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  1. Chidz

    Sprint mk1 flip from front page

    whoa - what happened to the rig? & who was crazy enough to swim underneath with all those stray ropes to undo the bolts of the floats? That seems a bit dangerous considering they are relatively easy righting using the recommended standard technique (as mentioned by JoeyG) ... but then I wasn't there and don't know what else was going down ...
  2. ref Section 3 of Blue book this is for CAt1-4, not 5 3.12.1 When the particular design of a multihull makes it impractical to precisely follow Special Regulations regarding pulpits, stanchions and lifelines, the regulations for monohulls shall be followed as closely as possible with the aim of minimising the risk of people falling overboard. 1 2 3 4 Where lifelines are not fitted to a multihull or are not continuous, the crew shall wear safety harnesses which shall be attached at all times when the crew member is outside the cabin.
  3. Chidz

    ePropulsion and Torqeedo experiences

    apology accepted ;-)
  4. Chidz

    ePropulsion and Torqeedo experiences

    interesting philosophical discussion, none of which answers matthewwhill's original question ...
  5. Chidz

    Weta anarchy

    Morning Mr AC For my purposes/needs: brilliant. I have a damaged wrist, so have to do most things one handed - especially lifting. When I first got my boat, I struggled putting the mast up, especially if there was any breeze about. The Pivot step allows me to lift and lower with my left hand & the right holds a safety line which (so far) has zero tension on it. Mr Paul is correct re the backing plate/screwing: New holes have to be drilled, but I can reach the back 2 through the hatch and they are bolted - I'm a bit paranoid about these things, broken too many boats over the years. The hinge is not necessary for everyone, but for some, like myself, is a must, and works well. There is a video somewhere of me raising - shall see if I can find it ...
  6. Chidz

    Weta anarchy

    1 x change of undies for Mr Waldon
  7. Chidz

    SCOTW: Granny?

    She & her brother (Michael) were always great sailors - absolute p.i.a. to get near them in Moths waaay back then...
  8. Chidz

    Weta anarchy

    a note of caution with inflatable PFDs - always have a crotch strap. On a bigger boat I was doing a man overboard drill in calm waters & my crash-test-dummy-crew 'volunteer' went over, manual inflated, and went straight down n out of the PFD! How easy he did it scared the daylights out of all of us (and yes he had it correctly tightened).
  9. Chidz

    Corsair Pulse 600

  10. Chidz

    Corsair Pulse 600

    I'll come and play with you ...
  11. Chidz

    Weta anarchy

    re the self tacker - it has been brilliant! Highly recommended for anyone who is either partially mobility impaired, or singlehanding (or both like me!) Next step is to try it racing - when restrictions ease. Enjoy the little snippet in 10-12knots - sped up 1.5x for your enjoyment Botany_blurt_tacking.mp4
  12. Chidz

    Topic disappeared

    Personally, very happy never to see anything from him again. Randii mentioned he was a nice guy - maybe 'was' is the operative word, because when I was trying to be helpful to a group question that was posted, he just descended into random name calling at me for no apparent reason (I can take a bit of argy-bargy, but this was straight up silly). Spoilt my wish to contribute anything at all. After that (and other strange comments he made elsewhere), he certainly is on my ignore list. Now some good information contributed by multiple people has been lost - poor form & just confirms & reinforces my opinion of him.
  13. Chidz

    Weta anarchy

    already were losing my interest in assisting you - that latest twisted justification just sealed it. Hope this is not how you regularly treat others. Goodbye
  14. Chidz

    Weta anarchy

    so you didn't write that on a public forum? my apologies, superfluous qualification or not, I thought I saw it sitting there in black & white - must be my imagination (you just lost any credibility in my eyes, but me being such a 'wise arse', you probably don't care)