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  1. Alpinefolk

    Next America's Cup Free to Air

    Split levels of viewing... Free YouTube broadcast - Paid VR, extra screens, data etc. Maybe keep Ken Reid and Tugger Thompson on the free channel and 30 bucks to listen to decent commentators ;-)
  2. Alpinefolk

    Least favourite things about AC35

    Races too short. Course too constrained. (I'd love to see these boats racing on an open course. I think you'd see more attempted splits and covering not less) Stupid reach finish. Stupid reach start. I'd like to see: Longer start sequence upwind start
  3. Alpinefolk

    Why was TNZ faster ?

    Daltz gave the answer in the presser... Software won the cup. Everything else was built on top. It enabled some smart division of labour - Eg.s Blair pointed out that Pete did have some control of the foils when he needed to (in the no look gybe). I think he also suggested Andy had control of the foils as well (maybe when they crossed the boat. Clearly Gashby had the best wing controls of all teams, but I suspect the software was also telling him how best to trim it. I've watched this again and again - note who's doing what when they cross the boat. PB controlling the wing when GA crosses? (I thought it was preset but there's too much going on) Nobody is on the wheel when PB crosses
  4. Alpinefolk

    Live Racing Thread

    Amazing campaign from start to finish. One question though @weta27 what the hell was the P? (I may have missed it)
  5. Alpinefolk

    Live Racing Thread

    That'll do boys, that'll do!
  6. Alpinefolk

    Team NZ

    Exactly. I've watched it too many times. ETNZ's wing did the same when they bore away. Oracle had some other issue with picking up speed. May be as simple as going slower so lower apparent wind to work with.
  7. PB mentioned after the first race that they "consolidated" the lead to stay in touch with Oracle. They clearly gave up VMG for position on the race course. It was a really shifty day on the water and a lead too big can be as bad as a big split (especially on these tight race courses). With that in mind, tactics were more important than numbers for ETNZ today.
  8. Alpinefolk

    Live Racing Thread

    They won't change helm. At this point Jimmy is the only one with race experience on the boat, and it's changed a lot since Slingsby has done any driving. If they do, expect the same result.
  9. Alpinefolk

    Live Racing Thread

    Reporter: Surely you were foxing a bit PB: *shrugs
  10. Alpinefolk

    Live Racing Thread

    Jesus Pete, sort your starts out!
  11. Alpinefolk

    Live Racing Thread

    Jimmy complaining about the dial down penalty. He's going to feel like an arse when he watches the footage.
  12. Alpinefolk

    Live Racing Thread

    well shit. Great race though.
  13. Alpinefolk

    Live Racing Thread

    After losing all that water on the wind shifts, that was excellent sailing to defend mark 5.