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    What happened to Erik Lerouge?

    Hi, Eric was very responsive when I consulted him via Email when I was looking at catamarans. Seems to be a very nice guy. There is an active Facebook group "Multicoques Lerouge" where he posts sometimes as well. There's a Rackam 32 owner on the group as well. bye, Paul
  2. Does anyone have an idea, what traveller system is shown in the attached images? The boat was kitted out around 1994 and has deck hardware mostly from Lewmar and Spinlock. Paul
  3. toolbar

    Building A Sail Pack

    Looks great. I like sailpacks is that have the zipper on the side - makes everything dryer. Paul
  4. toolbar

    Raspberry Pi Geekdom

    The Go9 is smaller than 12", so you could strike 200+ EUR from that calculation if you are willing to downsize. The Go12 is about 3000 AUD, if I googled that correctly. :-) For me the plusses don't have to do with price, but I would like to - use the same set of charts inside and outside (ok, this might be about money, I wouldn't want to pay twice) - two-way sync my routes planned inside to the plotter outside without hassle I had a B&G Zeus 2 on my old boat. Much nicer touch-interface than OpenCPN for the outside use, but the planning inside part sucked (only really possible by screen mirroring on a tablet, a function that went into planned obsolency some time ago).
  5. toolbar

    Raspberry Pi Geekdom

    We are currently kitting out our new boat as well (stuff is bough, tested, but not completely installed or used "for real"). I decided to go with a RPI instead of a classic chartplotter as well. We have one RPI at the nav station inside, driving two displays: one normal 19" monitor there and one smaller IP65 daylight readable touch screen at the helm (form Faytech, they have 7-12 inch models at IMHO reasonable prices). Only one RPI for both displays, so that a single license for the charts is needed and there is no hassle with sharing the planned routes across to devices. I only plan to use this as a plotter/display device. We have Garmin NMEA2000 displays at the helm and dedicated, normal equipment that everything connects to via NMEA 2000 (Garmin Wind, Depth, Speed, Heading, Autopilot, AMEC AIS TX/RX). The Radar is from Navico and is usable on the RPI via Ethernet. The RPI (and the NMEA2000 connector) is easily replaced as I can simple carry a spare to drop-in if needed. I try not to put too more functions on this thing, to make it very quick and reliable to reload/reinstall it from scratch. When I hear that people also have their media-center on the same RPI I can see a lot of unnecessary trouble ahead. Once installed (and not touched) the RPI installation seems quite reliable to me. But it's easy to fall into scripting/dependency-hell where trying to update that stuff. I found OpenPlotter as a distribution extremely brittle. After moving to Docker / Kubernetes at my day job some time ago this is a sad reminder of the days when you had to hope that your 20 physical webservers running different operating system would be held together with spit and an aging collection of shell or perl scripts. Paul PS: For reference, Faytech's 12" 1000+ NITS IP65 Touchscreen is 506 EUR + VAT.
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    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Ouch... UK crashes into deepest recession of any major economy - Paul
  7. toolbar

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Wow, the Fins really hate nearly everyone. I I guess if the interviewer had asked about helping Finland, they would have said no... Paul
  8. toolbar

    Forward Cockpit

    ha, you would have to beat me in that imaginary bidding war for mpenman's Atlantic. Paul
  9. toolbar

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    RS-Archer thread seems to be too good to be true. Paul
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    Oh, great topic. Following. I bought a bunch of bigass 0.5m radius fenders with my 14m boat. Too frigging big for every hatch of course, so the previous owner always carried them on the trampolines. I would love to replace them. Paul
  11. toolbar

    F-9RX wood core questions

    A cedar Farrier F9RX finished in 2013 is a strange beast. The first F32 were finished in 2005 or 2006 if I remember correctly, and Ian offered plan upgrades. I would only buy it if it was significantly cheaper than a comparable foam boat. And I mean at least 30%. You wrote "as per Farrier plans and more" - I would also be weary of changes to Ian's plans. Unless the builder was someone like Randy Smyth, Ian probably knew better what laminate schedule was best. A few additional layers here, a few there and bam, once the builder gets into the overbuilding-mindset, your have another 200kg on the scale. You are looking for a boat in Canada? Paul
  12. toolbar

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    No matter at what level that kind of design decision was first made, the blame for staying with this decision goes as all the way to the top. The problems of centralized/decentralized architectures were so widely discussed both from a technical and from a data protection standpoint, that there simply was no excuse for not being informed. That was not just a technical but a political issue, that even technical imbeciles should grasp. Paul
  13. toolbar

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    It was clear ages ago, that there would be no apple/google support for a centralized approach. So anyone actively developing such an app/system in the last few month must have been completely out of touch with reality. Paul
  14. toolbar

    Dragonfly 40 prices

    Germany at least is slowly opening up now. Did I already try to push my F32RX on you a as a middle ground between the smaller F31s and the bigger C36s? Paul
  15. Looks great, how far along are you with building the second one for me? Paul