interested in a class so closed that you can’t improve stuff 3. easier to get 4 crew together than 5 4. old enough to have seen fleets come and go so less easily seduced by what’s around now.... (rip OD starts for: Cal20, t-bird, J24, hotfoot20, hotfoot 27, martin 242, star, etchells)
  9. overdraft

    What's the best small sport boat to buy?

    ya, looks great... i remember when i used to have abs... now I'm happy to go fast without killing myself... old age rears it's ugly head!
  10. overdraft

    What's the best small sport boat to buy?

    Love mine... I believe you need a bunch of crew for the Viper... we seem to do OK with 4 on the 23R... 241 isn't in the same bracket as even the PR22 nevermind the Rocket 22. I had a PR22 and test sailed a Rocket22... big difference obviously so as great a boat as the PR22 is for it's day, it's also a performance rung down from the rest of your list.
  11. overdraft

    Taping rigging to prevent snags on cotter pins

    ya, i actually put brightly coloured ones on to test so i could see immediately if they had failed, but so far they haven’t so i got a bag of the black ones because these will get clipped off shortly. i don’t expect them to be a long lasting solution but for a small race boat where the rig gets tuned and pulled relatively frequently the lack of longevity is more than made up for by easy installation and no requirement for taping
  12. overdraft

    Taping rigging to prevent snags on cotter pins

    you guys will laugh your asses off, but I'm almost a season into it using zap straps through the pin holes and around one side of the body of the turnbuckle... initially i was adjusting my rig tension frequently and didn't want to bother with bending/unbending taping/untaping cotter pins and the clearance between the studs and the inside of the turnbuckle body made the rings a pain to feed in and out so i tried the zap straps... SUPER easy to install and when you need to adjust just clip them off...
  13. overdraft

    PHRF Exclusion practice

    attendance fixes everything... if you've got enough boats then you can split them off into a sport boat division and the ratings will be good enough to work intra division. The problems are really pronounced only when you have only 6 boats show up and you've got 2 sporties and 4 lead mines and the ratings just don't work. Hell, even with 'conventional' boats the ratings don't hold up that well if you've got 40 footers vs Cal 20's... but if you've got enough people to make a few rating bands then it gets better... if you've got even more boats and can have slow/medium/fast rating bands in sport/light/heavy divisions then you'll really be in good shape... sometimes I think if we spent as much energy dragging people out on the race course as we do complaining about the rating systems, that we'd find the rating systems aren't that bad after all...
  14. overdraft

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Herreshoff 28, or H-28 as they are usually referred to.... this one I had was the first sloop rigged one ever. They were drawn as ketches which you see a lot of, but I guess someone wanted a sloop so a new sail plan was drawn up... I had the plans when I had the boat... wish I’d kept them! Anyway, most H-28s are ketches, often with a doghouse on the cabin, which is great for cruising I’m sure, but I was young enough when I had her that I didn’t ming ducking a bit inside the cabin to have a prettier boat!
  15. overdraft

    Show your boat sailing thread

    OK, being as it's Cruising Anarchy I'll try again with a different one of my boats since someone said my last four boats were too racy!