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  1. woodpecker

    yellow coating on gelcoat - how to clean?

    Iron Out or Rust Out are cheap from a hardware store or Home Depot. Both are mild oxylic acid. Just spray a little on and yellow disappears immediately. Get the liquid not the powder. Put some RejeX on the area afterwards.
  2. woodpecker

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    For me a picture is worth a thousand words. The readability of current tablets/phones with sunglasses on in full sun leaves a lot to be desired. Looks like Vakaros may be heading in that direction. If you had Expedition or an Expedition like program ruining internally in one of these units with a wireless wind and water speed transducer you would have everything you need for most boats at the fraction of the price of what we have in the boat now. You could buy multiple units and have them anywhere you would need them.
  3. woodpecker

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    The first one to come up a nice Expedition style screen showing showing boat, lay lines, marks, Etc. will get my vote. (purchase)
  4. woodpecker

    Sailors Powerboat

    Builder? Beal?
  5. woodpecker

    ORR in Long Island

    Just Just curious how ORR EZ worked out on Mass Bay this year?
  6. woodpecker

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Sorry, I forgot that everything you read in the paper is true.
  7. woodpecker

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Maybe there was no CO2 Cylinder.
  8. woodpecker

    Importing used boats from Europe to the U.S.

    If you are planning on borrowing any money for the purchase, banks and finance companies usually will not fund the loan until the boat officially enters the USA.
  9. woodpecker

    Fujinon Stabilized Binoculars

    They are $400 at a local camera store. They are the JR model.
  10. woodpecker

    Fujinon Stabilized Binoculars

    Looks link Fujinon has a new Binoc out. Anyone tried it yet? I always wanted a pair and looks like these are 2nd generation. http://www.fujifilmusa.com/products/binoculars/technostabi/index.html#ts-1228 The old model is still around for 1/2 price, is it worth the money for the upgrade to the new model?
  11. woodpecker

    B&G H3000 cpu usb driver

    Is that from B & G?
  12. woodpecker

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Just can't understand why they are not letting out any info. You hope for every tragedy a little good could come out of it. The good would be finding out why it did not inflate so it might just save another life?
  13. woodpecker

    B&G H3000 cpu usb driver

    What was his fix?
  14. woodpecker

    Low slip line recomendation

    Not sure of winch size I would have to check but we are using 5 to 6 wraps now. I will check out the Sampson. Thanks
  15. woodpecker

    Low slip line recomendation

    The boat I am on is having a problem with line slipping on the winches. Even with full wraps in the tailer it still slips under heavy loads. This is a 43' boat. The line is 12 mm. Short of having the winches resurfaced what is good line that won't break the bank? Thanks