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  1. toolbar

    flattening Perfection paint

    I repainted my new boat over the last days with Epifanes. I used Mono-Urethane, because the boat already had a one-part paint on and I was locked in... I am very satisfied with the results. For leaving out the tipping (also for two-part paints) I highly recommend Fries MagicCrater foam rollers. They pop the tiny bubbles without the extra step of tipping (zoom into the picture) and they leave no streaks at the edge of the roller. I have no idea about the availability in North America. bye, Paul
  2. toolbar

    bowsprit retrofit

    OK. I am preparing to install the bowsprit now and and need to add the attachments points for the martingales/waterstays in the process. I can't do it the way I planned, because of a watertight bulkhead in the front section. The opening is too small to do any real work in the tip of the bow. So I will need to add the u-bolt/the attachments point aft of the bulkhead. Version a) As depicted in the attached image: Add G10 plates on both sides of the hull, replace core with thickened epoxy where the bolts go through, add a few layers of laminate on the inside to strengthen the connection of the backing plate to the bulkhead. Then add a conventional u-bolt fitting. Version b) The alternative would be the G10 tube as supposed by @boardhead - but in this case the way to the other side of the hull would be about 60cm and not just the 10cm in the tip of the bow as in his pictures. But maybe the tube could just be laminated to the bulkhead and wouldn't even need to go to the other side of the hull? Or is it better to go all the way, so that some force is also transferred over there? Any comments or hints? BTW: we checked the front cross beam thoroughly with a 3-step-crack-detection-spray after removing the paint in suspect parts and found no cracks in the aluminum. Better safe than sorry.
  3. toolbar

    Mumby 48

    Congratulations. I bought something different in the meantime, so my interest in Mumbys is only academic at this time... However pictures of pretty boats are always appreciated. Paul
  4. toolbar

    Help with boat search/recommendations

    We met a large familiy two years ago that was cruising on an F-9 - they put up a pop-up-tent on one wing net in the evening to get enough sleeping space. Seemed to work like a treat (in summer). Paul
  5. toolbar

    Pro Surfers on a Gunboat

    At about 8:00 in the video the put up a furling headsail and they have the endless furling rope woven in same intricate pattern. I guess that this is somehow easy to unravel (and to weave?) - has anyone used that technique and could explain? Fantastic videos.
  6. Good luck to them. It's not like he didn't tell them about the boat's condition. Paul
  7. toolbar

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    I saw it on Facebook yesterday. Apparently a few days old, couldn't find out anything more.
  8. toolbar

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    I guess the price of "Lord Dickie" has just dropped quite a bit... This is not the kind of walkthrough I wanted to see. :-(
  9. toolbar

    Coppercoat Redux

    Maybe it's 2500 Bott-Dollars per litre.
  10. toolbar

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    Just saw this very interesting Mumby catamaran with forward working cockpit: I don't know if it's a one-off design-variant, or if all new Mumbys are done this way. Paul
  11. Very interesting (and scary) video. Paul
  12. toolbar

    Scary Neel 45 Build Issues

    How much is a new NEEL 51?
  13. toolbar

    Ideal lazy bag cradle for mainsail?

    I had a UK lazybag two boats ago as well and liked it very much. The part that wraps around the mast and closed the sailbag on the front was integrated into the whole design (it's either missing or an additional piece of cloth that you can easily lose on many other designs). I would either get another one from them, or at least copy that part, when the time comes to replace my current bag. An asymmetrical design makes sense for a lazy bag IMHO, with the zipper on one side (_and_ protected by a flap coming from above). That way there is much less water ingress. The downside is, that it can only really be operated from one side. Paul
  14. I am pretty sure, that the 15hp limit in Germany does not apply to transients. If they are allowed to use their 50hp engine without a license in their home country, they may do that over here as well if they don't become residents. Paul
  15. toolbar

    Aegean or Adriatic sea bareboating

    Yes. Last year the northern part was still quite empty until at least mid June. Paul