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  1. Auld Mug

    Team NZ

    Why should a shot shithole like Wellington get any regatta. Nobody sails there anymore and it's full of wannabes who know fuck all about sailing. Every club is in bad shape with record low membership and piss poor regatta ability.
  2. WTF. The top female sailors have the same opportunity as men. They are not stopped nor impeded in any attempt to join in. .... they choose to compete or not and don't because they are not good enough Dumb topic written by a dumb " poofter " trying to appear gender sensitive. The girls need to front up!
  3. All can!!! But why? It is not a regatta where teams are nationally selected and represent a country. Its A PRIVATE EVENT using countries to bludge money for a host.
  4. Auld Mug

    Defender series

    If Dalts is true to the spirit of the AC and fair play for NZ sailors he will have a defender series and allow kiwi sailors and whoever the chance to compete. And dont say it will dilute funding in a small NZ market. If Dalton can have a rich swiss funder, a dubai airline, and a spanish shoe conpany as sponsors then others can get funding from any where.... And... some wankers here got agro when Sir Russ got Berterelli to sponsor TNZ.
  5. Auld Mug

    Anyone heard from Deano??

    Dean?... star attraction in Worlds first " hall of shame" museum Dickson could be rhe next entrant then Rod Davis. Amazing that Burling wins a olympic gold and AC in record timeand " overates" barker couldn't win a 1 horse race.
  6. Auld Mug

    The big call...

    And again!... I am asking if you would. ... and when you have right of way!
  7. Auld Mug

    Oracle Team USA

    She don't look likeep that now cuzzie.
  8. Auld Mug

    Oracle Team USA

    No blacks on ETNZ bro
  9. Auld Mug

    Oracle Team USA

    Bro... I'm not the one with photos like that saved on my phone.... bro. Enjoy + ~
  10. Auld Mug

    The big call...

    I'm asking if you would do it? Paul cayard might?
  11. Auld Mug

    Oracle Team USA

    Kiwi woman are mostly fat slobs that wear tack pants and pyjamas out shopping for KFC... and the accent is rough and classless. The rest are ugly.
  12. Auld Mug

    The big call...

    Race 7 Oracle is still off the pace and larry calls you (you are skipper) and says... " foul them and inflict catastrophic damage" Your pay packet will reflect a big bonus and your contract ties you into Larry's commands... oh... and you have a second boat. Would you do it inorder to win the AC?
  13. What wull they change... Easy!... just two things . 1. the boat 2. the crew. But seriously . . OR have two obvious issues... foils = speed ... change foils Foil control = fly time.. go cyclors
  14. Only if they win and it's held in NZ. Dalton has spent a lot of time in Dubai recently and you Government has too. Dalton is not happy with no Government funding. ... and he is a vindictive prick.
  15. Yip. Also Daltons Paymasters have a nice agreement too.... and they are Paymasters to Dubai tourism who want pay dirt.