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  1. overdraft


    if you look at the flow of the vid they show whoever it is putting on VR goggles, then the foiling video and then the actual boat on the hard with no rig in it... If I had to bet I'd say CG... Don't get me wrong, I"m here 3 x a day waiting to see the thing go, but I don't think we have yet...
  2. ya, i lived in that thread when it was live... i learned a ton in there!
  3. overdraft

    any pants that actually keep your @ss dry?

    oh cool! direct experience! i’ll talk to Fraser... thanks!
  4. overdraft

    Team NZ

    link or it didn't happen!
  5. overdraft

    any pants that actually keep your @ss dry?

    the thing I always thought someone should make (to solve my problem, because, you know, it's all about me ) is pants that are breathable fabric but with that old skool fishing gear rubber stuff for the butt and upper thigh so that when you're sitting in a puddle for an extended period of time it doesn't soak through and meanwhile they're breathing out the moisture everywhere else...
  6. found it! last sentence of the last post of page 11 and first couple of posts on page 12 http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/154025-ropeknotsplice-load-testing/&page=11 I agree with what you're saying... hence the 'mind blown' meme on my post...
  7. agreed, although I feel like you'd need a bit more tape that I'd like to get it to feed in smoothly. A bit of a threadjack, but back in the old splicing/testing thread (I gather it's disappeared?) I read that some of the commercially made loops used what amounted to unconstructed spectra/dyneema/uhmwp yarns inside the cover, like with zillions of turns, and that with enough turns apparently there was zero connection of the two ends inside. Just the size of the stack of the turns provided enough binding that there was no further finishing done. Kinda blew my mind, but it also makes me wonder where the transition is... as in how many turns of yarn would you need inside the cover before the thing was self sustaining.
  8. I was surprised that coffee-guy didn't taper the ends of the covers before he milked them under. That's the only thing I can see about your Note 2. is that the end with the 'automatic' bury wouldn't be tapered. I realize that this wouldn't be a strength issue as the cover doesn't take the load, but I imagine it would make the finished product a bit smoother.
  9. overdraft

    any pants that actually keep your @ss dry?

    haven’t heard anything first hand about the new mustang gear but it looks pretty good... maybe it’s time to go see Alex! like i said... don’t mind spending more if the stuff actually keeps me dry.
  10. Salty, my query was based on the above quote that it would take 15 seconds to “build pressure”... i didn’t actually think i had a better idea @rh3000 , thanks for the vid!
  11. i thought the foil arms were electrically actuated? do the electrons have to rest? or are the pumps not acting directly on the fluid... just used to pressurize tanks? seems like an extra layer over direct actuation plus you'd have to have pressure tanks as well as batteries...
  12. overdraft

    any pants that actually keep your @ss dry?

    ya, I don't mind paying more IF they work... I went from cheap that failed to more expensive that also failed... I just don't want to go with hyper-expensive if I'll still be soaked by noon, and Ideally it would be something that I could still move around in... I mean I could get the full fisherman rubber rig but then I couldn't do my job! That's my fear of the offshore stuff, that mobility will be an issue...
  13. are there any foul weather pants out there that won't soak through if you're sitting on the rail in rain or occasional green water all day? I’ve tried the cheap stuff, West Marine sort of stuff, then ramped up to non-offshore Gill, no better so a bit wary of spending even more with no better results... Does anything actually keep your bum dry? And if it’s only the $1,000 offshore stuff is any of it at least still offer some mobility considering i'm really not offshore and mostly in smaller boats? thanks!
  14. overdraft

    Team NZ

    you take it with you when you change sides.... saves weight
  15. overdraft

    Team NZ

    the latest vid from NY must be making NZL a bit nervous, no? Still haven't got their main all the way up and NY is already outpacing the motorboats in the bay...