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  1. Knut Grotzki

    Fire @ Lurssen

    No, trying to enlight Trumpists.
  2. Knut Grotzki

    Technical University Munich Sailing Survey

    My dear Vicky, this place is not for collecting easy peasy clicks for a survey which gives shame to any Technical University. I am sure you know this as you created your account here. Well, the ones across the Atlantic (so to say the older sailors) try to put quality and content into SA. You did not. This is not a continuing problem as you can buy yourself out of this misery - show us "your sailing boat". Thats the only way out. Regards from the other Freistaat, Knut
  3. Knut Grotzki

    Fire @ Lurssen

    German TV just spoke about that the vessel might be the superyacht Sassi Might be some 120,000,000 (any currency applicable...)
  4. Knut Grotzki

    Looking Old

    Strech jeans do not come with marriage - they come with bad taste.
  5. Knut Grotzki

    A broach to remember.

    lol lol - the TRUMP technique! You certainly mean "grab them by the PFD-ly"
  6. Knut Grotzki

    She's a clean, white girl.

    Is it Beaufort or Buford?
  7. Knut Grotzki

    Substrate for sail signage

    They did a good job [[[ HINT ]]] ...
  8. Knut Grotzki

    Dehler OD 30

    Correct. The first pic of my past was linked to as a tribute. But with alle the pics and sailplan/decklayout/interior layout it had been the Swedes of who presented the whole story online. Well - with their shorter sailing season they have to work harder - winter is coming.
  9. Knut Grotzki

    Dehler OD 30

    News leaking from Hanse/Dehler, have a look: Electric Propulsion! Here the full article from our friends at BLUR They - again - had been the fastest.
  10. Knut Grotzki

    Offshore sailing / racing reading list

    Download one of the Single Handers Bibles: There is a lot of read as well: (well at least flip through that you know that all this exists) And download all from the Dashews, the Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia mostly noted: With all of those you will get through 2-3 months and get mucho background on all relevant issues. Believe me, I did 12 years on the Grey Ones and those books kept me going.
  11. Knut Grotzki

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Go Go Go Jean-Luc! And this is no 4ktSB (4 knots Snail Box)! At least not from the outside...
  12. Knut Grotzki

    Which yacht is this?

    Thank you for your nice invitation. Sadly ... after two days in Le Pouligan we are for Villandry and further up the Loire. No more boat porn. Friday I shall compete at the Cospuden Lake weekly Beercan race... But trust me I will follow any Ikone news very closely.
  13. Knut Grotzki

    Which yacht is this?

    Hi Julien oh - you are working on a Ikone 10! This will surely be a success. With a bit more beam the forward view from the cockpit seats might get improved - you will find a good compromise. Today in Concarneau on one of the piers were a bunch of IDB marine yachts, a Pogo and one of your Ikone 7.50. Let me share some pics with the followers: , It was very hard to leave this pier but my domestic engineer was anxious for the oysters of Anne at Port de Bélon (and for comcrudesgru8: she was outside of the camper).
  14. Knut Grotzki

    Which yacht is this?

    Bonjour Julien, what a surprise! I am fan of several of your designs. I remember instantly the Ikone 7.50 or the Malango series built by IDB Marine Just in case you want to share some more thoughts with us, may I give you some questions: - Compared to your Minima 45 - the mast of H2A is stepped much further in the bow section. Had the keel / center of lateral resistance been changed or put forward? - The wishbone looked very "oversized" to me in comparison to similar boats. Has this been owner-required or is it beefed up for the rugged Brittany cruising grounds? - I really love the helmsman seats. With a tiller in hand I could steer for days on end ... - Which French yard did the construction? - Are any other photos/pictures/plans availabe on the net? Thank you so much for this Out-of-the-Box design. I do not know if you had been following SA earlier but from the reactions to this little photo I uploaded you got so much attention from other readers. This is not the norm and you can consider this as a big compliment. Mes meilleurs vœux! Knut
  15. Knut Grotzki

    Which yacht is this?

    Bolger revival? Tanton? Miller Special Yachts had some interesting designs ... seemed be none of them...