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  1. There is a Syd 38 in Adelaide for sale at the moment. He is dreaming on the asking price http://www.yoti.com.au/listing/sydney-38-asylum
  2. Don't have black if you sail at night. They are a prick to see and trim
  3. Cant comment on the transceiver brand but assuming you have one you can connect it to a brookhouse multiplex with wifi (~$350), BANG you have AIS on iNavX. It works as I have it. i also have the Rpi as well for all other nmea and openCPN but that's another thread
  4. Perhaps showing the need for me to read a book such as this, but do all of these forecasting methods hold true for southern hemisphere?
  5. Tractors on a farm is all well and good but you don't pack your family into a tractor and sail away from help. If it doesn't start its a serious inconvenience and potentially costly, but its not life threatening when the motor doesn't start while in a gale on a lee shore.. . Perhaps a good mechanic is the way to go.
  6. As always I am looking at boats to upgrade I know all of the caveats around this question including it depends on how well its been serviced and maintained, how much load its been put under, How its been used, BUT assuming that all things are equal (which I know they are not) how many hours on a main engine would put you off buying it? Would it just mean you look at it a lot closer including by a professional mechanic, or you would just write off the boat as an option, or you would factor a 30k replacement motor into the offer that you might make... 4000 6000 8000... I also know that there are plenty of engines out there that run fine past 10,000 hours but would you buy one, without seriously thinking you would have to replace it soon.
  7. I know its upwind but anyone else underwhelmed by the infiti 46. Currently adjacent an RP45
  8. I have the Brookhouse Imux St and cant be happier. Its great
  9. Is there the ability to rent a mooring for an extended period (6-12 months) and not sell a child for? Through a yacht club, council or private?
  10. These are the current National guidelines. Enforcement is a different discussion. DAFF antifoulant in water hull clean code.pdf
  11. There will be half a dozen first 40's in this years Hobart. What other brand has done that
  12. ​Gusts to 52 knots this morning at Outer Harbor at 0630. Whole State had no power for many hours last night. Fortunately we live near the power station so we got it back on after 4-5 hours.
  13. We have set a date 2021. We have a boat, not ideal but I was told by a man smarter than me and with more worn out boat shoes, that you should go with the boat you have, not the boat that you want.
  14. It was a pretty windy day, Thomo looked back at me after peeking Into the companionway hatch and the look on his face scared the crap out of me. All he said was, there is only West End Draught left. Worst day sailing ever