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  1. So you are saying there was no bonding at gunwale, cockpit and centre case ?
  2. Ginko

    ClubSwan 36

    Skimming concept ? simply putting sales spin on a product in this case ~ hardly a stand out feature given that many existing designs are of similar displacement, sail area and length. The renderings look Kool though !
  3. Ginko

    ClubSwan 36

    Negative leeway ? I think JK needs to rephrase his choice of words. ,
  4. Ginko


    At what time was thrvtransom hung rudder removed ? drawing is original configuration by Mull.
  5. Ginko

    Which yacht is this?

    It is unique, certainly would make most knowledgeable viewers do a double-take ~ I like it !
  6. Ginko

    Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    Any development on the Yachts performance ?
  7. Ginko

    Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    I agree, it appears to pushing a large volume of water. In broken water it may look and be totally different.
  8. Ginko


    Don't agree with you there, there are stipulated measurements given pursuant to Rule 3.7 ~ they define a minimum width at the transom and a rather ambiguous Station measurement at the bow (as I read) + / - My take on the + / - of 25 mm is deal with water surface stability (at marina) - possibly ?
  9. Ginko


    Rule 3.7 at (a) and(b) defines the location points of the 3 screws Rule 3.8 mentions location or the reference points being at a declared offset and going onto to say reasonably close to the reference points .. . ****. how close is reasonable needs to be defined or perhaps requires further clarification ~ again I have only sped-read the rule to date. Rule 10.6 "The maximum length of the hull shall be no less than 20.6 m and no greater than 20.7 m" if the hull is 20.6 m then rule 3.7 at (a) needs adjustment or further defining I would think. Seems to me that waterline length is to be 20.7 m at waterplane (MWP) ~ rule 10.6 has me somewhat scratching my head at the moment given the accuracy (2mm ...) stipulated in other parts of the rule.
  10. Ginko


    Aren't there 3 points (screws) located at the waterplane ? : two at the transom located 2 metres either side of centreline and one forward, similarly on the waterplane at 20.7 m. ~ these points have to be 25 mm + / - of waterplane when boat is afloat. The forward point (screw) somewhat forces a vertical stem bow in the forward waterplane region, don't think a reverse bow is possible given the rule with respect perimeter and geometry control (of perimeter) the way I read the rule. Dont quite get the rule about the boat being between 20.6 and 20.7 metres given the screw locations ~ by my quick reading of rule.
  11. Ginko


    Are the hulls likely to rather full-bodied forward to deal with nose diving issues ?
  12. Direction of incoming flow is the result of heel and leeway - algebra maths
  13. Ginko

    RS 21 - Fugly or just a different genre

    So it is obvious the Aero is going not make even a scratch on the Dominant Laser - 1200 boats (Aero) compared to the Laser in the same time period ~ what's gone wrong with the Aero ?
  14. Ginko

    Sailors Powerboat

    Can go where any race yacht can go - Gurit engineered structure, 1500 kg lead ballast and 1400 kg water ballast capacity. 42' LOA 10' beam
  15. Ginko

    what's it for?

    The SB 3 could upgrade their options with a sail drive !