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  1. Skull and Bones

    Meade Gougeon has passed

    Fair winds and following seas, Meade, from a fellow Great Lakes sailor.
  2. Methinks that clubs are essential to having a good race fleet. Everybody pitches in, RC, mark maintenance, club maintenance, Sailing schools. Most especially when you need crew. There are many times when you want to race and simply cannot with bigger boats because of crew. The only way to get fresh crew is when you build from within. Eventually the kids get bigger, grow up, and contribute. Too many boats sit and rot because of this.
  3. Skull and Bones


    Any weather predictions? Lake Eirie WX's last update had it as a drifter.
  4. Looking Sporty. early yet
  5. Skull and Bones


    Yeah, I got on the pain train as well. BYC-Mac, Olson 30. early 90's. upwind damn near the whole way in 25-30. Got the living shit beat out of me....not fun
  6. Skull and Bones


    If only BYC would quit flip flopping rating rules every other season.
  7. Skull and Bones

    Chicago Area III

    Anybody know who bought Evolution?
  8. Skull and Bones

    Using the head while racing

    Owners responsibility. simple as that
  9. Skull and Bones

    BYC - Mackinac

    Smells like it to me.
  10. Skull and Bones

    Chicago Mac Race

    know this. tomorrow will suck.
  11. Skull and Bones

    BYC - Mackinac

    Who didn't? One boat told us their cockpit literally filled up with hail. Think we got to it after it had calmed down a bit because we got one hell of a lightning show and rain that stung like nothing I've ever seen, but no hail and the winds were pretty tame for a thunderstorm. We saw higher winds both in the earlier storm Sunday and the squall near last year's start. That light show though. no hail, just a downpour, then 30 on the nose
  12. Skull and Bones

    Chicago Mac Race

    pics or bullshit
  13. Skull and Bones

    BYC - Mackinac

    So who else besides us got into that Thunderstorm Sunday night?
  14. Skull and Bones

    Chicago Mac Race

    No soap freighter
  15. Skull and Bones

    BYC - Mackinac

    anybody guess on the weather?