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  1. Random PicThread

    Nice diversion, H
  2. Paihia Bomb

    I know a few people that swear by them.
  3. RIP Doug Peterson

    Points well!
  4. Next AC venue options ?

    If this is the F1 of sailing...................night races????
  5. Most Valuable Anarchist

  6. Other Forums

    K8. Very interesting the direction this thread has gone. 2 of the toughest sailors I have on the boat are non males. Unfortunately one has a phobia of spiders, in particular huntsman.( Was going to post a huntsman photo, but not feeling clever at the moment.) Apparently they are hairy, big and move fast. WHICH causes a problem when rowing out in the tender, which is a home for huntsman!! Hard to row with someone standing on your shoulders. For those sooks who don't like orb spiders, HTFU, yeah the web is sticky and they will run around your face, but back up early and you should be good. P,S. they love a bit of mince meat in the web, but you can't take them for a walk.
  7. Australian Sailing

    Same requirements at a recent season debrief at one* of my clubs. All about ensuring all onboard are insured! (No other YA/SA benefits apparently) Have you read the YA/SA policy? The Tiger Airways of insurance. *Note I have 3 clubs forking out to YA/SA on my behalf.
  8. Safety First!

    But if you jump out and swim the rest of the you are legal?!?
  9. Team NZ

    How does the front guy peel of and get to the back?
  10. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    Entries so far BOAT NAME DESIGN STATE Long One Lap Dash 12 HR Race 24 Hr Race 2XCESS Mumm Farr 30 NSW Y Y Y AUSTRAL Sydney 38 NSW Y Y Y EAT DESSERT FIRST Sprint 750 NSW Y Y EXCAPADE Northshore Nxs 38 NSW Y LADY CHAOS Jeanneau 36i NSW Y Y Y PLAN B Hanse 375 NSW Y SLINGSHOT Leech 650 QLD Y STAMPEDE Inglis 39 NSW Y Y VOILA Jeanneau So349 NSW Y
  11. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    Not much chat on this event this year. What's the goss? Who's in?
  12. Random question of the day...Loftari?

    I'm sure someone would.
  13. Sydney to Hobart 2016

    Nice shots dd. Looks like Loyal needs a bigger "frontsail"
  14. Sydney to Gold Coast 2016

    Scallywag out. Keel damage!
  15. Machine Gun Fellatio - If you've not been there, do yourself a favour and start with On Ice and work your way back. 3 albums only. Can anyone tell me where I can get Jimmy and the Boys albums? Mine where stolen a long time ago and am unable to replace them. Nazareth, Triumph, not under rated by me.