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  1. Hi, You might also include Farrier F32s and F33s in your search. Depending on the builder they are at least equal in build quality to the Corsairs I looked at (including a 970). I feel that the 970 is basically the 31 in updated clothes, whereas the later Farriers have for example an updated folding system that leaves much more interior space and is even more solid (at least according to the biased designer). You didn't mention trailering. The Farriers are available in the wider X version, that gives so much more space inside, that the inside of a normal Corsair 31/970 feels very cramped in comparison. The extra width gives you extra load carrying capability as well, which is more than useful is you are planning to do longer trips. A compressor based refrigerator is a basically foolproof closed system nowadays that just works. Doesn't the 970 have one from factory as well? I would not want to be without one. If you don't have a 800+ watt solar installation or an inboard diesel (both impractical on a 30 foot tri) I would try to forget about the hot water for showers. In warmer climates a black bag aka solar shower might work well. Paul
  2. @Wess I though you were in the market for a new boat, with an eye on large trimarans? Traveller just sold a month ago or so for < 299k (last asking price). I we didn't have kids this would be my boat. Paul
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    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    Doesn't multihulls direct now build the new Grainger trimarans?
  4. toolbar

    Swedish Skerries with Trimaran

    Hi @SeaGul, somehow my response got lost - so a delayed thanks for your reply! Paul
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    EU VAT Question

    If the boat is our of the EU for a certain time (3 years?) then it looses VAT paid status. Paul PS: What boat is it? If it's a european make, that is still widely sailed here (i.e. an Albin Vega) there will probably never be any questions... :-) I'm a wuss, so I wouldn't take the chance.
  6. Hi, this year our family spent nearly four month in the Adriatic sea with our Farrier trimaran. Next year we plan to stay in the north and visit the Skerries. I hope to get some multihull-specific hints here, as I can't imagine how some of the normal techniques can work. I know here are a few Scandinavian posters around here! 1) Mooring at a skerry: With a 2+ meter bow-sprite and a near vertical bow I can't see how going bow-to with a stern-anchor can work well. What do you normally do? 2) Is width a problem in the passages/waterways in the Skerries? 3) Has anyone done the gota/trollhättan canal without folding at every lock? 4) Are harbours multihull friendly? Paul
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    Croatia – avoid Silba

    Hi @Helena Gonzalez, go to Silba, it is a beautiful Island. We spent a night on the buoys in the Papranica bay in the north west of the island a few weeks ago and not the ones in front of the eastern port. Clean water, good shelter, short dinghy ride into the "town". Paul
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    Pros and cons of sailing to see the world vs other means.

    We are just going on a four month sailing/parental leave. Actually I think what you describe is really more expensive, because you have to sustain two (possibly expensive) lifestyles at the same time. Just leaving for a few month I need to keep up with the rent for the appartment, pay for the car, ... while at the same time having no income. So for me it would be more sustainable to leave for longer periods and selling off the land- based stuff complete. But I guess that only makes sense if leaving for at least 12-24 month. Paul
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    continous furler line - hardware in the cockpit

    Colligo Marine's ELHF uses clamped cables and they seem to be pretty structural to me. t least I hope that they are, because otherwise I should fear for my rig starting this season. @RImike Are you saying, that Colligo sells a product, that is not fit for the advertised use? Paul
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    Corsair 970

    @Sheetinmaxout: Try the Yahoo F-Boat group. There are multiple 970 owners on that list. Paul
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    Corsair 970

    Production boats are overrated... Multihulls Direct builds to a high standard, and some of the home-builds are way above production boat quality as well. I looked at the 970 before buying my current boat and decided against it. The current generation Farrier boats of that size (32/33) offer more space even in the narrow version because of the updated beam attachments. With the wider X version it's no comparison. If I lived in Italy or another place where wide-load permits are hard to get, I might have chosen differently. BTW, the current Dragonfly 28 is trailerable without dismounting and much larger than it's nomimal 28 feet. It's nearly as big inside as a Corsair 31 - weight and sail area are in a similar ballpark as well, just in a shorter package, if I remember correctly. Paul
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    continous furler line - hardware in the cockpit

    What definition of a structural are you using there? Why don't you think that a clamped cable can be structual? Paul
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    continous furler line - hardware in the cockpit

    I have the feeling, that we are both missing each other's point. :-) When furled, the continous line has to be pulled tight and secured into both directions. If you only cleat one "side", there wouldn't be enough grip of the line around the drum to keep the continous line from slipping. To cleat both sides means either jamming both lines into one cam-cleat (might slip because of twisted/entangled line) or having two cam cleats, as shown above. @joe.barry Thanks a lot! Paul
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    continous furler line - hardware in the cockpit

    I am not sure that a single cam cleat can hold both lines (or rather both parts of the continous line) securely at the same time. Anyway, John suggested a simple horn cleat without any additional tensioning system. I'll try that. Paul
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    continous furler line - hardware in the cockpit

    @Rasputin22 18sqm jib on a Farrier F32. I just spoke to John. He says, that his furling unit is designed so that it shouldn't need a block+bungee if used with the supplied drive line. That should simplify things. I'll try it out and report. Paul