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  1. fragglerock

    VOR Man Overboard

    or the impact of the sheet may have smashed the electronics, or damaged his vest or A MILLION OTHER THINGS. Even if they had returned to him it would not have surprised me if they could not retrieve him onto the boat in the conditions they were sailing in. Horrible event and thoughts with those that knew and loved him.
  2. My grid from @dylan winter Mostly ktl, a Delos, and a beardy dude playing computer games! Good old youtube... I think I have watched nearly all of these already!
  4. fragglerock

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    The main chap in Hold Fast is quite the brain.
  5. fragglerock

    How fast is too fast for the foils?

    Moot point
  6. fragglerock

    New low lat. Caribbean Hurricane - paging Mark !

    I don't know the area but if you Deerfield Pier is dear to your heart I think it maybe the last you see of it!
  7. I read the section it is in as "Cruising and Sailing with Children" which makes a 'solo sailing' thread a little moot I would think (from the same thread) statements like "If you properly earned the $$$ for a new 65 footer you can't be a complete idiot" are probably easily falsifiable! Anyway following Jeffs adventures here is amazing and I cannot really believe that any sailor would think otherwise!
  8. fragglerock

    What's up with asking for money?

    I have bought Dylan a pint and felt tight that it may not have covered one for his wife too. I have also given a few quid to couples living the dream and entertaining me in a drab London. I tend to the ones that concentrate on the struggling sailing rather than those wanting a drone etc but don't begrudge any of them.
  9. fragglerock

    Anchor Geekdom

    I find this series of tests fascinating. I wonder if you have something like an "anchor buddy" or kellet to see if they do help with holding power (I am guessing not!)
  10. fragglerock

    Ugly dodger collection

    Having a seaplane as a tender is pretty swank!