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  1. Charsel

    What's your boat beer?

    Yes, I did. They will take over the world, with a smile
  2. Charsel

    Harken Reflex Top Down Furler Anyone using one?

    Got my Harken Reflex yesterday. Can't wait to try it out.
  3. Charsel

    What's your boat beer?

    Yuengling, or what's on sale at Publix
  4. Charsel

    Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Didn't mean to re-post from 5 months ago. just meant to use it as a reference point, which did not go well.
  5. Charsel

    Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Watched the video. Nice pics, but with all of the s&^$ on the deck , it does indicate they have no clue
  6. Charsel

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Racing on the Manatee River Frers 36
  7. They used all of the good stuff, very pricey brand new. I bought mine in 1986 used for $3500 w/ trailer and Flasher. Had to strip mahogany and re varnish (my wife actually), but it looked great
  8. Boston Whaler 5.2 with cuddy. All the good gear (North, Harken), designed by C&C, 7' beam. Very sable, and sails great, and nice cockpit. Very easy to rig, and tows nice. I had one for 4 years on the Chesapeake. Good in light air, stable and safe if caught in squall
  9. Charsel

    Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Guess what folks? Some retired Dr. in St Pete just sold them a 1986 Cheoy Lee Pedrick 36 for $1. He wants them to fulfill their dream.I read it this AM in Tampa Bay Times. Their POS is still in the Pass, and should be cleared next week per Corps of Engineers. Just great, bigger boat and still little experience. I'll make sure to watch out for these "sailors" . Hope they leave the dog with someone. Couple whose dream boat sank gets a bigger, better boat for a buck.html
  10. Charsel

    Code 0 Furlers

    Finally got 'sprit installed. Talked to West Marine rigger about top downs, and he mention several boats using Harken. Did some research on it, and it looks like that's what I'm going with, plus 440pts from West Marine brings the price down
  11. Charsel

    Looking to race in Sarasota/St. Pete/Tampa

    Hey, I'm in Palmetto (Snead Island Boat Works). Frers 36 Always looking for crew. Just added 'sprit, and doing races in March-May, as well as beer can at Bradenton YC. Not intense, but we have fun.
  12. Charsel

    Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Just read the story in today's Tampa Bay Times. A sad tale, but after reading, my reaction was, "What could possibly go wrong?" Old boat, little experience, at night going through unfamiliar inlet. Hit something to cause keel to depart? 11411 Chart shows 10' through entrance and drawbridge, then 4' to ICW. Hindsight, Pass A Grille much easier, and no shoaling
  13. Charsel

    Code 0 Furlers

    Thanks all for the input. Looking at top downs that have a lock to avoid back furl. Selden is not on my list. Profurl, Karver, and Nautos are the ones I'm starting to compare.
  14. Charsel

    Code 0 Furlers

    Just in the planning stage. Yes, I want a top down furler for my UK Flasher. Trying to make things easy for me and crew. ATN tacker and Stasher don't cut it racing. I am talking to local UK loft to see what I need.
  15. Charsel

    Code 0 Furlers

    The front collar is almost (1-2") from forestay base, and when drilling, I measured approx 3/4 -1" core. With another 1/2" marine plywood and 1/4" backing plate (3"x5"), I'm guessing it's good up to 15kts beam reach to ddw. Anything over that, I don't mind losing, the race that is. I'll have pics next week, especially flying asym.