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  1. Fareast 28R photo album

    That's odd...I was going to say maybe the owner put the foil and furler on and converted the jib, but I see the horizontal battens and no sign of retired hank reinforcements... oh well, so far I'm happy with the hanks... when it's light handling the jib hoist/drop is no problem and when it's breeze on we leave it up the whole time cuz that's what all the cool kidz are doing now anyway!
  2. Fareast 28R photo album

    Also, does anyone know if the self curling jib was a retrofit on the 23R or if they changed how they're shipping the boat now? Mine came with a hanked jib...
  3. Bowman and start line distance calling issues

    I got a t-shirt for everything...
  4. Fareast 28R photo album

    they do need/like wind...
  5. External GPS Antenna for iPhone?

    ya, that'll be my next search... at the moment I'm still trying to find a passive (ie. no power) solution... The GPS Laptimer on my track bike has one... the head unit has the power and smarts but no (or low) signal sensitivity, but there's a plug in unpowered antenna that gets it there... ideally I don't want to be pairing blue tooth devices and wondering if both pieces are charged
  6. External GPS Antenna for iPhone?

    I've got Navionics on an old iPhone in case the fog rolls in, but my understanding is that the internal GPS antenna is weak and that it relies on wifi source triangulation to improve it's fixes. Obviously that's great if you're in your car in a city amongst a million wifi spots, but not so much on the boat. So what I'm wondering is does someone know of an add on external GPS antenna that works with an iPhone? I can get a cheap GPS antenna that is designed to boost your car's nav system that has a headphone jack type of connector, but I have no idea whether that would work or not... I know I can get something from www.bad-elf.com but they're a bit spendy so I was wondering if anyone else had any experience that might chime in? Thanks!
  7. Far East 23 or J 70?

    yes indeed there is!
  8. Turbo Etchells

    pretty sure that's a cork 1720... why would someone put an etchells stick in one of those?
  9. The Next Boat-----2020

    OK, I'll don my nomex onsie and wade in on this... As I was growing up (ya, one of the oldies chiming in) the AC was about 2 things... match racing and innovation. Because the 'cost' of maneuvering is so high in multies, foiling or otherwise, I'd like to see a return to monohulls to reinforce the match racing aspect. One design may be a truer test of the sailor, but a ) there are lots of existing one design events and b ) there's no cool new developments. So given that this is a test of the super-rich (or super good at getting funding) then hang the expense and lets go open and really get some development happening... This is MotoGP not WorldSBK. Here's the rule: 72 feet (a bit random, but I feel the boats should be that sorf of length as a minimum to keep it 'grand') 12 crew (or 9 or whatever number makes it challenging to sail) No stored power... you want a canting keel? go for it, but you better have a fast system to swap sides or the fixed keel guy you're racing will be pulling the flag and making you do circles all day long Identify the race area (let's say the Hauraki gulf) and remind people then need to be prepared to race in any weather (I always thought it was silly when the optis were still out when the AC boats were cancelling). don't talk to me about danger... motorcycle and car and hydroplane and airplane racing at the top levels are dangerous... So are Volvo VG etc. ya, I think that's it... now go nuts with it and let the rich guys do the R&D for the rest of us... eg. IACC had huge bulbs, but were also draft limited by the rule so we have no idea what the ideal mix is for adding draft so you can lessen weight compared to the increased drag from the additional foil depth. In an earlier post
  10. VC Offshore vs Bottomkote

    good to know because I don't need a vc17 alternative... not workable for this part of the world!
  11. VC Offshore vs Bottomkote

    oooOOOooo... Petit Black Widow... new for 2017! looks dabomb!
  12. VC Offshore vs Bottomkote

    ya, if I was prepared to dry sail i'da just kept my Melges... I'm always freaked out about the border... you pay $300 for your gallon of paint, one day the border guy says welcome home to Canada, the next time he says lemme see that paint and confiscates it...
  13. VC Offshore vs Bottomkote

    Fareast 23R, racing... so Teflon and biocides... that'll make a difference, although they're both basically anti-slime measures and I'm scrubbing the bottom anyway... Thanks for the input Andy!
  14. VC Offshore vs Bottomkote

    well, they're both Antifouling that's non ablative, has a matte finish and is suitable for fiberglass boats in salt water, so I think they seem similar... try reading the post again... I'm asking if there's much or any performance difference... the post doesn't read 'please make smartass comments'. If there's such an enormous difference that you are aware of, perhaps just tell me what it is as I asked? Or do you not really know and you're just saying this because the kool kids use offshore and you want to seem hip by recommending it?