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  1. overdraft

    Coolboats to admire

    Bowie reference? Hope so!
  2. overdraft

    In Production: Spirit 111

    i don't know shit from shortcake, but I'll bet that on a boat that size part of the design brief will be a maximum draft based on the proposed cruising area. So once you've got max draft all you can really do is make the chord as long as necessary to get the thing to sail?
  3. overdraft

    Which soft shackles are in vogue?

    Agree with @MidPack about the 'better soft shackle' on L-36.com because it snaps shut whereas the conventional ones need to be milked shut: vid of closing both kinds Also like these a bit better than the ones with no bury as they lie nicer across whatever your attaching them to.
  4. overdraft

    tying light air dyneema sheets to a clew...

    I love new knots but sometimes its a challenge to get crew that know how to reliably tie a bowline nevermind something new... Lately I’ve been finishing my spectra lines by pulling the end back inside the rope. It makes a tidy end quicker than whipping, but it also makes a thick bit at the end... Evans, do you think that swelling in the end would act as a stopper to help with slipping in conventional knots?
  5. overdraft

    Personal Pics Thread?

    me on the good ol’ Pocket Rocket back in the day
  6. overdraft

    kelp cutter for my Hot Foot 20

    the pusher and blade aren’t the tricky part... length of ss rod, tap the top for a ball, file a flat surface at the bottom and drill/tap to accept the blade which could be fabricated from a variety of materials... the melges style needs to have a slot cut in the leading edge of the foil and be drilled out for the rod down the whole length. seems like it would be a difficult retrofit...
  7. overdraft

    Missing threads

    smart to post the mea culpa under the WRONG forum heading...
  8. overdraft


    Zhik 700’s are 50% off on the Zhik website as we speak... well, in the USA... full pop and poorly priced in Canada still.
  9. overdraft


    planned time to actual is the same as metric conversion... you gotta double it and add 30
  10. ya, i lived in that thread when it was live... i learned a ton in there!
  11. overdraft

    any pants that actually keep your @ss dry?

    oh cool! direct experience! i’ll talk to Fraser... thanks!
  12. overdraft

    any pants that actually keep your @ss dry?

    the thing I always thought someone should make (to solve my problem, because, you know, it's all about me ) is pants that are breathable fabric but with that old skool fishing gear rubber stuff for the butt and upper thigh so that when you're sitting in a puddle for an extended period of time it doesn't soak through and meanwhile they're breathing out the moisture everywhere else...
  13. found it! last sentence of the last post of page 11 and first couple of posts on page 12 http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/154025-ropeknotsplice-load-testing/&page=11 I agree with what you're saying... hence the 'mind blown' meme on my post...
  14. agreed, although I feel like you'd need a bit more tape that I'd like to get it to feed in smoothly. A bit of a threadjack, but back in the old splicing/testing thread (I gather it's disappeared?) I read that some of the commercially made loops used what amounted to unconstructed spectra/dyneema/uhmwp yarns inside the cover, like with zillions of turns, and that with enough turns apparently there was zero connection of the two ends inside. Just the size of the stack of the turns provided enough binding that there was no further finishing done. Kinda blew my mind, but it also makes me wonder where the transition is... as in how many turns of yarn would you need inside the cover before the thing was self sustaining.