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  1. My son is there (AUS team) and having a ball, despite the mass BFD's in race three!!!
  2. Finally the boy got to unwrap his UFO down here in Sydney .... its been a long, long wait!!! Can't wait to now get the thing rigged and on the water!
  3. Does your dinghy have a name?

    My laser was called "Fat Buoy Swim" ... but now I've lost 27kg it might be renamed "Slightly Less Fat Buoy Swim"!!
  4. Cheap, Fast Dinghy

    Keep sailing the Opti, race it hard, and in the meantime jump into anyone else's faster boat you can!!! Every 420 ride that comes up, grab it. If someone has a laser going out, ask for a go .... at 35kg the bigger faster boats will be a bit of a leap. Oh, and the best fast thing for your budget, if it really is burning a hole in your pocket and you must spend it ... a sailboard. Probably a Bic Techno 293 with a couple of sails ... easy to store too, and it will teach you heaps about sailing, apparent wind sailing and the sheer joy of blasting around!! Good luck!!
  5. Farr 3,7

    Wow, seriously stunning!!!
  6. Mothquito

    The first UFO arrives in Sydney next week on board The Bernhard S .... can't wait to get the little bloke buzzing around... absolutely zero interest in a class at this stage - he has had his Opti for that, and now Laser and F11 ... this is just pure and utter joy sailing ... Until another one turns up ... or he buzzes past one of Dario's creations around Cockatoo Island ... All good fun, and a great time to be a sailing kid!!! And a sailing dad, who is patiently waiting for the little bloke to set the thing up and then go to school so he can get out for a sail!!
  7. Foiling Week Sydney... Speed comparisons?

    My son has UFO hull #55 on a ship right now bound for Sydney ... was held up a little with the inclement weather in the American North East! Can't wait to get it set up and running .... and to pinch a ride if I can!!
  8. Absolutely!!! Plenty to do down here in Sydney!!!
  9. Just brilliant seeing these videos and the photos ... will all be revisited many times when my son's UFO arrives in Sydney, Australia!!!
  10. A certain 13 year old Opti sailor in Sydney can't wait for December and his UFO arriving ... wooohooooo!!!
  11. How do I tie down my rudder?

    Let us know how you get on!!! Just love seeing problems getting sorted and an old boat, with a young hand, out sailing!!
  12. +1 on the call for a video!!!! Good luck!!!
  13. Foiling Optimist(!)

    looks a pretty stable ride!!! Should end the speed debate between Sabots and Optis pretty quickly, or have one of the Lake Mac crew got a Sabot up and foiling??? All jokes aside, I take my hat off to anyone who can figure out how to get anything up and foiling and be what appears to be balanced ... its great to see that there are still folks out there that have the time and skills to pursue a little bit of madness that makes the sport a hoot!!
  14. do you think the melges 14 will catch on?

    I am not sure whether the weight comparison is correct. The German sailing magazine "YACHT" lists the "all up weight" of the Melges 14 as 54kg and compares it to 80kg for the Laser, 45kg for the RS Aero and 61kg for the Devoti Zero. Yacht issue 8, 2016. Happy to stand corrected...
  15. do you think the melges 14 will catch on?

    Its interesting times in the single handed dinghy world!! As an aid to comparison, basic stats from the manufacturers... Laser - L = 4.19m , B=1.39m, M=56.7kg Aero L= 4.0m, B=1.4m, M=30kg Melges 14 L=4.267m, Beam = 1.584m, M= 54.431kg And just for fun, because I am a bigger chap ... the VX Evo ... L= 4.8m, Beam = 1.73m, Mass= 80kg. Just wish I was a good enough sailor to be able to bring the best out of any of those boats - though having started laser sailing this past season I have enjoyed myself immensely ...