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  1. Best Navigation App for GPS enabled ipad

    I love the 'navionics is junk' statement followed with no explanation... it may or may not be a correct statement, but without any further information you might as well have saved yourself the keystrokes... I use navionics quite successfully so who knows... maybe you're not using it right? isailor's user manual is 180 pages... yikes! not at bad as it looks... the first 40 pages are just how to buy the app and the charts and whatnot...
  2. Anyone used Kiwigrip and removed it?

    used and liked it... seemed quite durable for the couple of years I had the boat after applying. how aggressive the non skid will be is quite controllable. I should say I applied it indoors, not sure if doing it outside changes the outcome.
  3. Doing away with winches

    don't forget that this rig as shown in the above diagram only yields 3:1 as you are pulling the turning block at a 2:1 disadvantage. I mean if it works, it works, just saying that you're not getting 6:1 out of it!
  4. VOR 2017-18

    Hey Laser... how did you watch the inport race? the link here is broken and their stupid website seemingly has no possible way of watching... nm... facebook... I hate that people just assume you live on facebook... why do they even have an app if they're going to rely on someone else to host their shit...
  5. Is there ANY Antifoul that works? ( Bottom paint?)

    well, is spite of being initially toxic enough to inhibit growth, at least chlorine breaks down into fairly harmless components fairly quickly in contrast with the current "state of the art" which seems to consist of mining toxic metals which will never break down and introducing them into the harbour instead, as well as requiring constant removal, disposal and reapplication... ya, i dunno how you'd control the dilution issue or i'd be rich instead of jusr someone tossing some different ideas around because the status quo is pretty lame... now you go back to your canvas sails or gas powered outboard or whatever things were like when you ceased to be inquisitive
  6. Is there ANY Antifoul that works? ( Bottom paint?)

    ya, that was an idea that had promise, but the guy who mades them doesn't really want to sell them... quoted me $6k for a 22 foot boat! then tried to sell me an ultrasonic antifouling device instead... so i thought why not eliminate the troublesome bath part, which when you consider that it needs to be spiced up with chlorine isn't perhaps as efficacious as you'd thnk and creates issues with getting in and out, and being moved if your club moves you to a different slip. So cut straight to something that would just surround the boat with a solution that would inhibit growth?
  7. Is there ANY Antifoul that works? ( Bottom paint?)

    Here's my latest idea... hard polished waterproof bottom, IP2000 or durapox or whatever, then my new kickstarter idea, which is a series of soft buoyant containers with perforated bottoms strung together in a line that can be run around the boat when it's tied up... said containers filled with magic potion, currently thinking swimming pool chlorine pellets, so that your boat is constantly surrounded by a mildly unpleasant plume which prevents growth...
  8. Soft Jib Hanks

    I've got the plastic buckles... no problems... easy to undo even with cold wet gloved fingers, and no corrosion/jamming issues...
  9. Spectra Stopper Knot

    cool knot! looks like it might be a bit bulkier than an 8 so that might help with my application.
  10. Flicker Construction

    what happened to attaching a block to a length of 'glass batten? who knew backstay flickers had become a prebuilt system to be purchased not a home made mod...
  11. Stainless vs Aluminum - the struggle is real...

    and that product is???? note that I'm in Canada so obtaining Duralac is nearly impossible... thank you to weightless and others for actually reading:)
  12. Spectra Stopper Knot

    ya, trying for a single line solution due to space limitations... if i had a bit more room i could just put a strop on that halted the travel. an 8 knot will definitely stop anyone from pulling the line any further when it hits the block/lfr (to be determined) it's about when i then tension the line pulling it back... the 8 will presumably reduce the ultimate strength of the line and is therefore theoretically less desirable.... but again, the line will be oversized so this is more along the lines of an aesthetic rope-work solution quest than an omg i have no idea how to do this....
  13. Spectra Stopper Knot

    say, 3/16 amsteel/spectra/dyneema not loaded to anything like breaking... I figure I could just put a knot in because it's over spec'd for the load, but I wondered if there was a more elegant solution... I thought the dogbone idea might work since you wouldn't be displacing the strands that much. it needs to stop a hand load so I have a fixed point to start tensioning from so the stopper itself doesn't really need to develop that much strength, just want it to not diminish the line strength once it gets loaded up and is being pulled away from the stop point.
  14. Spectra Stopper Knot

    the stopper needs to be in the middle of the line, not at an end, so I don't think an estar is the answer...
  15. Spectra Stopper Knot

    So, I have need of putting a stopper in a piece of 12 strand spectra line that will be loaded... I figured just tying a knot in it would probably be about the worst solution, although presumably if the line was oversized It would all work out... but I wondered if there was a better solution? I thought maybe if you got a dogbone and stuffed it through the line that might have less of an impact on the breaking strength... anyone think that would work? Anyone got better ideas? Thanks!