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  1. Robert, It seems that you're looking at significantly different boats that would afford very different experiences. I think that a more systematic approach that considers the kind of sailing you anticipate doing (daysailing, cruising, racing), your aesthetic preferences, type of sailing experience and budget would lead you to a boat you will enjoy more than one you stumbled upon. I've sailed on the Great Lakes my whole life, and am in the process of setting up a consulting business to help people find the boats that will be right for them (among other things). If you're interested in some help with your search, PM or email me (bjamesparker at gmail.com). Generally, I agree with what everyone else has said; don' t buy the Westsail and the Tartan is hands-down the best boat you've mentioned so far.
  2. Cold molded boats, how have they held up?

    Anybody know of any cold molded MORC boats still on the Great Lakes?
  3. How nice should this boat be

    It sounds like you are already thinking that it doesn't make sense to put a lot of time and effort into upgrading the boat, and I would agree with that. Maintain it and do what is necessary to keep it functional and hold its value. Beyond that you won't recoup your investment, and when it comes to more major modifications, I'm always frustrated when I see people trying to sell a boat that is in good shape, but that they have also modified to their taste, which is almost always not what I would have done, and so as a prospective buyer I'm thinking about all the work I would have to undo the modifications they made.
  4. 30 Ft. Solid Cruiser

    If I were in your place I'd seriously consider the Tartan 30 as well. Granted, they usually came stock with an Atomic 4, but if you can live with that you would get a beautiful boat that sails better than any currently on your list while still being in your price range.
  5. what are your cruising plans for 2017?

    We are shooting for two weeks in the North Channel in August, launching in Rogers City and Alpena then crossing over to Meldrum Bay to meet up with my folks and some friends.
  6. Show your boat sailing thread

    Great thread! Here are some pics of my Tanzer 26 Dark Star from our cruise to Les Cheneaux islands over the summer
  7. Great, thanks for the info Hike. I am also a big fan of butyl, will pass this along!
  8. Thanks guys, I figured that would be the case but wanted to check. Ajax, I'll look into the forum too.
  9. I was just looking at a Tartan 33 here in WI for a family friend in MI and noticed not insignificant water damage from leaking ports on the interior. Does anyone happen to know if the vertical face of the house is solid glass or cored? I didn't notice any softness in the deck when I was there but the potential buyer is (rightly) concerned that the water damage may indicate water getting into the deck core. This would be much less likely if the sides of the house were solid. Any feedback is appreciated!
  10. Production MORC boats

    Thanks guys, that's a lot of good information to keep me busy for a while
  11. I enjoy learning about boat designs and am always looking to what the next boat might be, and I've found that there are many ways that my personal tastes are similar to my understanding of the kind of boats produced to the MORC rule (compact boats w/ relatively long waterlines, comfortable but simple interiors, etc.). Since I wasn't yet alive during the heyday of the rule, I don't really know what boats were being built to compete in it. Custom designs and one-offs can be fascinating, but I'm primarily interested in boats that were production built, but influenced by the rule. Thanks!