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  1. I've raced with self-tackers in both dinghies and my Sprint for 20 odd years now & found them generally excellent - and fast, once you get used to them and have a good sailmaker onside. All the better setups I have used had a track length limited to ideal upwind position, adjustment on a clew plate, and a barber hauler to sheet wider for 2 sail reaching situations (not often used) I have always worked under K.I.S.S. principle, and really is useful when I had an inexperienced crew on board, which was quite often.
  2. the name got highjacked when Australian Yachting Champs were at Hamo a few years & they decided to run a multi div ... there was a lot of hue & cry to A.S. whom agreed that it was poor form, but did very little about it. Many are still not happy with this political stupidity.
  3. am so darn disappointed I'm not sharing the fun ... keep the pics coming please
  4. yeah, your eyes were still spinning the day after .... I'm still dizzy thinking of how many revolutions we completed - I'm taking my chainsaw next time for those bloody branches. Mind you, you & Phil should have taken a tractor ... you were so far up the banks you could start farming ...
  5. The Gnome moves THAT fast it is all he needs
  6. is that anything like 'bump n grind'?
  7. Chidz

    Airlie Hammo Maggie 2018

    who was soft?
  8. Chidz

    old school 18ft Skiffs

    link to full version:
  9. Correct worry - I use a touchy tablet & it is a pain when fingers are wet ... find towel, scub like crazy, still only half contacts ... yada yada But it and its apps are very convenient when works right
  10. Chidz

    1980s Lock Crowther catalogue

    Aha ... this might be 'interesting' given how crowded Pittwater is already ... & we are not talking skinny mono-slugs here (I clearly remember 2 years ago 40kn westerly & watching a few get pounded on the front tie-up ... the year Cronulla won the premiership during the presentation ...)
  11. Chidz

    R2AK 2018

    go ya lil beachy! hold off the Grim!