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  1. woodpecker

    Random PicThread

  2. woodpecker

    AIS Transponders

    Anybody know anything about Em-Track AIS? Does not need a splitter. https://www.milltechmarine.com/B921
  3. I am in the process of outfitting new electronics on boat with a Volvo Penta diesel. The Garmin has the "Glass Bridge" connection with Volvo but Raymarine has an interface also thru NEMA 2000 to the Volvo. The boat already has Raymarine but needs to be upgraded so I was trying to find out what the differences are between the two. Will be less inexpensive to stay with Raymarine but would consider the upgrade to Garmin if there were enough features to drive the decision. I know Garmin is considered better quality by some. Thanks for any info.
  4. woodpecker

    Non skid

    I may be wrong but I don't think you are going to get a definitive answer. J-Boats do not build their own boats. They are built be a number of different manufactures around the world. I would think that each builder has its own way of doing it. It may also vary model by model from the same builder.
  5. woodpecker

    Excess deaths in US and World

    There is a pretty good chart that shows we have less deaths right now in the US than the same time last year? Not trying to infer anything, I just found it interesting. You can plug in different countries for comparison. https://ourworldindata.org/excess-mortality-covid
  6. woodpecker

    Relay replacement help

    Just curious how you determine it was a 30/40 amp version? Bosch makes that same one in several different amperage ratings. It is crazy how low cost they are. Bosch Relays 332019150 View All Media $3.99 Relay, 12 V, 30/40 amps, Single Pole, Spade Terminals, Each I Check Fit
  7. woodpecker

    Relay replacement help

    Yes Yes that is what i am finding out. The only thing I can't determine is the amperage. I guess the bigger the better.
  8. woodpecker

    Relay replacement help

    I need a replacement for a Italamec relay 032. Anybody know where i can find a replacement. I have found a lot very similar but nothing exact yet. Thanks
  9. woodpecker

    Tesla Model 3 - Good, Bad ugly... Anything else?

  10. woodpecker

    Tesla Model 3 - Good, Bad ugly... Anything else?

    Yes, it is a great feature. That way your car has the latest Christmas Jingle and video game loaded. I am also sure at the same time they are uploading every place you visited, every store you stopped at, how fast you were going, every bar you stopped at, how many people you had in you car and who know what else at the same time. Can't wait to have that on my next car. Yes it is a game changer. But I know you trust Elon with all that info, don't you?
  11. woodpecker

    Tesla Model 3 - Good, Bad ugly... Anything else?

    Telsa missing roof 'I looked up and the roof was gone': California family says they were driving their new Tesla Model Y home from the dealership when the roof blew clear off
  12. woodpecker

    Experiences with Quantum membrane skins?

    Fusion with scrim and 3di were the same price when we last bought a sail. Looks Quantum has lowered the price of the skin quite a bit recently. I don't think sail prices are fixed across the board for either loft. The price will vary greatly on how many sails you buy, which dealer, and what time of year you buy.
  13. woodpecker

    Experiences with Quantum membrane skins?

    We are fortunate to have a great Quantum and North loft close by. Both give great customer service to the little guy. We buy from both.
  14. woodpecker

    Experiences with Quantum membrane skins?

    Why pay extra to have have film put on both sides of sail which adds weight and cost when you can buy a 3DI that does not need film and much lighter for the same amount of money? I think Quantum stopped doing the film on one side because of problem with the film expanding or contracting at a different rates from the Mylar . Putting it on both sides balances the shrinking/expansion effect but drives the price and weight up.
  15. woodpecker

    Help! I smashed a Comnav Compass Data instrument

    Yes, I still have it in the box. PM me