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  1. Snoop Trawler PNW

    Early on he was in Vancouver, then Victoria. He passed away just a year or two ago.
  2. Snoop Trawler PNW

    She is cement, launched 1970 in Brentwood Bay by Gordon Ellis. I would guess a Ian Ross design. I believe Gardner power and 23.3 gross tons.
  3. Nearly abandoned on my dock

    I think it's an amateur built Vashon Cutter designed by William Garden. Stem rake is right, beam is right, outboard rudder, long pole bowsprit, and well decks fore and aft with raised between.
  4. Coolboats to admire

    And a third (heavily modified) version of the same design. Again making the designer look good.
  5. Coolboats to admire

    In the case of Herself, the builder/owner makes the designer look pretty good. Here's another version of the same design by a different builder.
  6. Coolboats to admire

    Herself is a version of Garden design #501, built by Don Mossman and launched in Sidney BC in 2002. About 37' x 12', I took the picture above in Maple Bay a few years ago.
  7. Coolboats to admire

    Otter was designed by Nathan Smith. Beam is 7'2". I gather the Sabb threatened to shake the boat to bits.....
  8. Metal Boats

    Generally this is a pretty nice looking Frans Maas 44'. All stainless steel. Perhaps nice looking because it's floating about 10" deeper than the drawing shows. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2004/Frans-Maas-Decksalon-44-2959590#.WLxp-PKGOFU
  9. Metal Boats

    The weight study is my work taken from the model shown above. This forum won't let me post a spreadsheet but anyone is welcome to the full .xls file, it's posted on Boat Design I believe. When we started this study on Boat Design, someone anonymously sent me an unsigned hull lines drawing that was obviously done by a non-professional, but it was somewhat plausible. The three views did not match but hey. I also had the official Brent Swain 1988 drawing with the hull pattern dimensions. Using the lines drawing and working backward, I was able to create a hull that unfolded to match Brent's pattern. The deck and house come straight from the Swain drawing, the pilothouse is from one of the sail plans. Six years ago I offered to do an inclining on any Swain boat offered, that never happened and I'm not going to pursue it today. Though if someone is genuinely interested, I'll happily help them do an inclining of any boat. Even longer ago I did a rig design for the builder of a Swain hull. Idefix 1.pdf
  10. Metal Boats

    The curve is showing VCB of .61'(7.25" above waterline) and the weights show VCB of 5.58' so draft at that loading is right about 5'. This calculated VCG is typical, it's highly optimistic and inclining experiments always come in higher. Part of this is because rig weights are notoriously inaccurate.
  11. Metal Boats

    Leaving the house off will just eliminate that second sharp peak (around 65-85 degrees heel). Max RA would be around 45-50 degrees and AVS around 120...roughly.
  12. Metal Boats

    Swain 36 weights summary......
  13. Metal Boats

    Swain 36 stability curve.
  14. Metal Boats

    At least they're spelling my name right...... Stability model of Swain 36.
  15. Coolboats to admire

    Drawing by Sciarrelli, poor quality I know......