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  1. Code 0 Furlers

    I'm looking to add a Code 0 Furler to my 1982 Hinterhoeller F3 (Frers 36). Just installed a DIY retractible bowsprit. Some racing, some cruising. Going to be using UK Flasher approx 800-900sf (3rd owner, so not sure of SF). I have a Harken RF for 150 and 110, but leaning towards Profurler. Any others I should look at that are in Profurler price range?
  2. Show your boat sailing thread

    July 2017 on the Manatee River, Bradenton Yacht Club Thursday Night Beer Can Race. 1982 Frers 36 built by Hinterhoeller
  3. Crew is good, but not highly skilled. I'm comfortable with extra bodies if needed, and we've had those times
  4. After getting a quote on a Selden Bowsprit for my Frers 36 of $961 (w/o sheets or tack line), I'm building my own. 6' of 6061T with 1/4" wall diameter. I did buy mounts from Selden, bow roller not big enough, and canted to port. Previous owner removed babystay from foredeck, so plenty of room. Found an article in SAIL that had a 'sprit on Tartan 31. Dude was an engineer, so he had already calculated load (1782lbs of pressure, asym was 482sf). I just doubled (mine is approx 900sf) and added 2000lbs. In theory, it should work. Tired of needing 8 crew for spin. I found a J105 racing video that showed crew of 5 in pretty heavy conditions flying aysm. So, what the hell, if it breaks (boat or pole) so be it. At least I tried. Will post photos when completed, under way, and any unfortunate results
  5. I'm not yelling

    Everyone has to get familiar with the boat. I never assume people know what they're doing. I have an 80's 36' IOR boat, and need 5-7 to race. I have 1-2 people show Newbies where everything is, and have labels on all sail controls. We practice sailing, not racing. Newbies can tail winches, skirt and get beer. Then they graduate to grinding/trimming. Then graduate to helm. Our Thursday/Sunday Beer Can races are practice for the racing season, so by the start of the season, our crew pretty much knows the boat and how it sails. It's suppose to be fun, not friggin' Boot Camp. I only yell when something or someone is about to break/injure themselves or someone else. If you are mobility challenged, get someone to show "how it is done"
  6. Show your boat sailing thread

    Heading out on the Manatee River in Palmetto, FL to Egmont Key
  7. Owned my Frers 36 for 2 yrs. Started racing at 25, then job, family took over. Found time to crew and learn from how skippers handle good and bad things. Did 1st race as Skipper this Fall, finished 3rd in cruising Class. Crew were newbies, except for one (tactics and trim). Cruising Class is to "cut racing teeth". 2017 go to PHRF Cruiser/Racer to fly asym. I thinks it's a comfort level, and budget what class to compete in. Everything good with $$$$$$ sails and kick ass crew, but I'm realistic with my expectations. 2 kids in college kills sail upgrades