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  1. toolbar

    Self tacking jib track

    I had installed the Selden track on my previous boat (Farrier F32RX) with the sheet going to the bow and not up the mast. I think getting the bend right is very important for smooth operation. We used a slightly larger radius than the length to the bow, so that the car goes over easily, but not so large, that you pull the car to the middle when tightening the sheet. This worked perfectly. I honestly haven't anything to complain about. An absolute joy to sail with. Also solid, but then we only had a tiny jib and a large main. I had an inhauler - further up someone posted, that wouldn't work with the Selden track. We simply rigged an 8mm line from the cockpit through a low friction ring just before they mast and attached it to the middle of car. It can be quite deceiving: you think you are sailing 15 degrees true to the wind and then look back at your wake and notice that in reality you after just drifting sideways... Paul
  2. toolbar

    One Sails - IFS Cruising Asy

    I'll hopefully report in April or May. I am having both a 90sqm IFS Screacher/Code 0 and a 150sqm IFS Gennaker built for the next season. Bye, Paul.
  3. @El Boracho were you displeased with the Raymarine plotters or with the AP steering? I loved the Evo Tiller pilot on my trimaran. For our new boat (similar specs to the boat of the original poster, ie 48 foot, a bit less than 10t fully loaded) we went with a Jefa Sprocket Drive because the unit seemed very solid and was easy to integrate with the existing cable steering system. The power requirements meant, that the small/cheap ap control units from Raymarine or B&G would have been too weak, and I find the price jump from the ACU 200 to the bigger units pretty big. B&G was even more expensive IIRC. With Garmin the entry level unit can power our sprocket drive, so we went with that. The Garmin steers the boat ok upwind, but since we only had 4 weeks in the water this year, the final verdict is still out. Paul
  4. toolbar

    Before anyone else says it

    I guess that a 60cm x 60cm hatch needs 2 per side? Then I need 24 of them. BTW, I also found your hatch installation instructions very useful Paul @Mark Morwood I thought again, and making the whole panel removable is unnecessary. I will glass the big panels in and just build a smaller 60x60 hatch in each. I know the latch you linked to was just supposed to be an example of the type of latch - but boy, at 64 USD each that would get expensive quickly. :-)
  5. toolbar

    Before anyone else says it

    Thanks. I guess I'll just cut some from old pieces of Delrin or G10 that I have lying around and then grind a slight slope into them. I will report how that works out. Paul
  6. toolbar

    Before anyone else says it

    @Zonker @Russell Brown could you give me a hint, under which name I can find/buy those dogs/clamps? Paul
  7. toolbar

    Before anyone else says it

    Oh, thanks, I didn't catch all the feedback until now. What is the trade-name for those external dogs? My google-fu isn't bad normally, but I can't find anything like that. The nearest I could find is in stainless and seems to be more suited for furniture: Here is what I want to do, as an overlay on an older image of my cabin: Currently I have four hatches: This is what the inside of one of those compartments looks like, about 35cm from top of the hatch to the bulkhead: I want to remove the to middle hatches (plus a little bit around them), flatten the slope of the deck, and put two smallish windows in (actually they will be recessed under the overhang in the bulkhead, so further back than in this drawing). I still need to get full access to the compartments every now and then, but for most use a normal 30x30cm inspection hatch would work fine. I was planning to - cut out the hatch - laminate 4 "beams" of about 5cmx5cm to the back, front, and sides of ther compartment as support for the new "removable deck" with a slight slope (so that water runs off) - prepare a foam/epoxy/glass sheet of about 70cmx120cm as the new deck - somehow add a gasket to the sheet - latch it down on the support beams
  8. toolbar

    Before anyone else says it

    @Russell Brown any updates on the hatch book? I want to add two 60cm*60cm hatches/inspection openings for my boat during the winter that only need to be opened occasionally and without hurry and don't need to be see through, but should be both watertight and as flat as possible. Paul
  9. toolbar

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    This Express "newspaper" thing is really funny. 1.08pm update: Merkel will order hardliner Macron to drop fishing demands to secure Brexit deal This reads a bit different on the German press. Which by the way spends more time discussing Merkel's meeting with opposition leaders from Belarus than the Barnier/Brexit meeting. Priorities? Paul
  10. toolbar

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Which ones? And why would a Eurobond be quoted in Dollar? Paul
  11. toolbar

    Well intentioned help

    Following this thread, the kids want a kitten, when we start cruising next year. Paul
  12. toolbar

    What happened to Erik Lerouge?

    Hi, Eric was very responsive when I consulted him via Email when I was looking at catamarans. Seems to be a very nice guy. There is an active Facebook group "Multicoques Lerouge" where he posts sometimes as well. There's a Rackam 32 owner on the group as well. bye, Paul
  13. Does anyone have an idea, what traveller system is shown in the attached images? The boat was kitted out around 1994 and has deck hardware mostly from Lewmar and Spinlock. Paul
  14. toolbar

    Building A Sail Pack

    Looks great. I like sailpacks is that have the zipper on the side - makes everything dryer. Paul
  15. toolbar

    Raspberry Pi Geekdom

    The Go9 is smaller than 12", so you could strike 200+ EUR from that calculation if you are willing to downsize. The Go12 is about 3000 AUD, if I googled that correctly. :-) For me the plusses don't have to do with price, but I would like to - use the same set of charts inside and outside (ok, this might be about money, I wouldn't want to pay twice) - two-way sync my routes planned inside to the plotter outside without hassle I had a B&G Zeus 2 on my old boat. Much nicer touch-interface than OpenCPN for the outside use, but the planning inside part sucked (only really possible by screen mirroring on a tablet, a function that went into planned obsolency some time ago).