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  1. Stanno

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    They do if: 1. There is funding available through sailing bodies; and 2.There is an Olympics gig opening up for them!
  2. Stanno

    RS CAT 14 Sail Camping

    What an adventure!!!! Brilliant!!! Crazy, yet brilliant. Damn mozzies...
  3. Stanno

    49er learning curve

    Just fantastic ... well done!!!
  4. Because DTA is a dinghy legend - wave sailing lasers and an aero, single handing a 700, and now into a cat ... an inspiration to all us late 40's guys to get out there and simply give it a rip!!!!
  5. Stanno

    Start line technology musings ...

    Have sent to Commodore and race committee!!! Thanks!!
  6. Stanno

    Start line technology musings ...

    Geeks frothing at this idea!!!
  7. Stanno

    Start line technology musings ...

    Interesting ... we have been dabbling in the idea of shifting over to using a yacht as our start boat - so that might work .... Good points re the RFID ...
  8. Stanno

    Start line technology musings ...

    Something like that ... though with the capability to fire a paintball down with unerring accuracy on miscreant starters!!!! ;-)
  9. Over a cleansing ale or two prior to a recent footy match, a couple of sailing dads and I were mulling over the coming Sydney season at our Club (where we are all volunteer RO's, Safety boat drivers etc) and we were wondering how we might get our sailing starts more accurate, faster and a bit more of a science than an art ... we've been impressed with the start line technology at the last America's Cup, and especially the red light / green light stuff on board for starts and fouls, and also loving the TP52 stuff on instagram with a drone set up and what looks like a superimposed start line ... Apart from our Club being in a drone no fly area (under the Sydney Airport North South approaches and the helicopter flight path up the bay and river), we like the idea of flying a drone to give a clearer look down the line ... and we also talked about RFID technology with a beam between pin and start boat ... and on the noses of the dinghy ... and, well it might have been the beer sinking in here - some sort of light indication on the dinghy confirming a clean start or a false start ... Is there any Club level race start technology around that might help us with our program, and satisfy the inner tech geek in all of us? Or should we release the geeks to create something??? Oh, and GPS controlled self guiding, maintaining station marks also got a big tick!!! Thoughts? Cheers Stanno
  10. Thanks Jimbo!!! Will check out the young bloke's schedule and see if we can't get him UFO'ing in what looks a great day's sailing and an even better cause! Cheers Stanno
  11. Chuck a rash vest or a bib over the lifejacket ... a snug fit one ... holds most things in place!!!
  12. Stanno

    Youth Sailing - alive and well...

    Hi all - i know a few sailors flew out of Gdynia for Corpus Christi to represent their country in the laser radials - they didn't finish the U/21's worlds eg Germany etc ... W - the 4.7 class in Oz in recent times has focussed, on coach driven thinking, on weight and skill development rather than age ... so we have boys as old as 17, girls maybe 16 or 17 ... but often they compete in both radial and 4.7 for a cross over year as well - bit like the Italian girls do in particular ... in some cases it comes down to "which european or world events clash the least with schooling" to make that decision!!
  13. Currently in Gdynia, Poland with the Aussie Laser 4.7 team prepping for their World Championship next week. Its an amazing vibe at this Baltic port town - the Laser U/21 Worlds are on, the Nacra 17 and 49er/ FXclasses are here too, and the Finns are arriving as well ... has to be over 500 dinghies / cats in the boat park and spilling over onto the adjoining beach ... and a great vibe as Poland goes on holiday around us all as well ... Kids are having a ball dialling into the shifty, puffy breezes - and seeing their instagram heroes . heroines out there blasting around them!! Will post some pics ... but in the meantime, here is a link to the event....
  14. Stanno

    Olympic classes support in the USA

    If you get a chance, check out Paige Railey and other US Radial sailors social media posts in the last week from their training block in the new San Francisco training base ... epic conditions, great team atmosphere and young wide eyed sailors learning alongside some of the jets.... fantastic!!
  15. Stanno

    World Sailing Vote ... Proposal M36

    Its all over the shop....