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  1. Random Pic of my Fareast 23R

    On the to do list... I'm as raked as I can be with the factory stays, but I'm planning to switch to dyform and I'll get a longer forestay and shorter sidestays when I do that.
  2. what's wrong with this picture

    you're looking at this all wrong... this is clearly a 'spot the difference' game where you list the difference between the picture and reality: Loose Luff Main Outboard immersed the whole time Asso rigged to sprit pre-launch, but flies off the foredeck Wheel mounted 90° to what would work Compass has 4 needles Marketing speak makes no sense
  3. Random Pic of my Fareast 23R

    phrf-nw rating is 111, although i think nw numbers aren't that comparable to other jurisdictions... points fine, but prefers being pressed a bit like most sporties... won't hang with an etchells upwind!
  4. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    was some... over now. no interviewing
  5. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    they were on the tracker graphic they showed us during AN's live finish, they're just not sharing...
  6. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Today's job description: *refresh* *refresh* *refresh*
  7. what's it for?

    if it's not cheaper than a fareast 23r with a torqeedo on the back then it's really pointless...
  8. what's it for?

    what's the weird mainsheet podium/rollbar thingee all about?
  9. How low can you go? Polyester

    thanks guys! i'll give it a go with a heater for the substrate and warm resin
  10. PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    The problem with that for a lot of clubs is they don't have the numbers... if you're having trouble getting enough boats out so you can have 2 divisions to narrow the rating bands, then having half of them race under a different system will really thin things out... I don't care if it's NW BC or ORC, i just wish it was all the same...
  11. How low can you go? Polyester

    I'm adding a fitting with a backing plate. I want to mix up some polyester and microballoon goo as filler between the undersurface of the deck and the backing plate... only thing is... it's 40° (4°C)... can i put a wee heater inside to keep it a bit warmer? Will it set up anyway? Do I have to wait for spring? Thanks!
  12. Harken Carbo Becket Pin Removal

    and what would it be? I don't get the whole idea of dropping into a thread and saying something provocative with nothing to back it up. waste of everyone's time.... I'd say if it's a multi purchase block like that then it's likely a mainsheet or some other tackle that has line sized for hand grip rather than strength. So likely whatever strength you lose in the knot vs a splice won't be a factor. And if you're someone who likes fine tuning rigging and reusing rope then a knot allows you to easily try different reeving patterns, leads, block combinations and to recycle the rope for other tasks if you move to a different line. If you're never going to change the system and/or have limited room for a knot and/or are building a system to absolute minimums then splices are your friend, sure. but I don't see it... particularly with that Harken Carbo stuff... it's not super strong compared to modern line. I'm 99% sure that's a 40mm block so max working load 1,455#. If it's the fixed block (6:1 which I doubt... probably the moving block so 7:1) then that's 242.5# per leg... so you could almost cover that with 2mm Marlow Excel... barely more than whipping twine... so i think by the time you run some 1/4" DPX so you don't cut your fingers off you've got breaking strength 3,700# 3:1 safety = 1,233#, 30% strength lost to knot = 863#... ya, I'm ok with it...
  13. PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    Someone more educated than me will hopefully chime in with all the gory details and correct any bits I've got wrong... But to quickly answer your question, once upon a time all the sailboat racing in the 'Pacific Northwest' (which is either the northwest corner of the US, the southwest corner of Canada and approximately the northeast part of the Pacific ocean, but I digress) was done under PHRF NW... with the majority of the racing in Puget Sound and Georgia Strait, so essentially Seattle and environs and Vancouver, BC with a little bit of Victoria in the mix. Everyone raced under the PHRF NW rating scheme, but at some point Vancouver (I believe) started tweaking the ratings for their boats to improve their local racing scene. However whatever the Vancouver folks were doing conflicted with Seattle/NW, and apparently because of some strong personalities and an unwillingness to compromise on both sides Vancouver decided to spawn their own rating system named PHRF BC and the split was born. This meant that yacht clubs had to decide which system they wanted to use. Easy choice for US clubs, but harder for the non-Vancouver clubs in Canada, like Victoria and Nanaimo. Royal Victoria hosts the Swiftsure race which historically draws a lot of US boats, and are a NW shop at the moment, while across town CFSA is a BC club. it`s SOOOO annoying for racers... if you show up with a BC rating for a NW event (and vice versa) some organizers will `convert` your rating for free, others may charge or insist that you get the other flavor of rating. And it`s bad for racing because if you`re a Vancouver boat with a BC rating it`s an extra layer of goo to work through to get a NW rating for Swiftsure and if you`re a Seattle boat with a NW rating you have to jump through those hoops to do Southern Straits, etc... Should they be harmonized for the greater good of sailing in the area? YES! Will it happen when there are boats in each rating system who won't like what the 'new' rating will be if they merge? Sadly, probably not....
  14. Harken GP Blocks

    I have no idea about the block supply, but I do have a question about how come catamarans seem to need a billion to one mainsheet when a keel boat with a similar size main has like 4:1 or 5:1... does anyone know why the need for the extra purchase? Thanks! and sorry about the threadjack, it's just something I've always wondered about...
  15. Seized s/s bolts

    Just asking about G10 as a backing material... normal stainless fasteners... wasn’t suggesting tapping it, just use it instead of aluminum as a backing that’s not reactive with the stainless fasteners passing through it... is it a reasonable substitute as a backing plate strength-wise?