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  1. woodpecker

    Epstein: the Deafening Silence

    Where does it say the photo was fake?
  2. woodpecker

    POS found DTS

    I wonder if Prince Andrew was there also?
  3. woodpecker

    MJM Powerboats. New ownership?

    Why, Don't you think it will be the same success story as with Gunboat?
  4. woodpecker

    MJM Powerboats. New ownership?

    I know this is Sailing Anarchy but MJM's have deep ties to the sailing industry. I hear Peter Johnstone is the new owner and is building a new factory in the Carolina's? Any body know if they are still planning on building any at Boston Boatworks?
  5. woodpecker

    POS found DTS

  6. woodpecker

    J-120 Or X-119?

    Looks like it might be a Craiglist scam. They try to fish information from you. Not sure how exactly it works. Look at John Deere tractors on there. 80% of are way under-priced with a weird price say $1203 for a 30K tractor. The ads run for months. I responded to one and they wanted me to respond with my personal e-mail.
  7. woodpecker

    J/120 plumbing

    Yea, TPI was great for making things up as they went along.
  8. woodpecker

    Boat Transport from Fla to RI?

    The owner want to get the boat out of Fla before total lock down comes once the disease spreads thru the elderly community like wildfire like it did in Mass, NY and NJ.
  9. woodpecker

    Boat Transport from Fla to RI?

    Long story about the engine, Covid and the Social Unrest in the country does not help either, especially the boat has FLA hailing port on the transom. Fla is on a surge. May get a bit of a hard time trying to get into a marina for the night? Up here they wanted to close the Cape Cod bridges to outsiders for a while and RI banned New Yorkers from coming in. Worried this restrictions will spread south soon.
  10. woodpecker

    Boat Transport from Fla to RI?

    I just found this for Fla. Not sure about other states hopefully the rules are similar, so I think he does not need an escort. WIDTH LIMITATIONS: 1. Width Greater than 8 feet 6 inches and Less Than or Equal to 10 feet ▪ Movement is permitted all days, daytime hours only. Flags required. 2. Width Greater than 10 feet and Less Than or Equal to 12 feet ▪ All Movement: Warning lights are required, mounted in such a way as to be seen by all approaching traffic. Flags and warning signs are required. Except for local moves, this is the maximum width allowed on a straight truck. ▪ North of Florida City: Movement is permitted daytime hours only excluding holidays described in this document. ▪ South of Florida City: Movement is only permitted Monday - Friday between the hours from 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM. Movement is not permitted on holidays. Movement requires a minimum of one (1) Qualified Escort.
  11. woodpecker

    Boat Transport from Fla to RI?

    The beam is 10'3 and similar to a down east style. Anything over 8' has to have an escort?
  12. woodpecker

    Boat Transport from Fla to RI?

    The boat has some reliability issues that needs to be addressed in RI otherwise that would be the first choice. Also with the whole Covid thing going on it is not as attractive.
  13. woodpecker

    Boat Transport from Fla to RI?

    I have a friend that need a 30' powerboat moved from Fla to RI. No fly bridge. It does not have a trailer. Any recommendations?
  14. woodpecker

    Junior sailing programs - COVID adjusted operations

    What happens after 20 minutes the kids going back to doing what kids do and abandoning the procedures? You will need a small army to police them and keep them following guidelines. What is your acceptable infection rate for the kids and their families? Have you asked their parents what their acceptable infection rate would be for the children?