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  1. Chidz

    Weta anarchy

    @Waynemarlow only ones local (am talking east coast of Aus) that can get near that are VERY good sailors &/or 30+ kg lighter than me!
  2. Chidz

    DIY Action Camera Mounts

    Hey Mr Mozz here is the pic as promised - clamp is rotated as far back around the mast that the track allows, and the halyard I have pulled in a straight line past the clamp ... if I ran it down the front of the mast to engage the hal lock ... just slightly gets in the road Solution: a couple of fine screws tapped into the carbon mast through the C clips and a little bit of packing - quite strong, only takes me a minute to remove, and doesn't get in the road of the halyard.
  3. Chidz

    2019 Chandler Macleod Moth worlds

    gee, I have to say that those recommendations haven't changed since the late 70s and early 80s! Go left young man!!
  4. Chidz

    2019 Chandler Macleod Moth worlds

    I have to say, given the awesomeness of this series I am a little surprised it hasn't attracted wider attention & commentary on the SA forums. Wish I could have been there!
  5. Chidz

    DIY Action Camera Mounts

    I hear you Mozzy man - my Wetsy is a bit tricky to tip either in boat park or launching. Yes, it is an external halyard - Just for interest, I'll take a pic of the clamps in place doing the interference. I ended up with no joins in the conduit (I can heat bend to any desired angle - within limits) The slippage/spinning came between the C-clips and the condu! Intend on going for a run today, so will test out MkII construction version & let you know!
  6. Chidz

    DIY Action Camera Mounts

    just tried to do that setup from the initial video - the clamps are too bulky for the top of the mast, directly impinging with the main halyard line run and cleating. Then, with a modified version - finally got on the water and with a bit of wave action, the conduit spins in the C clamps - now putting a localing pin in place ...
  7. bloody autocorrect ... * voila
  8. whoa, mine is not that far off stock & it is super easy to deal with from trailer to water - just needs a couple of simple systems to do things & viola. An extra hand to get it out is always useful, but must have been a bitch of a ramp to deal with!
  9. ahh, sorry to be a pain - really good comparison @MultiThom, buuut have to ask what are you talking about re Weta not being great to launch??? The ease of this very point is why I chose a lil wet Wetsy and to sell my Sprint 750!! With my damaged arm, I always needed extra help to rig/launch/retrieve the trailerable, whereas I can do the Weta from trailer to water by myself easily in less than half an hour - without needing a proper launching ramp (which are scarce and full of knucklehead stinkboats around where I am) Will be interesting to see this lil Libertist actually get built.
  10. wtf? have to say that is one of the more disappointing responses to questions I have posed (but then it is SA so I should probably expect anything) But, where did that come from? I state it is interesting & ask for more info ... providing some direct answers rather than imaging some slight would be actually constructive, as I would love to try this out - but I do need a little more info before investing capital and drilling holes in my boat. If you can't supply pics, or know of other descriptions/articles - just say so without the personal slight, please.
  11. Chidz

    Weta anarchy

    BHahahahaaha You have no idea how that quote is going to come back at you next weekend @ Lake Coothy :-D
  12. @tom312 - now that IS an interesting system! 3 questions: - this article is over 20 years old - why have we not heard any more about it in the intervening years?? - do you have any more detailed pics of the setup? - " To coax the car across, pull in the sheet in on the old side " indicates it needs extra hands to make it work, which is the opposite to the desirability of a self tacker in the first place ...? cheers
  13. Chidz

    PIL66-XL2 health check

    and that is why we love you Pil! all are/were safe because you had done the proper prep. But a question Mr @PIL66 - XL2 ... how is the lil puppy now? has it returned northand a new stick up?
  14. "the jib is choking when tacking ..." ??? don't see how this is possible as never happened to me & the track is curved exactly on the radius around a perpendicular to the forestay??? " no need to reef ..." early on in trailerable multi career I had some sage advice to 'reef early' - found on several occasions that even though the boat was still quite controllable, it was much more comfortable + significantly quicker without the extra windage of the eased sail. just what I had found.
  15. on an extra random thought ... it is quite easy to get out of irons with a selfie - the crew just needs to lean forward and grab the car or sheet; or you can attach a control line each side & lead back if your crew is lazy ;-) I had one of those! :-D