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  1. WetaFest-Alter Cup Begins This Week

    anyone taping Randy S's clinic to share with us mere mortals?
  2. 8mt Grainger Racing Trimaran For Sale

    sounds like we do need to have a discussion ... biggest issue is you guys putting up with me on a boat - you have been warned (bhahaha)
  3. 8mt Grainger Racing Trimaran For Sale

    nice idea - slight tech detail - need available $$ first not all of us are rich yacht brokers :-P
  4. Where are you sailing out of.....

    Multi back ground...?   We may have met

    1. Chidz


      good morning  - would be surprised if we hadn't ...

      1969 - 1976 MJs out of Cronulla

      '76 - mid 80s Moths out of Cronulla & connels Pt

      mid 80s - early 90s Fireballs @ Kog Bay

      then Northies for a bit (boring!!!)

      then MGs @ Kog & St. Goerge

      + few other bits along way (Etchells/Ynglings/yada yada)

      Won/placed a few champs along the way.

      2001 blew wrist up which knocked me out of work & sailing, but HAD to do it again. Did some guesties on mate's MASRM, but not own boat. Had to work it out smart (can't risk landing on wrist, or do much rope/sail handling - yeah I'm basically useless - get told that all the time) ... part of that was sailing on a stable platform - multis.

      So, after 10 years away had a deposit on new F22 (met Ian F & took me on unsolicited tour of factory), but ultimately when $ went down so did my finances, and waiting was gettting to me. Guestied on a couple of multis.

      Picked up Nuddy's mooring minder (Sprint) and re-rigged it & been having some fun, but want to go faster with a newer toy!

      Am heavily into concept of 'adventure racing' now - too old and out of practice for much high end round-the-cans stuff these days (eg Marlay Pt, Heaven Can Wait, etc - like to travel, which impacts on type of boat to purchase)

      what's your email/contact? What do you think about going thirds with Graeme Rivett?

      that's my story in a nutshell - how about yours?




  5. 8mt Grainger Racing Trimaran For Sale

    geez, I've put my head in the noose here ... but a pretty nice noose if I may say so .. Pil - we may need to have a conversation if I can offload the Sprint soon
  6. 8mt Grainger Racing Trimaran For Sale

    if you were down in Syd you just may have a taker...
  7. Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    welcome to the addiction ...
  8. Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    Ahh, control is just an illusion young man ;-) "Illusion is the first of all pleasures." Voltaire & thank you sir - I can be a stubborn lil prat when I want to be ...someone tells me I can't do something or puts a barrier in my way ... just got to get past that barrier for the new boat now (working on it ...)
  9. Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    My turn now ... Ooooo Phil & Clive … they were the funniest reports I had read in ages … as we had exactly the same problems! As some had read/heard, we had all sorts of issues with our trailer on the way down on Thursday (bearings crapping out in Cooma; wheel falling off near Orbost), but we eventually made it thanks to the brilliant help from Stuart of Keels on Wheels, a mechanic in Cooma, Ken the towie from Bairnsdale and Russell from Riviera Trailers in Bairnsale – HUGE PROPS to these guys – you can’t beat country folks generosity and ‘make-it-happen’ attitude. Once the trailer was fixed Friday morn, then a leisurely launch/rig arvo & catch up on some de-stress & sleep for what was shaping up be a real test. Good call in hindsight. Sat morn headed off early. In expectation of light stuff I brought an extra jerry can of fuel & could afford to blow the cobwebs out of the lil donkey – gave it a good 6 knot run, waving to the Hatter on the way. We planned & stopped to take soundings either end of the Straits, as had parked there in previous years. Good intel. Then churned across the last lake and burn some of the fuel weight so we could have a nice lunch and rest before the battle commenced. Start: dying breeze expecting it to shift to the left. Had a hole beautifully lined up mid line, then I blinked and screwed my timing up completely resulting in a late ‘n buried start– grr Next couple of hours of drag racing across Wellington concentrating on clear air and keeping the boat consistently moving work fairly well to see us closing on the ‘Plover Point Parking Lot’ in not too bad condition and pulling up to the sterns of the leading pack – thought: “Ok now the games start” – Yup After we passed a couple & rounded the first curve the dreaded ‘bye-bye steerage’ hit & the first of our many unintentional 360s happened – BITCH! Now, after half a century of racing, I tend to specialize in the light stuff, so wasn’t too worried about the conditions … but never (yeah, I know it was ‘Marlay’) in all the years of Canberra carnage; Georges river tides; yada yada; had I consistently had no control over the boat for that length of time. Hindsight, given how quick the current was running, there would have had to have been significant eddies present – normally not an issue for when there is a breeze – and I do not think it was a coincidence that the widest boats (tris) were having the most issues in this current. And yes, quite often we were going faster backwards than the monoslugs going ’forwards’. Yes, we span And kept spinning. Gnome and Hatter waved the white flag. And yes, we ‘humped’ soo many trees (glad I had a shorter bow pole than the lads – could reach solid timber easier with my boat hook) Finally, made it past Hollands and got a single port tack out of the mouth … then off up the lake. The wind took us (aka drifted us) across to Loch Sport side – first of our groundings … on a mud bank NOT ON the map!! Then slowly drifted up the lakes having several ‘micro-sleeps’ along the way. Dawn – really too tired to appreciated how pretty it was – glad some others got photos so we can say ‘we were there’! Through past the club for the first time with a light NWer and nice sunshine, around the top or Raymond with the kite up .. soooo hoping this would hold to the end – HA! Saw the next group completely parked in a hole off the east of Raymond, and the breeze was holding close to shore, so did the sneaky and scooted up the land thinking I had gone past the extent of the north eastern mudbank … wrong, another grounding. Freed ourselves and kept going, catching the 82R (Shockwave) with Big Mike & some unimportant monos. Then with a little puff of breeze to Shocky, a duel ensued across the south of the island. As these guys had done Marlay soo many times & they were further inshore than us by this time, I was confident of the depth/course – mistake. First they hit, then we immediately hit. They got off and scampered, and we reparked with the rudder – this time I had to jump off the back of the boat to free it! (was quite pleasant on the water and this time sandyish to stand on). But now our goose was cooked. In the distance while we were floundering around we could see all Hartley en-mass bringing the new forecast southerly up the lake … and we sat in nothing waiting for it. And so we rounded the final corner and finished in about a 5 knot southerly right on the back of a wall of slow boats spread completely across the creek – at least it was interesting! Of course, after we got the boat off the water and was trying to fold/pack sails – it came in 10- 12 knots, of course. Elapsed time: almost 16 hours. Out of 12 entrants in our division - Scratch: 3rd across line. Hcp: 5th. Given the ‘fun’ we had … results could have been a hell of a lot worse! Well done to Sknot for line honors & Shockwave for the handicap win … and congrats to everyone who finished – it was an adventure and a challenge … and I will be back again! (photo credits goes to someone else off the Marlay Pt f/book site - I was too out of it to use a camera at this stage)
  10. Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    we ALL did! I just took my chainsaw with me ...
  11. Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    just might have .... what a weekend - almost 16 hours elapsed time - my brain is still an absolute mush farm - will report later ...
  12. Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    :-D :-D
  13. Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    bhahahaha - love the handicap they've given you ... you lil speedster you
  14. Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    200+ now and its shaping up as a drifter (again ...)
  15. Heaven Can Wait charity race 2018

    well done young man now up to 200+ and the start lines are normally huge ... have seen 2 different wind systems at either end before - don't expect any different this time.