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  1. $25 worth of parts. You also can put a garden hose on the end and use as a dewatering pump anywhere the hose will reach or use as a fresh water flush or antifreeze fill.
  2. Woodpecker,  I keep reading your posts and it makes me curious.  There used to be a Peterson 37 named Woodpecker, she was cold molded and beautiful.  She sailed the great lakes for 30 years.  Recently someone bought her and shipped out east for a refit.  Would that be you?



  3. woodpecker

    Need new lifelines

    In the market for new lifelines. Anybody got a good go to company for this?
  4. woodpecker

    Trickle Solar Charger

    I am looking for a trickle solar charger that I can use on AGM batteries. I need something that I can plug in and leave unattended for a week or so. Any suggestions?
  5. I have a Dutchman also. Very simple design, no issues whatsoever with it. Can't see why anyone would want anything more complicated than that.
  6. woodpecker

    Saybrook CT Marinas?

    Thanks all for the help!
  7. woodpecker

    Calibrating TWS

    I think my wind speed may be a bit optimistic. What is the best way to calibrate it? I don't have any weather bouys with wind speed near me. All close ones are on land. Are those handheld wind meters accurate?
  8. woodpecker

    Saybrook CT Marinas?

    The boat draws 6'2. Would like to stay at a marina because the boat has very few amenities. Thanks for the info.
  9. woodpecker

    Saybrook CT Marinas?

    We are delivering a boat from Northport NY to Newport in a few weeks. The boat is new to the owner and does not want to sail at night in case we run into issue the first day with the boat. We were thinking about ducking into Saybrook the first night. Any other suggestions to where to stop or a good spot in Saybrook overnight? We have about 12 hours daylight figuring ave 5-6 knots. Thanks for any help.
  10. woodpecker

    Battery Disconnect Switch

    Wow, that parts website is a disaster.Try using it on a phone. Fine example of French Hi-Tech.
  11. woodpecker

    Battery Disconnect Switch

    I have 2 sets of switches, + and - , One set for the starting battery and one for the house batteries. When at anchor or sailing I can shut the start battery off so it does not get drained accidentally. BTW the boat is not a Beneteau
  12. woodpecker

    J 105 North Americans

    That boat was donated to MMA at one point, maybe that was the reason? They may still own it? Pleaded ignorance?
  13. woodpecker

    J 105 North Americans

    Just curious what was the Protest from the Tech Committee against Good Trade was all about in the first race? Looks like they gave them a warning?
  14. woodpecker

    Battery Disconnect Switch

    Thanks for the replies. I was looking for an close match to my pictures so I can use the same mounting holes and match the 3 other switches I have next to it. Really don't want to change all 4. Definitely made in Europe, I think France maybe?
  15. woodpecker

    NFL 2019

    Go Pats!